tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Corruption of Felicia Ch. 02

The Corruption of Felicia Ch. 02



Felicia woke the next morning to Stewart gently petting her vulva. It was his usual 'morning wake up call' when he woke up aroused. She usually enjoyed these advances, which invariably led to a good morning screw, but not on this morning. This morning she wished she could get out of the house without the familial contact. Given what happened to her last night, the last thing she needed right now was to be touched, let alone have intercourse.

She pretended to be sleeping as he slid his finger across her labia. Then shifting his finger further down, he gently massaged and penetrated her opening, before ending his circumnavigation of her vitals at her clitoris. Her moisture came freely to his touch, and belied the mock slumber she was trying to portray.

"You awake?" he asked slyly, knowing that she was.

She grunted a sleepy response, still trying to project a manner that she was still more asleep than awake.

Undaunted by her little game, Stewart added a second finger to her clitoris.

A deep-seated arousal flowed over her, one that she had rarely experienced before, causing her to open her legs involuntarily. Stewart slid his two fingers into her while he maintained contact with her clitoris with his thumb. She stifled a soft moan, as the waves of pleasure increased. It wasn't just Stewart's artful hand manipulations that were sending Felicia over the edge with pleasure, but rather her intense feelings were being driven by her thoughts. One after the other, the pictures that Leosha had shown to her last night flashed across her mind. It wasn't Stewart's fingers that were penetrating her and sending her into euphoric bliss, it became her 'dark ravagers.'

She fixated on that one image. The one Leosha described as Felicia 'getting it' from both ends. The thicker of the two was behind her. His hands clasped strongly on her hips to where she could she the indentations of his fingers into her flesh. She could still picture his thick rod halfway inside of her. How hard was he thrusting into her? She could still see sweat pouring off his face and arms, glistening in the flash of the camera, and the look of absolute animal passion imprinted across his face.

She felt Stewart's probing fingers and imagined it was the other, thrusting his thick cock deeper inside of her.

The thoughts kept coming, darker, more salacious then the last—uncontrollable. She could still feel her 'dark ravager' in front, his hands gripping her head tightly and holding her steady while he thrust into her mouth with the same force as the other was doing from behind. She could picture his cock almost fully in her, and still couldn't believe something so large could fit in such a tiny place. As if by reflex, she opened her mouth a little wider in her dream, allowing her 'ravager' greater access to slide his whole tool inside. She wanted him fully inside her; she needed him there.

Stewart kissed her parting lips, and in so doing wakened Felicia back to full consciousness.

What was she thinking? She felt cheap, tawdry, and dirty. A sudden wave of nausea forced her to bolt upright. Stewart's hand has still massaging her vulva as she clamped her legs tight against it, immobilizing him. She sat still for a moment while both the waves of nausea and euphoria receded.

"What's wrong?" he asked perplexed.

"I can't...," Felicia started to say almost betraying her thoughts, and instead quickly changed the subject, "...I'm going to be late."

"Late? Late for what?"

Felicia dressed quickly, and started to explain, "I told daddy I'd take him to the airport."

It was a lie, of course. Leosha would have brought him to the airport already given that he had an early fight, but Stewart wouldn't have known that.

"When are you going to be back?" he asked.

"Not 'till later. After I drop daddy off I have to bring some food and cook diner for Mrs. Brewster. You know, the old lady who broke her hip..."

Stewart couldn't believe what he was hearing, "That's it? That's all I get? We didn't even do anything. What the hell, Felicia!"

"Please don't swear at me. I'm sorry. I promise I'll make it up to you later."

"That's what you said yesterday."

"Please Stewart, I couldn't help that I got sick..."

"Right," he said with extreme sarcasm, and then continued in a mocking voice, "I don't feel good. I'm too tired. Those were the excuses from last night, weren't they? Those are always your excuses, so don't tell me you couldn't help it. I'm sure tonight it will be that third excuse you always use, 'I just don't feel like it.' Or maybe it will be all three, 'I don't feel like it because I don't feel so good, which is making me tired.'"

"Please, let's not fight about it again. I promise..."

Stewart cut her off with a wave of his hand. He didn't want to hear any more promises or excuses. She was playing him for a damn fool, and he was damn tired of the treatment.

She pecked him on the cheek, and dashed off. He watched her run out the door, and then got dressed. He checked his shirt pocket to see if he still had Xavier's number.


She knew it was stupid to have run out on Stewart like she had, but she couldn't make love to her husband with those thoughts in her head. She thought that would be worse than the actual deed Leosha had inflicted upon her.

Felicia killed time by driving around town for a couple of hours before arriving at her father's house just before noon. She let herself in and found Leosha waiting for her on the living room couch. She sat cross-legged with her arms resting along the back of the suttee, looking like the proverbial spider waiting for the fly, "Right on time, baby doll."

"Don't call me that," Felicia said with disdain while sitting in a chair on the other side of the room, "I'm here, now what?"

"You're all business, aren't you baby doll. I've got some entertainment lined up for us girls, but first let's have a glass of wine."

As Leosha went to the kitchen, Felicia called after her, "What kind of entertainment?"

Felicia waited for a response, only to hear a cork pop. When Leosha returned, she handed Felicia a glass of wine, "Let's just say I'm gonna' give you that bridal shower you neva' had, but should've. I rented time with one of those Chippendale fellows that do birthdays, bachelorette parties..."

"I don't want to watch some stripper," Felicia barked, "And I don't drink!"

"Don't lie to me, baby doll. I've seen you drink wine."

"Not this early."

Leosha put the glass of wine down on the table next to Felicia, and sat back on the couch, "I guess we should get the ground rules out of the way first, baby doll. You want your life back, doncha'? You want to go back to being little Miss 'Sunday revival meetin',' right? Then you're gonna do things my way, no ifs, ands, or buts. And if I feel you're not gettin' in the spirit of things, or if I have to twist your arm too much then I will send those pictures."

Felicia only whimpered an acknowledgment.

"Now, I don't care what time of day it is, drink your wine."

Felicia was into her second glass of wine when Brad, the male dancer, finally showed. Leosha cleared out a spot in the middle of the living room where he could perform, and she set Felicia down on the couch, front and center.

Leosha explained to Brad that Felicia was her soon to be betrothed daughter, and that he should give her the full treatment.

Brad had dressed himself up as a cop, complete with badge, gun, nightstick, and handcuffs, and gyrated to some type of hip-hop/techno dance music he brought in a portable CD player. Leosha, while waving dollar bills in the air, egged him on with loud hoots and catcalls. Felicia just sat stoically on the couch, trying not to look too embarrassed. Between doing various lewd gestures with his gun or nightstick, Brad would glide close to Felicia and shake his rear end or groin at her, and then amble away while stripping off another article of clothing.

It wasn't long before Brad was dancing around in just a modified jock strap. Occasionally he pulled at a Velcro tab to give the two women a brief peak at his nasty bits before securing them away again. On one of his many passes, Leosha would stuff a dollar bill down his strap then laugh at her own audaciousness. She gave Felicia a few bills and told her to do the same, which she did reluctantly.

On each pass, Brad would linger at bit in front of Felicia and tease her by shaking his groin. Leosha, well into the spirit of events, would occasionally reach out and touch his chest, or give him a quick spank on his ass before shoving another dollar into his jock. Embarrassed for herself and her stepmother's behavior, Felicia still sat rigidly on the couch, her arms folded tightly in her lap.

Leosha noticed the look of growing mortification on her stepdaughter, and finally said, "I get the impression you're not having a good time, baby doll. Go ahead, why don't you grab a chuck of his firm behind."

Felicia looked at her with incredulity, "No!"

Leosha held up her cell phone as a reminder to Felicia of the pictures she had saved on it, and said, "Don't make me tell you twice," then looking up at Brad, she said, "Turn 'round stud, let my daughter feel that rock-hard tush of yours."

Felicia hesitated for a moment, and then put a hand lightly on one of his offered cheeks before she quickly pulled it away and put it back in her lap.

Leosha laughed, and grabbed both of Felicia's hands and placed them firmly on Brad's buttocks while saying, "Not like that, like this. Now hold them there."

Felicia did as told. Brad toyed with her by flexing his buttocks and pushing his hindquarters back into her hands.

"That's right, baby doll," Leosha whispered into her ear, "How'd you like those muscles pushing into you, and drivin' that hard stick between your legs. My, my, girl, it makes me wet just talkin' 'bout it."

Leosha's seductive talk was having its effect on Felicia. As she kneaded Brad's derriere with increasing force and felt his muscles rippling against her fingertips, a warm wetness was growing between her legs. Her thoughts went immediately back to her 'dark ravagers' from last night. She remembered the tautness of their leg muscles as they pushed into her. Then the waves of arousal occurred, followed by nausea. Felicia put her hands back into her lap.

"Is it gettin' hot in here or what, baby doll," Leosha said as she mockingly fanned herself with her hand, "Okay stud, time you show the ladies what you're hidin' underneath that flimsy cloth."

Turning with one fluid motion, the dancer ripped away the jockstrap to reveal himself fully. Even though he was still flaccid, Felicia could tell he would have been much bigger than her husband. It was also the first uncircumcised member she had ever seen, appearing as a tightly wrapped sausage tied neatly at one end. His testicles were large, and hung down low, almost below the tip of his cock.

Brad danced around again, always gliding up close to Felicia and making his cock sway and jiggle about to the rhythm of the music. Sometimes his movements were quite violent, causing his dick and balls to slam back and forth against each of his thighs. Felicia was astonished he didn't hurt himself with some of his gyrations.

"Hey stud," Leosha shouted between her loud hoots of encouragement, "Shake that thing. My, my, baby doll, wouldn't that be something to play with on a cold Georgia night."

As he continued to shake and shimmy, Felicia prayed to herself that Leosha wouldn't make her touch him there. Unfortunately, touching him 'there' was the least of Felicia's worries, for Leosha had other designs.

"Hey stud, you got any whipped cream? Do that thing you guys do with the whipped cream."

Brad pulled a can of whipped cream from his bag and put a small dollop near the end of his cock, and then dance close to Felicia while jutting his hips forward.

Felicia could guess what she was supposed to do, but recoiled as Brad came closer.

"Go on, have a taste," Leosha said laughingly.

Felicia just clamped her lips tight and shook her head.

Leosha held up her cell phone again, and commanded, "Taste it!"

As gingerly as a skittish dog taking food from a stranger's hand, Felicia tried to pick off the dollop of whipped cream with her lips without touching Brad's member. Being an old hand at his routine, Brad shifted his cock about just enough so that Felicia could not get a solid bead on her target.

Leosha laughed at the comical sight of Felicia just missing the dollop each time and having her lips inadvertently pressed against every part of his member. The whipped cream never did find its way into her mouth, instead ending up smeared all across Felicia's lips and chin.

"Looks like you need some practice, baby doll. Better do it again."

Brad was semi-erect by this time, and sprayed a line of the cream along the top of his cock.

The duel sensations of arousal and nausea were back, as Felicia begged for Leosha to stop the humiliation.

"Not a chance, baby doll," Leosha said, and again held up her cell phone as a reminder of impending punishment if she didn't fully comply.

This time Felicia had to use her tongue to get at the whipped cream. She took a quick swipe with it and managed to scoop up about half of the offered, sweet substance.

"You left some," Leosha said with mock disappointment, "Lick that pecker clean, baby doll."

It took Felicia several tries in order to get all of the whipped cream off. It vexed her. Each time there was always a little bit that remained, and Leosha made sure Felicia dove back into the fray to retrieve that small amount. By the time Felicia thoroughly removed any trace of whipped cream, Brad was fully erect, and his shaft has slick with her saliva.

"Once more, baby doll," Leosha said. This time she took the can from Brad and sprayed a small blob near the base of his cock.

As Felicia tried to maneuver her head around to get at the cream, Brad would shift opposite to her movements so that his cock always pointed toward her face.

"Come on, baby doll. You know what you've gotta do."

Felicia had had enough humiliation. Tired of the games played at her expense she sat back on the couch, crossed her arms, and said obstinately, "No!"

Leosha held up the cell phone again, but Felicia just sat immovable, calling her bluff.

Leosha didn't hesitate. She punched in some numbers and hit the send button.

In a blink of an eye, Felicia's demeanor crumbled from one of stiff-necked defiance into abject, gelatinous fear as she wailed a long and protracted, "No!"

Even before the last note of her wail faded into the air, all in the room could hear a phone ring from inside Felicia's purse.

Leosha smiled sadistically at the reaction Felicia had given. It was plain to see that Felicia valued her reputation far greater than her pride or modesty. She stared at her stepdaughter and seeing the submission in her eyes, said to her with cold malice, "I sent that one to your phone. The next one goes to Stewie's. Don't press me again, baby doll."

"You bitch," Felicia said weakly.

Leosha laughed, "You got that right, baby doll. I can't make any bones about that. And you can keep calling me anything you like if it makes you happy, just as long as you do what I say...Now suck the cream off his pecker."

Felicia's first attempt didn't net her much, seeing that she could only pull Brad's cock in halfway at best before she started choking. Her second and third attempts didn't fair much better. No matter how wide she opened her mouth, or how slowly she drew him in, all her attempts fell well short of their goal, and with her wrenching into gagging fits.

Felicia began to whine, "I can't do it."

Unsympathetic to her stepdaughter's plight, Leosha stated, "You're not tryin' hard enough."

"Yes I am. It's too long."

"Nonsense baby doll, I've seen girls half your size swallow a pecker like that whole and still had room to whistle 'Dixie.' You just need more practice."

Felicia started to cry at the impossibility of the task, and knowing Leosha would punish her no matter what the reason.

"Oh, quit crying," Leosha said, "Part of your problem is he's too dry. Put some spit on that pecker. I bet it will be easier if you get him all slicked up."

Felicia then set about slathering as much of her saliva onto Brad as she could. She applied tongue and mouth to his head and shaft, first licking and spitting, then spreading her fluid around with her fingers until a heavy coat of saliva dripped off his cock and onto her lap. Still, with all that preparation, Felicia could only get him in so far before gagging.

Leosha made another suggestion, "You just need some leverage, baby doll. A tool like that needs to be eased in, slow like, but you also have to put some 'oomph' behind it. Grab his ass and then try pulling him in."

Felicia grabbed his buttocks with both hands, and opening her mouth as wide as she could while slowly pulling him inside her. As he slid further in, Felicia would shift her head and jaws about as to avoid the choking reflex. The whole scene was reminiscent of a snake that was trying to swallow a fat mouse three sizes too big for its gullet. Leosha laughed at the sight.

Although the results were better than before, at best Felicia could only pull Brad in three-quarters of the way. The dollop of whipped cream mocked her, quivering untouched an inch or two from her lips. She backed away and started to cry again.

Leosha finally took pity on her, and said, "Well you tried baby doll, I guess I put that dab of cream too far back. Tell you what, you slide it up to where you think you can get at it, and I'll let it go."

Grateful for the reprieve, Felicia took a finger and pulled the dab of cream toward her. When she got it about halfway along his shaft, Leosha told her to stop, saying, "That's good right there. You should be able to manage that. Just one thing, though, when you pull away from him there better not be a speck of cream on his pecker, or there's gonna be hell to pay."

She opened her mouth wide and easily pulled Brad in passed the point marked by the blob of whipped cream. She held him there for the longest time sucking and tonguing his member, making sure she removed all of the sweet substance. To make doubly sure she got it all, Felicia slowly retracted away while maintaining a tight seal around him with her lips. When she saw that no cream remained on his throbbing member, she giggled in obvious relief.

"See what you can do when you put your mind to it, baby doll, or I should say when you put your mind where your mouth is," Leosha said, laughing at her pun, then looking up at Brad, she asked, "What else can you do, stud?"

Having gotten similar requests over the years, Brad smiled at the inference and said in a business-like manner, "Anything you want, but if it's outside my routine I'll have to charge you extra."

Felicia started to panic, but all she could manage to whimper was, "Leosha...Please."

Leosha gently pushed Felicia back onto the couch, saying, "Just lie back and relax. I always like to give out a little suga' with the castor oil," then to Brad, she said, "Money's no object, stud. Now I can see you've got some good equipment between the legs, but I wonder what your tongue can do to my little girl's honey pot."

Felicia whimpered another protest, but it was ignored by the others. She squirmed a bit as Brad removed her panties, but Leosha put a firm hand on her chest as a reminder of her situation. In the end, all Felicia could do was close her eyes and let it all happen.

She hesitantly spread her legs just barely enough so that Brad could fit his head between, but it was more than enough for him to work his magic. He started slowly, using gentle and abbreviated licks and sucks about her clitoris and labia, and occasionally extending a warm tongue in and around her opening. Even with her limited experience, Felicia could tell that Brad was good. He was very, very good in fact, but she felt guilt welling up inside of her that was born out of the fact that she was deriving pleasure from another man's attentions. As such, she kept her thighs clamped against his head, narrowing his maneuverability and dexterity. It was her only allowable show of reluctance to the act preformed on her.

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