tagGroup SexThe Birthday Present Ch. 01

The Birthday Present Ch. 01


Eyes... piercing, pools of light

Lips... succulent, pouting

Hair... soft straight, off the shoulders

To describe the woman is like trying to catch the end of the rainbow! Impossible...While laying beside me in bed, she is a goddess, her movements so breathtaking. As we kiss, her eyes closed, tongues touching, the heat of passion flowing from her body like lava. Capturing me in her warmth. I can feel the heat as it rises from her; like a wildfire consuming the surrounding area.

I slowly place my hand on her breast and her nipple, instantly erect, the fleshy little nub so soft: and yet hard as an eraser...I slowly roll it between my finger and thumb. She arches her back, trying to push it deeper in my hand. Our tongues dueling. Tasting, touching. Sensually dancing inside our mouths.

I reach back and take her hand and slowly tie her arm to the corner of the bed... her eyes open wide... questioning, as I continue to tie her to each of the four bedposts. Then the blindfold! She smiles, as she knows she will love every moment. I get up from the bed. "Donna!"

"I have a surprise for you!" she smiles.

I walk across the room and open the door. As she lies there wondering what the surprise is she feels a breath on her nipple. A tongue flicks out and touches it. But there is something strange... a different scent, sweet, musky. She realizes it is not him!

Suddenly she felt the long fingernail slowly trailing down her chest, moving softly down ever closer, and then softly flicking her clit.

The shock was like nothing she had ever felt...Suddenly a pair of soft lips began kissing her... definitely a woman's lips! Oh my God. Frank found a woman for me! We had discussed it several times but I never thought!

As I watched the scene unfold before me I sat in a chair across the room as Sandy, Donna's friend proceeded to start to pleasure Donna. My aching prick was trying to push through my pants, so I took them off quietly. So she did not know I was there. Sandy winked at me...looked at my raging manhood and smiled knowingly. And then she returned to the task at hand: Donna!

Her nail was constantly flicking her clit as she kissed her... God it was so hot! And then her tongue replaced her finger and Donna was writhing and moaning. So then Sandy straddled Donna's face and they began licking and sucking each other as the scene was getting hotter,

I sat back stroking my cock...They both were moaning and shuddering. Their first orgasm of the evening. Rocking their bodies. Moans and squeals of delight ignite the quiet of the room. And Sandy turned around and they kissed again, sharing each other's juices... and as they kissed I walked over and slide my dick between their lips. Both of them greedily sucked and licking, driving me closer and closer, and as I began to cum, Sandy clamped her mouth over my cock and sucked all of my cum until she drained me. My knees weak, I had to sit and watch again, and as Sandy smiled at me, she turned and then began kissing Donna again! Now they had all of our juices mixing together and I joined them tasting each of their combined juices and mine too!

So then we untied Donna and we all got in bed together and... As we lay there resting I asked Donna if she was enjoying her present. "It has been wonderful so far!" she whispered. She snuggled back against me. Here I was the center of a sandwich! Donna in front of me spooned up against me, and Sandy behind me. Soon it was quite obvious that my cock had other ideas than rest... as it soon became hard again and was trailing up Donna's leg settling between her thighs.

I could feel the heat emanating from her. As she parted her legs to make room for me, she shuddered slightly as my cock rubbed against her. "That feels so good." She said, "I want you now!" She got up and pushed me on my back and straddling me, takes my cock in her hand and places the tip against her moist lips as she slowly impales herself on my manhood. I watch as her eyes become slits and the passion forms on her face...she rocks back and forth...finding the right speed to pleasure herself as I knead and caress her breasts and nipples. "God that is so hot!" Sandy says! And she kneels closer and takes Donna's nipple between her lips and suckles like a newborn...all the while fingering herself and trying to match the tempo set by Donna's movement on my cock.

Donna leans forward and I move to suckle those perfect 34's...and suddenly I feel a tongue lapping at my balls, and Donna groans as I can tell the tongue has move to lapping at the point where our bodies meet and then lapping at her anus as Donna explodes "OH God! That's it push it in" she says as I feel Sandy's tongue pushing in and that makes me also explode filling Donna with my love juices, as I reach up and kiss her. Then Sandy soon is joining us as she squeals in delight and I see that Donna has moved to join in, fingering Sandy's moist pussy!

And we fall asleep...Donna still astride me, my cock still inside and her and with her with fingers still plunged in Sandy's pussy.

As we slowly start to fall asleep Donna kisses me again and says, "It will be hard to top this gift next year!" And I just look into those dark brown pools and smile at her...

To be continued...

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