tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Bush Girl Ch. 02

The Bush Girl Ch. 02


This story will make more sense if you have read Part 1 first.


It was a long and boring drive to the ranch where I would be working. Within a few days I knew that it was a mistake. The manager was an unsmiling man who fortunately wasn't around much, but his wife was a sarcastic woman who seemed to take a dislike to me and made life as difficult as she could. I wasn't so much a nanny, more a slave.

The men working there sympathized and said she was a bitch, but it was difficult to strike up any friendships, because they all made it clear that what they really wanted to do was fuck me.

They called me the bush girl, which I assumed was a reference to the bush country all around us. However one of the men put me right and said it was because they'd heard about the events at Murphy's Bar and had been told that I had a lovely furry bush.

I decided to leave as soon as possible, though the problem was that I needed to work several more weeks in order to have the money to get back to Perth. Then one day I got chatting to a bush pilot called Mike who visited every week or so to drop off any urgent supplies. He made it clear that he regarded me as bedworthy material, but at least he did it in a light-hearted and inoffensive manner. I happened to overhear him saying that in two weeks time he would be making one of his occasional flights to Perth, so they should let him know if there were any special items required.

That set me thinking and I managed to have a word with him when no one was listening and asked him if he would give me a lift to Perth.

"What's it worth?" was his loaded response. I was prepared for that and had my answer ready.

"Alright, you'll get what you want, as long as you don't tell the owners or anyone else. I want to get away from here and I don't want anyone stopping me."

"OK," he said. "You've got a deal. But I don't want any misunderstanding. I'll give you a lift as long as I get to sleep with you."

I gave him a cool smile.

"Don't worry. Get me away from here and you can fuck me."

So two weeks later I moved my case out to one of the outbuildings without anyone noticing. I wrote a letter of resignation which I put on my bed. As soon as the pilot arrived I managed to slip out to our agreed meeting place. He waved me across and I scurried into the plane and within a few seconds we were airborne.

The red earth fell away and we rose into a blue sky with the bush country stretching away to the horizon. It was very noisy in the cockpit and Mike passed me a headset.

"Here use this, it's easier than shouting. We'll be flying for four hours, then we'll land at an emergency landing strip where there's an outpost that we can use for the night."

I was a bit surprised at that. Nothing had been said about an overnight stop and I said as much to Mike.

"OK sorry for springing it on you, but I thought it was better than a grunting quickie somewhere. I've brought food and stuff so we'll be comfortable and it's a beautiful, secluded place - the real Australia. I think you'll like it."

Suitably reassured I settled down and enjoyed the flight. Flying at a few thousand feet is much better than being in a big airliner. You're high enough to get the scale of the place, but low enough to see some detail. At one stage we could see kangaroos bounding away across the plain.

Mike pulled out the chart and showed me where we were headed for - a bush station called Miller's Crossing. It was another three hours flight and the scenery gradually changed, it was still bush country, but became more rugged, with several rocky outcrops.

I looked at Mike. He was probably in his early thirties. Quite good looking, reasonably slim and nearly six foot tall. I'd heard he was divorced but I knew nothing about the circumstances. It wouldn't be long and I would be expected to spread my legs for him. I didn't mind and to be perfectly honest I was looking forward to it. After nearly two months at that desolate ranch I was desperate for a friendly touch, and if it came right down to it I was up for a good fucking. I had discovered that I liked sex and just thinking about it was getting me all moistly aroused. One thing I had realised was that not all dicks felt the same and I found myself idly wondering how big Mike's prick was.

The landing was uneventful and I helped Mike unload the gear from the plane. The bush station was a single wood and metal building partly shaded by a large tree. To my surprise it wasn't even locked.

"Not many thieves out here," laughed Mike. "This place is hardly ever used and anyway I've checked the flight plans and there's no one even in the area. We won't be disturbed."

There were just three rooms - a kitchen with a stove and sink (both working), a bathroom and a bedroom with two beds. The mattresses were wrapped in plastic sheets which Mike removed and replaced with the sheets he had brought.

He'd also brought a hamper full of food and he said that the sun was dropping in the sky so it would be a great time to eat outdoors. We spread a large rug under one of the trees and put the food out. Mike had even brought some wine, I bet the miners would have been disgusted that he hadn't brought any beer!

To my surprise he seemed happy just to chat. He asked a bit about my background so I told him a few details (the events at Murphy's Bar were never mentioned, though he must have heard about them). I asked a bit about him and he said he had been married, but got divorced five years ago and since then there hadn't been anyone. I didn't pry, but I got the feeling that he was desperate for some female company and this was a big event for him.

When the food was finished we topped up our glasses and watched the setting sun.

"They say this place has the most beautiful sunsets in the country, but you're even more beautiful," said Mike and he leaned across and kissed me. I smiled inwardly; he didn't have to come up with corny lines, I'd said he could fuck me and I was happy to keep my promise. He unbuttoned my blouse then slipped his hand inside and stroked my breasts. After a short while he reached behind my back and unclipped my bra, then he pushed it up and out of the way.

I think my breasts are one of my best features - not big and gross, but definitely not flat-chested and with very sensitive nipples and large dark aureole. I was delighted when his head went down and he began to suck and lick them. I ran my fingers through his hair and gasped and moaned.

Suitably encouraged he ran his hand up my thigh and I parted my legs to allow him easy access. He stroked my pussy through my knickers. I was wet through down there and my knickers must have been damp to his touch. Another wave of love juice surged to my cunt as Mike's fingers delved past my pubic hairs. He slid a finger into my wetness, then two, and then he began to finger fuck me. It was very nice, but I wanted the real thing. I felt between his legs and was rewarded by the feel of a rock hard erection. I was impatient to have it inside me and Mike was obviously impatient as well because he started to tug at my knickers. I raised my bottom to make it easier for him and seconds later a pair of black panties were carelessly tossed to one side.

"Undress me," I whispered in his ear. He slipped my blouse and bra off, then fumbled with the fastener on my skirt. Soon that was discarded and I stood naked. As he unbuttoned his shirt I unzipped his trousers and pushed them down. Quickly I pulled his pants down and his erect prick sprang into view. I grabbed hold of it with both hands. I'd never been bold enough to feel any of the boys I'd gone out with, so this was the first time I had ever touched a mans penis. I couldn't get over how hard it was. Of course I knew erections were meant to be hard, but I didn't expect them to be like an iron bar. And to think that my pussy could cope with the full length of one!

"I want to be inside you," Mike growled, so I lay down on the rug and spread my legs. Mike moved between them and his prick nuzzled against my cunt lips. I held my breath as slowly, gently he penetrated me. Once his prick was inside me he began to fuck me with firm, deep strokes. He told me I was lovely and said I felt gorgeous. It wasn't long before he said he would have to come. He asked me to turn over, so I rolled over on to my stomach, but he guided me onto my hands and knees. I felt him position his prick against my love hole, then I cried out as with one firm thrust his prick speared deep into me. His cock felt absolutely massive and ever since then being fucked from behind has been my favourite position.

The sunsets at that place may be spectacular, but I never saw it. All I could think about was Mike's massive cock sliding in and out of my pussy. He groaned and gave an extra deep thrust, then I felt his prick jerk inside me as he pumped sperm into me.

We collapsed and lay together on the blanket. I was too embarrassed to ask for a tissue, so I just lay there with Mike's come trickling out of my cunt and onto my thighs.

Eventually we got dressed and cleared the foodstuffs away. Mike had to make a couple of calls using the aircraft radio whilst I tidied up the remaining items. I think everything must have caught up with me because I suddenly felt very tired. I undressed and slipped into one of the beds. The last thing I heard was Mike moving about in the kitchen.

I woke with a start. The sun was shining on the curtains and I could hear birdsong. I must have slept really deeply, but it had done me good because I felt completely refreshed. I turned over and Mike was laid in the other bed with an amused smile on his face.

"You've slept a long time. Feel good?"

"I feel great".

"Good, so do I".

He pulled the sheet back and stepped out of bed. He was naked and his erect prick stuck out arrogantly in front of him. I pulled the sheet off me, then lay back and spread my legs in an unspoken invitation. There were no preliminaries, no foreplay. He positioned his prick against the entrance to my pussy then thrust into me. I cried out as Mike commenced to fuck me.

"Fuck me," I urged him."Fuck my cunt."

"I'll fuck your cunt, you've got a lovely fuckable cunt."

"Go on then, do it. Fill my cunt with your spunk."

I wrapped my legs round him, pulling him deep into me. My love juices were running out of me, and Mike took some of them and rubbed them round my asshole. Then he stuck a finger up my bum. It was as though someone had pressed a button. I arched my back and came with explosive force. Realising what was happening Mike speeded up and seconds later he fired another load of come into me. The bed rocked on its springs and the unmistakable sounds of sexual climax drifted out into the soft morning air.

Afterwards we lay together, content to say nothing. Then Mike guided my hand to his prick. As I gently caressed his limp member it began to stiffen. Mike asked me to go down on him and I blushingly explained that I had never done that before.

"Well I'd love to be the first."

So I slid down the bed and took Mike's semi-erect prick in my mouth.

At first he grimaced and told me to be careful with my teeth, so clearly it was a very amateur effort. Even so his prick began to swell and grow; it was a turn on to realise that I could have that effect on a man, it made me feel quite powerful and in charge of the situation. He was fully erect and I was ready to be fucked again, so I moved up the bed and straddled him. Slowly, gently I lowered myself onto his impressive column. I ground my hips down to make sure that he was fully inside me. Because he'd already come once Mike had more staying power and we fucked in a variety of positions. The room echoed to my gasps and moans as I was fucked and Mike's cries and groans as he did the fucking. Finally Mike held me close and shuddered and for the third time he emptied his balls into my willing cunt.

Afterwards I asked Mike what time we would have to leave by. He said no later than midday, but then he went on to say that he had been thinking. He could get a few days off and he wondered if instead of staying in Perth I fancied doing a bit of a tour with him. I asked him what he meant and he said the absolute maximum time off he could take was five days, but that would give us time to fly round, stay at a different place every night and I would get to see Australia in a way that few tourists could hope for.

He carried on talking, saying what a great experience it would be, but my mind was already made up. I was going to say yes.

So we packed the gear into the plane and we flew to a small airstrip close to Perth. Mike dropped off the parcels he'd brought and made various phone calls. For my part I rang my parents and told them I'd left the place I was working at and was doing a bit of a tour with an Australian girl I'd met.

Later we went to a supermarket and stocked up on food, loaded that into the plane and headed off to the north-east.

Mike had been working as a bush pilot for over ten years and he seemed to know all of the out of the way places. The next few days were the most vivid and exciting I'll probably ever have. I got a grandstand view of a continent in a way that would otherwise have cost me tens of thousands of pounds. It was almost like being on honeymoon. Each day we would fly in to a new place, explore the area, have rapturous sex, sleep late in the morning and then head off again.

One evening we went to the coast and I got to realise my dream of having sex on a secluded beach at sunset. My body molded into the warm sand as Mike thrust into me, watched only by a couple of curious seagulls.

That was the last night and Mike suggested that I fly around with him for his work for a few days and then he would be able to get another couple of days off. I agreed to that, but it was probably a mistake. The flying stopped becoming exciting and became a bit boring. Humping the gear in and out of the plane and eating a variety of tinned food was hardly thrilling. Worst of all the novelty had worn off the sex and I realised that we had come to the end of our time together.

On the last night but one Mike said we could head for somewhere close to the coast near Perth, but I suggested we return to Miller's Crossing. Perhaps I was being sentimental but I thought as we'd had our first night there, it would be nice to spend the last one there as well.

Mike was happy to do that and at midday the familiar metal and wood building came into view. By the time we had unloaded the plane we were hot and sweaty, so we decided to take a shower (thank heavens for the solar panels!).

Of course Mike couldn't resist the temptation to give me an all-over wash and a good rub down. Kneeling at my feet he complimented me on my lovely furry bush; he said it was very sexy.

"Do you think so? I sometimes wish I wasn't so hairy down there."

"No, it's really gorgeous," he said, delivering a light kiss to my pubic mound.

"Mind you it would be a real turn to shave you, so I'd be more than happy to do that."

"I don't think so."

"Can I?" he said, stopping his rubbing action and giving me an imploring look.

I stared at him. He was deadly serious and whilst I stared it became obvious that his penis was rising to attention. The thought of shaving my fanny was giving him a massive hard-on. All of a sudden my pussy felt warm and wet.

"Can I?" he repeated.

I gulped and nodded my head. He took my hand and led me through into the bedroom and laid me on the bed. Then he took out his electric razor and used the trimmer attachment to remove most of my pubic hair. After that it was only a couple of minutes more work and I was smooth as a billiard ball.

He still had a massive hard-on and not surprisingly he wanted to get it inside me, but I knew that it would be more fun if we saved it for later.

"No, this is the last day. We said we were going to climb the outcrop, so you'll just have to save yourself for later."

He was a bit put out at that, but I think he realised that my shaven haven would be worth waiting for.

The outcrop was a large reddish rock about a kilometer away and just over 100 meters high. At the highest point there was a single tree - heaven knows how it managed to grow there, but it did.

It didn't look difficult, just a simple walk and there was no climbing involved. We both wore trainers, T-shirt and shorts. Normally I would have worn a bra, but I was feeling a bit of a tease, so I went braless. Mike must have noticed, but he didn't say anything. I must admit that walking through the scrub I was very aware of my swaying tits and bald cunt. It made me feel very sexy.

It didn't take long and we were at the foot of the outcrop. From a distance it looked easy, but in reality reaching the top turned out to be a bit more of a scramble than we expected.

By the time we reached the lone tree we were sweating heavily and happy to sit down in the shade. Mike pulled out the water bottle he'd brought and we drank and caught our breath. It was a stunning view, the colours becoming ever more vivid as the sun sank lower. We both got our cameras out and took photos of the scenery.

I asked Mike to take some shots of me using my camera because I wanted a reminder of this place. He was happy to do that and then asked me to stay in the same place whilst he took some pictures of me with his camera. I wasn't altogether surprised when he asked me to take my top off. I said no, but he kept on pleading with me and swore that he would never show them to anyone else.

So I asked him to close his eyes and I pulled my top off, threw it to one side and folded my arms across my breasts. I told Mike he could open his eyes and he smiled when he saw my pose. He snapped away, then he asked me to move my arms, so I did. He took some shots of me sat on one of the rocks and then leaning against it. All the time I was waiting for him to ask me to take my shorts and knickers off and let him feast his eyes on my shaven cunt. And to be honest I felt really sexy and wanton and ached to expose myself to him.

He got me to stand with both palms flat against a large boulder and my backside stuck out.

"That's great," he said. "Just hold that pose for a minute."

He came across, reached round my waist, unfastened my shorts and in one smooth motion pulled my shorts and knickers down so that they were round my knees. He resumed his position behind me.

"That looks wonderful, stick your bum out a bit further and spread your legs as wide as you can."

The camera shutter clicked away and then he asked me to turn round and drape myself across another rock. I kicked my shorts and knickers to one side and spread myself in a suitably languid pose with my legs wide apart and one foot raised so that my pussy was on full display. I let him photograph me in a variety of poses and I know he zoomed in and took several close-ups of my shaven cunt. All the time I was feeling more and more hyped up, so I called a halt.

Mike came across and started to touch me, but there was no way I was going to have sex in this rocky, gritty landscape. I told him it might look nice up here, but it would be dammed uncomfortable, so he agreed to wait.

I dressed and we headed back to the station. By the time we got back we were sweating again so we both got under the shower. I let Mike rub me dry, loving the way he patted at my smooth mound. Then I dried him off, rubbing the towel round his prick to get him dry and giving him an impressive hard-on in the process.

I took his hand and led him through into the bedroom and asked him to lie on the bed. I climbed onto the bed and straddled him.

"I want you to eat me," I said and lowered my shaven cunt onto his face.

What a long way I had come since that first afternoon when a burly miner had buried his head between my thighs!

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