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I didn’t even know the old bastard had died! He was my uncle and I had only met him about 10 times in the last 20 years! My father died about 7 years ago and he didn’t have anything to do with his brother – they had a fight about something or other many years ago and hadn’t spoken for years. He didn’t even turn up for Dad’s funeral. My mother had gotten on well with her brother-in-law and had tried to make peace between them but I don’t think she succeeded. My dad always talked about mum and his brother being too friendly although I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Anyway, the old bastard died and left me, of all things, a brothel! Well I should be the happiest man in the world – my own private brothel! It was only a fairly small brothel and only had 6 girls working in it and it was managed by some tough woman old Charlie had employed a long time ago. Unfortunately he didn’t leave me any money to run the brothel but the madam assured me it was a going concern despite being rather small.

My wife, Sonny, and I went to have a look at the brothel as soon as we had some papers to say it was ours. I was a bit wary of what I might find although Sonny was keen to have a look. She had informed me long before we had married that she had worked as a call girl for a few years to pay her way through university. She had a wonderful job as a research scientist now and loved her work. Not only had she been a call girl but she had, to use her own words, fucked around a lot before she met me!

Sonny was a most attractive girl and was only 27 years old with a wonderful figure, huge but proportioned breasts and the longest legs allowed! She had me drooling over her the first time I saw her at a party. I was so attracted to her that I just had to speak to her. She was playing up with a lot of men at the party and it was common knowledge amongst the men that she was a hot number. She was so hot, in fact, that I was told she had already fucked 3 of the men at the party! But still I was really attracted to her and I just had to talk to her.

She surprised me by showing me she had a kind side to her and we talked for some time about everything in general. She was a good conversationalist and it was obvious she was intelligent. Sonny seemed to be attracted to me and I eventually plucked up enough courage to ask her for a date. Well, to cut a long story short, we went out on this first date and had a wonderful time. At no time was it obvious she was a loose girl and I felt very good to be with her. Of course we had a second and then a third and so forth date until we were seeing one another on a regular basis. She was employed at this time and was earning very good money. I had a good job too as a computer programmer and owned my own business which was doing well.

Not long after we started going out together in earnest, Sonny told me she had been a call girl and hoped this didn’t make me think anything less of her! I hadn’t known about her past and loved her for what she was to me – a lovely girl and I had fallen for her. When we began getting serious my mates started telling me stories about how Sonny had been the life of most parties and had been known as a good fuck by all the men at these parties. They sort of warned me about what might happen if I latched onto Sonny! I chose to listen to all they had to tell me but I also chose to accept Sonny for what she is now and not what she had been! I am sure she loved me for thinking of her that way.

After a few months of dating we moved in together and became lovers in earnest! We loved one another and that was that. Every now and again, Sonny would tell me something about her past! She would tell me how she had been fucked by someone at a party and what was special about it. She told me in such an innocent way that she wasn’t bragging or throwing it up at my face, she was genuinely interested in telling me about her past.

She told me she hadn’t minded being a call girl. She had no other means of paying for her higher education and it was an easy way to earn money. She simply placed a message in a better class magazine offering her services and in no time she had plenty of men to choose from. She told me she had been very selective and wouldn’t go with any man she didn’t fancy. She told me she usually went out with men about twice each week and this paid for all of her expenses at university.

I had fucked quite a lot of girls when I was growing up so I guess she wasn’t any worse that me except that she was getting paid for sex whereas I was always giving it away for nothing! Anyway, we loved each other and we decided to get married. It was a quiet wedding ceremony but the party after was anything but quiet. There were about 130 people at the party and a wild time was had by all. Sonny put on quite a show at the party and gave us all the benefit of a striptease performance which was lots better that I had seen before. She was a wonderful girl. I didn’t mind what she was doing – she was now my wife and she was mine! When the party was over we retired to our motel and fucked ourselves silly!

Anyway that was 4 years ago and we are very happy together. We love each other. As I said, Sonny was excited about visiting the brothel to have a look at it. She had never worked in a brothel having always worked from home and had sex with the paying customers in their homes or in hotels etc., so she didn’t have a permanent base to work from.

Well we arrived at the brothel. It didn’t look like a brothel or at least, not what I imagined a brothel would look like! I had never been inside a brothel although I had heard lots of talk about my friends visiting brothels. They always told me they were sleazy places and horrible unattractive girls worked there. These girls, so I had been told, would just take off their clothes and lie there while the men just fucked them! They showed no interest in the customer and seemed in a hurry to get rid of the man. I guess that would be normal!

Sonny and I were greeted by the boss woman. She was about 60 years old and although she was fairly fat, she had a wonderful smile and a very friendly nature and immediately made us feel welcome. She showed us around the place – there was only one girl there at the time as we had called during the morning when apparently business was slow in the brothel. The madam was Liz and she introduced us to Shelley, the girl on duty. I am not sure they were their real names but that didn’t matter at all. Shelley was not unattractive at all. She was quite pretty and had a very good figure. I was able to see most of her figure because she was sitting in the brothel wearing just a sheer pair of shortie pajamas and a very thin negligee both of which hid very little. I would have been happy to use her services if I had been a customer.

Anyway, Liz showed us around the place and I was surprised to see how neat and tidy it all was. Each bedroom was tastefully decorated and had a wide bed with all the trimmings ready for use. Liz told me they had 10 girls working there at the peak time which was a couple of years ago but business had slackened off in recent years and now they only had 6. One usually worked during the day for the walk-in customer and the rest worked during the late afternoon and night when business was brisk. Liz asked me if I wanted to inspect the books. I took an instant liking to Liz and told her I would be happy if she continued to run the establishment for us and we would check in on her from time to time but we would give her plenty of notice of our visits.

While we were at the brothel, a customer came in and he was immediately attracted to Shelley and Liz was able to negotiate the appropriate fee and off they went to one of the bedrooms. Liz asked us if we would like to see what was happening in the bedroom. We both showed surprise at this and of course said yes.

We went to a room just off the office and, when we were inside, Liz closed and locked the door. She then switched on a television set and, after it had warmed up, she flicked some switches and we had a picture of Shelley and her customer in the bedroom. They had both just undressed and Shelley was just rolling a condom onto the man’s erect cock. She then moved onto the bed, spread her legs and beckoned the man to join her. He quickly entered Shelley and we were able to watch them fucking. As soon as the man had cum, he pulled out of Shelley and she helped him take the used condom off his cock and, after tying a knot in it, she threw it into a rubbish container.

The couple talked for a short while and then the man dressed and left the room. Shelley immediately moved to an attached shower room and quickly showered herself. I guess she wanted to remove all traces of the man she had been with. Liz explained that the girls all knew about the cameras which were concealed in every bedroom. They knew the cameras were there for their own safety and if the customer started to treat them badly, Liz would soon come to their rescue. It was a nice, tidy setup and I could see Sonny was getting excited at being able to watch Shelley and her trick fucking. I enjoyed it too. We had our own private porno show.

Sonny and I decided to keep the ownership of the brothel a secret and didn’t tell any of our friends about it. We thought all sorts of things might go wrong if they knew we had the brothel – we could imagine them asking for very cut rates!

Well, we had the brothel for over 6 months and felt it was time to have another visit so we rang Liz and asked her if it would be O.K. to call again. She made us very welcome and again we had a look around the premises. We were very pleased with what we saw. We were also very pleased to receive a check each month which was the final proceeds from the brothel after all expenses were paid and accounted for. We had an accountant looking after the books for us and he was full of praise for Liz and the girls who worked there. There had been no change of staff at the brothel since we took over and we thought that this might be, in part, because we had increased the amounts paid to the girls for their services and we also gave them bonuses each month as well as Liz. After all we were both working and earning good money and really didn’t need the income from the brothel although we were pleased to receive it. We had arranged with the accountant to pay the girls extra and it seemed as though it had paid off for us too. It seemed a very strange business having a separate private income from a business in which we took no part, except for the occasional visit or phone call from Liz.

Sonny was a beautiful redhead with that wonderful white skin. Although her skin was so white she spent hours under various sun lamps at the gymnasium trying to make her skin go brown. She has never been successful with tanning and I love the wonderful white skin. She never goes to the beach to tan because of the risk of sunburn if she tries to tan in the sun. She has beautiful white skin which turns a delightful pink color when she get over-heated or over-excited and she has lovely fine hair on her body. She has the loveliest red pubic hair and this is an unruly bush which extends down between her thighs and up towards her navel.

Of course it doesn’t go all the way to her navel but where it stops being a bush, it extends the rest of the way towards her navel as a fine but easily defined line of hair which I find very exciting. She has several hairs in her navel itself and also has fine hair around her breasts and her nipples. This is not long hair but very fine golden hair which can only be seen when side-on to the light. I love Sonny’s body. I am 7 years older than Sonny but this doesn’t seem to worry her at all and so far I have been able to keep up with her sexual demands without any problems at all. We both love to fuck and experiment with different positions etc.

One Friday morning early we had a phonecall from Liz who was in a terrible state. She explained she had made a special booking for 4 Japanese businessmen for a four hour session at the brothel that morning. Unfortunately the girl who was supposed to be on duty had been rushed to hospital with a suspected appendix attack and none of the girls on the other shifts could be available for the session. Liz was asking me if it would be O.K. for her to try to buy in a new girl just for the morning, perhaps from another brothel. When I asked her what she would like to do, she explained there would be all sorts of bother trying to get a new girl especially as the booking was for 4 men. Most girls don’t want to handle multiple sessions – they sometimes tend to get out of hand with the girl getting hurt. Liz also explained she had already called on two other brothels for a loan of a girl but they wouldn’t allow their girls to do multiple sessions and thus had declined to share. Sharing was the normal thing with single bookings between brothels and this happened on a regular basis.

When I told Liz to just do her best and perhaps to offer a lot more money to the girls she told me she would try and we hung up. When I told Sonny what had happened she was most concerned and told me we would have to do something because she knew much of the success of the brothel relied on offering satisfaction to every customer and meeting all bookings. She asked me, in a very shy way, would I mind if she offered to help Liz if no one else could be found! I was really surprised at her saying this but I knew she had had lots of experience with her previous call-girl business and she wanted the brothel to remain a success for us. I told her to do what ever she thought was right and I would have no objections to her working in the brothel provided she thought it was safe having the four Japanese businessmen. I told her I would watch her through the closed circuit television and would see no harm came to her.

When we rang Liz back with the news she was so relieved she began to cry. She felt very responsible for the running of the brothel and took the business to heart with any problem. We arranged to meet at 10am at the brothel to make final arrangements. We both arranged with our companies to have the day off.

Sonny quickly rushed to the bathroom and began to get ready for her different work! She first shaved her legs, then her armpits and then showered and, when she had dried herself, rubbed oils into her body so that she looked radiant when she presented herself to me standing naked in the doorway of the bathroom. She knew the oils had not only the effect of making her skin extra smooth but it also slightly darkened the lovely hair on her body making it look really sexy. She was a beautiful picture and I loved her dearly. Sonny dressed ready for the job. She wore a bra and panties – I expected she would dispense with these but she said Japanese men preferred their women to be fully dressed and they liked to have the girls remove their clothes slowly and get the men excited. She completed her clothing be adding a blouse and short skirt after she had pulled on her stockings and fitted her suspender belt.

Sonny was very excited about going to work and it showed as we were walking to the door of the brothel. Liz gave us both hugs and told us how grateful she was that we were able to help her out. She told us she would have done the work herself except that the men had insisted on someone who was young and beautiful. Liz showed us into the largest bedroom which she had prepared for the mornings work. This room had an extra large bed and extra chairs were arranged around the room. There were extra towels and everything that could be needed. There was also a large bowl in the room which contained a large number of condoms. Everything was arranged and now we had to wait for the men to arrive. I took the trouble to check and double check the TV monitoring system to make sure everything was working well. This bedroom was very large and two cameras had been concealed in the room. One of the cameras was fixed in position and the other could be panned and focussed by the operator. It was a sophisticated system and I was glad it was because I certainly didn’t want anything to go wrong with my darling Sonny while she was working. We were all ready now.

Liz indicated to me that the Japanese men had arrived and she was showing them into the bedroom. She then told Sonny she had better get ready as the men wouldn’t like to be kept waiting. Sonny came over to me, looked with me at the TV screens and saw the 4 men sitting around the chairs. She then gave me a passionate kiss but not too deeply so as to smudge her lipstick and then told me she loved me and left the room. Liz and I sat on the chairs in the room with the TV screens and watched as Sonny entered the room with the men waiting for her. Liz asked me if I would be embarrassed if she was watching on the screen with me. She realized it was a personal thing for me to watch my wife getting fucked and would be happy to leave me by myself if I preferred. I told her it would be fine for her to stay and watch and if I felt it was a problem I would ask her to leave. We agreed on that and waited for the action. Fortunately there is a sound system operating in conjunction with the surveillance cameras and we were able to hear what was being said.

Sonny moved in front of each man separately and bowed her head to them. They in turn pressed their hands together in front of their faces and bowed to her. They were giving greetings to one another. The Japanese men were a little embarrassed and asked Sonny how she wanted to begin. She suggested they would first need to become comfortable with her and perhaps they would like her to undress. She asked them if they would like to undress her and they immediately agreed that would be best. The men were exceedingly polite and gentle and treated Sonny very well.

The first man moved over to where she was standing and began to unbutton her blouse. When he had all the buttons undone, he stepped back and the next man moved over and took the blouse off Sonny. He also gently caressed her breasts through her bra and then turned her around and undid the bra. He didn’t remove it but left that to the next man. And so it went on – each man gently removing one part of her clothing until the last man peeled off her last stocking and she stood there completely naked. On the TV screens it was wonderful that the pictures were in color and with the aid of the joystick I was able to pan or focus the second camera. It was concealed inside a light-fitting which was positioned on one wall of the room. The second fixed camera was concealed inside one of the light-fittings at the other end of the room. This gave a full range of positions and a full panorama of the room. Nothing could be concealed from the cameras.

Sonny looked so lovely just standing alongside the bed – naked in all her glory. She had a certain luster about her because of the oil she had smeared on her body before we left home. She looked absolutely radiant with her pert breasts which had her long erect nipples protruding from the ends standing out so regally. I loved her so much. The first Japanese man to speak was the older of the four and he moved over to her and very politely asked her if there was anything she wouldn’t be prepared to do for them. Sonny smiled at him and said, “Sir, you have paid to be here with me – there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, however I would simply ask that you treat me fairly and don’t attempt anything which would inflict severe pain on me. Anything else is quite acceptable.” This first man thanked her and told her they would treat her very carefully but if anything became too much for her, she should immediately tell them and they would cease. This certainly made me feel much better.

The first man began the show by leaning over and kissing her on the lips. I was surprised by this as I thought prostitutes didn’t kiss anyone. When I asked Liz, she smiled and told me it was a personal choice of the girl and they could do whatever they liked so long as it was acceptable to the girl. Their kisses were not passionate more just gentle kisses on the lips with no sign of any use of their tongues. Sonny passed to each man in turn and they all kissed her very gently. Then back to the first man. He bent over further and kissed her breasts and then placed her nipple in his mouth and began to suck it while he caressed her breasts with his hands. As soon as he had finished – or at least had had enough – he moved away and the second man did exactly the same and so forth to the last man. It all seemed so tame that I asked Liz if they would ever get around to fucking Sonny. She replied, “These Japanese men seem to have a ritual which they follow. You can take it from me they will be fucking her soon.”

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