tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Birthday Gift

The Birthday Gift


"Okay, but you have to do it exactly as I want you to. Can you do that?"

"Yyesss" she breathed.

"Are you sure? You don't even know what I have in mind, now, do you?" I asked, pretending to try talking her out of it.

"No, but it's your birthday present. I really want you to be happy with it."

My wife, Nia, is much younger than I am. We got married just one week shy of her eighteenth birthday. That was my present to her. Six months later, she thought it was my turn to get exactly what I wanted.

"I'm not going to tell you what I have in mind, either, until we get there. You can't back out at the last minute."

I posted an ad on the local electronic bulletin board, and I waited for the interested responses. Meanwhile, I went out and bought my wife one of those thirty day ovulation tests "just for kicks."

On the magical day—the day the test turned blue to indicate she was absolutely going to get pregnant—I treated her like she was getting the gift. In a way, she was. I hoped she'd enjoy my birthday gift as much as I would.

First, I took her down and got her a Brazilian wax on her pubes. That sexy little line of hair would turn on any guy.

Next, I took her to the most exclusive lingere boutique in town to get her a nice, new corset—the kind that leaves your pussy and nipples exposed while adding nice definition to your torso—although I didn't expect that to stay on too long.

Finally, I took her to this tailor I know that can sew at record speed. He made her a dress that left most of her areolas exposed, where the nipples would pop out easily when she got bumped from behind, and cut so short that her pubic hair would have hung below the hem, if she had any left. She couldn't even sit down without showing off.

I let the tailor suck her nipples and lick her clean, wet pussy while he measured her. Just for good luck, I let him blow his wad on her tits after she put the dress on. I really wanted her to be aroused and just a little messy when we got there. I think she thought that was my birthday wish, but it wasn't.

I had her come into the house while I got my camera and video equipment. While she sat on the couch, my friend Sam and I surveyed the scene appreciatively. As we loaded the car, Sam asked, "So, do I get a turn at that, too?"

"Of course. But not until after her quota's been filled."

"Awesome. You are some pal. You know I like to fuck a full pussy."

We drove up the mountain to the park. Already, the crowd had assembled. Forty-four men, one for each year of my life, each with a major erection, waiting for the chance to fuck and impregnate my eighteen-year-old wife.

We stepped out. The crowd cheered. Nia said, "I'm not sure about this..."

"But you promised. Remember? Last week, on my birthday, you said you'd give me anything I wanted for my present? Well, I want to film you accepting the semen from all of these men into your unprotected pussy. It's what I've always wanted."

Nia's nipples hardened in the chilly September evening air, and I bumped her from behind to make them fall out the top.

Then, as we went to the picnic table where we were going to set up, men stopped us periodically so they could suck a little nipple and rub her lovely, swollen naked pussy.

She seemed to enjoy it. Each time we stopped, I noticed her smile a little, offer up her breast and spread her legs a little wider.

When we got to the table, Sam set up the video tape, and I got on the microphone we'd already set up, to tell the guys to line up with their numbers in hand. Each would have to cum twice. First, inside her, and second, later, when they were ready, somewhere on her. I wanted my wife totally spoiled and dirty, head to toe.

The camera was hooked up to a projection screen that all could see, so the guys could get a little extra entertainment before, during and after, and my wife could see what a slut she looked like.

"Honey, are you sure you want this?" She asked, "remember, we tested this morning and I'm ovulating. I'll probably get pregnant. I won't know who the father is."

"God, yes. This is what I've always wanted. I want to put this on the internet. You, getting knocked up by all these guys we don't know. I made sure I'd never met anyone of 'em before they showed up. They're complete strangers and you're doing it with them unprotected. You promised. Just in case, I brought these."

I brought out four sets of handcuffs. "I know you won't be able to guide mouths and dicks where you want them, so you'll just have to speak up if you want cum on your tits or someone to suck your dripping clit."

I had the first couple of guys come up and gently lay my lady on the table. She held out her hands so I could cuff them down. "They all look so big," she said.

I didn't say anything, just smiled. I had looked at pictures of erect dicks all week to pick the longest, fattest ones I could find. Like I said, I wanted her to enjoy herself.

The guys wasted no time coming up and licking her pussy, and a couple came up and removed her new wardrobe quickly. (I'd stipulated that the fucking couldn't begin until she was naked on the table.)

I put a microphone up under the table to amplify the sound of cocks slipping in and out of her pussy, while it got fuller and fuller.

Number One mounted her and the crowd cheered. Sam pulled his dick out and tugged it a little before pulling up behind him and filming the ins and outs of this first ever unprotected fuck. Up until now, we'd always used condoms. I wanted her to be sure she didn't know whose sperm did the job. Numbers Two and Three were invited to suck her tits and rub her pussy to make her come while he squirted jets of hot semen inside.

Nia moaned with pleasure. "Yes. Yes. Please make me pregnant. Knock me up. Do it."

As if on command, that's exactly what he did. He blew so hard you could see the semen collecting around the base of his cock. He clasped her and pulled her pelvis against his and rode until he collapsed from exhaustion.

Number Two took his place almost immediately, before any semen could leak out. It gave me a hard-on watching him insert his beige cock where a much darker penis had just left. Number One sat next to them on the bench of the picnic table and tugged on her clit while he recovered enough to move.

I knew it would be hours before he was ready to pour more semen on her, but that was the deal. Drain once, drain twice. Fuck her and then mess her up. I wanted to take her out slimy and slutty, then fuck her myself, after their sperm had drained up inside or out between her legs.

Number Two just humped her a little, then drained right at the opening so it would run out as soon as he pulled out. You could hear the splattering sound of the semen as it hit the microphone below. In all fairness, Number Two had to have the fattest dick I've ever seen, but it wasn't too long. I think he just wanted the others to see the amazing amount he could produce. Sam pushed the man's buttocks up against her and said, "Squirt her cervix."

As the numbers flew by, not more than ten seconds passed between them. Nia kept coming. She'd say she couldn't come any more, then one would do something that made it happen again. By the time the seventh cock slipped into her swollen red slit, the come of the others squished out and the sound, amplified by the microphone, started really sounding wet.

Number sixteen took a belt to her nipples, then sucked hard. The combination of pain and pleasure kept her coming all the way through numbers fifteen (who was coming inside her right then) and twenty.

The orgasm worked like a charm to keep the come sucked into her cervix instead of draining out down her bottom as it had been.

After the twentieth cock drained inside her, Sam said to me, "I need a little relief right now. You know I fuck better on my second or third shot. Let me squirt some on her thighs to make her a little nastier for the guys."

It was true, Sam could come more than any guy I know. One time, a group of us picked up this chick from a bar and had a contest to see who could shoot the most come on her, and Sam won hands down. He came about ten times in as many hours. I was good for about four. But just seeing the look of pleasure on his face as he pushed his cock into a cunt full of warm sperm made me dream of this night watching my woman getting filled and sprayed.

I gave Sam the go-ahead. He stood up and slapped her clit with his dick about five times before he blew a huge load right on her pussy and thighs.

The next couple of guys due to fill my wife's dripping puss cheered. Number twenty-one mounted her without hesitation and commented on how good that semen felt on her thighs as he pumped her hard. He smacked her ass several times before he finally shot his wad.

Meanwhile, the first couple of dicks that had drained into my wife were ready to unload again. They decided to do a contest to see who could shoot first. Each one took a nipple and beat the head of his cock furiously against it. Number One shot first, but the amount of semen that drained out of Number Two was amazing. He covered her tit, then sprayed along her torso until she was covered like a glazed donut.

I swear the next guy to mount her spoiled little pussy got off on it. He laid against her, rubbing his chest and belly on her come-soaked body until he blew his load. He wouldn't dismount until he'd gone soft. It was obvious to me, he would be looking for another experience like this soon.

Nia seemed to like it, too. But she wanted more. "Oh, fuck. My clit. Suck my clit. Please."

The next guy in line bent down and just touched her clit with his tongue. She smiled and said, "Yes, that's it."

But he abruptly raised up and mounted her, with out actually sucking her. She wailed and strained against his throbbing cock.

Semen ran down the length of her crack and dripped off onto the ground with the satisfying sound of spilled honey. I wanted to masturbate to the sound of her frustration, but I really wanted to save my full load for the end—after the mess, after all the fucking, after she'd gone nightclubbing all dirty and dripping.

I pulled my scrotum to relieve the growing ache. A couple more cocks drained in her, and while they were, men were shooting come in her hair and on her face. I knew I'd have to flip her over just to give the guys more places to dirty.

About three-fourths of the way through, I did just that. Nia finally seemed willing to accept the semen from all these men she didn't know, but I couldn't be sure she wouldn't change her mind, so after she bent over the end of the picnic table, I cuffed her hands to the table again. I cuffed her legs to the benches so she'd stay spread wide apart.

Sam needed to relieve himself again. I didn't feel anal sex counted as cutting the line, so I handed him some lubricant and told him he could be her first ever anal experience.

"No!" she shouted, but she couldn't move, and I watched his eager cock pop merrily into her ass. After a few pumps (and one cock down her throat) they both seemed to feel much better. I got even more turned on watching the semen collecting at the mouth of her previously unspoiled hole.

The whole process was going much smoother than I expected. Everybody waited his turn. Nobody waited too long to relieve himself on my young wife's reluctant body.

As the last man in line emptied his first load, nearly everyone in front of him was already through. Now, it was really Sam's turn to drain inside her pussy.

Nia was ready for him, too. Since number Forty-four was the same age as she was, she was able to suck him hard until he was ready to blow again when Sam was. The audio was spectacular, as Sam slapped her pussy with gusto and eagerly unloaded his biggest and longest load.

Number forty-four shot his last load on her hair again.

Now, Nia's hair was all wet and plastered to her head. She was still wet and sticky when I put her corset and dress back on. It stuck to her like a swim suit. I carried her back to the car.

"Take me now, Roger." She breathed quickly, urging me to finally get my relief.

"No, I'm taking you out on the town. Right now."

"I have to shower first."

"No, you don't. You are going to go to the club just like this, covered and dripping the sperm of all those men. I always wanted it."

"No, Roger, I can't do that."

"You promised. You said anything I wanted. That's what I want."

She begged all the way to the nightclub, but started to change her tune even as we waited in line. Men in the line looked at her and got hard. Some even bent down to lick, kiss and suck her cum-covered nipples. A couple of them even tasted her red, draining pussy.

Once inside, there was a whole different style of dance happening. While Sam kept the camera rolling, men were unzipping their pants and easing my wife's pretty little mouth onto their dicks. Inevitably, while she sucked one, another would mount her from behind.

I hadn't predicted this. My original idea was to let the semen drain so her pussy would be empty when I got to it, but we left the nightclub with her cunt even fuller. Now Sam wanted to fuck again. I had to let him. He is my best friend, and he needs to come a lot.

So, he blew his load inside her while we rode in the taxi we'd summoned. She sucked my dick the whole time, which was torture because I had decided I could not blow until I blew inside her sweet, spoiled pussy.

After we got home, Nia wanted to shower, but I didn't let her. It's true, her hair no longer looked the light shade of blonde it usually is and her peachy complexion was covered with patches of sticky semen from other men. I liked the smell of old fuck. I wanted to add to it.

I fucked her hard and raunchy, tugging on her slapped, over-sucked nipples and making her come, sucking the semen out of her pussy as if it were rattlesnake venom from a wound. Then, and only then did I get my blessed relief, filling her used and likely pregnant cervix with semen, unprotected for the first time.

I can't begin to tell you how hot our sex was throughout the pregnancy—especially after we found out she was carrying fraternal twins. I loved imagining the two not even looking alike.

They didn't. One looks like he could be Asian, and the other, definitely has a black man's sperm for his biology.

I hope I can get her pregnant this way again soon. I love having her fucked and pregnant. She even admits she likes it. Likes it so much, she lets me and Sam take turns all night most nights. Sam still comes more times than me, but I think she likes my semen better.

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