The Color of Sex Ch. 22-25


"In the top drawer, Mistress," Samuel told her.

Candice smiled proudly and walked over to the desk. She opened the top center drawer and found a small key that looked as if it would fit the lock. Without a word she walked over and inserted the brass into the keyhole. The knowing click echoed throughout the room and Candice's pulse raced with newfound excitement. "Do you keep these conditioned?" she asked as her hands reached for the whip and crop.

"Yes, Mistress," he answered.

"And," she picked up the spurs, "I see these are not as antique as they first appear."

"No Mistress, they are not. My desires are not often met, but in the off chance the opportunity arises, I take great care in making sure things are at the ready," Samuel said. Candice heard the note of pride in his voice; it made her chuckle, but she swallowed the sound and played her part well – after all she had an A to earn.

The crop, whip, and spurs were all placed on the professor's desk. She touched each one with the tips of her fingers, before picking up one of the spurs. Candice trailed the wheel across her arm. "Oh these are much sharper than they should be if you were using them on a horse," she said, noting Samuel's smile. Her steps were light as she walked over to him and ran the wheel along his jaw, down his neck and over his left shoulder. She looked at his cock and saw it leap and jerk in response to the tiny little ring of metal dancing over his flesh.

It skated down his bicep and then up again; once more it trailed over his shoulder to dip down his chest, roll around his left nipple than his right. Candice used it on his other arm, repeating the movements, making similar paths across those patches of skin as she had on the other. She ran it across his shoulder blades, the back of his neck, his cheeks, eyes, and forehead. He moaned and hissed whenever she would twist the spokes into his flesh. She licked her lips; her pulse raced and her mind clouded with lust that was hers to build on; it was not forced from her, but nurtured because she chose to nurture it.

Candice saw beads of sweat begin to form on his skin. Her pussy tightened as she bent down and lapped at the salty moisture that had formed just under the pulse of his neck. Samuel angled his head, allowing her the opportunity – if she so chose it – to bite him. She did so; the firm hold was not broken until she heard him whimper. There would be a bruise he would have to deal with, but that was not her problem. Her panties were soaked and her desire to dominate her professor was growing headier. She walked around and stood in front of him. The spur's metal traced the outline of his lips. "Kiss it," she said.

Samuel leaned in and kissed the tool, looking up with adoration for his Mistress. "Good boy," she said. "Take off my panties and eat your Mistress' cunt." He reached for the hips of her lace undergarments. She stood still while his fingers hooked the material; he slowly dragged it down. The air in the room hit her soaked flesh and made her shiver. The sensation rolled up and down her spine, making goose bumps appear.

The first touch of the doctor's tongue made her knees wobble. Candice bit down on her lower lip and forced her mind to play the role of an experienced Mistress. Her hand moved to the back of the professor's hair and she ground her pussy into his face. She rubbed herself all over him, coating him with her sex. He moved his hands to her hips to help keep him latched onto her. His tongue moved back and forth against her inner labia.

She felt his teeth nip at her sex; her pulse seemed to throb against the sodden folds. "Fuck," she cursed, as he moved two fingers into her pussy and began to twist and turn them. More juices collided with his tongue and he swallowed them up like a good boy. She got herself off, gyrating to the rhythm her body demanded she play.

Samuel asked her for permission to fuck her ass; she shouted for him to do so. He shoved a finger into her anal opening and began to finger fuck her while sucking and pulling on her clit. The fingers on his other hand were not idle. They took up a home deep inside her pussy. Four thick digits filled her. The hands of a surgeon became the tools of nothing more than a fuck toy.

She pulled his hair and yanked his face from her pussy when she felt the knowing eruption of her climax. Her juices squirted him in the face, bathing him in liquid silk that splashed the features she had always thought as self-righteous and overbearing. Now he was a useless pawn for her to fuck and suck at her leisure. Candice felt a passion building inside her that was hard to comprehend, let alone contain.

When she was ready, she pushed him to the floor. Her legs were weak, but she forced herself to remain in character. She walked to his desk and carefully cleared it off. His papers were placed on the window sill. His precious figurines and photos were placed on the floor, under the desk. When the marble top was bare, she returned to the cum-soaked man on the floor and stared down at him. Candice's lips snarled. "You like pain don't you, boy?" she asked.

He shook his head yes. Samuel's gaze reminded Candice of a scared puppy, yet she knew by the size of the professor's dick that he was far from scared. Pre cum glistened off the head and the swollen veins seemed larger than normal. She reached down and grabbed his balls, squeezing them firmly He winced, but did not call out for relief. A grin spread across her face. "Get up," she ordered; her hand was still wrapped around his testicles.

Samuel scrambled to his feet. She led him to the desk and had him bend over it. She picked up the crop and using the method shown to her by Amelia she began to smack the teacher on the ass. He grunted and groaned. Every slap was made to deliver the right amount of pain and pleasure. She heard him gasp and cry out, yet he was not asking for freedom or pity, he was begging for more.

Candice's back broke out in a sweat as she continued to leave red streak after red streak on his ass cheeks. When she saw the white fluids of his seed trailing down his thigh, she stopped swinging.

"You fuckin' bastard," she yelled and hit him hard across the back with the crop. "You fuckin' came!" She dropped the tool, grabbed his hair and pulled him back, forcing his back to arch. "Was it good?" she bellowed. "Did you fuckin' like cheating me?" she asked, before pushing his face back down into the desk. Candice waited for him to yell out the color red. He did not and she knew then that her professor was far hungrier than she realized. "You did it on purpose, didn't you?" she said in a low menacing voice. He didn't answer and she knew he wouldn't. To admit to such a thing would only inflict a punishment, not a reward.

Candice picked up the whip and began to use it on the teacher's back. She paused only once, asking him point blank if he wished his skin to be broken. "Yes," he begged and so, she did as he desired. It was her A after all. The lashes came one after the other and when he called yellow she eased up and brought them down on his legs, this time though the licks were nothing like the ones that crisscrossed over his shoulders and spine.

Her arm grew tired. Her breasts were heavy with need. Her pussy ached and she had come without the aid of anything or anyone – the power in her hands to embrace a goal that was hers had fueled her lust. Candice grabbed a fistful of his hair again and dragged him over to the couch. She dropped down to the right corner and hiked her left leg over the back edge. Her right splayed open; her foot rested on the floor. "Fuck your Mistress, and make it count!" she screamed.

Samuel was there before the shout evaporated into the air. He shoved his dick into her hot cavity and began to piston in and out. She bucked and ground her pelvis. Her nails dragged down his battered back; he cried out in pain, but continued to service her. Desire, lust, greed, power, she had it all and it was a rush that was carrying her higher and higher to that precipice that she had not experienced since the beginning of her journey.

When she came she came hard and welcomed the seed of her lover mingling with hers. She pushed into him, forcing him to keep his cock buried to the hilt as multiple orgasms seemed to bounce off the walls of her sex, cascade down to his cock and slide back up again. Colors exploded behind her clenched lids and the only thing that forced her to slow her body down was the need to breathe and consume the air her lungs desperately craved.

When Samuel pulled out of her, he muttered "red" and she smiled. She knew he was done for the night and she knew she was already looking forward to the next session. She needed a lover, someone to release the anger of having to fuck because she had to. She had earned her A and she would continue to earn them for the rest of the school year.

Candice left her professor naked in his office. She had dressed herself, ordered him to clean up the place and told him she'd see him once more before school resumed. She told him when she needed him, she would call; the only excuse she would take was he was in school or at the hospital. He was not married. He had no children. There was no reason he couldn't come and service her when she wanted serviced. He only nodded his head, eager to agree to whatever she demanded.

Chapter 24

It was early in the morning when she let herself back into her apartment. She showered and brought herself to orgasm before climbing into bed, setting her alarm and drifting off to sleep. Thoughts of Gregory were fleeting and yet her dreams were full of him and her fucking like crazed animals. He however wielded the whip she had wielded that evening on her teacher. He was ordering her to come and he was forcing her to submit. When she woke up hours later, her bed was soaked with her cum. Candice pushed back the covers and touched herself. She closed her eyes, rubbed herself into another bliss-filled climax and then got ready to spend Christmas Day with her parents.

Gregory watched her leave her apartment from his vantage point – his couch. The computer screens showed him every move she made and though she was off duty, he used the excuse that she was his responsibility to indulge in his desires. He knew it was wrong of him to watch her. He had told her he was going out of town, but that wasn't the truth. He'd lied to her.

Gregory sipped his coffee, and knew the lie had been necessary, at least for him. It was the only way he could keep himself from spending every hour with her. After their last encounter, he knew he would give into her and the desires he felt no matter who she had been with earlier.

She had told him about the doctor and how she was going to have to fuck him in order to keep her GPA where it needed to be. He told her he understood that, but he still wanted to check the guy out.

The professor was a man who led a double life, one that he kept hidden from prying eyes, but Gregory had found nothing else to indicate that there was anything more sinister than getting young women to fuck him for grades. Hell, hundreds of college professors, male and female, were guilty of that, so when Candice left Christmas Eve to give the guy what he wanted, he did nothing except wait for her to return. When she had, he went to sleep, but was up as soon as he heard her alarm chiming through the speakers he had installed in her apartment. He rose when she rose and slept when she slept. The young college girl had become a part of him, a part that he feared losing.

She was headed to her parents and he knew she'd be there most of the day, if not into the evening. He took the opportunity to wrap the gift he'd gotten her and looked forward to giving it to her that night, if not the following morning. It wasn't anything expensive. She had enough jewelry and more money than most young women her age. It was something he created, a music box that played Can't Smile Without You. When the gift was wrapped, he settled down to work on cataloging the latest photos, recordings, and papers that he'd gathered over the past few weeks concerning Ben and Jon's operations.

The two men had hired two more women. Candice had been made aware of it and she had found her own work load slowly lifting. She thought nothing of it, but Gregory was concerned. He didn't like the idea of her being a whore, but he also knew that losing her key position under Ben and Jon's watchful eye could mean many things. She saw it as a break and Gregory saw it as a sign of early retirement. He needed Candice to either remain in the company – or he needed to act quickly and increase the proof he had to bring down the dirty little business.

Gregory took his time, poring over documents, viewing videos, making note of where each executive was during the time Candice was playing; he also collected notes passed to him from friends and colleagues that covered the activities of her clients. When she returned that night he would give her the gift as well as copies of all he'd collected.

For his Christmas, Gregory spent his day inside. He watched television, made a few phone calls, touched base with friends and family, but when he heard Candice's keys working into her apartment door lock, he was up and heading toward the door to greet her. He opened it and smiled when she turned around. Her eyes were full of holiday merriment and he felt his chest tighten in response to the beauty that she sometimes refused to see.

"Have fun?" he asked before reaching for the gift he'd place on the table by his door.

"Yes, you?" she asked.

He shrugged his shoulders, stepped out into the hall and handed her his gift. She grinned, invited him inside and took the offering. "I've got something for you too," she admitted.

Gregory didn't have the heart to tell her that he already knew what she'd purchased him. He knew there were times she forgot he had her entire apartment bugged. His constant eye had become a familiar presence of non-interference and she tended to forget he was always there. He waited for her to retrieve the box she'd hidden in her closet; while she was gone he closed her door, locked it and placed his gift on top of her coffee table. He sat down on her leather sofa and waited for her to return.

When she did, he acted surprised and they opened their gifts. Candice showed genuine love for the music box and was equally impressed to discover he had been the one to create the gift. She watched as he admired the cuff links and tie clip. She told him that she wanted to see him wearing them whenever he was protecting her, that way she could focus on something besides the boring buttons on his jacket. He laughed, pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the lips.

The touch had been quick, but had left a mark on each of them. Candice pulled away, pressed her fingers to her lips and tasted him. He took her hand, exposing her mouth to him again and closed the distance that separated them. He kissed her, gently at first, but soon the desire they had for one another began to build into kisses that were hungry and full of want.

Candice pulled at his shirt, while he yanked at her top. She leaned back and tore the offensive garment away. Her black bra was a contrast to her white skin. He pulled his shirt over his head, leaned over and pressed her body into the couch's leather cushion. Her fingers spread down his back, across his shoulders and down to the waistband of his pants. She undid the belt buckle, as well as his button and zipper. She pulled his cock from his boxers and began to stroke him.

Their lips never parted as he used his hand to release her bra; the undergarment snapped open and her breasts spilled free. The front closure had been nothing more than a flimsy barrier to what Gregory wanted. He finally left her lips and captured her right nipple between his teeth. He suckled on the tight pearl, rolled his tongue around it, and opened his mouth further to draw in the pink areola. His fingers continued south, where he pulled her skirt up and rubbed her panties. She was slick and wet; her arousal and desire for him made his cock jerk in her hand.

Candice rolled her fingers over his swollen head; pre cum slipped free, and she used it to add moisture to the front of his cock, where she rubbed and caressed the sensitive flesh with the pad of her thumb. He groaned low and she grinned. Her hand went further. His balls were pulled from his boxers and her fingers began to manipulate the spongy spheres. Back and forth she rolled them as she teased and tormented the velvet sack with her firm and knowing caress.

Gregory held back the need to plunge his cock into her slick opening. He reached around the fabric of her panties and tore at the weak material. It fell apart in his hands. He shoved his fingers inside her hot hole and felt the texture of her sex, and the heat of her fluids. There was a thickness that seemed slightly unnatural to him, but he refused to think more on it. She was there, waiting for him, eager for him and not for someone else.

He pushed three fingers in and began to drive them deep. He pulled them out, looked down and saw the clear fluids of feminine juices and the evidence of white seed. It took him several long seconds to realize that Candice had a man's cum buried in her pussy. His stomach pitched and rolled. He pushed away from her, his cock hard and aching, now free of her touch. He still wanted her, but his mind was full of disgust. "Where were you?" he asked, "I thought you were going to your parents?"

Candice's eyes were blurred from a sudden loss of passion. She shook her head, in hopes to clear her vision. It took her a moment to realize what Gregory had asked. "I did go to my parents," she said.

"And what? Fucked your dad?" Gregory asked her. He lifted his fingers, showing her the shades of cum that were easily seen on his thick digits. He wiped his hand on his pants and put his cock back in his boxers. "So, where were you? Who did you have to fuck on Christmas? Who the fuck did they send you to?"

She blinked several times, before pushing her skirt down and picking up her bra and blouse. She pulled on the top and shrugged her shoulders. "They didn't send me to anyone. I phoned a friend," she said.

"A friend?" he asked, somewhat stunned by her admission.

"Yeah, a friend," she answered back. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass; she filled it with water and knew he was waiting for answers. She turned around and took a drink. "I called Doctor Harris. We had a lot of fun last night and I wanted another go at him," she admitted.

Gregory's shoulders slumped. "Another go at him? What – he didn't think last night was worthy of an A?"

"No, I just... look. I was frustrated that mom and dad think so fuckin' highly of Ben and Jon and they were sitting there singing their praises and I was listening to them and I just wanted to hit someone. Samuel likes to be hit," she laughed softly, "and I liked hitting him," she said.

"So, you beat him, he gets off and you both leave happy?" Gregory asked. He was working to keep the pain in his chest from gaining anymore ground on his emotions than they already had. "Then you come here and decide you'll have a go at me too?" he asked.

Candice's eyes grew wide. "I never – fuck Gregory, I didn't even think of it like that. I really just," she felt tears welling up in her eyes, "I really was thinking of just you and Samuel wasn't even part of the equation. I've wanted you for so long and...."

"Shut up," Gregory told her. "You'll have your copies of everything I've gathered in just a few minutes. You're not scheduled for anything until New Year's Eve. I've hired a friend to take my place that night. I was going to let you know later, but now is as good a time as any. I've got a family situation that needs to be dealt with."

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