tagGroup SexThe Birthday Disaster

The Birthday Disaster

byJake Lost©

My husband and I have been married for seven years. We have been together for thirteen. We were high school sweethearts who never really dated anyone else. I am extremely in love with him and I know he loves me too. The only problem was that as he was nearing his thirtyith birthday, I felt that he was experiencing the old "seven year itch". I noticed that his eyes would tend to wander a bit when we were out and he has become more flirtacious with other women. He is still very handsome and has no problem attracting girls. He has a silver tongue and can really pour on the charm. Don't get me wrong, I am not ugly. I am 5'2 110lbs with blonde hair with a decent set of 34 b's. The trouble is that I think he has hit the "been there, done that" wall with me. With these thoughts in my mind, we went to a local barrel racing event with our horses. We do it every weekend and it gives him a chance to ride and drink beer and hang out with the boys. It is at these barrel racing events that I notice he really starts to look around.

At this particular event I noticed he was really chummy with a twentyish young lady named Jill. She was sitting with him and others at our camper drinking beer and visiting. I had never met her but he introduced us. She seemed nice but it was obvious she didn't realize he was married and you could tell she had a little crush on him. As I sat back and watched I started wondering if he would ever cheat on me. Jill was obviously interested in him and she was ten years younger than me. She had the tight twenty year old body with dark blonde hair. She was tan and probably went about 5'5 and 115lbs with nice blue eyes and was probably a c cup. She had a little ring pierced in her eye brow that my husband had always thought were kind of sexy. She would obviously be tempting so I thought about a way to spruce up our marriage. If it wouldn't be her, it would probably be someone else. I thought about what I could do to make it better. I was always kind to him and treated him well. I wasn't a sex hound but I felt I satisfied him. I kept a clean house and always had food on the table. I started thinking about a story I read in a womens magazine that said that sometimes affairs can be good for the marriage. I couldn't let my husband have an affair on me. What would happen if he really liked her? What if he did it anyway? All these questions had me feeling like a woman going through a midlife crisis. Then I wondered what would happen if I was there while it happened? What if I set it up? The thought of a threesome almost made me puke. I wasn't into other women but this way I could dictate the action and maybe keep my marriage. It could be a birthday present for my husband. I could set it up and give the other lady some ground rules.

First, no touching me. Second, let me do most of the work. She would be there for window dressing. I knew eventually he would penetrate her but it was up to me when, and how, I was in control. This sounded desperate, but desperate times call for desperate actions. Could I possibly do something like this? It would be better with me in the room than without my knowledge. I started to think about the women who I could ask. My friend Hiedi always flirted with my husband and was no secret to hard core sex.

No, she is my friend and she would make me look bad. It had to be with a casual friend or acquaintance. What about this Jill chick? She was young and had that teeny-bopper flare to her that I know my husband wouldn't be serious about. I started to talk to her to find out more about her. She still lived at home and even went to these shows with her parents. She was nice and kind of a hick, a farmers daughter type. I wondered if she would do it? I wondered if I could do it? I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said that they had just broke up. We kind of clicked and talked all day. I also noticed she really had an eye for my husband. After a few drinks I decided to go for it. I explained everything to her. I know I was forward but the drinking made it easier on both of us. At first she thought I was nuts, some sort of pervert. Then I explained why I felt so vulnerable. She listened with what I thought was a sympathetic ear. In reality her young mind was turning. What I didn't know was that she was really thinking that this might be a way to take away my man. Without committing, she asked me what the plan was. I explained to her that on my husbands birthday, he would come home from work and find me in a teddy waiting for him. I would tell him I had a present for him and lead him into the bedroom. Jill would be in there waiting, wearing the exact same teddy.

Then I would dictate the action and she would help me make love to my husband and quietly exit when we were finished. She told me that she wasn't that type of girl but neither was I. It would be casual sex and nobody would ever know. Plus, she obviously was attracted to my husband and would get some enjoyment out of it too. What I thought was reluctantly, Jill agreed to do it. What I didn't know is that she had her own plan. On his birthday the plan went into effect. We drank a little wine to loosen up. I slipped into my teddy and gave Jill hers. They were matching white one piece outfits only hers was a little bigger. I nervously went into the living room as his truck pulled in. He was surprized to see me as I said "happy birthday". I gave him a sensual kiss and told him his present was in the bedroom. He took off his shirt and went into the bathroom to wash up.

He had such a nice frame. His job was tough and he had muscles to prove it. His body was toned and he had a washboard stomach. I really ddn't want to share him but we were at the point of no return. He came into the bedroom wearing only jeans. His eyes bugged out a little when he the two of us on the bed. I felt a little uneasy next to Jill. Her breasts were bigger and fuller than mine. She had a lean body that was firm and tan. I was no slouch but I had ten years on her and always had fair skin. I whispered to Jill, "remember, I will lead". I took my husbands hand and pulled him to his knees onto the bed. He said "Jill...ah...what is going on?". I leaned in and whispered that this was his present and then passionately kissed him. His broad shoulders felt great as his strong embrace made me feel so safe. As I pulled my tongue from his and looked lovingly into his eyes, I almost forgot that we weren't alone. His eyes shifted to Jill, who took it upon herself to move in closer and whisper, "happy birthday". She then went in and planted a sensuous kiss on his lips. As I watched, they slowly embraced each other. As there bodies pressed against each other, they opened there mouths and deeply kissed. They melted as one as you could almost see steam coming from there lips as they passionately kissed. I felt betrayed as his tight embrace squeezed her breasts into his chest allowing for her shoulder straps to fall. As they slowly faded away from each other, bringing the intense kiss to an end, there eyes gazed into each others with a lustful look to them. I quickly pulled his face towards mine and tried to duplicate what I just saw. As I held his face and kissed him, Jill leaned in against him and slowly traced over his skin with her fingers. She continued to trace down his chest and abs until she hit his jeans. I felt him sigh as she felt his bulge. My husband was well hung and Jill was excited by what she felt. I didn't know what was going on until I heard his jeans unbuttoned. Jill was not following my lead so I grabbed her hand away from his pants. As I slowly unzipped his pants, Jill and my husband were back in each others arms and kissing wildly. He was licking down her neck when I finally had his pants down. I proceded back up to him and turned his face towards my neck. With Jill and I shoulder to shoulder, my husband alternated licking and sucking on each of our necks. He had one arm around me and the other around Jill as he licked our necks and kneeled, wearing only his tight athletic boxers. He would lick up and down our necks and occasionally kiss us as I felt he spent a little more time on Jill than me.

Our hands wrestled with each other as we both felt his strong body. As he moved to Jill's neck, she leaned back, displaying her impressive cleavage.

He took his arm off from me and slowly pulled Jill's teddy down her body.

Her heavy fun bags blossomed out and my husband wasted no time as he grabbed her heaving breasts and started to suck on them. I froze and watched as her deep dark swollen nipples were being aggressively raptured by my husband. I pulled my teddy down and couldn't help but notice the difference in our full racks. She had those naturally full breasts that woman would kill for as mine showed the subtle signs of age that just didn't blossom out like hers.

Jill had my husbands head in her hands as she leaned back and enjoyed his oral attack on her yearning tits. I grabbed her arm away from his head and pushed my breasts into the mix. He had one of our breasts in each of his hands and started to alternate sucking our tits. He pushed my left tit against her right one and sucked them both. Jill arched her back and made my nice rack look sick next to her fully ripened melons. My husband had to notice this too as he obviously spent more time sucking her tits then mine.

As we unknowingly jockeyed for position, we pushed my husband onto his back. We each hung our breasts down and he took turns sucking them while laying on his back. Jill leaned further down and started to passionately run her tongue around his. I tried to stay on top of the situation so I followed her in. When my husband put both of his arms around Jill, their kissing really started to become hot. I pulled one of his arms off from her and put it around me. I then turned his face toward mine and started to kiss him.

Jill trailed off, running her tongue down his body. I finally felt a sense of relief as my husband held me alone and started to really get into our kiss. Only when he moaned did I realize that I didn't know what Jill was doing. I looked up to allow him to suck on my neck. He was breathing heavy when I looked down at Jill. Terror raced through my body as I saw that Jill had already removed my husbands boxers and was gazing at his rock hard manhood. His cock was thick and long and Jill was slowly stroking it with one hand. As my husband continued to lick my neck, Jill started to slowly lick his cock. She would run her tongue under his long shaft back and fourth, making it shine from her saliva. His cockhead was dark purple and swollen as she continued to lick his tremendous prick. He was moaning as she teased his cockhead with her tongue, licking all around it but not taking it in. He stopped licking me and concentrated on his dick. He reached down for it but Jill wouldn't let him touch it. She tantilzed him with her tongue as she ran it up and down his huge cock. I couldn't take it anymore so I slid down his body and took his cock from her. His manhood glistened with a combination of her saliva and his pre-jac. I took it into my mouth and started to slowly bob up and down. He was a thick as ever and I could never get it to far into my mouth before my gag reflexes would kick in. He seemed satisfied as I slowly lowered my mouth over his cock and sucked repeatedly. Meanwhile Jill slowly took off her teddy. Her lean, tan body was gorgeous. She was tan and had a firm ass and what looked to be a tight pussy. She was neatly trimmed as she had a dark blonde fur trap. She made her way to my husband and raised herself over his face. As I held his big cock in my hand, I watched as she straddled his face and lowered her hot cunt to his mouth. I watched as my husbands tongue pressed deep inside, splitting her cunt lips and tasting her love. She grabbed the headboard and purred as he licked her wet pussy. She slowly started to ride his face and moan as he darted his tongue throughout her moist love canal. The smell of sex was in the air as she was in full throttled heat. She squeezed her tits and moaned as her ate her out. I couldn't continue as I was fixated on the sight of this young slut sitting on my husbands face. His cock throbbed in my hand as he agressively licked her swollen pussy and sought out her clit.

Her tight ass allowed me to see everything as his warm tongue licked her hot clit, sending waves of passion through her body. Her cunt was wet and she was bucking on his face as he licked her gash and made her squeel. She started trembleing as he hit the spot. Her body let loose and she moaned with a thunderous orgasm. Her joy juice ran down his face as he continued to lap her up. The sight of another womens love juice glistening on my husbands chin made me jealous and scared. I moved up and quickly switched positions with her. My husband started to lick my familar pussy as Jill slid down his legs. Trying to capture the obvious eroticism Jill experienced, I grabbed the headboard and arched my back, allowing his tongue deep into my core. He would lick and moan, lick and moan, as if his mind was preoccupied. I turned to look at Jill and seen what was constantly interupting us. As I sat on my husbands face, Jill was taking his cock deep down her throat. He grabbed my waist and pulled me to his chest as I couldn't help but watch as Jill gave my husband head. She was taking his cock deep into her mouth and back, swirling her tongue around his cockhead before each descent. My husband was moaning with each bob as Jill continued to deep throat him. She started to bob faster and faster, taking him well past her tonsils and way down her throat. She swiveled her head with each bob, trying to take more and more down her throat. When she would come up for air, his cock glistened with her saliva. My husband pulled me off to the side as he obviously was being blown like I never could. I thought I better join her but my husband grabbed my armed and told me to stay still and let her finish. I couldn't believe what he said as he let go of my arm and reached down to hold the back of her head with his hands. She feverishly started to bob as he guided her head up and down and mouth fucking her. She started to hum really loud as the vibrations his cock felt while down her throat was making him breath so heavy I thought he was going to have a heart attack. She was giving an award winning cock sucking performance as my husband moaned in approval. I wanted to leave as I was sickened by watching another woman service my husband so expertly but I was scared by what would happen if I did. I couldn't believe how her throat could take such a pounding as she continuously rammed his cock in and out of it. Her lips were swollen from the intense cock sucking and my husbands eyes were shut as he cried for more. I couldn't take it anymore as she was relentlessly taking his cock deep down her throat and pleasuring him beyond belief. What a whore. Where do you learn to suck dick like that? As I moved towards her my husband quickly grabbed me by the arm. He held me back as she was about to finish her sword swallowing act. He couldn't say anything as his body tensed. Jill slowly deepthroated him as his cock thickened and I could only guess what was happening. She had his cock deep down her throat and really started sucking as if she was a calf sucking an utter. She slowly retreated and as my husbands huge cock slowly slid out of her mouth I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Thick warm cum was dripping down from his long crank. She looked up and swallowed as his cum raced down her chin and his long shaft. She took his thick cockhead back into her mouth as it continued to pump out more of his love cream. I could only watch as he squeezed my arm tight and spent his cock into Jills hungary mouth. I had never swallowed before and now I saw why. Jill must have loved the taste of him because she licked him clean. He looked at me as if to say "I love you" as he was more than satisfied. I was a little sick to my stomach as he pulled me in and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. As if to take claim for her deed, Jill was waiting her turn and when he slowly pulled his lips from mine, She quickly took my place. I was on my knees next to them as Jill layed on top of my husband and they kissed passionately in a powerful embrace. I watched them kiss as Jill spread her legs and allowed for her sweet cunt to rest on my husbands recovering cock. She was sliding her slipery snatch along his thick shaft as I watched them deeply kiss. His thick load was almost back to full mass as she continued rubbing against him. She was in serious heat and my husband was a ready stud. They rolled over so that he was on top of her. They were both ready as he lifted himself up and was positioning himself to penetrate her. I quickly moved in and said to him, "me first". He gave me an almost disappointed look as he reluctantly moved his huge cock away from her begging opening. He rolled Jill over to all fours and told me do the same next to her. He knew I hated this position because I thought it degraded the woman. I didn't argue since Jill readily accepted. I tried to mimic Jill as she really arched her back and allowed her sweet wet pussy to open from behind. I didn't know it but my husband reached into Jill's wet snatch and coated his cock with her lubrication before he entered me. His thick cock slipped into my hot box with ease since it was loaded with Jill's juice and my cunt was loose from his great size. He thrusted back and fourth a couple of times to ready my pussy for his cock and then he slammed it into me. Although I was loose, he still was a handful. I moaned as his great length stretched the insides of my love canal. He drove it home a few times and just as it was getting good he pulled out. I turned to look as he decided it was Jill's turn. He lowered his big stick to her opening and slowly leaned in. Jill's hot young pussy stretched as his heat seeking missle passed her lips and penetrated into her. She buried her head into the matress and really arched back to meet his mass. He grabbed her by the hips and slowly, but powerfull, pulled. She moaned as his thick long cock slowly split her sweet hot pussy and slid into her wet love cave. I don't know how much sex she has had but I could tell she had never had anything like this before. She looked up and pushed into him as I could see tears of joy run down her face as her sweet pussy wanted my husbands thick long cock. He pulled back and paused as her tight wetness tried to adjust to his great size. He thrusted forward and took her deeper. Her young pussy started to contract and really squeeze his cock. He was a little more than half way home and she already started to experience small orgasms. He said, "god you're sweet" as he seemed to forget about me and revel in the feeling of her tight cunt around his massive pole. I reached back and grabbed his sticky cock and pulled it out of her moist treasure and redirected it to mine. He buried his cock into me and thrusted hard. I screamed in sweet pain as he seemed to be grudge fucking me a bit. He had one hand on my waist and another massaging Jill's trembling clit as he continued to hammer me from behind. He easily slammed his entire thick cock into my burning pussy as his pelvis slammed my ass and his balls bounced off my bush. He pulled out of me and slowly returned it to Jill's hot gash. She purred as her hot cunt accepted his width and was working on his length. He held her by her sides and rhythmically thrusted his great cock into her tremendous cunt. She was moaning with delight as he rode her from behind. He was making sure he didn't hurt her as he carefully filled her expanding pussy with his love gun. I was feeling like a third wheel as once again they were both breathing heavy and really into each other. I was regretting my descision to ever get involved in this but I thought I would be in control. Jill was panting as my husbands cock filled her drenched pussy from behind. I looked into my husbands eyes as he was in lust. As he thrusted faster I noticed that Jill's tight young body didn't move. Even her heavy tits seemed to stay in place as her sweet wet cunt was constantly being penetrated by my husbands thick cock. I knew I was the odd one out when he finally buried his entire cock into her sweet young cunt and she shuddered and screamed in a wild orgasm. Her thick juice slid down his entire length and dripped from his balls. He held his dick tightly into her as she leaned into it and allowed for her stretched cunt to contract and pump his cock. As her wet pussy griped his love muscle, his body started weaken. He blowing his load but rather in some sort of sexual bliss. To see my husband in this dramatic pose tore my heart out. His eyes were shut and his muscles flexed as he just enjoyed the feeling of his rock hard cock buried into a sexy young chicks beautiful body. He pulled his cock out of her and it dripped with her juice. He sat back on his heels as his sticky staff was flying at full mass. Jill turned around and quickly put her legs around my husband and lowered herself onto his enormous cock. He held her up as she slowly slid down his pole. She shut her eyes and moaned as his huge cock filled her tight cunt. Her tight ass landed on his thighs signaling to me that he was all the way inside her. They were wrapped up in a tight embrace as they started to fiercely make out. The intensity between the two of them even had me in awe. As I watched him lift her up and down on his massive cock as they strongly kissed, I knew I had no place in this act. I quietly got up and off the bed as they continued to kiss and make love. Make no mistake, they were making fierce, passionate love. Her tight pussy was now resized and took in all that he had to offer. He layed her down on her back and started to slam his cock into her at a fierce rate.

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