tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Cheshire Ch. 03

The Cheshire Ch. 03


(I worked harder on proofreading and detail. Sorry for the long wait, I fell out for a bit, but here's the next chapter. Criticism is always welcome, I hope you enjoy)

It didn't take Alice more than an hour or so, even in her hung over state, to figure out that it was Lucas that had given her the choker. Her Freak. It seemed to have become an inside joke for him. She thought about this over and over during the next couple days. Despite what she'd said to him, and how they'd ended, he still liked her. He still wanted to be around her. He wanted to be hers, and deep down there was something telling her that she wanted to be his. Thinking about it made her cheeks flush and made her want to see him, and be around him. This, however, was the exact reason why, when Andrew set up a group date night, she protested Luke coming along. She pulled up every excuse she could think of, but Andrew was unmovable and he ignored her pleas.

"Why don't you want him to come," Andrew asked, frustrated.

"It's nothing against him honey, it's just that we already make such a large group. If things get too rowdy, we'll get kicked out of the restaurant," she argued weakly.

"Look, it's extremely convenient for him to come. He's single, and Tanya just broke up with that jerk Mark. They'd be great together. Not to mention he's one of my best friends and I want you to like him too," he stated and gently tickled her side. She squeaked and jumped away from him. If only he knew what was going on in her head. Liking him wasn't a problem, that was for sure. In fact it bothered her that not only coming was he coming, but he was going to be with some other girl. Not just any girl at that, Tanya. She was gorgeous, with long legs, a curvy body, blonde hair, and a beautiful smile and to top off the package, she was smart too. Alice sighed and nodded.

"Fine."she muttered and she finished getting ready.

The plan was a dinner, a movie, and then bowling. It was a large group. Four couples, totaling eight people, and at dinner, despite their attempts at being mannerly, they still turned out to be a bit of a loud group at dinner. Only two people in the group barely talked. Alice, was simply inattentive to anything being said around her, and was often glancing down towards Luke, who, in fact, was the other person who was keeping his peace. From time to time she felt herself staring at him too long as she wondered what he was thinking about, though Luke was positive it was something no one at this table could ever guess.

He was thinking of Imperium. He longed for his home. Of course, Alice managed to linger in his thoughts, and he occasionally looked towards her. He couldn't help but be excited. If she was the future queen, he would be her adviser. That's how the system had worked in the past at least, or so he thought so. He glanced down towards her and caught her eyes. A smile slipped over his lips as she quickly looked away and pretended to be engrossed in the conversations going on around her. He took a moment to admire her. What a queen she would make too. She had soft, kind features which made her very approachable. Her black hair framed her pale face in a stunning contrast that screamed, classic beauty. She wasn't 'too' anything. She was perfect, and he was almost certain that she was going to be the one to take them all home again.

"Don't you think so, Luke?" The question, thrown out there by the only other single person in the group, caught him off guard and he had looked at her for a moment.

"I'm sorry, what was the question," he asked Tanya. He was appreciative for Andrew's thoughtfulness, but from what he gathered from Tanya, she was sweet and fragile and just out of a relationship. All Luke had to offer was a quick and easy lay. He wasn't about to hurt or insult the poor child with such a reality.

"I asked you if you thought the food here was good. They must have done something right cause you certainly wolfed it down," she teased. He smiled.

"Yes the food was delicious," he responded, kicking himself for not being a better date, despite not being interested in furthering their relationship.

Alice was getting more a more nervous as she watched Luke and Tanya talking. He was smiling, and she was smiling. They were getting on too well. She sighed and tried her best to keep her attention towards her boyfriend, trying to remind herself that she indeed had a boyfriend and shouldn't be worried about another guy.

During the movie, Alice didn't have time to worry about Lucas and Tanya. As usual, she had to dodge Andrews attempts at making-out. She nearly got up and moved at one point if it weren't for the public embarrassment it would cause both of them. After the movie was over though, he managed to pull her aside without arising suspicion from the rest of the group, giving fake smiles and even a suggestive wink.

"God, Alice, what is with you?"he snapped, irritated that he wasn't getting his way. Alice rolled her eyes.

"Oh grow up Drew. You're upset because I wouldn't make out with you in the theater?"she crossed her arms and watched him warily.

"Yes...No...Sorta. You just...It's they way you go about it. You act like I'm a pig for wanting to do it."he replied, suddenly defensive like a wounded animal. She hated when he did this. She found it disgusting for a grown man to whine like a child.

"Yeah, for wanting to do it in a movie theater, or just in public in general. I have no problem with little things here and there. An innocent kiss, holding hands, a brief hug. I have no problem with those, but making out, acting like horned up teenagers...it's just not me Drew."she explained and it drug a sigh from him.

"I know. Your right."he muttered. It was the same reply that was given at the end of every fight, and she hated it. She didn't care about being right, she just wanted him to understand, which he didn't. However, she let it end there. There was no use in trying to drag it out. She was almost positive that he would never understand and she was getting that guilty feeling that she was going to have to end things soon if he didn't. She glanced around and noticed Luke watching them and she blushed deeply. She thought he'd already gone back to his car to head to the bowling alley what was he doing watching them like it was any of his business. She sent a glare his way before hugging Drew. She wasn't sure the purpose of the display but she wanted it to seem like everything was OK.

"Come on. Let's catch up with the others before they get there and start bowling without us," she stated. As she glanced towards where she'd seen Luke, he was gone. She frowned slightly and started to head towards Drew's car. The car ride was completely silent. Alice's thoughts were burning her up. She kept wondering why she was even with Drew as she went over and over all the reasons that they shouldn't be together. Suddenly she felt trapped. She wanted out. She needed out. When they arrived she was so grateful to get out of car and breath the fresh air but it only helped to slightly alleviate the sudden claustrophobic panic. She knew this was more than a physical space thing. Throughout the rest of the night she was distracted, thinking of the best way to break up with Andrew. She had completely forgotten about her distress about Luke and Tanya. Of course Andrew wasn't picking up on any of her negative feelings towards him.

Luke, however, shuddered from the sudden negative vibes that rolled off of her. She was extremely upset and it worried him. He tried his best to to be attentive to Tanya, but it was really hard when something was obviously wrong with his charge. It was killing him wondering what Andrew could have said to her to upset her so much.

"She's really pretty." He heard Tanya's soft, almost sad voice say. He frowned and looked at her. She gave him a knowing smile. "Were you two together once?"

"No, not really. When we were real young we were best friends, but she rejected me at one point. I don't blame her. We were a little too close and she needed her space," he admitted. Tanya nodded.

"She's a lucky girl," Tanya stated and she kissed Luke on the cheek. He watched her as she got up and walked up to the lane to take her turn.

"I certainly hope so, for both our sake," he muttered to himself.

After bowling, everyone said their good nights. Luke apologized to Tanya that he hadn't been a better date.

"You deserve a much better man than me," he stated, trying to make her feel better about the night. She smiled and kissed him on the lips this time. It was a soft, lingering kiss and he let his hand rest on her shoulders for a moment before the kiss ended.

"Yes. Yes I do," she responded and winked at him before getting in her car and leaving. He chuckled and looked up to see Alice watching him. He hesitated a moment before letting a smirk appear on his face as he waved good night to her. Then he got in his car and started it. He didn't leave just yet though. He'd wait and follow them back just to make sure she got home safe.

Alice felt herself burning when she saw them kiss. Then his nonchalant wave as if it hadn't happened, or worse, like it was no big deal. She got into Drew's car and the silence was suffocating on the way back home, once again causing her to forget about Lucas and Tanya. When Drew stopped outside of the house that she shared with five other girls, he shut the car off and started to get out.

"Drew wait," she called softly and watched him settle and look at her. "We need to talk." He frowned and watched her carefully. "I can't do this anymore," she started.

"Do what," he asked defensively.

"Us," she admitted solemnly. "We keep fighting and getting nowhere, and the fights are always about the same thing, over and over again. I just can't do it anymore. I feel suffocated and I just need out." She looked at him, some tears brimming in her eyes. He watched her with a concerned look on his face.

"Um...Baby, you're tired. Why don't you get some rest, and...we'll talk about this tomorrow," he told her as he reached out to stroke her arm. She flinched away from him and shook her head, suddenly furious with him for not taking her seriously.

"No, I'm done. I've been thinking about it, and I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry. It's over, we're over," she stated firmly, trying to make him take her seriously.

"Can't we talk about this Ali? I mean, this is so sudden, I don't even know where this is coming from," he pleaded.

"If you didn't see this coming then no, we can't talk about this. I just can't take this anymore," she replied and she got out of the car. Andrew got out quickly after her and rounded the car before she'd even closed the door behind her. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her before she could react.

She felt disgusted by the desperate act, but she waited til he pulled away, not really reciprocating. The pain in his eyes was pitiful.

"I'm sorry Andrew," she apologized. When he finally let go of her, she quickly retreated inside and locked the door to keep him from coming after her. She leaned against the door and listened as he got into his car. It was a few more moment before his engine finally revved up again and he drove off, tires squealing. She hoped he wouldn't go do something stupid.

After a moment her mind traveled to Lucas. She grabbed her purse and left, heading for where Lucas lived.

Luke pulled up to his apartment building and spotted some one sitting outside it. Probably one of his alcoholic neighbors, having locked themselves out again. As he got out of his car the person stood up and he could make out the distinctive shape of a woman and curiosity gripped him. None of the women in his building looked like that. He walked up to the building and was greeted by Tanya. He cocked his head slightly and gave her a confused look.

"I know, we decided you're not interested in me, but I've heard things about you and after being with Mark, it makes the rumors all that more intriguing. I'm not asking for love or a relationship, I just..."she paused and a blush filled her cheeks. "I've heard you really know you're way around a woman's body and I could really use a bit of that tonight," she finished. He looked her over, she was very attractive and more than once during the night he had contemplated running his hands over her body. He nodded.

"Alright. As long as you can do no strings attached, I don't see why we can't have some fun." He gently grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close and kissed her deeply. He felt her sigh softly as she practically melted into him. He carefully ended the kiss and nodded towards the door. "Let's take this upstairs shall we?" he offered and he unlocked the door. He didn't notice Alice watching from across the street as he pulled Tanya into the building and up the stairs to his apartment.

She couldn't believe it. Sure, she'd seen them kiss outside the bowling alley, but she'd been so distracted that she'd passed it off as nothing. She hadn't thought that they'd actually hit it off that well. She shook her head and walked back home.

Meanwhile, Lucas had Tanya pinned against the door just inside his apartment. He pushed her skirt easily off her hips and he rubbed her through her damp panties and their tongues tangled with each other. His other hand was up her shirt dancing across the smooth skin of her stomach. Her hands were roaming his strong chest, admiring his build. He broke their kiss so that he could pull off both of their shirts. Before he could get back to the kissing he had to take a moment to take in her body. She really was quite beautiful with soft pale skin and a slim, model like figure. As he started to kiss her again, his hands slid down her sides and hooked on her panties. He played with the elastic as he began to kiss her neck and as he moved down her body, kissing and licking, he pulled her panties down slowly. He paused to take some time at his breasts, licking and sucking until she squealed in pleasure. Then he continued down, and she stepped out of the underwear before he attacked her heat.

Her head leaned back as his tongue circled her clit and he pressed two fingers into her wet pussy. She gasped and had to lean against the door for support as she could feel her body tensing already. His fingers hit a spot and she trembled in pleasure. He growled in satisfaction and attacked the spot again as he continued to lick her clit.

She let out a cry as her orgasm struck her hard and she gasped for air. He stood and dropped his pants and his briefs. He was hard and ready for the warm wet pleasure. He grabbed her thighs and hoisted her up, putting her thighs on his hips, pressing her against the door with his body and used one hand to cup her ass and support her while the other guided himself to her hot, waiting sex. She trembled as he ran it along her slit, wetting the tip and pulling a groan from himself. He rubbed his cock against her clit, rewarding him with a desperate cry from her. Then he positioned himself at her entrance and shoved into her in one hard thrust. She was so wet that his entrance was easy and he was seated very quickly to the hilt, deep inside her. She let out a cry of pain and pleasure as she squirmed on top of him, her walls rippling around him, forcing grunts and groans from him as he braced himself and held her firmly on his cock, forcing her to accept his whole length and girth. After giving her a moment to adjust he started to thrust slowly, pushing her hard against the door with each thrust. She gasped and grabbed onto him, trying to anchor herself as he started to thrust faster, filling her completely.

He paused in their rutting only long enough to get them to his bed. Then he continued thrusting into her. She writhed beneath him as he hit her g-spot, assaulting it over and over again until she was no more than a puddle of screaming jelly beneath him, trembling in pleasure as wave after wave hit her.

Alice sighed as she walked home. For a moment she felt mad at Lucas, but it slowly passed as she remembered that she had no real claim over him and he could do as he pleased. She didn't need some one else to make her happy anyway. She considered this a moment. It was something that desperate and lonely girls said to themselves to make them feel better. She continued to think on it when she realized that she really didn't need anyone. Without Andrew, she felt free and with Lucas officially taken, she wasn't able to rush into anything on the rebound. The suffocation that she'd felt early lifted suddenly and she smiled to herself.

Alice suddenly felt empowered by her realization. She truly didn't need some one else to make her happy. Not Drew, and not Luke. She was very content as she was and she could lead her life as she saw fit, not by some on else's standards. She walked into her house and knew that she needed to do something. She wanted climb a mountain, go kayaking, or jump out of a plane. She felt like a whole new person, refreshed and ready for something new. She wanted to rule a country.

Alice hesitated at this thought. Where had that come from? Was that truly her own? A country? What made her fit to rule a country, or anything for that matter? She shrugged and slipped her fingers through her hair. Why not? What didn't make her fit to rule? These questions made her smile, as she got ready for bed. In the morning, she would cook for her housemates and then she would convince Jayden to do something with her, something crazy and fun. Jayden was good for those kinds of things. She was the outdoorsy type and knew all the best places to go.

After an hour and a half, and six orgasms, Tanya passed out from exhaustion and pleasure. Though not completely sated, he liked his girls' conscious so Luke rolled off of her. He was still quite pleased, mostly with himself. He always felt triumphant in his prowess and the fact that such rumors were secretly making their way around the female realm made his ego soar. It was enough to allow him stretch out with a glorious grin on his face as though he had met his own climax.

A soft cough broke his thoughts and he looked at his still sleeping partner before glancing around. He frowned as he spotted a mouse of a man in the far corner of his bedroom. He wasn't enjoying the pattern that seemed to be forming here. The man eyed Tanya, and Luke sighed again as he got up and pulled on a pair of sweats on before leading his guest out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"You don't seem pleased to see me Cheshire," he quipped as he turned to look at him. Luke smirked.

"It's not that I'm not pleased to see Steppe, the situation seems to be becoming a habit, that's all. How have you been?" he asked as he motioned for Steppe to sit. Steppe shook his head and watched as Luke sat down.

"I was great. Got through three tests before she failed," he hesitated a moment and glanced towards Luke's bedroom. "Is that her," he asked timidly. This made Luke laugh.

"No, not quite. Tanya's just a...friend," he responded. Steppe nodded lightly and Luke's eyes followed Steppe's hand as it moved to his pocket. It retrieved a small silver object and he handed it to Luke. He took it and looked it over, shifting in unease. Steppe let off a light chuckle.

"Yeah. My Trina barely squeaked by this one. Best of luck Cheshire, for all our sakes," he stated and patted him on the back before disappearing. The object was a tiny silver trinket of a box. With humans they were usually said to hold wishes or prayers or something, but in Imperium they were enchanted and used to hold evil souls captive. This one in particular was quite famous, for it held the soul of the sister who'd lost in the race to become queen. She'd been enraged and swore to haunt her sister and any future queen for all time. He sighed and tried to decide how to gift it to Alice. He placed it on the island counter in his small kitchen before heading back to his room. He glanced in and saw that Tanya was still sound asleep and hadn't moved from her former position. He considered his options a moment before lying down on his couch and drifting off for a few hours.

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