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The Car Man


Well I always loved high performance cars and have owned once most of my life. I am not one to really get out and race but it is nice to know that I have the power when I need it. So on this beautiful hot summer’s day I decided to take my cougar out for a road trip to nowhere. I hit the highway and head out of the city keeping it just about 10 – 15 miles above the speed limit, music up loud and the sunroof open, sunglasses on and I am feeling pretty good. After about an hour and a half my engine seems to be running kind of hot so I hit the first exit to take a look. Take a look I say, yeah right, as if I know what to do under a hood. But up goes the hood and I look around, yup, there is an engine, some of that and this and those things, yes, I see fluid in the container. I decided that maybe the heat and high speeds were the cause so I decide to drive on these back roads for a while. Yes the countryside looks kind of nice out here. After all, being a city boy all my life, the only country I get is from a radio station every now and then.

I go over some rolling hills, taking in the views and sights that the country has to offer when my car seems to be running hot again. I see a small station all of a sudden, in the middle of nowhere here is a station, and just in time, the car starts to buck and kick, steam and I get the car to crawl into the lot when it turns off. I go into the station and call out. It took a few minute, I heard the guy yell out to hold on, he’ll be right there. Well to my suprize, out walks this handsome guy, covered with sweat, tight tee shirt and jeans, a chest that would make you swoon.. and boy was I.

“Um. My car seems to be over heating.” I say

“Well let’s take a look at it” he replies “after you” and he heads me towards the door.

It is sunny and hot outside, must be near 100 and the humidity makes it feel even hotter, no wonder he is covered in sweat I think to myself. Anyway, we approach my car and he tells me to pop the hood, he takes a look and says that he doesn’t see anything right off the top so it might be a water pump or something else and that he’ll have to wait until it cools down a little. I tell him that I have no other choice and is there a place that I can sit and wait. He tells me that he doesn’t have any waiting room, that it is a small shop and that he is the only one working here today.

“Come on and you can keep me company while I finish up” he says and we walk back into the garage. “Be careful here, it is kind of tight, no one is to come back here but since we are actually closed then what the hell”

I follow him into the back, it is an old garage, dust and paper all around, like a place that has not been use in a long time. I continue to follow him in the dim light garage and then I see a shinny car in the bay area. It seems to me that he has been cleaning up his car, a nice clean muscle car. He tells me that this is his car and he just finished buffing it up. I tell him “I can see, it looks flawless” As I walk around to look at the car better, I notice that the other side of the car he has blankets spread out across the floor. It did not strike me to percuelar, he might have been on the ground buffing the side up and didn’t want to be on the cement floor.

Well the guy starts buffs the car again as I watch. I see the muscles in his arms increase and decrease with each stroke, his chest flex, his bubble ass stick out in his jeans, the hair under his arms. Boy is it getting hot in here!!! I make a comment about the heat and he urns and laughs, “Yeah, it gets real hot in hear in the summer.” And he flips his rag and continues buffing.

“So what goes on in a town like this for excitement” I ask.

“Nothing, there is nothing to do around here at all” is all he says.

“ There has to be something to do, it is a beautiful countryside, people have to get together for something, a barn raising maybe” and I chuckle.

“Nope, nothing I tell you, everyone keeps to themselves, seems like no one cares about anyone around here”

I wonder about that comment, I can not believe that people are like this in this day and age. I go and sit down on the blankets to make myself comfortable and watch this stud buff his car.

“Go ahead and make yourself comfortable” he says, “with this heat it might take a bit longer for your car to cool down anyway.”

I just look at him, stare, think and then lean back on my elbows and wonder what he meant. As I lean back I feel something under the blanket and think that he just might have a magazine to read to help pass the time. It is not like I am going to get much conversation out of this guy after all. I pull the blanket back and find the magazine, it is a gay porn magazine, open to a page with two guys fucking. I stare at it wide eyed. It is not that I am shocked to see such pictures, in fact I am totally turned on by it, it is that I just caught this guy in a way and just don’t know what to do next.

“Hey” he shouts over to me “Umm, well, that was there so I left it” he says. I only smile and nod my head to agree. “Anyway, it doesn’t mean that I am gay because it’s there does it?”

“Oh no, not at all” I respond. “In fact, it only means that you are open minded and have a better outlook then others, since you can look at this stuff and not get offended, in my eyes that make you a good person.”

“Yeah, you think so,” he says “Well if I am a good person then why do I got this here hard on thinking about fucking the hell out of you right here and now!”

I am stunned, motionless, not knowing what to do or say. I look at him, mouth hung open then he makes a move. He walks over to me, pulling down his zipper and whips out his beautiful hard cock. This cock needs to be in pictures, nice strong shaft that turn slightly upward. The mushroom head the tops it off is large, the slit where all he man juice comes from just has the slightest amount of juice seeping out of it...

He walks right to me, holding his cock in one and reaches for my head with the other. I am stunned and still sitting there with my mouth hung open when he grabs hold of my head and inserts his cock right into my mouth. I freeze for a moment then he says, “suck me” and that is all it took. My mouth takes off, my tongue slides up and down on the shaft as I pump my head over his cock. Non stop action with my mouth on his cock is taking place. There seems to be nothing else right now that I want more then his cock. He has a great tasting cock, the musk scent and taste form the heat and sweat, hmmm hmmm and I go deep. I can not get it all into my mouth, he is just too big but I try and try again, I am not going to stop until I get it all the way down my throat.

“Yeah, you like that cock don’t you” he says to me and tilts my head back to look at me. He stare at me and then pumps my mouth, shoving his cock deep into my throat, holding my head, making eye contact, pulling out, pushing in.. “Yeah, you like this cock don’t you”

Oh boy do I love this cock, if he only would strip and let me feast upon his body then I could die a happy guy. Those golden curls upon his head, the drips of sweat falling from a few of them, falling off the tip of his nose, yes it is hot in here and it is getting hotter ever second. As he holds my head and looks at me some more, face fucking me I reach my hands up and grab the bottom of his shirt and start to pull it up. He grabs hold and removes his shirt. I look at his chest, bronze in color, shaped and molded to perfection and I have his cock in my mouth. I taste and nice load of precum that only makes me desires this guy even more. It does not take much for him to win me over, in fact, he can have me anytime, anywhere, take me now. I reach for his belt, he removes my hands and starts to undo his pants. He pulls back and tells me to strip. I stand up and start taking off my clothes, I am naked in no time, standing before him hard and horny.

He looks at my naked body, I have a hairy chest and stomach, a thick patch of hair surrounds my cock and covers my balls, my legs and arms coated with hair and the crack in my ass has a nice run of hair as well. His golden bronzed body on the other hand is more smooth looking, light colored hair on his arms and legs and a small patch of hair around his cock, but what a body. He pulls me close and kisses me and says, “like I said before, there is nothing else to do out here”

His tongue swirls around my tongue making me melt with his touch. His scent is unbelievable, the smell of man, the musk scent that one makes when in heat. I lift my arms and place them around him and embrace him back with a deep passionate kiss. His wet chest is pressed tight against mine, I feel his hard cock pushing against mine and this just drives me wild. I feel my cock throb and I ooze out a good amount of pre cum. His arms start to wonder down my back and his hands caress my ass cheeks, sliding his fingers in between my crack and then holding tight each cheek in his hands. I can feel him starting to press me down. I slowly sink to my knees and take his cock back into my mouth. I start taking long deep sucks on his cock, taking it until I start to choke. I try over and over to get it all but just don’t think I can, then I succeed. I feel his cock enter into my throat, my nose buried into his pubic hair, his balls resting on my chin, I have him. I hear him moan with delight and his hands touch the back of my head. I pull off and then return to swallow his cock back again into my throat. I massage his cock with my tongue while it rests in my throat, total delight on my part and he rewards me with the release of his pre cum. What a wonderful taste, hmm, I just can not get enough and I think on how it would feel to have his cum shooting off in my mouth. His hands tighten on my head and then I feel him pulling back and then pushing in, he started to slowly fuck my mouth. What a turn on this is and my cock acknowledge it with the release of pre cum.

After a short time of being mouth fuck he pulls his cock out and presses me back on the blankets. He straddles in between my legs, lift them back up and spread my cheeks. He then moves his face down and I see his tongue extending out from his mouth and then I feel it licking my hole. I tremble from the feeling of his tongue and he responds by licking harder. He continues his licking, swirling his tongue in circular motions around my hole and then I feel his tongue pressing into my hole. Oh God, that feels so good, so erotic, so enticing. I want this guy so bad, the heat in the garage is beyond belief, the sweat from our bodies is heavy and the feeling of his tongue in my ass is indescribable. He start to tongue fuck me, his head bobbing up and down, inserting his tongue in and out of my hole. “Sweet” he says, “you have one hell of a sweet hole”.

My hip move in time with his tongue, my hole is relaxed and wanting more, then he moves up to my mouth and sticks his cock back in. He tells me to make it wet, “get it nice and wet”. I suck it, looking right into his eyes and then he moves back down leaving a string of spit from my mouth to his cock. He pulls my legs back up in the air, spreading me wide open and I feel his large mushroom pushing at the opening of my ass. More pressure, more and more and then I feel the entry of his cock, the head popping inside and then he stops. My legs stiffen, my body tightens, he pulls back some and tell me to relax. He pushes in a little and then out, tells me to ride it a little. I start to move my hips, I want this guy, I want to please him, I want him and then he pushes in more. On the 4th or 5th push his cock is all the way inside me. God this feels good. I feel his cock throbb inside and then he starts pumping my hole

Nice and slow at first going deep and then harder. He presses my legs back as he starts his assault on my ass. In no time I have my ass so high that my cock is looking down into my face. My legs spread and I see his cock impaling my ass. In and out it goes, his balls slapping up against my cheeks with each and every thrust. I don’t know how thick it is or even how long, 7, maybe 8 and god I don’t care, he is stretching out my hole and I see it going in and out of me. I am being fucked by a man, I see a man cock in my ass, going in and out right above me. I am watching the whole thing happen and all I can do is enjoy each and every moment of it. My ass feels on fire but it is a good fire. It is hot and it wants it, it wants it to continue and never stop.

He finally gets over heated I guess and moves behind me, lying on his side he holds my leg up and inserts his cock back inside me. I feel his raw meat shoving up into my velvet skin lined ass, my hot ass that wants nothing more then his cock to abuse it. God damn, this is best I have ever felt before, my cock is wet from pre cum, drips are every where, I am rock hard and my prostate is getting a work over like it has never had before in its life. I grab hold of my cock and start stroking myself. I grab my balls in my other hand and pull hard. I want pain, I want pleasure, I want to be fuck, I need to be fuck, “FUCK ME” I cry out. He pushes hard into me “Ah Yes, that is fuck me” I cry out again.

Over and over he pushing that hot rod into my ass, pounding my ass over and over, harder and harder, deeper and deeper his assault is on my ass and I love it. I know I am going to shoot soon, I can hardly control it when I hear him cry out “FUCK YES, OH FUCK YES, I AM CUMING” and I feel my ass filling up with loads of hot thick creamy cum. As he shoots his third load I think my cock start shooting off its long awaiting load of cum. My body starts thrashing against his cock, taking it in as far as I can, as deep as I can. My cum is shooting out everywhere, hitting me in the face, hair, all over my chest and even on his shoulder. I feel his body tremble and my ass tightens up around his cock. The nerves in my ass or on edge right now, our bodies shaking in pleasure, we lay there an bit then he moves his head towards mine, I feel his cock pressing deeper into my hole and his mouth reaches mine and we kiss.

Well I can not tell you how long it finally took to get the car looked at since the both of us actually over heated ourselves and had to be cooled down and that took sever more hours before that could happen....

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