tagBDSMThe Club Pt. 03

The Club Pt. 03


Ch. 4

After the women returned from their showers - dressed again - the men went to take their own. When they returned the girls had gotten food ready and the six sat down to eat. The thunderstorms had mostly passed with only an occasional flash of lightening remaining. It was past sundown, but they could see the sky was beginning to clear. Conversation, not surprisingly, centered around the activities of the last two days. "Not at all what I expected from this trip," Rick remarked.

"Are you complaining?" Liz asked.

"Not in the least. In fact I wouldn't change a thing. It's just that I would never have imagined all this a couple of days ago."

"You wouldn't have imagined it!" Janet's voice left no doubt that she thought him one of the best able to imagine it. "I'd never done more than neck in the same room with others before, much less getting undressed. But I will admit that now that I've begun to get used to the idea, it doesn't really bother me. As long as no one's hurt and we all want it, why not?"

"Why not, indeed?" James said. "I'll admit I like the freedom and I won't deny I like seeing all you girls naked." Barb gave him a playful swat. "Of course, I like seeing Barb naked the best," he quickly added. "In fact I think I might like to keep her that way all the time." This brought good natured laughs and Barb stuck out her tongue in response. "Anyway," James went on, maybe it's just the end of semester feeling or maybe it's the setting out here, but I find I really am comfortable with all of this."

The others agreed and Liz spoke up. "You all know I act like a real free spirit, a little loose and always ready for a good time. Actually, I have to work at it. You'd all - well, all but Rick - be surprised to find out that I'm really a little shy. Yes, I really am. But I work at overcoming that by going the other way, acting the super extrovert. Last week I'd have talked about orgies and sex movies, and such, but I'd never imagine really being involved in such things. But, like the rest of you, I'm comfortable with what's been happening. And I don't think I want it to stop happening after this weekend."

This caused the others to fall silent and look quickly around. Finally Charles spoke up. "I'll go along with that. I don't want to involve anyone else, but I do like being able to be with all of you and just let things happen. Right, Janet?"

Janet nodded and said, "Right. I didn't even try to act like I wasn't shy. Maybe not really shy, but certainly not really extroverted. But now it seems that the six of us have always been so close that this would never have bothered me. And, by the way, I like seeing all of you guys naked, too." This was answered by calls of agreement from the other two women and somewhat embarrassed looks from the three men.

When the dishes were cleared away, the six gathered in front of the fireplace again and Rick built up the fire once more. As he was doing this, he asked, "Well, what does everyone want to do tonight? I mean besides that."

A couple of quick laughs and finally Barb said, "Well, I'll ask. Are there any more of those tapes left, Liz?"

"I don't think so," she replied, "but I'll take a look. Maybe there were some more in one of the other cabinets."

"If not," James said, "I suppose we could play Trivial Pursuit again. Or maybe some other game. Let's see what there is"

"I'll see what I can find," Liz said and went to look through the cabinets. In a minute or two she said, "I don't see any tapes, but let's see what we have here." She pulled a cardboard box from the cabinet. It was labeled in magic marker "Trivia Game." She returned to the group and set the box on the floor. Opening the top she pulled out another flat box, much like a board game box. In fact, that's what it turned out to be. But as she held it up and read the words on the top, everyone realized it wasn't the usual game.

"Sexual Trivia. An adult game for sexually adventuresome couples." Liz looked up at the others. She looked back at the box and read, "WARNING: This game involves sexually explicit material. If you are not of legal age or are offended by nudity or sexually explicit material or acts, you should not proceed." She looked around at everyone else again and asked, "Interested?"

After a few seconds Janet answered for all of them. "I suspect that after the last couple of days, even a game of strip Trivial Pursuit would seem kind of bland. Read some more about it."

Liz opened the box and took out a playing board. There were markers and a die and the board looked a lot like most board games. She opened the rules and began to read again. "This is a game for two to four couples who enjoy their sexually and each other. Players are seated around the table, alternating genders: boy, girl, boy, girl. Each player should be seated directly across from his/her partner. The die is thrown to determine who goes first and then play moves around the table in a counter clockwise direction. Each player rolls the die, selecting a category. A question is then read from the stack of Question Cards and the player must answer it. If the player does not correctly answer the question, the player takes the next Penalty Card and must do as instructed. Play continues until one player has correctly answered a question from each of the categories. To complete the win the player must then draw a card from the envelope of "finishes" and do as instructed. The "finish" cards should remain in the envelope until needed."

"NOTE: There are three levels of Penalty Cards corresponding to the three levels at which the game may be played. LEVEL 1. Level 1 includes penalties which do not involve actual sexual acts, but which are suggestive and/or teasing in nature and which are done alone or with the player's partner. Nudity may be involved. LEVEL 2. Level 2 penalties may involve sexual

acts with the player's partner and non-sexual acts with other players. NOTE: The penalties in Levels 2 and 3 are designed to be either heterosexual or bisexual. At players' option the penalties may be restricted to heterosexual acts simply by changing the designated receiver to the named receiver's partner. LEVEL 3: For advanced players only. Penalties may involve sexual acts with other players."

Liz looked up again. "Well, what do you guys think? Interested in playing?"

Everyone sat still. Finally Janet broke the silence. "What the hell, why not? I mean after everything else we've been doing, this probably won't be that much different. But I will say I don't think I'm ready for Level 3. Level 2 and all heterosexual sounds good to me."

Barb said, "I guess I'm ready. I'll go along with what Janet said." Liz nodded and Barb added, "OK, we girls seem to agree. What about you guys?"

The men looked very interested, but didn't say anything for a few seconds. Then Charles

said, "Have you ever known a guy who wasn't interested in something sexual?" Then he added almost to himself, "And if he wasn't he'd never say so in front of you women, or, even more importantly, would never say so in front of other guys." This brought a couple of strange looks, but soon everyone was agreed and a round table was moved over in front of the fire.

The rules called for the Level 1 cards to be all played before Level II cards were started. They also clearly stated that any penalties had to be performed so that everyone could watch. The rules also indicated that some props would be required and Liz dug out two cloth bags from the large box which had contained the game. One was labeled Level 1 and the other Level 2. She spread the props for Level 1 on the table and the six stared at a wood paddle, a leather strap, several short pieces of soft rope, some clothes pins, a feather and several other items.

Janet was seated with Rick on her left and James on her right. Since each player was seated opposite his or her partner the order around the table was Janet, James, Liz, Charles, Barb, and Rick. Each person rolled the die with Janet getting the high number.

"Well, I guess I start," Janet said and rolled the die again. The six categories of questions were history, movies, science, literature, wild card, and a category called underground, myth and customs. However, each of the categories was restricted to sex. Her roll brought her the film category.

Barb read the first question. "In the late 60s classic film, what is it the Debbie does?"

"What?" For a second Janet looked blank and then suddenly said, "Oh, I know. Debbie Does Dallas."

"Right," Barb called.

Liz added teasingly, "And I thought you'd never watched those kinds of movies."

Janet turned a little red and said, "I hadn't, but I have heard of some."

James rolled the die and came up with history. "What," Barb read, "is the name of the famous madame who frequented the court of Louis XIV before the revolution?"

James shook his head and finally said, "I have no idea." He drew a penalty card and read "Remove an article of clothing. Well, I guess I can manage that," and took off his shirt.

Play continued around the table with most of the young people missing their answers. The penalties seemed to be about half the same as James' and before too many rounds, everyone was completely naked. As each article of clothing was removed, the player stood and did a slow turn as they had during the other strip games two nights earlier and were cheered on by the others.

The first time a "remove an article of clothing" card was drawn by a player who was already nude - in this case, Barb - they checked the rules and found that they had the choice of letting the player skip any other penalty or requiring them to draw another card. The six decided on the later.

Besides stripping, there were a number of other penalties. Janet was required to give Charles a long French kiss, an act made more interesting by the fact that she was nude and Charles only had his underwear. Liz was told to stimulate her own nipples which she did with some embarrassment. James was required to give Barb a wet kiss on her ass. Rick drew a card which read, "Have your partner give you an over-the-knee spanking. Roll a die to determine the number of swats." He rolled a six and Liz didn't hold back in whacking his bare bottom. Janet drew a card which required that she put clothes pins on her own nipples and leave them there until it was her turn again. Charles and Barb were each tied and tickled by their partners for sixty seconds. By the time the Level 1 cards ran out, everyone was naked and everyone was extremely aroused. The three girls realized they were soaking and the men each had a hard erection.

When the cards were finished, Liz set the pile of Level 2 cards on the table and added the props from the second bag. These included a couple of candles, three dildos of different sizes, a small riding crop, and a couple of other things. Staring at the pile of items, Janet had to squeeze her thighs together before rolling the die for her next question.

The throw resulted in a question from the Literature category. "What was the name of the prostitute in "The Outcasts of Poker Flats"?" Janet sucked in her breath. "I remember reading that in high school. It was Mrs. ... Mrs. Oh, Mrs. something. I can't remember what."

"No quite good enough," Rick said. "Draw a card.

Janet reached for a penalty card. She pulled it back, turned it over and read, "Give a French kiss to the player to your right." She hesitated a second and then stood, pulling James up with her. Before she could have time to think about it, and maybe back out, she put her arms around his neck and pulled his naked body against hers and began to slowly explore his mouth with her tongue. The kiss went on for half a minute during which both Janet and James were obviously becoming even more aroused. When at last she broke it off, both were breathless as they parted and regained their seats.

After a few seconds, Barb read the next question for James from the Underground, Myths, and Customs category. "What is it that Eskimoes are suppose to do for overnight visitors?"

Still breathing a little hard, James was able to answer, "Lend them their wives."

"Right," Barb agreed. Then she read a Wild Card question for Liz. "Describe in detail your first experience with gay sex."

Liz looked stunned for a second, then confused, and finally embarrassed. "I've never had any," she replied.

"Well, then I guess you can't describe it. I guess you'll just have to draw a penalty card,"

Barb replied.

This was met with calls of approval by the others. and Liz drew a card. She slowly read, "Have the player to your right lick and suck your nipples." For a second, Charles, the player to her right, froze, as did Liz. Then, simultaneously, Charles and Janet exchanged the briefest of looks as did Liz and Rick. Liz then looked over at Charles and arched her back, presenting her already hard nipples to him. Charles slowly leaned forward and let his tongue slide over her left nipple and then slowly back around and across it. He repeated this with the right nipple. Several times he repeated this, encircling each hard nub with his tongue, sucking them into his mouth, and letting them slowly slide out. After about a minute of this treatment, he forced himself back and he and Liz, both breathing hard, squirmed in their seats for several seconds.

The others had been watching closely, not making a sound. Barb finally broke the silence, "Wow! If this is a non-sexual act with another player, I wonder what the Level 3 penalties are like."

"Liz grinned back at her. "I'm not sure I'm ready to find out yet. Maybe it's a good thing we decided to limit this to Level 2." Then she added almost to herself, "But maybe some day..."

Charles and Barb both drew questions they answered correctly. And both seemed almost disappointed when they got them right. Rick drew a card and Barb read, "When Santa Anna was surrounded and caught by the Texas army, a mulatto girl kept him occupied until the army arrived. By what name did she become known?"

Rick looked thoughtful and then said, "I have no idea. What?"

"The Yellow Rose of Texas," Barb read.

"So that's where that came from," Rick said. He drew a penalty card and read, "The player to your left will give you an over-the-knee spanking. Roll the die to determine the number of swats." He rolled and once more got a six. "Well, this seems to be my night for spankings." He looked at Barb who had developed a big grin.

Barb pulled her chair out so everyone could see and crooked her finger at Rick. He stood and went over to her as she picked up a short piece of soft rope. Knowing what to expect, Rick turned his back towards her and crossed his wrists. Barb quickly tied them together and then turned him around. She helped lay him across her lap, spreading her thighs just enough to trap his hard cock between them as he lay across her bare legs. She then delivered six swats, just as hard as Liz had earlier, and with a little extra stroking and feeling of his hot ass. After the six, she helped him to stand again and untied his hands.

The game went on for several more rounds. Liz received five with the strap while stretched over James' knees. Barb put clothes pins on Charles' nipples. Janet had to go from player to player and bend over and get a stroke of the crop from each. Barb had her hands tied behind her back while Rick dripped a dozen drops of hot candle wax on her nipples. Charles bent over while Janet fingered his anus. James and Liz each received oral sex from their partners.

Liz drew a card which required Rick to insert the small dildo in her ass and leave it there until her next turn. Before Liz's turn arrived, Janet drew a card which read, "Lick and suck the nipples of the player two to your right." She read it again to be sure and then looked up. Liz was two to her right. As she looked at Liz she read the expression on the girl's face to mean, "I'm willing if your want to." For several seconds there was silence. Finally Janet said, "I think I'll stick to the chicken version and kiss Rick instead. Janet thought Liz looked relieved and there was a slight collective sigh from around the table and then everyone was watching the naked couple as Janet sucked and kissed Rick's nipples.

By this time everyone was getting pretty turned on. All the men were hard and the women's arousal could be actually smelled. Everyone's bottom bore a few marks of the strap or the crop. Everyone had hard nipples from sucking or from the clothes pins. And everyone had had their genitals stimulated by their partners. The men had all had their anuses penetrated by either their partner's fingers or by the dildo and the women had also been penetrated both in front and rear.

Finally Liz correctly answered a question from the last category. She held her hands over her head in a victory sign, but was reminded by Barb that she still had to take a "finish card" from the closed envelope. "OK, let's see what's there," she said and reached for the cards. She withdrew a card and read it to herself. Her face took on a definite red color and she looked over the card again.

Finally, after half a minute of silence, Charles took the card from her and read, "Your partner will tie you over a chair and take you anally while the other players watch." Everyone caught their breath.

Finally Liz and Rick exchanged a quick look. "All right," Liz said, "I guess we've come this far." She stood and went to stand behind a stuffed chair with a low back. Rick slowly rose and, taking several lengths of rope, went over to her. He whispered something in her ear and she closed her eyes and nodded. Rick almost seemed to shrug as he tied her ankles to the two back legs and then bent her forward, pulling her arms taut and tying them to the front legs. He let his hands wander over her taut ass and around front to stroke her breasts. Then he picked up a tube of lube from the props on the table and applied a blob to his finger and then her anus. As he rubbed the slick substance around and let his finger slip inside her tight rear opening, Liz obviously became even more aroused. By this time the other four had moved over to stand around the couple at close range and followed every move. As Rick's finger moved in and out, Liz squirmed, trying from her bound position, to move it in even deeper. Finally Rick applied some lube to his own cock and moved the head against her anus, He pushed slowly forward and Liz responded by pushing back as best she could. For several minutes Rick pushed in and out slowly to relax her. When she was finally relaxed and also desperately aroused and pushing back with her own craving, Rick pushed all the way home. As his hips pressed against her smooth buttocks, Liz began to shake with her first orgasm. Before Rick came himself she had shuddered through two more.

As the couple slowly came down the other four, obviously extremely aroused and busy stimulating each other, stopped their own activity and applauded. By the time Rick untied a still excited Liz, the other two couples were both busy making love themselves.

A short time later while all three couples were clinging together as they calmed down, Barb asked, "Is that invitation from last night still open, Liz. If you don't mind we'd like to spend the night here, too. Charles seconded the idea.

"Certainly," Liz replied. "We can move the table and chairs and pile a bunch of blankets and pillows here. Anyway, what kind of an orgy would it be if everyone went back to their own room? Seriously, I find all this surprisingly stimulating. I certainly wouldn't have expected I'd get so turned on making love with you guys only a couple of feet away, but I do. And hearing and seeing you guys making it turns me on even more."

There was general agreement to this and soon the furniture had been moved and the three couples were once more engaged in sexual play. This continued for a couple of hours. Sometimes it went a little beyond watching and listening. Once, as Janet was stretched out on top of Charles and the two were just coming down from a hard climax, Rick leaned over and gave her a short slap on her ass as he said, "Definitely a good show, you two. You are hot!" Janet felt somewhat surprised that she wasn't surprised and finally decided that she liked the feel of Rick's hand on her rear even as she pressed her sex against Charles.

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