tagInterracial LoveThe Cheryl Cummings Story Ch. 03

The Cheryl Cummings Story Ch. 03


Chapter Three – The Tennis Date and an Unexpected Guest

Promptly at four o'clock Cheryl pulled her and Chris's white suburban into the park's parking lot and up to the tennis courts. There were six adjacent courts, and the couple never had a problem finding one available. Most of the time, they were on the courts alone, though occasionally other couples would join them on one of the other courts. Cheryl noticed that almost everyday they were there, even if there were others on the courts, she was ALWAYS the only female out there.

The tennis courts were somewhat secluded, nestled up into a large mass of trees. There was a jogging track that ran directly next to the courts that often had joggers or runners passing by.

As usual, Cheryl was the first to arrive. She took the opportunity to get all her equipment out and stretch out a bit prior to Chris's arrival. Not five minutes after she was out of the car, Chris drove up in his Ford Mustang.

"Hey baby!" he said, jogging up to his young wife and giving her a quick peck kiss.

"Hi tall, dark, & handsome," Cheryl responded, smiling at her husband.

The couple began warming up, then quickly started a fairly competitive friendly game. For Chris, part of the fun of playing tennis with Cheryl was getting to watch her graceful, fluid motions on the other side of the net. Frankly, not only did she look somewhat athletic, she looked damned HOT as well.

As usual, she was wearing one of her little tennis outfits. Chris couldn't put his finger on exactly what it was, but she looked extra sexy tonight. The outfit she had on today would definitely have to be her most risqué of them all that she owned. The shorter skirt did an excellent job of accentuating her long legs, and the shirt was cut just a little bit low, revealing the tops of her 36C breasts.

Between plays, Chris looked up for a moment at his wife. "God, I love that outfit!" he exclaimed.

"What? My tennis clothes? What's so special about them? I wear them pretty much every time we play silly," laughed Cheryl, secretly smiling at her secret success in capturing her husbands' attention.

"I don't know what it is hun. You just look extra sexy today," answered Chris.

"Maybe it's because I'm so horny today," confided Cheryl, laughing at the immediate reaction it caused in Chris when he complete missed her next serve.

"Nice shot," laughed Cheryl.

"No fair cheating," laughed Chris.

"Looked like a fair shot to me," came a voice from outside the fence.

Both Chris and Cheryl looked outside the fence, taking in the tall black man standing there, smiling at them.

"Mr. Johnson!" Chris called. "We didn't see you there! How are you this afternoon?"

"Just great," answered Thomas. "Out for some exercise, and remembered that you said you guys often come here, so I thought I check and see. Looks like a great deal of fun. I haven't played tennis since college, but I was pretty fair at it then."

"I didn't know you played," replied Chris. As they were talking Thomas walked through the tall fence gate, and approached the Cummings couple, as the 3 of them met at the net. Thomas couldn't help but notice the exceptional blonde's body. Her nipples stood proudly out from her white top. Cheryl immediately felt embarrassed for her more daring attire. She wanted to cover her chest, but she knew that if she did it would be blatantly obvious that she knew her husband's boss was checking her out.

Chris didn't seem to notice the brief exchange.

Both Chris and Cheryl looked at Thomas as he talked. Chris had always thought his boss was simply tall and skinny since he was always wearing a suit and tie. However, standing before them in running shoes, shorts, and a T-shirt, Chris realized his perception was not quite correct.

Even though he was on the thin side, Chris's boss had an amazing muscle mass! His boss was wearing a T-shirt that was cut off, and clearly showed an exceptionally hard set of abs. Also, the shorts he was wearing were fairly tight, and did what was tightly packed into them. Cheryl tried hard not to look too long, but could clearly notice a rather large packaged that seemed to be running down her husband's boss's leg!

"Cheryl I don't think you've ever met my boss Thomas," said Chris.

"Yeah, I think we met last year at the Christmas party," answered Cheryl.

"That's right, I remember you now. You were as lovely then as you are now!" said Thomas. "It's great to meet you again."

Cheryl blushed a bit at her husbands bosses bold compliments, but neither she nor Chris found them to be out of line. On the contrary, Cheryl felt very flattered by the handsome black gentleman's words.

"So you like to play tennis?" asked Chris. "We actually have an extra racket in the Suburban, and I believe we could take turns playing 2 on 1 against each other, if you don't mind us stumbling around you on the court?"

"That sounds like a lot of fun," answered Thomas, stealing another quick glance at Cheryl.

"OK, how about if you two play me first?" asked Chris, thinking it would be the prudent way to start out.

"Sure," said Thomas and Cheryl at the same time.

"How about if you take front and I'll take back?" Thomas asked Cheryl, thinking that it would probably afford him a very nice view of the young wife's great ass.

"OK." answered Cheryl, taking her position on the court in front of Thomas.

Chris got the serve first. As Cheryl crouched in front of Thomas, the site of her sweet ass and long legs directly in front of him made his cock start to come to life.

"Control yourself there, big guy," thought Thomas to himself. Not really wanting to get a raging hardon in the middle of their game.

It was easy to see from the beginning that Chris would be no match for the paired talents of Thomas and Cheryl. They actually complimented each other on the court very well. However, it was getting more and more difficult for Thomas to concentrate on the game as he watched the tight ass in front of him.

The volleys continued with Chris not scoring at all. Chris decided he was going to try really hard on the current volley and was working hard at it. On one particular hit, Thomas had been staring at Cheryl ass when he sensed that the ball was heading his way, so he started to job forward. Unfortunately for Cheryl, she also began backpedaling to get to the ball. Before either of them realized what had happened, there was a fairly hard collision in the middle of the court.

Then the predictable occurred, when a 110 pound person collides with a 245 pound muscle bound person. Cheryl went down hard on the pavement. Ironically, the last thing Cheryl was thinking on the way down was, "Damn, his cock bumped directly into my back, and it felt HUGE!"

Then the pain arrived. Cheryl literally scraped across the asphalt. Unbeknownst to her, her skirt rode up, revealing her bare ass to Thomas for just one second. It was such a brief flash, that Thomas was not entirely sure that he had seen right. In addition, her top scraped, causing her right breast to spring completely free of her top, and the side of it to scrape painfully on the court floor.

"AAAHGH!" cried Cheryl from a crumpled heap on the ground.

"Cheryl!!" shouted Chris, as he dropped his racket and sprinted to his downed wife. Helping her to situp on the pavement.

"Oh my God, are you OK?" asked Thomas running up to the couple and crouching with them. Chris quickly lifted Cheryl's tennis shirt back over her right breast, but it soon became plane that it was bleeding right through the top. Blood was also nearly pouring out of her right knee and left thigh, just above her skirt hemline.

"Yeah, I'm fine," laughed Cheryl.

"No, she isn't. Chris, do you guys have a first aid kit in one of your cars?" asked Thomas, genuinely concerned.

"There's one in the back of the SUV," answered Chris.

"OK, get it Chris, I'll put her in the front seat," said Thomas, taking command of the situation. Before either of them could say anything, Thomas got up, and hoisted Cheryl up into his strong arms.

"Right!" said Chris, coming to his senses. Chris ran to the back off the SUV, pushing the keyless entry as he ran.

Thomas effortlessly carried Cheryl to the middle seat of the SUV where they would have more room to fix her up.

Chris ran up to them with a bag of cotton balls and a bottle of peroxide to clean the wounds.

"I'll go look for what kind of bandages we have," said Chris urgently.

In the meantime, Thomas had set Cheryl into the seat, and crouched down to examine her wounds. There was no helping it, from his vantage point, Thomas had a clear shot of Cheryl's newly shave vagina. It all happened in a moment. Cheryl looked up in Thomas's face, and saw he was looking directly up her skirt at her clean shaven pussy. At that instant, he looked up, directly into her eyes.

"I'm sorry Cheryl, I didn't mean to."

"It's not your fault Thomas, it just happened," she smiled up at him. "Thanks for caring enough to run me over here and try to take care of me."

"It looks very nice that way," Thomas said, looking back at her exposed pussy.

Cheryl had never felt so naked in her entire life. Seconds passed – and they seemed like hours to Cheryl as she lay slightly back in the seat, her legs slightly spread – exposing her shaven pussy to a complete stranger. All of the sudden, completely unexpected, the feelings of arousal from earlier in the morning returned. Cheryl could tell that her pussy was literally gushing with moisture as this large brute of a man started at her openly exposed sex. Normally she would have been absolutely mortified, however, today it made her nearly cum.

Her arousal was not completely lost on Thomas either. His keen sense of smell immediately picked up her aroused scent. His cock instantly grew completely erect. This would be bad if Chris noticed. His cock was hard enough to hide when it was flaccid. When completely hard, it tented his tight shorts painfully.

Chris arrived behind Thomas with some bandages. Thomas intentionally blocked Chris's view into the seat, so that he could have just a couple more seconds viewing of the bald pussy in front of him.

Thomas raised up a bit, and turned his head to talk to Chris. "I don't think those are enough. DO you have anymore bandages?"

As he turned, Cheryl took the opportunity to look at his crotch. "Oh my GOD!" said Cheryl out loud.

Both men said at the same time: "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, it just hurts a bit," lied Cheryl. She was actually responding to the huge tented outline she saw in Thomas's shorts. She immediately tore her eyes away when she made the exclamation, but the sight was burned in her memory forever. Feeling guilty, Cheryl pulled her skirt down, hiding her sopping wet pussy from view.

Thomas immediately set to work at cleaning her wounds with the cotton balls and peroxide as Chris went in search of more bandages. He had cleaned all the cuts but one.

"I'm not sure how we're going to get that one," said Thomas, motioning to the one on her right breast.

"Maybe I can pull this down just a bit..." said Cheryl as she began to inch her top down. Unfortunately, the fall had stretched out the elastic, and when she pulled down, her right breast popped right back out.

"Oops!" said Thomas and Cheryl at exactly the same time.

"Don't worry about it," said Thomas referring to Cheryl's unmistakably erect nipple. "I don't see a thing!" he laughed as he quickly cleaned the wound on the side of her breast. He was a complete gentleman and did not do any inappropriate touching.

"All done," said Thomas, pulling the shirt back into place...just as Chris got back to the car with more bandages. Thomas held the first aid box over his front and walked to the back of the SUV to calm down as Chris bandaged up his wife's cuts. When he got back a few minutes later it had gone down enough to not look suspicious to Chris, but Cheryl kept stealing glances at it...and it was definitely still at least at half mast.

"I can't tell you how sorry I am Cheryl," Thomas kept saying.

"I'm fine. It was my fault too silly," Cheryl kept reassuring him. She actually found it very sweet that he felt so bad about it.

The tennis game was definitely over for the day though. Thomas bid the Cummings farewell, as his wife would be expecting him home.

Chris drove Cheryl home and they laughed about the whole thing on the way. However, the next day Cheryl was going to be very sore.

"Did you notice anything unusual about my boss honey?" asked Chris on the way home.

"Like what honey? He seemed to be a very nice guy," responded Cheryl.

"I think he's hung like a horse," said Chris.

"And what in the heck were you doing looking at that?!?!" teased Cheryl.

"It was pretty hard to miss. I think you prancing around in this little tennis outfit got his blood boiling a bit," laughed Chris.

"Yeah? Or maybe it was this?" said Cheryl as they were pulling into the garage of their home. With that, she spread her legs apart and lifted her skirt, showing her husband the same beautifully bald pussy that Thomas had been openly staring at earlier.

Chris's voice went horse. "Do you think he saw it?"

"I think he would have had a hard time missing it."

They didn't even make it into the house. The two newlyweds came together into a passionate kiss. Cheryl's hand dropped straight to her husband's immediately hardening 5" cock. She HAD to have it NOW. She began working at his belt. Chris slid his hand easily to her wet pussy, causing her to totally stop moving. Cheryl needed to cum badly.

Chris worked a couple of fingers into Cheryl's tight pussy.

"Boy honey, you are soaked!" exclaimed Chris.

Chris couldn't help but wonder if Cheryl was thinking of Thomas's big cock. He really couldn't blame her if she was.

Chris crouched down beside his undulating wife. He knew when she was in this state that she was entirely at his mercy.

"So did you notice it?" Chris asked her.

"Notice what?" moaned Cheryl, frustrated that he had stopped concentrating on her pussy. She looked down and it looked so completely naked and naughty against the car seat. "Please baby, don't stop – don't torture me!!"

Chris only partially complied with his wife's wishes. He gently returned his hand to her dripping pussy and started to gently stroke her. At this point, Cheryl needed more than gentle stroking. She wanted to cum.

"Now don't play coy with me baby. Did you notice his monster cock?"

"How could you miss it? It looked like he had jammed the Eiffel Tower into his shorts," moaned Cheryl.

"Was seeing his big cock what has made you so hot baby?" asked Chris.

"IF it WERE would you be mad at me?" asked Cheryl.

"No way could I ever be mad at you. Who could blame you?"

"Well, seeing that I had aroused him did more to turn me on. Knowing that I had made that huge cock stand on end when he saw my naked, bald, white pussy...." Moaned Cheryl. As she resumed talking, Chris gradually increased the pressure of his stroking on her naked sex.

"Did he see a lot?" asked Chris, feeling his own hardon begin to ache with the pressure of needing to cum badly himself.

"He definitely saw it all." Answered Cheryl, leaving out that she blatantly sat with her legs open and her skirt pulled up a bit, showing off her newly shaven pussy to the powerful black man.

"And did that make you hot?" asked Chris. I noticed that you completely shaved your little pussy. It looks so sexy – it's like you're even more naked!"

"YES!!" answered Cheryl both to the question and to the renewed stroking Chris was doing to her enflamed pussy. Cheryl always loved being finger fucked. She ALMOST liked it better than being fucked by her husband. His fingers were actually just a little bit longer than his penis and when he put two or three fingers up inside her....like he was doing now....

"I'm going to CUMMMM....Oh yeah!!" This was the biggest cum Cheryl had ever had. As Chris was strumming across her clit with two fingers, she suddenly squirted cum!! A huge burst of cum shot from her pussy all over Chris's arm. The car seat was instantly covered with her cum.

Seeing this was the single most erotic site Chris had ever seen. He instantly ejaculated in his shorts, without being touched, for the first time since he was a teenager.
That night, Cheryl felt terribly guilty and a bit ashamed over what had happened. She told Chris that she felt very awkward, and more than a bit slutty for what had happened.

Chris did his best to reassure her. If anything, it was one of the most erotic and HOT things that had ever happened in their young sexual life together. He had no regrets, and in fact, wanted something similar to happen as soon as possible.

Chris was smart enough to know that he should simply wait awhile though. When his wife was feeling guilty about something was NOT the time to be telling her how much he loved it. She would come around eventually. Even though Cheryl was reluctant to admit it, Chris had figured out some time ago that she was a very sexual creature. What's more, she NEEDED good, hard sex as often as possible.

Chris was so turned on by Thomas seeing his wife's newly shaven bald pussy and the hot foreplay afterwards, that he sat that night in the bathtub thinking about it. He got really excited and started stroking his cock as he recounted the nights events. He thought about how sexy Cheryl had looked as he fingered her, and how much he liked her newly shaven pussy.

"Hmmm" he thought as he glanced over at the razor next to the tub. "I wonder what she would think if I shaved mine" Chris thought as he began lathering his dark brown pubic hair. It was a major turnon to him as he saw more and more skin showing – and less and less hair. He completely shaved it all off – above his cock, around his balls, and even the hair on his balls. When he was done, he simply had to stroke his cock until he came in the tub.

"Oh my," said Chris to himself. "I haven't done that in a while!"

Chris climbed out of the tub, pulled the stopper to release the water, and started to dry himself off. The cool air of the room, coupled with just having cum served to completely dissolve his earlier hardon. As his cock returned to a completely flaccid state, he smiled as he looked down at his work.

"My God, I look like a grade school kid!" he thought. He immediately did NOT like the way it looked and decided to grow it back immediately! What Chris didn't remember, from his adolescent years was that puberty had come late and slow for him. While the other kids in his class were sporting larger cocks covered in hair, Chris's had still to grow, and remained completely bald halfway through high school. Whatever controlled pubic hair growth was extremely slow in Chris. As he would regrettably find out, it would be a few weeks before it even STARTED to grow back.

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