The Breaking of Allison Ch. 01


"Give me your foot." Allison swallowed and unable to help herself whispered;

"Please don't hurt me."

Mark rolled his eyes in disgust.

"Typical poser, you love to make them beg but can't handle much yourself."

Mark held his hand out again. Once again she hesitated knowing she would probably pay a price for it instead he said quietly;

"This is what you make of it Allison. Pain or pleasure you will endure only what you choose to."

His voice was soft again and he seemed calmer than before. Slowly Allison lifted her leg and put her foot in his hand. Mark clipped the manacle around her ankle and tightened it. Allison placed her other foot in his hand without him asking.

"Good girl." He said softly.

Walking around the bed Mark leaned over and taking her right hand put the cuff around her wrist. When he went for her left Allison pulled it away, panicking suddenly.

"No," She shook her head at him. Mark twisted the screw on her right nipple.

"Nooo," She whimpered. Mark stared coldly at her.

"There's only one word that will result in anything but more and we both know you want to say it Allison, I told Warner you were a poser, now prove me right."

Allison closed her eyes. Warner, contract, $30,000, that arrogant smirk was back on Mark's face. Allison opened her eyes and put her left hand out. Mark nodded as he attached it to her wrist, walking back to the foot of the bed, he stood looking at her with that smug look on his face again.

"How do you look?" He pointed to the mirrored ceiling

"Like an unworthy whore." Allison answered properly but thinking;

Piece of shit! Getting off on this, she was here because she had to be otherwise she wouldn't as much as spit at him.

"Once again good answer Allison, but very insincere, that's okay I can take care of that."

Mark reached up to the left column and pulled another chain. Allison gasped as she felt the chains pull her arms up and out as far as they could go. Oh my god! She thought I'm on a fucking rack! Mark smiled at the look on her face, going over to the other column he grabbed another chain Allison's legs were pulled to the sides as Mark continued to pull, her legs kept spreading open even further. She let out a groan as they were forced into a complete split.

"Oh please," Mark sneered. "Fucking skank like you should be used to spreading them."

Allison was laying completely spread eagle, not only feeling totally helpless but for the first time in her life as Mark stared at he she felt ashamed of her nakedness. Mark bent his knees slightly and from that position jumped straight up onto the bed landing on the edge perfectly balanced. His cock as it had been from the start was rock hard. Mark walked across the bed, one leg on either side of her then dropped to the bed his knees just under her arms he leaned over onto his hands his cock pointed directly at her mouth.

"Let's get it wet this time."

Allison obediently opened her mouth and with no hesitation Mark started driving his cock in and out of her face. Once again he was going all the way in and with her head against the bed she had nowhere to go. At one point she almost gagged. Balancing himself on one hand Mark turned the screw on first the right then the left nipple.

"Don't you dare." He said as Allison squealed around his cock.

After several more pumps Mark pulled his cock out and backing up positioned himself over her pussy. He paused looking into her eyes then entering her with one smooth thrust began fucking the shit out of her.

"Oh goddamn!" She exclaimed unable to help herself as he pounded into her.

Allison legs were spread so wide that he was going in right up to his balls. Mark was holding himself up over her using his powerful legs and hips to slam into her.

"Oh th-th- thank you." She managed to get out as he continued assaulting her.

That's what this was she thought; this wasn't sex it was an attack. Mark's head was just over hers their eyes were only inches apart. Even though he was fucking her relentlessly there was no expression on his face as if he weren't enjoying it at all. With a start Allison wondered if this was what it was like to be raped. Unable to control it Allison was yelping with each thrust and this time there was no hint of pleasure in it at all.

"Oh does that hurt my little whore?"

"N-No Master. Thank you."

"It feels good?"

"O-of course my Master feels good." He shook his head.

"Then I am being too gentle, it's supposed to hurt." With that he somehow found away to go harder.

"Oh please!" Allison gasped. Then yelped as that got her another twist of the clamps one at a time.

"Please Master!"

"Please what?"

"Easy Master please!" Allison begged. "It hurts!"

"Now it hurts?"

"Y-yes Master."

She stuttered. Oh how it hurt! He was driving into her so hard she could feel herself sinking into the bed with each pump. This guy was a fucking animal! Mark leaned over into her ear and whispered;

"See now I don't believe you. Now I think you're lying. Guess we have to give it to you harder."

Mark started lifting himself further out of her all the way to the tip then back down. Ten plus inches of cock being repeatedly slammed into her.

"Ohhh," She was whining at this point and couldn't help it.

"Yeah?" He asked looking in her eyes. "You don't like being taken? Too bad because this is exactly the way fucking whores like you deserve it! Proud little cockteaser; playing with the boys, getting what you need then kicking them out. Toying with them then making them beg."

Mark lowered himself to his elbows still driving savagely in and out with his hips; he grabbed her chin pushing her head up.

"Watch yourself being taken!"

Allison stared up at the ceiling. Her legs were spread out, she could see the muscles in his back and ass flexing as he slammed her. Allison herself was a mass of sweat, her hair stuck to her face, and she looked scared as hell.

"Oh please Master, oh it hurts! It does!"

"Ohh, I like that Allison. Who's begging now? No fun when it's you and not the boys." He leaned over further. Once again, whispering in her ear. "Lucky for you there's rules or I'd have found a couple of your little playmates and let them come in and take turns on you. Have a nice little gangbang, make you fuck and suck until you were so used up you couldn't walk. Make you thank them for it."

This image must have gotten to him as finally Allison could hear his breathing start to speed up and his arms were tensing, he was finally going to cum. He sped up even more banging in and out of her, Allison was beyond even moaning, instead making tiny little sounds in her throat. He grabbed her chin again and looked into her eyes.

"Say it!" He snarled at her. Allison knew even he couldn't hold back much longer, and summoning up the last of her will whispered:

"Thank you Master. For showing this unworthy whore what it's like to be taken by a real man."

Mark's eyes widened slightly, he had thought he'd had her. Not only hadn't she broken but he was going to cum she could feel it, he was starting to let out a couple of small gasps of his own. Gaining a little confidence Allison forced a pout saying softly;

"Oh, thank you Master."

Mark gave her several more hard pumps, then pulling out squeezed his cock, and once again straddled her face. Allison opened her mouth expecting to be made to swallow but instead. Mark grabbed her mouth forcing it shut.

"As if I'd let you taste it!"

Mark jerked his cock off into her face. The first spurt hit her directly in her right eye. Allison tried to turn her head but he was holding her chin. First she couldn't wait for him to cum now Allison wondered if he would ever stop. Spurt after spurt was hitting her face, going into her hair, she had closed her eyes in time to avoid her other eye being hit. Finally he stopped jerking and taking his cock started rubbing it all over her face spreading the cum around even more, mixing it with the sweat she was already covered with. When he was finished he leaned back and told her.

"Open your eyes."

Allison did and looked up into the mirror. At the mess she had become.

"Maybe we could get some pictures, send them to your parents. I'm sure they would be proud."

Mark got off the bed and stared down at her. He looked as if he were waiting for something. Oh shit! Allison thought,

"Thank you M... Oww!" Mark turned the clamps shaking his head.

"Give you the honor of cumming on you and I have to wait for a thank you."

"Sorry master."

"Not yet, but were getting there."

Mark walked around the bed and opening a nightstand drawer removed something from it. Making his way back to the foot of the bed he released Allison's ankles.

"Thank you Master." She got out quickly.

Ignoring her Mark knelt between her legs. As he did Allison saw he had a small purple silver bullet vibrator in his hand. Spreading her pussy open he placed it directly on her clit.

"Close your legs."

Allison obeyed. Was he really going to let her cum? She was surprisingly horny considering the way she had been treated. Was this how her pets felt? That mix of humiliation and lust? Mark grabbed her ankles and crossed them. Reaching down to the floor he picked up the belt he had been wearing and wrapped it around Allison's knees. He pulled it until Allison grunted then fastened it.

"Don't want that to fall out now do we?"

"Thank you Master. I..." Allison let out a long moan as the vibrator kicked on. It was on low but was pressed tight against her clit after only a couple of minutes she could feel her body beginning to tense up. Not wanting to risk it, Allison immediately spoke up.

"Oh Master may I please cum?"

Mark shrugged;

"That's up to you. If you can, go ahead."

"Thank you Master!" Allison exclaimed.

She moaned again oh here it is! She began to arch her back and... The vibrator shut off. Allison gasped. Mark smiled wickedly.

"Guess not."

He held up a small box Allison recognized as some type of remote timer. Mark walked over to her placing the remote on the night stand next to her.

"I have to go shower your stink off of me. Hopefully this will keep you entertained while I'm gone."

Mark walked away as he opened the bedroom door he stood there for a moment.

"Damn it's cool out here."

He swung the door back and forth once causing a slight breeze to reach Allison, oh that air felt good! Mark looked at her smiling;

"Don't worry hon I'll be back, maybe even tonight. Try not to wet the bed will you?"

Mark left closing the door behind him. Allison slumped into the bed grimacing with disgust as some of his cum slid down her cheek. She lied there and closed her eyes; between her legs the vibrator began to hum.

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