tagHumor & SatireThe Bra Salesman Ch. 04

The Bra Salesman Ch. 04


Thanks again to everyone who has commented and voted, it definitely keeps me motivated to keep writing! Enjoy the next chapter, expect Chapter 5 some time around mid-to-late Jan.

Chapter 4: The More, The Merrier

Tasha is straddling me, naked and rhythmically bouncing up and down as fast as she can on top of my extremely thankful cock, as I stare at her glorious 48-inch breasts wildly bouncing in front of me with spellbinding magnificence. I've been doing this every night for the past three nights, and there was a tiny part in the back of my brain that wondered if I would ever get tired of this. But watching her amazingly beautiful tits thrash in front of me as her tight, muscular cunt holds my erect eager-to-cum dick firmly inside her, I realized that I would have to be out of my fucking mind to ever get weary of this.

I pull out my smartphone and take another picture of her for my archives. Her eyes are closed and she doesn't even notice, but she already told me she didn't mind if I "document the effectiveness of these exercises over an extended period of time." And by that, I mean she'll let me take pictures of my fucking her naked body as much I want.

In fact, she'll let me do anything I want at this point. She completely believes everything I tell her now, whether it's that I'm a bra salesman or that these exercises I've been doing with her will help her fit into her lingerie. There was a time a few days ago when she was beginning to doubt me, but that time has come and gone. And I have been cumming ever since. Now she is more than willing to do anything I want. I've been trying to think of what else I want, I mean other than squeezing her tits and fucking her for all eternity, but nothing else is really coming to mind.

Earlier today at work, I was showing some of my photos to the coworker I get along with best, Dave. He's about my age, a tad overweight, and sits a few cubicles down the aisle from me. He didn't believe me when I told him what I'd been doing at night this week and kept joking about what a huge liar I am. At least he did until I pulled out my collection of personal pictures. Then he couldn't stop telling me what a goddamn brilliant mastermind I am.

But when I showed him the two minute video of me fucking her amazing body, he was begging me to let him come over and have a turn with her. Like she's some bottle of beer I should pass around to my friends. Excuse me if I don't want any backwash, so to speak. Wah wah, he's a lonely guy who hadn't gotten laid in who knows how long, yeah yeah. I found me a large-breasted, naïve simpleton to fuck, go get your own.

Speaking of which, she is still hammering away at my cock, and I am loving every luscious slap of her thighs against my body that makes her tits shudder as she gasps, "yes." She comes down hard again, "yes," over and over again, "yes." By now, I am gripping her hips keeping her steady so that she can keep slamming herself downward, "yes." Yes I love hearing you say "yes." Oh yes, keeping say "yes." Yes ma'am, "yes." Yessireebob, "yes." Yes we have no bananas, but "yes" we have plenty of cock, "yes."

Holy shit, now she's really going to town. She's going up and down so fast that her breasts don't even know which way to flop. As far as I'm concerned, they can bounce around in any direction they want as long as it's a few inches in front of my face. Ungh, she's really pounding herself down hard on my groin, but I can't really complain, right? Every time she crashes down on top of me, she's screaming "YES!"

I open my mouth and try to capture some of her breast flesh in my teeth, but her tits are shaking too fast for me to catch. "YES!" C'mon, I just want a little bit of tit in my teeth! "YES!" Damn, missed again! "YES!" Jesus, I really need to practice my eye-mouth coordination. "YES!" I don't know exactly what else I would practice on, though. "YES!"

Oh my god, my cock is ready to explode with cum-explosion happiness. "YES!" No no, hold out as long as you can. "YES!" Remember that wreck you saw on Interstate 95? "YES!" Or that clip on TV that showed stomach surgery? "YES!" Godammit, her pussy feels incredible. "YES! YES!" Shit, I don't know if I can "YES! YES!"

She leans forward and my head is buried in her massive chest, glistening with sweat, and she continues humping me. "YES! YES! YES!" Having her erect nipples amidst a mountain of boob rubbing against my face is too much for me, and I let loose with several warm streams of jism deep inside her. "YES!" Jesus Christ, she's not stopping. "YES!" I think she's going to rip my cock right off my body with that cum-soaked cunt-grip of hers. "YES! YES! UNNNNNGH!!"

Finally I feel her entire body slow down and her muscles relax. My face is still submerged in the cleavage between her enormous, sweaty breasts. Life is an incredible and blessed gift, full of hope and laughter, where the universe bestows upon all living things the honor of potentially achieving happiness and peace. Of course, I believe that now, because like I said my face is still submerged in the cleavage between her enormous, sweaty breasts.

But as I reach up with my two hands and grab her nipples and lightly twist them in my fingers, I thought about how wonderful my life is right now, and that I shouldn't be such an asshole, that I should be generous and thoughtful. I mean, not to her, I'm going to keep lying my ass off to her. No, I mean to my coworker.

And this is where the foresight for my online purchase is really going to payoff. "Hey Tasha?" I said panting, as she kept humping me. "I'm concerned about something."

She looked at me, gasping for breath with her blonde hair disheveled and her gorgeous top-heavy body covered in perspiration, "What is it?"

"Well, we've been doing these exercises for several days now, and you've been feeling an improvement in how your lingerie feels, right?" I mean, that's what I keep telling you every night.

"Oh yes, absolutely!" she said, agreeing with my studied, professional assessment that I've worked really hard to lie about. "You've done an amazing job!"

"Thanks. The thing is, I think tonight's exercises might have loosened and relaxed your breasts too much. I'm thinking we should stop and check how your bra feels."

"Okie doke, I'll go get one." She began backing up so that she was no longer straddling me. God, if I could figure out a way to live my entire life so that her naked body was constantly straddling mine for the rest of my life, I would die a very happy man.

"Actually, I've got a 48F right here for you. See?" And I hopped off the bed and went over to my clothes. And by that I mean the random pile of garments I had torn off my body about a half hour ago in my eagerness to fuck those amazing tits and ass. I pull a white bra with turquoise lace out of my left jacket pocket and show her the label on the bra that clearly says 48F.

"Great, let me try it on!" She reaches out to take the bra.

"Alright... just turn around and I'll help you put it on."

She giggles and turned around, and behind her back I stuff the 48F bra back into my left jacket pocket and pull out another bra from my right jacket pocket that looked exactly the same, but this one was a size 44DD.

She was smiling when she took the bra from my hands. But as she struggled and struggled to fit herself into the smaller bra, her smile turned into concern. And when she finally managed to hook the bra together and saw her massive breasts splooging out of the top of the bra, her bottom lip began quivering. "Oh my god," she said as she looked at me. "You were right! My breasts having gotten too relaxed! What do I do?"

"It's ok! Don't worry!"I said reassuringly. Her eyes started watering, which made me feel lousy for being such a horrible person. Well, it would have made me feel that way except I had long ago gladly accepted that I am in fact a horrible person and let go any feeling of lousiness that might accompany that revelation.

I put my hand on her shoulder and spoke in the most soothing voice I could, "I know some exercises that can tighten you up again, but they are very complicated and I'm going to need some help. Do you mind if I call in a specialist?"

"Yes! Please!" She nodded her head so fast that I was afraid she was going to damage whatever few brain cells might be left rattling around in her skull.

"Of course!" I pulled out my phone and called up my coworker. As I'm calling him, I see Tasha is frantically pacing the floor, and her naked breasts are jiggling, her supple thighs are tensing, oh my god, look at her stunning ass, so round and... "Hello? Hello?" I hear Dave's voice say. Oh right, I'm making a phone call.

I clear my throat and begin. "Dr. Cooper, I have a situation here that needs your immediate attention." I wish I had time to let him know what I'm doing, so I hope he understands. Tasha is now standing still, with her hands behind her back, looking expectantly at me. Oh my god, it's going to be hard to talk to him with her jutting her delicious tits out like that.

"Dr. Cooper? What the fuck are you talking about, John? Is this some sort of joke?" That's what I was afraid of. This is exactly why I didn't put this numbskull on speaker. Don't look at her body, don't look at those beautiful tits, and her toned stomach, and that cute little pussy just waiting to be fucked, those... Right, phone call.

"Yes it's me. Do you remember the client I had spoken to you about before?" Come on, lamebrain, put it together. Her eyes are drilling into me with the same intensity as my cock wants to drill into her.

"Client? What are you...? Waaaait, are you with that girl with the huge knockers?" Finally he's catching on.

"Yes, that's her. Well, I'm with her now and we have a situation." My God, look at her naked body, so curvy, so smooth.... Gah, focus, focus, focus.

"Oh shit! Are you telling me I can come over there and fuck her?" Jesus, I hope his ear-piercing squeaky voice can't be overheard through the phone.

"Exactly. Can you come immediately to her apartment?" I give him the address slowly, because I can tell he's so excited that his shaking hands won't be able to write anything down legibly.

"Holy fuck! I'll be there!" And click he was gone.

"Mmm hmmm. Mmmm hmmm. That's right, it's an acute case of Sudden Teenietit Syndrome. Mmmm hrmmm. You think so? Excellent. Yes, that's good to hear. Thank you! I'll see you soon." I calmly turn off my phone and turn to her. "Dr. Cooper is one of the finest physicians I know with a specialty in this field, and I think between the two of us we should be able to fix everything."

She was sniffling, "Thank you so much, I don't know what I would do without you." Probably not get fucked so much, most likely. She stands up and gives me a bear hug that presses her wonderful tits into my chest. I feel a small drop of cum fall from between her legs onto my toe and I can't help but smile.

"It's no problem at all," I tell her. "Just so you know, some of these exercises are going to be pretty intense and kind of strange. So I'm going to request that you not ask any questions, just let us do what we need to do, and I promise you're going to feel better." I figure it'll be easier this way than having to come up with some bullshit explanation for every perverted thing we end up doing to her. Besides, I don't know how convincing Dave can be, and I just as soon make it so that he has to talk as little as possible.

It's barely five minutes before I hear the loud screeching of a car coming to an abrupt stop outside, and one minute later I hear a knock on her door. I open the door and see my coworker hunched over, panting profusely. "Dr. Cooper," I say, "I am so glad you could make it."

But I don't think Dave is listening to me now. He's looking around me and staring at the naked woman with the gigantic breasts as she stands up and smiles at him, "Thank you for coming, doctor. Please do whatever you have to do to help me." I give him a subtle thump on the arm so that he will wipe that stupid drool flowing over his bottom lip.

All of a sudden, I recognize that inviting Dave here could be the worst mistake I've made yet. If Dave starts acting like a sex-crazed freak, then she might realize what a ridiculous scheme all of this is. She may throw us out and never let me anywhere near her again. Crap, I called my friend in a moment of post-coitus relaxation and only now is my brain engaging long enough to understand that I have to keep Dave in line if I'm going to keep this scam going.

"Tasha, do you mind if I consult with my colleague for one moment?" She nodded enthusiastically as I grabbed Dave by his arm and half-dragged him into the kitchen.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!" Dave said with a huge ridiculous smile on his face. Actually, it's not that ridiculous. I'd have the same smile on my face too if I were him. "This is fucking fantastic!"

"SSSSH!! Keep it down!" I whisper. "Don't let her hear you! You owe me big time for this, so do NOT fuck this up for me!" I don't mean to jab my finger at him, but I can't help it.

"Ok, ok, anything you say. What do you want me to do, John?" he whispers back.

"Albert! Remember, my name is Albert. And you are Dr. Cooper. You are professional physician who has done this many, many times before, so do NOT walk around with that perverted, juvenile grin on your face!" I give him a light smack on the cheek and he immediately puts on a stoic frown on his face. "No Dave, don't look mad! Just be calm. Cool. Like this is no big deal. Just another day at the office. Do NOT fuck this up for me!"

"Right, right, right. I hear you, John. I mean, Alfred."

"Albert!" I never realized how hard it is to whisper and yell at someone at the same time.

"Right, right, right. Albert. Got it, John." Oh my God, he is SO going to fuck this up for me.

We walk back into the room, and I put on a cool demeanor as... oh Jesus fucking Christ, Dave, get that creepy leer off your face. I understand she has an incredible body, but show some fucking decorum. "Tasha," I say, trying to get her to focus on me on not the wide-eyed ogling of my soon-to-be-ex-partner, "we have discussed the matter, and we feel we need to take some strong measures and quickly."

"What do you want me to do?" Wow, so many thoughts have suddenly come to mind that it's really hard to sort out what... crap, now I'm the one with the creepy leer on my face. I take her hand and escort her to her bedroom, with Dave following along behind. Ugh, I think he's skipping. I shoot a glance to him to calm the fuck down, and his jovial trot turns into a normal walk.

I turn my attention back to her, "Please sit on the edge of the bed, keep your legs on the floor, lie down, put your hands over your head, and close your eyes. Dr. Cooper is going to work on your groin and try to relax your entire body. I'm going to do some work on your chest and see if we can get your pectoral muscles to unclench."

"Sure thing," and she immediately hopped onto her bed and splayed her gorgeous body for us. Dave looks at me with wonderment, and he gleefully mouths out "Are you fucking serious?"

"Is something wrong?" Tasha asks. She's looking up at the two of us, and Dave is now stricken with such fear that his mouth is twisted in an unnatural curl that is godawful painful to look at. I rub my head, realizing that this schmuck is going to undo all my hard-earned bullshit.

"No, everything is fine." I say reassuringly. "Just relax and let us do our job." And by our job, I mean letting us fuck you every way humanly possible and maybe a couple of inhuman ways as well if there's time.

She laid down again and closes her eyes. She takes a huge breath that makes her huge chest bob up and down with a delightful jiggle that is so sweet and innocent that I want grab her tits and fuck her as hard as I can until she is covered in cum. Ok, so that's not the greatest metaphor ever. I'll work on it later.

Dave spreads her legs apart and stands there gazing at her wet pussy like he's lost in a hypnotic trance. He looks over at me and mouths, "Really?" I smile and nod at him. I even gesture towards her cunt like I'm fucking Vanna White showing off a vowel. He looks back at her pussy and just stands there. Uh, hello? Go ahead, you prick. She's waiting for us two to begin our therapeutic treatment, so don't stand there like a jackass.

Christ, is he going to chicken out, Mr. All Talk And No Fuck? What is he waiting... finally! He's dropping his pants. Damn I never really thought about what a hairy guy Dave is, but now that I see some of exposed skin, he looks like a cat just threw up ungodly amounts of hairballs all over him. Yeesh. Ugh, now he's just shoving himself in, no warm-up, no foreplay, no attempt at making this seem like a legitimate exercise, just ram it on in. You're welcome for already getting her wet and ready.

As I went to my jacket, I saw Dave smiling and fucking her furiously. I pulled out the bottle of cherry-infused oil I had bought a few days ago hoping for a time like this to use it. I took a breath and then got onto the bed. I had been waiting for a chance to do this ever since I first saw her wonderfully large breasts in that department store dressing room. I carefully straddled her stomach and then poured a generous amount of oil onto to her tits.

My fingers were in heaven as they dug into her soft, oily flesh and rubbed the oil all over her immense chest. Her tits were now drenched in oil, glistening the dim light of the room. I grabbed a huge handful of breast flesh in my oily hands and slid my cock between her massive tits. Slowly I slid my cock back and forth, letting the oil from her tits lubricate my hardened dick.

Behind me, Dave was slamming his groin harder and harder into her, which shook her entire body. I could feel her tits jiggling within my clenched fingers as I continued to slide my unbelievably happy cock back and forth in the deep cleavage of her huge breasts. Her eyes were closed but she was moaning with pleasure.

All of a sudden I heard Dave shout, "Oh shit! I'm going to fucking cum! Ooooh yeeeeah!!!" and I could hear his groin slapping loudly against her, and every thrust made her body quiver. She opens up one eye to peek out at us, because even someone as dense as her knows that is not how a professional doctor talks, so I'd better do something to legitimize this situation. And by that, I mean reassuring her that our bullshit lies do make sense.

I lean in to her and ask, "Are you feeling relaxed? I know Dr. Cooper is doing some intense work on you." Of course, as I'm saying this, I hear Dave growling like some mongrel animal as he stops thrusting forward, so I assume he's blown his load now. Finally. "But we're hopeful this will resolve your muscular atrophy. Can you feel your muscles unclenching?"

She smiles at me, "Ooooh yeah," and then puts her head back down and closes her eyes. "You're both doing a wonderful job." It's a job in and of itself trying to cover for Dave and his stupid disregard for the precarious nature of this entire scam. I'm just glad he got laid and can relax and let me do my thing.

Dave had pulled out of her by now, but I was just getting warmed up. I tightened my grip on her tits and pushed them together as I thirsted my cock back and forth faster between her amazing mounds of mammaries. As much as I loved the feel of her mouth or her pussy over my dick, the feel of her huge, oily breasts pressing down on my throbbing cock was incredible.

Now I was shoving myself harder and harder, and the skin of her breasts rippled every time I slammed my groin into her chest. She arched her back underneath me, but she kept her arms over her head and her eyes closed.

I tried to keep myself from grunting, but I was fucking her tits like a beast now. I was gritting my teeth and digging my fingers deep into her flesh, ramming my cock into her quivering bosoms. When she moaned louder, I couldn't hold back and more and streams of warm jism shot out of my cock and into her cleavage and down her chest. Seeing my cum mix with the oil on her body made me feel quite proud of myself for some weird reason.

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