tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Champion's Companion Ch. 17

The Champion's Companion Ch. 17


After '#####' is sex, rape, extreme body mod, cruelty. It won't be for everyone.

Comments and ideas are welcome. I have ideas that I'm having trouble adding. Though the story will go on it may need another creative spark to find a clear path.


At six and half feet tall, with heavily muscular proportions, white braided hair, full dark purple grey lips, and pale skin with odd dark under tones in the shadows Kaarthen was impressive and exotic in the city full of small, tan, dark haired southern women.

Her overripe breasts the size of a man's head threatened to come out of her open sided knee length black robe. The robe's light silky shell hid within it armor padding, poisoned daggers, and throwing darts. The split in the front showed some of the deep cleavage of her rounded lactating udders. Under her robe, she wore thigh high soft leather black boots and a loincloth. The shiny jewelry of her rings, bracelet, hip chain, and necklace flashed in the light. Though her luminous pale skin took away some of their shine. Her attractive though oversized curvy figure, weapon, and shiny elegant jewelry, stopped most people from noticing her eyes had no whites, just two black voids with floating discs of quicksilver vertically slit like cat.

Kaarthen led three Warrioresses and Janis back to their inn. Outside on the late morning streets of the quiet town they stopped over in, they came across Ein, Rinis, Saucrem, and four jittery pale cum addicts. They were selling prophesies and charms to various farmers and other canal travelers busily preparing for a day of travel. At the moment, the tiny bushy haired Saucrem was chanting a charm to protect a farmer's crop from the cold snap. He knelt before the pygmy and the two were at the same height as she cackled her gibberish, waved her arms, and hopped around in an exaggerated display meant to awe him.

Kaarthen could see very real lines of force being raised by the little woman despite the superfluous movements. She had the ability thanks to the Goddess 'Dark Mother' who was a passenger in her mind. The divine tourist was really after Marcos, her Champion. Sometime over the tens of thousands of years, that they knew each other, the Goddess of Death, Fertility, and Femininity had swooned over the man Kaarthen charitably considered to be a very prolific, and very lethal, misogynist of the first order.

Her twisted kind of love was expressed in secret, and had been imprinted on Kaarthen to keep things less complicated. Now as a vessel for a divine passenger in love, she too swooned over the man. It wasn't hard, what the Goddess' literally mind-blowing emotions didn't do, the figuratively mind-blowing sex had.

As his 'Companion', the Goddess had all the access she wanted to him through Kaarthen. Kaarthen had learned a lot from the satisfied deity. She controlled more directly the urges of the people around her as it related to combat, sex, or fertility. Recently, she found she could see into the hearts and minds of people like clear water. She could directly manipulate the basic nature of things by re writing their definitions written in the elegant language of the gods.

She was learning a less elegant style of magic emanation from a legendary Sister Janis Vixtorixx. Janis was the Dark Mother's Priestess. While the Champion worked as a lieutenant at times, feeding off of and empowering the Goddess directly, the priestess was the one who worked openly with the masses. Her task was to have as many as possible engage in the Goddess' aspects. Despite unavoidably being as cold hearted as Marcos, Janis also had a warmer, perhaps more consensual, inclusive approach to spreading the gospel of death, femininity, and fertility.

Her style with magic was a more mundane intrinsic style that most with the ability learn. Kaarthen and two of the three women she had bound to herself were learning from her the style and its signature technique of feeling and manipulating various kinds of energy.

As Kaarthen walked up to the inn's parlor, she followed the bond she had to Mara. Like the other two women, her body was less then five feet tall and she appeared to most people to be any age from a very young girl to more womanly young adult. The deceptively youthful appearance belied the fact that she was a six hundred year old sex slave and former vampire. As a vampire, she had blood red eyes, pale transparent skin, and fangs. Now, bound to Kaarthen their bodies were remade to be more accepting of any body fluid especially Kaarthen's never ending breast milk.

Marcos had trained them all in the use of almost every weapon. In the ankle length body socks with slits for their arms that they wore, they hid their armor, full length swords, curved poisoned daggers, and dozens of throwing knives.

The women had changed to have very pale blue eyes and filled out nicely. Mara had become the curviest. She had had a steady diet of Marcos' semen to help her grow also. Now her breasts were large and pendulous on her narrow chest. They swung down her tight stomach and covered her navel pointing outwards. Her hips and ass had widened and thickened to be plush and jiggly from the constant kneeling she did at Marcos' feet. Mara enjoyed continuing her life as a sex slave for Marcos. As the most magically attuned of the girls she served her Master further by learning shape shifting. In whatever form she took, for mortals, her affections could be debilitating and usually lethal.

Mara earned new competition from the other three of Kaarthen's 'hands'. Recently Rinis, a quiet wall flower had offered herself in Marcos bed. She never spoke but she followed Marcos now similar to Mara in the hopes of more cum. Kaarthen couldn't shake them of the notion that cum was the currency of favors and loyalty.

Today however their race was suspended. Rinis was outside guarding her charges while Mara, Marcos, their ship's crewmen, and ten 'cum hoarding' former sex slaves had just spent a day and a half engaging in an epic orgy. Mara had recently learned to cast an operable phallus for herself. The experience of the last night had taken her to the limit as she learned and became an expert cocksman.

Now the deflated participants in the debauchery sat in the elegant parlor of their inn. After the last day's activities, they all looked no more than half alive, some less so. They had shirked a light lunch the inn had tried to serve them and bought everything on the menu.

Double and triple ordered platters, plates, cups, and bowls were empty and stacked in pillars from yet another frantic orgy of primitive needs. Kaarthen found Marcos slumped back in a chair at a table. Around him, the women and the crewmen flopped about on tables and draped across lounges and couches near the windows.

Kaarthen surveyed the wrecked shells of humanity. "Well, I suppose we won't be traveling today." She patted Marcos trying to get a response. "You are a testament to excess."

Marcos could only groan and grumble unintelligibly as he tried to shift toward her.

"Well, I hope you appreciate this." Kaarthen said stepping closer.

She pulled a heavy breast out of the side of her robe. She had to stoop to drop it onto Marcos face. After a moment, his lips came to life and his tongue tentatively ventured out and explored her teat.

After a moment, he found the darkly ringed areola. After more searching, he found her inverted nipple and after a pause, he pushed up and captured it in his lips. Kaarthen had a mini-orgasm as he simultaneously popped out the nipple and drank from her. As an immortal, her milk never dried up and was more than just mother's milk she was starting to find out.

After a several minutes of suckling the milk from the large breasted woman, Marcos perked up under her. He raised his head so the nursing Amazon could stand and lean over the chair for him. He wrapped his arms around her and embraced her as best he could, and he rested his head across her bosom. Kaarthen always enjoyed that. He appeared most at peace during these times with her.

She crept in and sat straddling his lap carefully to keep him on her. She noticed his thick hardened cock was naked. Despite how inappropriate it was, she reveled with the goddess at the effect she had on him. Quietly, she lifted her robe slightly so his cock could flop under it, and grinded against him as he drank from her. The chain of micro orgasms grew into a larger climax as she gushed into his lap as she clutched him to herself.

Finally, she withdrew and stepped back. Marcos cleaned off his face and opened his eyes smiling. His tanned thin face was dark with black hair and black unreflective voids for eyes. He noticed for the first time the other women she brought. The three were all typical tall heavily muscular Amazon women similar to Kaarthen. Two were dark haired with few silvery grey streaks, the other was mostly silvery grey. The light haired and one of the dark haired were older, wide hipped, thick limbed, and very heavily breasted mature women. Their hips and thighs also jiggled more, though they were obviously still in excellent physical conditioning. Their extra weight was only a display of fertility that Mother Nature used to show off matured women. Janis had given each of them swords that they strapped to their backs, sandals, and open green robes tied at the waist that barely reached the thighs of the tall Amazons.

"More friends?" He asked and cleared his throat. "Are they joining us on our trip?" Hopeful opportunity sprang into his voice.

"Yes, Marcos." Kaarthen turned. "Sisters, this is our Dark Mother's Champion, Marcos Panthi, please introduce yourselves."

The Warrioress with the light grey hair spoke first. She was older than Kaarthen, nearly as tall, but in similarly excellent shape. "I am Vieona Champion. I serve the Dark Mother. It is an honor to meet you."

The other older Warrioress stepped forward. She was in similar shape as the first, but heavily breasted with wide rounded pendulous breasts that were only slightly smaller then Kaarthen's, and thick limbed with the padding and curves of a mature woman. "Champion, I am Metacari, I am honored to meet you. I will serve you well." She said shakily and bowed slightly showing the deep cleavage her robe was ill equipped to restrain. Kaarthen noticed that her thick pointy nipples were oddly hard and her pussy was swelling.

The last woman was the younger slimmer dark haired Amazon. "I am Darkenma, Champion, it is an honor."

Kaarthen, Janis, and Marcos smirked at the name. Her mother had likely been an overzealous Priestess to give her that name.

Janis spoke up quickly. "Let's get you girls a hot bath and off to bed. You may as well rest until we can get out of here." She ushered the Warrioresses out quickly like a Shield Mistress herding them to their lessons.

Kaarthen watched her leave and picked around the room over the slumped and shattered bodies to collect up Mara. Similar to Marcos, she had over indulged to the point that her body revolted demanding nutrients to proceed. Because of her small size, Kaarthen was easily able to coddle and breast-feed her as she walked around the room to stand at the windows.

Similarly to Marcos, her actions slowly sped up and the color returned to her face as she drank greedily from Kaarthen. Finally, she toppled back and lay in her arms numb and satiated as Kaarthen continued to hold her.

"Have you learned the lesson of your excesses my child?" Kaarthen asked her softly.

"Yes, Mistress." Mara sleepily replied.

Kaarthen set her down knowing if the chance arose again, Mara would lead the charge for another orgy. "Watch the women here. When you can, take them down to your sisters outside. Protect them from themselves."

Mara shape shifted into Kaarthen's clone form. Kaarthen was half drow and without the priestess's magic to ensure a pale grayed Amazonian appearance, Mara simply became a tall, heavily muscular Drow, with long white hair. Her breasts sat lower and almost flatter than Kaarthen who was perpetually lactating, and she retained her pale blue eyes. Mara liked the form especially because she was taller, stronger, and moved around easier.

Once in the tall form, Mara eased over and herded the women into a corner away from the drained crewmen. The women had faired slightly better then the men, though they weren't as fidgety and squirmy as usual. They silently followed Mara's instruction, and she got them up and outside.

Kaarthen turned and walked to Marcos. "When will we be able to continue?" Kaarthen asked him as she bent down and hugged him from behind.

Marcos reached back and patted the smoothed braided hair of her head. "We should be off for Mavvus tomorrow." He said quietly.

"How long will it take?" She asked quietly.

Marcos took a deep breathe. "Another four or five days." He said exhaling.

Kaarthen looked him over. As an immortal, they were brought back to the same ideal condition every night unless of course they didn't sleep. "Come to bed Marcos." She said tugging him to bed.


The morning of the next day Kaarthen was glad to get back onto their journey home. The crewmen smiled and nodded to the group as they boarded the vessel and cast off heading north on the canal. The air slowly got chillier and chiller as they cruised up towards Mavvus.

"Winter is upon us it seems." Janis remarked from the front of the vessel behind the Warrioresses, Ein, and Saucrem.

Around them, the grey sky and fog of the late morning cast a subdued color on the pastures and fields around them.

Kaarthen nodded. "Indeed."

"These Warrioresses need to get their pelts back." Janis stated quietly.

"Oh?" Kaarthen said looking at her blankly. "Pelts?"

"Warrioress use them for status." Janis said noting her look. "Huntresses hunt in familiar groups and have songs for their greatness when they return. Warrioresses don't hang around enclaves and temples. They work mostly alone or even in groups with adventurers. Therefore the pelts they wear are for status of how great they are, more so then their weapons and honor."

"Oh?" Kaarthen repeated. "Wear pelts for honor?"

Janis continued. "Of course you may not understand, but they kill a difficult animal for the honor. Carnivorous grey boars, black bears, or even wolves in some places."

"Kind of like how we hunt for strong men who will give us a strong daughter?" Kaarthen said slowly catching on.

"Exactly." Janis nodded. "They cure and prepare the pelt themselves by ritualized ceremony. When it's worn out, they hunt up a new one. It's a very important ritual. Warrioresses are some times shamed Huntresses, or Amazons born outside an enclave. They need a way to prove their honor. With a pelt, it is tangible and shows, to some who know how to look, the weapons the Warrioress uses."

Kaarthen looked past her at the three shivering Warrioresses. They had eschewed wearing loincloths under the short robes. Vieona absently rubbed herself as she sat huddled. "I...see."

"At our next stop we'll need to hunt." Janis said with finality. "It is necessary and should be the last stop over. I fear too close to Mavvus and we may find nothing."

Kaarthen looked around. Beyond the misty pastures, copses of trees stood in the distance. Ahead of them, further north, the land got hillier and the farms gave way to dark forested hills. Kaarthen nodded. "I see."

That night they stopped at a larger town in Rincon valley. Marcos understood and nodded soberly as they discussed their plan to hunt for no more than two days.

Kaarthen was surprised when Janis suggested she also go. "Not for a pelt but to be a part of the hunt."

She agreed and they planned to be down outside at dawn.

Kaarthen was almost nervous as she slept. Marcos drank from her as usual that night and licked her pussy to finally get her to relax.

The next morning she was down in front of the inn before dawn. Ein had gotten several packed meals from the inn. Metacari came over and spoke quietly with Kaarthen. The other Amazons had bought heavy black cloaks for themselves and stood contemplatively to the side quietly.

Janis and Saucrem came down last. Janis just wore her leather dress. The upper section was stiff thick leather and the bottom was a little more than knee length and of a lighter material and slit at the sides. Just before they left, Marcos joined them. He simply followed quietly as they walked up a farmers' road to the forest beyond.

They forest was old with little undergrowth. The group felt confident they could find something. As they got deeper into the dense woods they split up. Marcos, Kaarthen, and Metacari went off east. Vieona, Darkenma, and Janis went north. Ein stuck with Saucrem, she rolled up her body sock and folded it under the sword so it came down to her waist like a squire's coat so she could move around more. They stayed near the edge of the trees looking for herbs and medicines.

As Kaarthen walked along, she spoke more with Metacari. She was curious when she heard she only wanted one thing.

"Why only hunt the grey boar?" Kaarthen asked curiously.

Behind them, Marcos walked up closer. "It's a little trait they have. The Warrioresses who hunt grey boars are the ones who put people first. Boars are dangerous pests for farmers. They help people in need. Protect the weak, and hunt troublesome animals. Black bear pelts are for the fierce. Apparently, their smell scares away animals. But also, Warrioress who wear them are out for the money and the glory. They are the slave catchers, the bodyguards, adventurers, mercenaries, and fighters."

Kaarthen thought it made sense. "I see." She turned back to Metacari. "You just want to help people."

"Yes..." She blushed.

Kaarthen was confused but looked into her closer and realized Metacari had a crush on her. Marcos also got her body hot from their display from yesterday. Marcos was clumsily picking up on it too, though he had only so far noticed her odd introduction yesterday. It seemed Metacari was a horny girl and very oversexed the loss of her lover left a hole to be filled.

She cleared her throat at the thought. "So where can we find one?"


To the north, the other three women had picked up a faint trail after walking along a stream.

"I've never hunted with other women before." Vieona said quietly.

"Yes, how will the spoils be divided? Whoever sees it first or whoever kills it?" Darkenma asked aloud.

"I am only here for the nature." Janis said. "What by the way, will you hunt?"

"I will take a bear." Vieona said.

"I also." Darkenma added.

"Oh, so sure?" Janis smiled. "You women seek money and glory?"

Vieona nodded. "No, I have always worn it. I was traveling on my own after taking a haul with some adventurers when I met that stupid girl. I figured I could make some money ripping them off."

Janis looked at her with a touch of concern. "The bandits you mean?"

"Of course." Vieona spat. "They must have had a stash. Turned out they were just a poor inbred bunch who got a clever idea to mess with Warrioresses."

"I had a boar pelt before." Darkenma added quietly. "When I was tossed around trying to help people, I was furious. I didn't feel bad for what we did to that girl, she deserved it. As for that family, they deserved being burnt like Sister Kaarthen did. I wish I did it myself."

Janis' eyebrows jumped. "They... Sister Kaarthen burnt them?"

"Yes, she burnt the house down with them inside. She even killed a few when they tried to hop out the windows." Darkenma added. "If the choice is to be used or to take control, then I'll hunt a bear and let the world know."

Janis nodded. "I see."


By midday, the sky had darkened and had started to drizzle overhead. Metacari still only wore her rob and they had to seek shelter. They found a dry tree they could huddle under. They had to pack tightly but they were dry and comfortable. The waited for the sky to clear and Metacari spoke of her botched final mission.

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