tagBDSMThe Cabin Ch. 07

The Cabin Ch. 07


This is the final chapter of The Cabin. The story would not have been posted without Kirk2004's editing abilities. Once again, thank you, Kirk.


The Kitten is curious

"Admit it, Kit. You're curious. You wonder what it would be like to be tied up and fucked."

"I don't..." Kit's fingers went to the scar.

Oh hell, Michael thought. She had been tied up...and terrorized.

"It wouldn't be like that, baby," Michael murmured pulling Kit into his arms. "That was torture. I would bring you pleasure, Kitten, like on the table or in the shower, only more so. The anticipation, a bit of discomfort, and even a bit of pain can heighten the pleasure, Kit. The discomfort or slight pain will make you focus on your need. When I allow you your release, the climax will be more intense, because you'll be more aware of your body."


Maybe he had always wanted to take her like this; maybe in the back of his mind, he had wanted her tied and his. Maybe he wasn't that different from his brother after all. Maybe he did want her as his submissive...at least occasionally.

She expressed fascination, curiosity, and a bit of horror when he told her the things he had done and seen. He suggested they try something new.

She was on the bed; face down, her wrists were cuffed in soft padded leather and attached to her matching ankle cuffs. Her body was in a tight ball of submission with her knees curled under her, her face pressed against the sheets away from him, and her lovely heart-shaped ass was in the air. A medium-sized ball gag was in her mouth; its strap was buckled behind her head. He remembered the times he held her hands above her head with his leg across her thighs, spreading them while holding her down, and his mouth covering hers as he played with her, driving her crazy with want. His mouth, hands, and leg had been her bondage then. Now, he used the real thing.

Katherine moaned, and Michael's mind went into a hundred different directions. What to do first.

"Don't go anywhere, Kitten. I'll be right back."

Michael ate up the distance between the bedroom and the 'tool' cabinet quickly, knowing exactly what he wanted. When he opened the cabinet door, it was still in its box. When he purchased it, he didn't know why. He certainly wouldn't use it, but it was so tempting and inexpensive, he thought 'Why not'. He reached for box and another item as the curve of his lips tilted upward. Why not, indeed, he thought as he retraced his foot steps.

"I need to know what color you're at, Kit. Remember we talked about colors. Green means you're okay. Yellow you're a bit anxious, but okay. Red, you want me to stop right now and untie you. Think about it a moment, Kit. Remember, you know that I won't hurt you."

Michael placed a little snapper in her hand.

"One click means green, you're okay. Two clicks mean you know I won't hurt you. You're a bit anxious, but ready to find out what I intend to do. Or three clicks and I'll know you're at red; you want me to untie you. Think about it, Kit, and then let me know you're okay with what I'm going to do."

He waited. Michael didn't really want to let her loose, but he would.

After thirty long seconds, Kit clicked the snapper one time, and then once again. He waited...no third click. Michael exhaled. He wouldn't give her the opportunity to stop again. He took the snapper out of her fingers, and felt them tighten around the little bit of metal before he pulled it completely loose.

"I'm going to blindfold you, Kitten. I want you to concentrate on how you feel, only on how you feel. I don't want you to think of anything else. Using the blindfold, the gag, and the rest has taken your other senses away; the only thing left is your sense of touch and sound. I'm not going to use earplugs, but forget about sounds around you. Focus on me touching you; focus on your body."

As he spoke to her, he kissed the top of her head, slipped the black silky cloth over her eyes, and tied the ends behind her head.

He opened both packages he had taken from the cabinet and prepared the one. He put it on the cloth between her spread legs. He wanted to touch her everywhere, so he did.

One hand softly stroked her back from her neck to her sweetly displayed bottom; his other hand slipped under her to gently caress her breasts. He continued to play with her breasts as he moved his hand back and forth, gently touching her until he felt her relax. He pushed her hair aside, and laid soft kisses at the base of her neck. As she relaxed, secure in his soft caresses, he let his fingers slid down her back, and then farther to between the crack of her bottom cheeks to her slit, and farther still to her clitoris. His kisses also traveled down her back, as his fingers worked their magic. The little pearl hardened and was distended, pushing out from its protective hood. He teased it repeatedly until she was whimpering and rocking back against his hand.

"That's the way, Kitten. Your moans of pleasure tell me you enjoy this."

Her moans were becoming more frantic. She pushed harder against his fingers.

"Not yet, Kit. Soon."

He playfully pinched her nipples until they were hard and puckered. His fingers left her breasts, and moved to replace the ones on her clit. Without warning he brought his now freed hand down on her bottom. She jumped, but couldn't go anywhere tied as she was. Her groan was muffled behind the gag. He kissed the red spot he had created.

"You've been a bad girl, Kitten, and a pink bottom will excite me while heightening your pleasure. So, I'm going to punish this lovely ass with a few well placed spanks."

The words were hardly out of his mouth, when he brought his hand down on her bottom again. Again his hand made contact while he furiously worked her clit. He must have spanked her about a dozen times with enough force to nicely redden her lovely bottom.

He worked his open mouth kisses across her sweet ass, and then he licked that forbidden rosebud. She jumped, again, in her surprise, but Michael was ready. He worked her clit hard. She never notice when his fingers left her warmed bottom. His free hand went to the tube he brought back from the cabinet, and squeezed a generous amount on his finger. He continued to work her clit as he ran his lubricated finger back and forth over the puckered star. When he slipped his finger in her to the first knuckle, Katherine's tight muscle closed around him.

"Relax, baby. Push out. I'm not going into this tight little hole, but I'm going to slip a tiny bit of joy into you...then I'm going to fuck the daylights out of you. Push back, baby."

He slipped the thumb of the hand working her clit into her soaking wet cunt, and thrust it back and forth. He worked both orifices until he knew all she could think about was how badly she needed to come.

He picked up the tube of lube, squeezed some more on the second item he'd retrieved from the cabinet, and then squeezed a generous amount on her dark, forbidden hole.

"Now, Kitten, come for me," he said as he pinched her clitoris.

She came hard and he was ready. He picked up the butt plug and gently, but very firmly, pushed it into her. It was small, no longer then three inches and hardly bigger than his pinkie, but she never before had anything in this virgin ass. She was tight and there was a natural resistance, but he didn't stop and soon it was firmly lodged inside her. Her sphincter closed around the groove just below the flange.

"Now you're going to come for me again, Kit, but this time I'm going to be in that hot tunnel. I'm going to fuck you hard, baby. See how full you feel with that extra bit of pressure."

He moved behind her and slid his rod home. Heaven, it was a bit of heaven. He leaned forward, unbuckled the gag, and gently removed it from her mouth.

"Tell me, Kitten, that you want me. Tell me you want me to fuck you ten ways to Sunday. Tell me you want it hard. Tell me, Kit, that you are mine."

"Oh God. Ohmigod. I want you. I want you," Kit cried out.

His hands moved to her hips; his thrusts were hard and fast. He could feel the plug, that bit of pressure, the extra fullness, the tightness.

His last coherent thought was he needed to get a vibrating butt plug.


The break-in

"We're in. She needs a better alarm system."

"Yeah, maybe when this is over we'll suggest that," Brian laughed. "Well, since we got in so easily, let's hope she's got the pics and tapes here. My guess would be the bedroom. If they're not in there, we'll split up and search the rest of the rooms, but I'll lay odds they're in there if they're in the apartment."

The apartment wasn't large even though it was an expensive two bedroom. It was obvious which one was Suzette's bedroom.

"Nice toys. She's got quite a collection, and look here, a desk with a false back. Can you get in here, Bri, without busting it up?"

"Probably. I'll work on it. You come over here and look at these. They look like journals. There are a couple of them."

Michael and Brian switched places. In a matter of minutes, Michael knew the journals would have to go, too. There would be no way they would have another day. Each date that Suzette had forced Kit to steal something was documented including Suzette's lurid comments. The first time Suzette made Kit do cunnilingus, she wrote 'the stupid bitch never sucked pussy before, but with time and more experience I'll make her a good little pussy eating slut'. The Tuesday night she branded Kit was described in appalling detail. She commented on Kit's screams, and how she passed out when she put her 'mark' on her.

One of the last entries was how she was planning to use her at parties and as a drug courier. 'That's where the big money is,' Suzette wrote. She went into detail on how she was about ready to start training Kit in depth, and how useful she'd be traveling overseas as a buyer for Donavan. If Kit balked, Suzette wrote that she would tell Katherine that the pictures she took would be posted on the Internet. Suzette was sure that would be all the inducement she would need to get Katherine to do anything she wanted her to do.

The more Michael read, the more he saw red. The thought of what Kit could have gone though if he hadn't finally made her tell him the truth, made him sick. Michael said a silent prayer of thanks that he had not waited a day longer. Killing the slut would be too good, but Marcy came through.

"This isn't the first time the bitch terrorized someone," Michael murmured.

"Hey buddy, I'm in, and look what I've found."

Michael turned to look over Brian's shoulder and saw a draw full of pictures.

"I wonder where the tapes are," Michael said.

"They're here. If the pictures are here, the rest is too. I'm going to go through the closet. They might be in there. Go through the pictures and see if you think that's all of them. I didn't look any farther than the ones on top. Mike, tell Katherine I never saw any of them if she asks. I'll never say any different."

"Thanks, Bri, I know she didn't want anyone else ever to see them. In this journal, Suzette said she was going to post them on the Internet if Kit balked at doing what she wanted." Michael took Brian's place at the computer. "She has a nice system here and a scanner. I'm going to open it up while you hunt for the tapes. I'll be able to do a trace and see if I can find anything."

Brian bagged up the pictures, journals, and back-up tapes, and then started going through the closet as Mike worked on the computer.

Michael spent the better part of an hour going through files. As far as he could tell and he was not a computer whiz, no pictures were sent from her IP address. He did find an album file with scanned pictures though, but none were of Kit. Poor Suzette, her system was going to experience a meltdown and those nice little backup discs were going to disappear with the pictures and journals.

"Hey, Mike. Come here. I shouldn't have spent so much time looking in boxes. She has a false wall here. It looks like it was put in professionally. There has to be a catch somewhere. Ah, here it is. It's nicely concealed in the door frame."

The wall swung open revealing shelves of tapes all neatly labeled and dated. "Katherine 10-7-10 branding' and 'Katherine 9-3-10 first suck' were found half way down. Michael wondered who Kelly, Ginny, and Lisa were.

"We'll need a couple more boxes to get all of this out of here," Michael commented.

"Hey, what's this, a digital camera?"

"Yes, and it's going with us, too. She probably has more pictures of Katherine on it. From the little I read in the journal, Kit is her latest mark and the one she thought would bring in the most money. There's a camcorder somewhere too. There it is on the bottom shelf.

"She'll know someone's been here as soon as she notices the journals, the pictures, and tapes are gone or tries to boot the computer up. There's no need to be careful. We'll use pillowcases. It's all going with us when we leave. Everything!"

"I saw a box in the kitchen that we can use. Guess she didn't think Kit would ever tell you. I can only imagine what's going through your mind right now, Mike. I'd kill anyone who put Sissy through this."

Brian worked with Michael enough to know the look in his eyes now. When Michael told him what happened to Katherine and why this job had to be completely confidential, Brian knew he had heard the abbreviated revision. He filled in between the lines himself. After a glimpse of the pictures in the desk, he knew he was close to the truth.

Brian was one of a handful of people who knew about the cabin. He had been a friend of Evan's, but like Michael, Brian was faithful to his wife Sissy after they married. He had children now. He and Sissy had been married for eleven years.

"Are you going to take her to the cabin?"

"No. I thought about it, but she's going to the Dungeon. Marcy contacted a friend of Evan's. Maybe you've heard of him? Master Lucifer? If his name means anything, I think Suzette is going to be one unhappy bitch after a few days. I'm hoping I can get the dyke too."

"I think I've heard of him, but I didn't know much about Evan's other life, if you know what I mean. I only went with Evan to the cabin once. I'd already started dating Sissy. I knew immediately that she'd never do any of that shit, and she was already becoming pretty important to me. I wouldn't go again and take a chance she'd find out and quit dating me." Brian seemed thoughtful as he remembered that one time and chuckled. "Hell, Sissy would have my balls in a vice if I even thought about taking her there."

Michael had to laugh. He'd met Sissy several times and knew Brian spoke the truth. She was a little Mexican spitfire.

"Do you think this Suzette will come back on you?" Brian asked.

"She won't know who took her. Besides, do you think she'll complain after all the shit she's done to others? I'll have the journals. That alone will silence the bitch unless she wants to go to jail. She knows that they would love her there. She's been there before, as you know. If nothing else, the tattoo should make her a hit in prison. Thanks again by the way for finding that extortion record."


"A very nice tattoo, 'I'll do anybody; I'll do anything.' The cons will love that. The one that says 'fuck slave' across her ass is my favorite. The tattoos were Marcy's idea. She picked them out."

Mike continued, "Marcy was a submissive, but only to Evan. He was her Master, but she believes it should never be against your will. I hadn't talked to Marcy in quite a while, but when I explained what happened to Kit, she was outraged. She suggested this Master Lucifer right away. Marcy said that Evan knew him, and she knew from some things she overheard that some other people who practiced M/s sent disobedient slaves there.

'Master Lucifer will abduct her. I don't even have to be apart of it. She'll be blindfolded the entire time. She'll be kept for one week. They'll take pictures and a video and send them to Marcy. Marcy is doing all the contacting. Nothing will be traced to us; Marcy insisted. Suzette will be given the opportunity to go back to her former life after her week, or stay as a slave and sold to a Master at auction. I believe she will be shown pictures and a video of her stay at the Dungeon. She'll have one hour to decide. The 'fuck slave' tattoo goes on when she gets to the Dungeon. The other two only go on if she decides to come back here.

"I'd like for her to know who's responsible for her agony, but I won't take a chance that she might come back and try to hurt Kit. I figure if she stays fine. If she comes back she may realize that it's me who caused the week of torment, but there won't be any proof. Either way, she won't be working for Donavan. Are you about finished packing up everything?"

"About. I'll put the bag by the door and get the box. We need to go through the rest of the apartment and make sure we've got everything."



Michael watched as the van pulled up. Even hidden across the street Michael could see the two men clearly as they silently opened the van door and scoped out their surroundings. He was surprised that they had chosen to stop nearly under the streetlight when only a few feet down they'd be in near total darkness, but in reality it only made him smile because this way he would be sure they got the right bitch. Even as these thoughts registered in his mind, one man reentered the van and moved it the eight or so yards putting it in the shadows of darkness. From the backdoor of the club, the van would not be seen.

It seemed like an eternity when the door finally opened and there stood Suzette slightly swaying. The dyke was with her, another woman, and a man. As they came down the steps, one of the men from the van stepped out of the shadows and slipped a full hood over Suzette's head. The man who had come out of the club with Suzette turned his attention to the dyke who the other lady had distracted, and punched her full in the face knocking her out. In the blink of an eye, both women were hustled into the waiting van. Suzette was gagged but the dyke was out cold.

"Is she the one?" a voice in the darkness whispered to Michael.

Michael inhaled sharply and started to turn towards the voice.

"No, my young friend, you cannot see my face. I knew you would be here somewhere. You would want to know we got the right one."

"She's the right one."

"I did not think we would make a mistake, but it is always best to be sure especially in light of what we are going to do to her. Don't be upset that I found you. I cannot see your face clearly, but I am sure you are Evan's brother. No?"


"It's okay. Marcy did not betray you. Since Evan's death, I have tried to get our fair lady back into our world, but she'll have none of it. Her world was Evan not M/s, at least not without Evan. When she called, I knew it had to be something very important. I had hoped to use it to bring her to me, but don't worry, my young friend. I will not force Marcy. Marcy was and is a lovely woman. At times I envied Evan her devotion, but I will not use this favor to cause her distress. The use of the bitch, as Marcy referred to her, and her friend will be plenty payment."

"You understand that this must be kept totally confidential. Neither I nor my wife must ever be tied to this. And I want her...."

"In great discomfort?"


After a deep, mysterious chuckle, the stranger said, "Oh, she will be. Marcy will be kept informed, and the requested tapes and pictures will be delivered to her. If you have any questions, tell Marcy. She will contact me."

Michael stood in the darkness a while, and finally realized he was alone again. As he walked back to his car, he felt a bit empty and thought this had not been as satisfying as he thought it would be. He was glad, though, that Suzette would never be able to hurt Kit again.

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