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The Coming Storm


This is my first submission. Feedback is most welcome. It is a simple erotic encounter, so should you be looking for depth, go elsewhere.


Everyone has their fetishes right?

Mine's not that weird really; not compared to what I see on the internet... I don't think so anyway.

There's just something about storms that get to me. Everything from that wind whipping through the trees to the deafening crash of thunder gets me charged up. It makes my whole body hungry. It awakens a beast sleeping within me.

I'd never thought consciously about it really. It was just a feeling, an energy that the anticipation of the next crash of thunder inspired in me. I loved it, and the promise of a nasty storm was almost always exciting for me. I never considered that it was anything odd at all until I started dating Veronica.

You see Veronica is everything that I'm not. She's tall, strong, confident, and cool. She's a brilliant woman and I adore her to bits. She has curves to die for and has a nasty habit of wearing form fitting suits that accentuate her beautiful body in ways that make my knees go weak. A passing gaze from her fierce brown eyes and I'd do damn near anything for that woman.

I, on the other hand, have been told that I'm spritely. I was going to be a cheerleader in college but it turned out that the other girls on the squad only kissed each other to pick up guys and weren't too comfortable with the real thing.

There were other girls, though, that did have a taste for my perky little body. They were tough girls, strong girls, girls that would do with me as they pleased, and I loved that.

I love being told what to do in bed, to submit to the desires of my lovers. Not in some creepy way, mind you. I just like pleasing my woman the way they want to be pleased and I enjoy the adventure of letting a lover do as she will with my body. I have only ever been rewarded for the trust I've placed in the few women I've let into my bed.

That was very much the relationship I had with Veronica. She was in control of every aspect of her life and that included in the bedroom. She would guide my mouth and hands where she wanted them and I liked nothing better than to see her passionate approval as I knelt between her thighs and looked up into those fiery brown eyes of hers. She'd always repay my oral ministrations with intense stress testing of her seemingly endless supply of toys on me.

This is how we made love, until one unusual night where the forces of nature and serendipity worked in concert to uncover something hidden within both of us.

We had been seeing each other seriously for a few months by this point. We were passed the phase of silly dates and awkward uncertainty and had settled into comfortable routine. It was Thursday night, so I was at her flat making us dinner so we could eat and watch our shows together.

As I waited for the chicken to finish cooking, I caught a familiar smell on the breeze. That scent of distant rain carried on a gust of wind that warned of something bigger on its way. I stepped out onto the patio and off in the growing dusk I could see flickers of light in the clouds on the horizon. I smiled and caught myself licking my lips.

Moments later Veronica arrived and flowed through the room with businesslike grace, acknowledging my presence with a quick kiss on the cheek and a pat on the ass before disappearing into her bedroom to change out of her work clothes.

As I served up dinner, the first soft echo of thunder rolled through, long and low. I found myself overcome with the image of jumping Veronica right then; following her into her room, hiking up her pinstriped skirt and going down on her right there.

I don't know how long that thought had me captivated, but it took her returning in a t-shirt and jeans to snap me back to reality.
"Are you with me hon?" Veronica asked with one eyebrow cocked.

I then realized that I was holding a ladle of sauce, poised to pour, over the salt and pepper shakers. I shook my head and finished serving up.

"Sorry. My head's a million miles away. Do you think there will be a storm tonight?"

"I hope not." She said with an apprehension that I couldn't interpret at the time.
The wind outside steadily grew as we ate and watched crimes get solved on the tube. We snuggled together, as we always did, but somehow we were holding each other more tightly than usual.

Slow rumbles would occasionally crest loudly enough to overcome the wind and the television. With each wave of thunder, a tension in my tummy would grow and I'd bury myself a little bit deeper into Veronica and she'd react in kind. By the end of our first program, we were hopelessly entangled in each other. I was having trouble concentrating as there grew in me a need to have something on my lips and tongue. Veronica, though, seemed less inclined to fondle. Her tightening hold on me seemed more like the grip of a child clinging to a teddy bear for comfort.

When the rains finally started to spatter down, Veronica rushed to the windows to close them. As she pulled the balcony door shut, the first heavy roll of thunder crashed over the building. I was overwhelmed with the desire to push her up against the rain spattered glass door; to rip off those hip hugging jeans and go down on her from behind.

I was moments from acting on my desires when she turned back to me. Her poise was gone. The cool confidence had vanished and those fierce eyes seemed... mousey.

As she hurried back to the sofa, a brilliant flash filled the apartment. My heart pounded, anticipating the inevitable thunder that was to follow. Veronica froze mid-stride, her eyes searching for some kind of escape.

For a brief moment, our eyes locked. I saw in her something I'd never imagined: fear. She was terrified of the storm. Her gaze begged me to save her from the oncoming cacophony.

The crack of thunder hit hard, rattling the windows and reverberating in my chest, deepening my hunger. Veronica fell to her knees and wrapped herself in her own arms.

I ran to her. My instincts were to protect her, but feelings being stoked by the storm were fogging my mind. By the time I reached her, I wasn't sure if I was going to give her comfort or cunnalingus.

I dropped to the carpet and threw my arms around her shoulders. I pulled her into me, my fingers tangling in her luscious brown hair. I tried to soothe her ragged breathing. "Shhh, it's okay.
I'm here" I murmured in her ear, barely resisting the urge to nibble on her neck.

Another brilliant flash of lightening filled the room and then everything went dark; the power had gone. She pulled back from my embrace just enough for me to see her face again. Through the darkness, her enormous doe eyes stared back at me, begging for some respite from the terrible storm. That vulnerable gaze shattered my resistances. I pulled her mouth to mine with both hands and kissed hungrily as the apartment shook with the roar of thunder.

She whimpered into my mouth but returned my kiss with full force. I wrapped my arms around her again, pulling her tight against me. She responded by holding onto my face, refusing to let our lips part. Having found distraction from the storm, she was unwilling to let it go.

Another crack rattled the room and I pressed my tongue into her mouth. I explored it with fervor.

Her tongue danced around mine, eager to be in contact, protected from the tempest outside. As the storm engulfed the city, it fueled my passion and I couldn't help but to explore her body with my hands.

As my hands grabbed at her ass, tangled in her hair and danced over her skin, I was overcome with the newfound sense of power. She was giving herself over to me completely, trusting me with authority over her body.

I pulled away for a moment to see her face. She gazed up at me with desperate hope, illuminated only by the near constant flashes of lightening. She was panting hard, her lips reaching out to find mine again yet she was unable to assert the control that she normally had over me. She had wanted escape from the storm and I was showing her a way. She was still uncertain, though. She needed someone to guide her, to keep control of the situation. She needed me and the monster being fed by the tempest was going to take full advantage of that.

I felt myself grin wickedly as I dove back into her mouth. As the resounding roar echoed all around us I sucked on her tongue and chewed on her bottom lip. I worked my hand into her tight jeans, groping hungrily at her perfect round ass. I left her mouth and kissed and nipped along her jaw-line and up to her ear. I heard myself mumble into her ear "I'm going to make you scream." before biting down on her earlobe.

Her response stoked my fires as she let out a breathy whimper and collapsed into me. Her arms wrapped around my back tightly as I slid my hand down between her cheeks. There was a sudden intake of breath as I worked my way passed her anus to her lower lips. I curled a finger inside and she arched away from me, moaning through clenched teeth at the welcome invasion.

She was soaked. I'm not sure if I'd ever felt her that wet before. I felt an overwhelming need to taste her and I withdrew my hand. However, another crack of thunder fed the monster within me and my intent darkened. She needed to taste herself, to know how wet she was, to know how delicious she was, and so I could taste the sweet nectar on her lips.

I tugged on her hair to pull her head back and fed her my fingers, slick with her juices. She drank them down eagerly as she suckled my digits. The desperation with which she sucked and the gentle moans I could feel through my fingertips were more than I could handle.

I stood and dragged her to her feet. As I pulled her mouth down to mine again to taste her musky scent on her tongue, I drove her back against the balcony door from which she had earlier fled. The rain pounded against the glass, delivering a chill massage to Veronica's back.

My hands were acting of their own accord. One fought its way under her tight T-shirt in search of her glorious breasts while the other grappled with the button of her jeans. She started to undress me as well, but the beast within me would have nothing of it. My hands ceased their respective quests and pinned her wrists against the door.

I let go almost instantly. Shocked by my own dominance, I stepped away. I was ready to beg forgiveness and a stream of apologies was on my lips when I looked again into her eyes. She hadn't moved. She was still pressed up against the glass, hands to either side as if I'd glued them there. She was panting. Her pelvis was ever so slightly twitching with need. But she didn't move; she just stared at me with wide pleading eyes.

I leaned back into her to deliver a long slow kiss. I left my eyes open, something I'd never done before that point. I made it clear through my steady gaze that I was in control, that I was going to keep her safe, but only if she obeyed.

Slowly her eyes closed and the tension in her body eased as she submitted to my will. Another crash of thunder served to deepen my need and embolden my hands.

I all but tore off her T-shirt, leaving her bare back pressed against the rain beaten glass; a sensation that caused her to arch, pressing out her magnificent breasts. I admired her gorgeous form as it was revealed in flashes by lightening in the clouds. Her long brown hair cascaded over her delicate shoulders. Her chest heaved, drawing glorious attention to the erect nubs at their tips. Her narrow waist and tight tummy writhed slightly back and forth, betraying both her arousal and apprehension at the squall behind her.

I grabbed her hands and led them on a tour of her own body. I dragged her fingertips, cold from the rain-soaked glass, across her incredibly soft skin and let my own fingernails dig in here and there up her waist. Upon reaching the impeccably soft skin of her breasts, I brought her hands around to cup them. Together we stroked and massaged her weighty orbs.

I felt a shudder run through her as I grazed a nipple for the first time. I resisted the urge to take it in my mouth and instead led her fingers to it, provoking them into stroking and pinching at the firm nub. I moved her fingers beneath mine, guiding their movement until tiny moans began to escape over her bit lip. Her head pressed hard against the glass behind her and her eyes lost focus and closed.

I released her hands at last, but they continued to work on their own as I trailed my nails over her tummy down to her jeans, leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake. I unbuttoned and lowered the zip maliciously slowly. I savored the urgency of her panting, the continued fondling of her own breasts and the movements of her hips which urged my expeditious liberation of her bare skin, all of this punctuated by the tearing rain and whipping wind just inches away.

I lowered her jeans and panties and gave a teasing lick to her gently rocking snatch as I passed. The single swipe of my tongue was enough to elicit a vocal gasp. As she stepped free of her jeans, I ran my nails up the inside of her thigh stopping cruelly close to her needy pussy.
Her knees buckled as she involuntarily tried to find my fingers.

I found her mouth again with mine as I pressed my hand flat against her glistening opening. She ground against my palm and grunted into my mouth. I gave just enough pressure to let her take pleasure from the friction, but little enough to frustrate her attempts to get off. To further torture her, my free hand was roaming her body. I moved it around, surprising her with sensations, each of which caused her to twitch and moan: a light touch up her side, a tug on her hair, a scratch down her back. I had brought her to a state of incoherent want and every sense was piqued for pleasure.

An intense bolt of lightning lit the sky and the monster in me grew a little louder. I could almost feel the following thunder coming and as the clap struck us I turned two fingers into Veronica's pleading pussy.

The shock alone threw her over the edge. She collapsed onto me and let out a long high whine of alarm and blissful release as I continued to massage her interior. She convulsed and shuddered as her orgasm overthrew her control.

She gasped into my ear as she clung to me for balance. "Oh god! Oh god!" she sighed, again and again.

I withdrew my fingers and led her to bed as the aftershocks of the orgasm still rattled her body. I had intended to lay her down gently to sleep, but the storm had other ideas. Another crack of thunder slammed into me just as we reached the bedside and instead of helping her in, I threw her down.

She fell back and I dove on top of her. I plunged my tongue into her mouth and grabbed her fantastically firm ass and pulled it to me. To my surprise, I felt her arms tangle around me as her knees raised and spread so I could grind against her. Her neck craned back as her nearly ignored clitoris finally found enough friction to get the attention it had been begging for.

I my hips moved of their own volition, trying in vain to satisfy my needs. Frustrated and ravenous, I tore off my clothes. Lightening punctuated my pert breasts finally being released and I had Veronica's mouth on my tit before the thunder hit. She tensed and pulled me closer as the crash rolled through us but she never stopped sucking or grinding herself against me. I had to push her off of me to remove my jeans.

As I peeled the last of my interfering clothing off, I caught sight of Veronica. She was staring at my nude figure in the flickering light of the storm, one hand toying with her nipple. She was like a deer caught in the headlights, eyes wide and mouth agape. I had never felt so sexy.

I made a show of dipping a finger between my legs and was so needful that I had trouble retrieving it. As I leaned over to feed my moistened finger to her, my foot hit something familiar beneath the bed. As she distracted herself with my flavor, I reached down with my other hand to retrieve Veronica's big box of toys.

I dragged it out and dumped its contents onto the bed. A flash of lightening gave her a glimpse of what was about to happen. Veronica loved her toys, but they were for her to use on others. I'm not sure she'd actually allowed any of them to be inflicted upon her. She looked at her collection of dildos and vibrators with a mix of anticipation and apprehension. The inevitable thunder rocked the building and she bit down on my finger.

I yanked my hand free and leaned in close to her ear. "I told you" I said as I reached for the nearest vibe, "that I was going to make you scream."

I clicked it on and pressed it against her mound. It took her a moment to adjust to the intensity of the stimulation. She stiffened and gasped initially but slowly she relaxed and her hips began rocking vigorously of their own accord.
I played with myself gently as I felt her writhe.

The brilliant flashes from outside gave me snapshots of her passion. He eyes had rolled back in her head, she grasped randomly at the bed sheets, her toes curled and her back arched. Her heavy breaths began carrying a louder and louder voice with them, the moans started to overpower the wind and rain tearing at the window.

I felt her second climax building and her moans shifted to a mix of blasphemy and profanity. My usual self would have gladly carried her over the edge and looked for the affirmation of a job well done. The storm, though, had brought out a monster in me and I needed to keep her in this state of incoherent arousal as long as possible. I needed to dominate her completely.

I pulled back. I left her teetering at the edge and went looking for another toy. My search was accompanied by Veronica's pleading "Oh fuck, oh please, oh please, I need it, oh please..." she babbled, unable to gain enough mental fortitude to even finish herself off.

Groping around in the darkness, I found what I was looking for: a hefty strap-on with which I was intimately familiar. I had spent many nights with its vibrant purple length filling me as Veronica had gleefully pounded away. I was now going to share that experience with her. I was going to ride her until she howled with pleasure and leave her barely able to move as she had done to me so many times before.

She caught sight of me tightening the straps in a flicker of lightening and I heard her, just barely over the raging winds, mumbling "Oh fuck yes."

I heard her shifting and shuffling and when I reached the bed again I found her kneeling on the edge of the bed, her perfect ass pressed high into the air. I stood behind her and slid my borrowed cock up and down her slit, teasing her, taunting her.

I bent down and gave her a long slow lick from clit to tailbone, the gasps and shudders from which encouraged me to linger on her anus, a heretofore unheard of act.

As I brought the tip back to her needy opening she tried to press back against me. I dodged and toyed with her until the storm signaled my advance. I brilliant flash caused her to tense with anticipation for the coming thunder. I slid inside her as that thunder exploded through us.

Her head flew back and she let out a cry of unbridled pleasure that rivaled the din of the storm. Her hips lurched back, slamming into mine. Her arms collapsed from beneath her and her continued moans came through clenched teeth buried in the sheets.

I began to my hips, slowly withdrawing and then slamming back in. Each stroke elicited a new, impassioned vocalization.




"Take it!"


I gathered speed and she met me, stroke for stroke. Her muffled cries floating up through the mattress. "Yeah, yeah, yeah..." her throaty grunts goaded me onward.

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