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The Chaperone


"You said I'd do what?"

"I said you'd be happy to fill in." My wife said to me as she rushed around the bedroom packing her rucksack. "You know I have drill this weekend, so I wasn't going to be home anyway."

"But sweetie! This? You have to be kidding?" I practically shouted.

"Shhhh You don't want Jenny to think you don't want to help them out. Bedsides, you know the lake, you go there every few weeks. All you have to do is help out Misses Reynolds. She'll keep the girls in line."

"I don't think I was worried about the girls being out of line. I just hadn't planned on spending the weekend trying to cook for a bunch of college girls and drag them around the lake on the tubes. I was supposed to go up and fish that tournament. Besides, isn't it supposed to rain most of the weekend?"

"You know darn well they took most of the rain out of the forecast."

"Ok, but isn't it supposed to be a woman chaperone? I mean it is a sorority, isn't it?"

"Oh come on. You know as well as I do that all these girls are adults and will do whatever they darn well want. It's only sorority rules that state that they have to have two adult university employees as chaperones when they go more than a hundred miles."

"Well, what happened to the other lady that was supposed to go? I presume there was one?"

"Misses Finch? She's down with a sprained ankle and can't go. You don't want them to have to cancel, do you? You're daughter would be crushed. Besides, we still have all the tube and ski stuff. Let the girls have some fun."

"Fine, I'll do it, but someone is going to owe me big time!"

My wife put her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her, pressing her body to mine. "Tell you what lover. After the whole weekend with a bunch of cute young girls, when you get home I'll be happy to give you a night to remember." She said with a giggle, reaching one hand down to stroke my dick through my pants while she leaned her face to mine and kissed me wetly. "Hmmm Maybe I should wear you out before you go? I know how much you're really going to hate having to look at all those bikini's all weekend."

"Oooo, I like that idea." I said stroking her ass as I slipped my hands into her underwear. "How about right now. You know how much I love fucking you half dressed." I teased.

"Oh yeah. That's my man. But unfortunately, I only have half an hour to finish packing and get to the armory. " she said with a pout. "Now go tell your daughter you'll do it."

"Yes ma'am." I said I turned to leave the room, my wife giving me a playful slap on the ass as I went.

"Ok sweetie. You mamma talked me into it." I said with resignation. It wasn't that I didn't want to do things for my daughter, it wasn't even that I didn't like going to the lake. It was simply that I didn't like the idea of getting teased for two days by a bunch of twenty year old girls that I knew damn well I wasn't going to be able to touch. My wife and I had a good if not unusual understanding. We can occasionally mess around, but we either have to be with each other at the time, or we have to tell the other all the details afterwards, usually while we are having sex with each other. We don't do it frequently, but we learned that it can really spice things up. We do have a few simple rules; The number one rule was we didn't ever ever ever mess around with any of the kids friends because they didn't need to know about that part of their parent's relationship. The second rule was that we never keep anything secret from each other. That first rule was going to make it a really long weekend.

That really long weekend started by getting the boat and camping gear ready for our morning departure. That alone took a couple hours. Most of my gear was handy, but I had to do some digging to get all the extra stuff that I didn't normally take, like the rain fly for the kitchen, the big tent, all the cook gear and of course the tubes and ropes.

"Just what were you going to use for camping gear if I didn't go?" I asked my daughter as she helped me load the back of the truck.

"Oh, mom said we could borrow this stuff. I just needed to ask you to get it out for us." She answered with a smile.

"And when were you going to ask?"

"Well, I kind of forgot." She said with a crooked smile. "But it doesn't matter anymore, since we got it all out."

"Yeah." I answered, shaking my head. That was typical twenty year old logic I thought as I put the last of the gear in. "Ok. What time are we supposed to leave?"

"OH around eight or so in the morning, unless you want to go tonight and set up?"

"No, that's ok. I'll wait till morning."

"What a spoil sport. Come on. Most of the girls are coming up in the morning, but we can go tonight." My daughter pleaded.

"Fine why don't you call misses whatever and let her know we're going tonight." I said, giving in once again to my daughter. I was way too much of a pushover with my girls.

My daughter called misses Reynolds, and chatted for several minutes before she hung up, smiling at me. "She didn't have a ride to go up, so she said if we didn't mind picking her up that would be great."

I looked at her like she had two heads. "Are there any other little surprises I should know about?"

"Nope! Not that I know of anyway."

"Ok. When are we supposed to pick her up?"

"She said she was ready any time!"

"Ok. Let's lock up and we'll go then." I said shaking my head and thinking about just how bad my wife was going to owe me for this.

We took off a few minutes later and Jenny showed me where to pick up Misses Reynolds.

"Hi. Misses R. This is my dad. This is Misses Reynolds!" My daughter introduced us.

"Hello. Please call me Marlene!" She said, holding her hand out for me to shake. She was fairly short, maybe five three or four, not slender at all, but then, not really fat either. Her shorts hugged her thirtyish hips snuggly, showing off her short but well shaped legs. Her shirt on the other hand, was a sleeveless t-shirt that my kids called a wife beater. The bright orange clung to her like a second skin, accentuating her breasts, which were surprisingly large for her frame. I have fairly big hands, but I was pretty sure that I could wrap both hands around one of them without making my fingers touch. Being glued onto her short frame made them look even larger. I could tell she had a heavy duty bra on to support them, the straps showing on her shoulders where the shirt didn't cover them all. Her face was very pleasant, looking like she had a perpetual smile, and her dark brown hair framed her face and her emerald green eyes that seemed to sparkle at me as our hands touched.

"I'm really glad you could help out Mister Michaels. I'd have hated to make the girls cancel."

"Please call me Mike." I said, taking her duffel and sleeping bag and tucking them in under the boat cover in case it rained.

"Very well. Mike it is. Kind of an unusual name combination, isn't it?"

"Yeah. Gave me fits in school though."

"I can bet." She said as I looked back at her, catching her checking MY ass out as I stood on the fender and leaned over the side of the boat.

"Well, that's it." I said, going to the truck and opening the door for her.

"Well, a gentleman too? That is rare, isn't it?" she said with a giggle as she climbed into the front seat.

It was a two hour drive, which my daughter filled with all kinds of sorority type chatter with Marlene. It was surprising all the things that were going on there, and how much my daughter was involved in. I hoped it wasn't affecting her grades, but then there wasn't much I could do either way. We arrived and signed into one of the four sights we had reserved for the next day, paying the extra night in cash. It was only a few minutes to get to the site and start pulling gear out.

Marlene and my daughter pitched in and it was just starting to get dark when we had camp pretty well set up. I had the big tent up that some of the girls would use, and then my smaller tent with my queen size air mattress. Oh yes, when sleeping on the ground I did like my comfort.

"So, would you mind driving the truck and trailer back over if I put the boat in the water?" I asked Marlene.

"Certainly." She replied with a smile. "Anything I can do to help."

I motioned her to climb into the truck and started the slow journey to the boat landing. It was only a half mile away as the crow flies, but almost two miles by road. "So, you come up here a lot I guess?"

"Yeah. I was supposed to fish a tournament this weekend up here."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I hope we can make it up to you somehow. It was awfully nice of you to come along."

"Well, I'm way too much of a pushover. My girls, including my wife, seem to be able to talk me into just about anything."

"Well, I'm glad they did." She said with a grin as I lined the boat up with the landing and backed down.

Getting the boat in the water is a simple process, and I had it floating and unhooked from the trailer in seconds.

I had Marlene walk out onto the trailer balancing on one of the side rails and holding the bow while I started the engine. I didn't usually need any help, but with the wind blowing across the landing it just made things a bit easier. "Do you need a push?" she asked as she started to push the boat out.

"No. I got it! Just watch your...." I was too late. Not being used to working on such a narrow platform, as she pushed the boat out, she leaned too far. I watched as her face quickly went from smiling to confusion as her foot slid from the wet rail, sliding into the water a foot below her. The body's natural instinct is to try to balance by adding more weight to the foot, which is now held up only by the water, driving it quickly to the bottom. The moss covered concrete is just as poor a foot hold, and as I leaned over the bow rail to steady her, her wet foot slid down the ramp, pulling her body farther and farther over center. It was something that had happened to me many times over the years, each time a shock that it happened. This time was no exception. I held her hand, trying to catch her, as her body rolled off the railing and fell into the water between the trailer rails. I suppose that would have been bad enough, but the only hand hold she had was my hand, and as the boat pushed backwards, she pulled me forward and down until she rolled me over the railing that I was already teetering on.

In retrospect, I should have been laughing, because if I had seen this happen to anyone else I'd be telling this story for months, laughing my ass off at the poor unfortunate sole. This time, that poor unfortunate was me. And to make matters worse, not only was I laying in a two feet of water, my boat, engine idling, was slowly drifting away. Without another thought I picked myself up and launched myself for the bow line hanging from the front eye, my fingers missing by inches. The sum total of my failed effort was to make a huge flopping splash. I collected my feet under me and looked around, searching for a way to get my boat back, quickly realizing that if I didn't so something soon it was going to end up on the rocky shore on the far side of the cove with the landing.

I dove into the water, not even waiting to pull my shoes off, and quickly started stroking toward my wayward boat. It only took a few moments to catch up to it and work my way to the swim ladder in the stern and climb up, water pouring from my soaked clothes. I hit the throttle and kicked the boat in gear to stop its movement toward shore and then looked back to see Marlene, equally wet, walking out of the water toward the truck.

"Are you ok?" I called to her.

"Yes! Just my pride is the only thing hurt."

"I know what you mean! Hang on while I come back and get you a towel or something so you don't get the seats soaked."I said as I moved the boat back toward the trailer.

"Is there anything in the truck?"

"I don't think so."

"Ok. Don't worry then." She said, opening the door. I thought she was going to climb in wet, but to my shock, she quickly stripped off her shirt and shorts, tossing them in the bed of the truck. I almost fell out of the boat a second time when I saw her bend over and slip her soaking wet underwear off, her white ass showing up like a beacon in the growing darkness. "I'll see you back at the site then!" she called as she jumped into the truck and drove away wearing nothing but her shoes and bra.

I shook my head, wondering what my daughter was going to think when she came back to camp dressed like that, and hit the throttle to idle out of the cove.

It only took a few minutes to run around the point to the small cove that was behind the campsite. It took far longer to get my anchors set for the night, finally wading out of the water and climbing the brushy hill toward the camp.

"So you did make it back!" Marlene said from where she was sitting next to a crackling fire, a towel wrapped around her from the tops of her breasts to her thighs. All her wet clothes were hanging on a line I had put up to hang swimsuits and such from. "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen."

"No, it's ok. Stuff happens." I said as I started peeling my wet clothes off and hanging them on the line, after emptying my soaked wallet and other items from the pockets. I stripped to my skivvies, hanging the rest of the wet stuff on the line.

"Well, I can at least get you a towel." She said, ducking into my tent. I was almost to the tent as she started coming out, her knee pulling on her towel as she crawled toward the door, causing the tucked edges in the front to separate and pull apart. She reached for the towel and pulled to cover herself, pulling her knee off the air mattress, and causing her to roll on her side, my towel in one hand and hers partly in her hand and partly trapped beneath her. I was beginning to think Marlene was a bit accident prone, and that the situation was comical until I realized that she was stark naked under the towel, and in the flickering firelight that was filtering through the tent walls, she was completely naked.

"Damn!" she swore as she tried to get the towel around herself, making her large tits wiggle and sway, her dark areola and hard nipples a sharp contrast to the creamy white skin of her un-tanned breasts.

They were definitely large enough that I would have needed both hands to cup each one, but even more surprising was the tiny triangle of trimmed bush that pointed to her pussy. As she struggled with the towel she spread her legs briefly, unintentionally giving me a look at her smooth meaty outer lips, her soft inner lips just barely poking out.

I couldn't help but stare, my dick quickly hardening in my wet briefs, as she struggled to finally cover herself, her pussy still showing as she lay on the air mattress.

"I'm sorry, I'm such a klutz!" She said as she tried once again to crawl out of the tent, her towel held tightly around her while she held mine out for me.

"That's ok. These things happen." I answered as she knelt in front of me, my hard dick poking out at her face, the head slipping out of the fly where she could see it. I took the towel from her and helped her up, so she was standing, her chest heaving slightly, either from arousal or the effort of fighting with her towel. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." She said huskily, letting her hand hold mine for a second while I took the towel from her, her green eyes looking up at mine.

She stood just inches from me while I wrapped the towel around myself and then worked my wet underwear off, leaving me as naked under towel as she was.

"So you to going to flirt all night?" My daughter asked as Marlene took my wet underwear from me, snapping us both back to reality.

"Who's flirting?" I asked as Marlene moved to hang my underwear up by hers.

"Come on dad. I'm not blind you know."

"I think you assume too much. I just needed to get out of my wet clothes."

"Uh huh. And she just needed to drive back her almost naked. If you wanted to swim, all you had to do was say so and put on your suits or whatever."

"I don't think swimming was quite what I had in mind at the time." I said while I was finding my folding chair and opening it.

"No, but you sure got wet!" she said with a giggle.

"Jenny, that's not nice to say to your father!" Marlene said as she walked over from the clothes line, her towel now fixed around herself.

"Come on Misses R. I was just teasing."

"Well, some people take that teasing very seriously." She said with a stern look.

"Well, I gotta go. I'll be back." My daughter said, getting up and starting the long walk toward the bathrooms. "Don't do anything I wouldn't!" she shot over her shoulder as she disappeared into the dark.

"Well. That was...um...unexpected." Marlene said quietly. "I hope you weren't offended."

"Uh. No, not at all. I don't think I've ever been offended by a good looking woman's body." I said, trying to lighten the awkwardness she seemed to be feeling.

"I really am sorry." She said, pulling her chair over next to mine before she sat down.

"Really, it's ok. You did shock me a bit stripping like that by the truck."

"Oh that? You were too far away to see much and the door kept anyone else from seeing. Over the years I've gotten used to having to change with a lot of girls around. Heck it was the girls that taught me how to change from a bathing suit under a towel without showing things, if you know what I mean."

"Uh huh. But just between you and me, you have very nice looking things."

"Oh. Um, thank you." She said, her blush even visible in the dim firelight. "Yours isn't too bad looking either."

We sat quietly for some time, each of us with our private thoughts. I wasn't sure what she might have been thinking, but I know I was thinking that I'd sure like to see more of her.

"Well, I need to go down and make sure the boat is settled for the night, you're welcome to come down with me if you want."

"Oh. Is it difficult?" She asked curiously.

"Not really. Just have to make sure that the anchors took hold and it isn't riding on the rocks. Sometimes I'll need to move an anchor." I told her as I got up and held a hand out for her.

"Sure, why not." She said cheerfully, taking my hand. I led her down the hill, winding down the path between the trees and brush, finally stepping out onto the rocky beach. I walked down to the boat and took the towel off from around my waist, stepping into the water and hanging it over the bow. Making sure she got a good look at my semi-hard dick, I wadded out to check the rear anchor, the water lapping at my thighs. I moved around the stern of the boat, checking to see if the other anchor line was taught, and then headed back toward the shore. I walked slowly, making quiet waves as I moved toward her, stepping out of the water in front of her.

I reached out and gently slipped one finger between her body and the top of the towel, my finger sliding down the valley between her breasts I pulled gently, undoing the tucked towel top and allowing it to slowly unfurl from around her body until it slid to the ground. I didn't leave her long to think about what I had done, reaching out for her hands and gently pulling her with me into the water. We stepped over the rocks gently, as I pulled her slowly with me, the water rising up her legs inch by inch as I stepped her with me. When the water was gently lapping at her pussy, I stopped us and moved closer to her, drawing her body against mine. I lowered my lips to hers, feeling hers part as ours touched. Her tongue slipped into my mouth as I let my hands roam around her naked back, slowly drawing circles with my finger tips as I worked down toward her firm round ass. I stroked her smooth skin for several minutes, teasing my fingers between the cleft between her firm cheeks, her kisses growing more and more intense with each passing moment.

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