The Crossing


It was well past six when the shaky old bus reached it's final stop. Jane muttered something angrily as she dropped a coin in the metal cup beside the driver and walked out. She had planned to reach the crossing in the afternoon, but the bus broke down on one of the mountain passes and it took the driver almost three hours to get it moving again.

Pushing people in her way she walked quickly towards a thick crowd. The border crossing closed at seven o'clock and with the attitude of the workers it usually did so some twenty minutes earlier.

Jane reached the crowd. She was relieved to see that those actually waiting to cross were rather fewer than the dark mass of people she saw from the buss stop. Most were either relatives and friends or taxi drivers trying to catch someone crossing into the country. Nevertheless, Jane pushed her way ahead of many going her way, used to her status of a foreigner often preventing the Arab men to mess with her.

She finally reached a narrow passage where she couldn't push any further. In front of her stood a tall man with his veiled wife. In front still were several Americans, whom she recognized as Red Cross staff.

Jane had been here a hundred times and knew every inch of this dirty complex. As the line moved on slowly she could clearly see the large open entrance to the main building. Inside was a large x-ray, covered with dirty stickers. She looked behind her and saw to young men. She was used to the constant looks she attracted in this conservative and underdeveloped society and had long ago become used to it.

Meanwhile the line in front of her thinned. The Americans entered the building, and only the Arab couple stood in front of her. Right next to the entrance stood an officer and a very young soldier, probably a conscript in his late teens. He too had fixed his glance on her.

Someone shouted something from inside and the officer reached out to take the Arabs' passports. He quickly looked through them and handed them back. The couple entered dragging their large formless luggage behind them and Jane was left alone in front of the two men.

She was getting nervous. Looking inside she could see many familiar faces amongst the officers. Several notorious minutes passed as Jane watched the Arabs load the luggage onto the x-ray machine, then pass to the other side of it and apparently have their it double checked by hand. Although she could not see it, she knew there was a desk behind the x-ray machine where two officers sat. The Arabs where probably being questioned there.

Finally she heard the command, but it was rather different from the one she heard minutes before. The officer turned around, hesitated, apparently wondering whether try to communicate in his tongue or just go with English, then finally crossing his hands in front of his chest, said,


Damn it, Jane looked at her watch, it was a quarter to seven, but as she looked up to say something the officer pointed towards a large watch hanging inside, which showed some three minutes to the hour. Jane knew it was hopeless, but as she was about to let out her anguish and turn around she heard a coarse voice from inside. The officer turned around and Jane looked towards the entrance. Suddenly a nervous rush of adrenaline passed through her body.

She knew the man who stood between the gates and who had called out those last words. He was tall, with small narrow eyes and a bony face. The officer in the doorway turned towards her and pointed inside, signaling a free passage. Jane was confronted with a choice: she could go in, knowing what to expect, or she could turn back, and try to settle somewhere in the border town till next morning. But reasoning quickly enough she walked in.

As she took off her handbag to place on the x-ray machine, she heard the officer yell something, apparently at the men behind her and then the gates rammed shut with the sound echoing around the large warehouse-like room. Jane passed to the other side of the machine to pick up her bag. She was right about the desk; the Arab couple was still sitting in front of it.

Just then she saw the officer who had let her in walk in front of her. Pointing to semi open door with his hand-held metal detector he said, with a heavy local accent,

"Please pass."

Well anticipating this, Jane slowly walked in. The officer followed her and closed the door behind him. Through a short corridor Jane found herself in a very small, dimly lit room. In front of her, just a couple of feet away, was a wooden table serving as a desk. The man flipped a switch turning on a small lamp and filling the room with yellow light.

With her back to him, Jane waited. She felt her handbag being urged off and released it, letting him take it off. She heard the zipper and then the fumbling sound as the officer searched through it. Soon enough though the fumbling sound stopped. Jane waited nervously. She felt a large hand touch her buttock.

There we go, she thought.

The hand moved down a bit, then rolled into her inner left thigh and moved up till her crotch. After pressing up persistently for a minute it moved to her right thigh. Simultaneously his second hand touched her hip. It moved around her belly, then up slowly towards her breasts.

Although in no way overweight, Jane's body was rather robust, with quite impressive breasts and ass. Her long blond hair constituted to quite typical image of your average good looking American.

She waited patiently, as the officer siwtched from her breasts to her ass and crotch then back. It was not the first time she had to go through this. The first time, almost two years ago, because of a misprint in her papers. All the other times were utterly random. All she knew was that she could be turned back at any moment without any explanation.

The officer's movements slowly grew agitated, his hands now fumbling around quite coarsely. Jane grew nervous, she looked out of the small window and saw that the sky was turning darker. She didn't know how long this would last. Most times she got away with just several minutes of this hassle, but something told her that this time was different.

Suddenly the officers hand dashed in between her shirt buttons - almost ripping them apart, and touched her bra. This was something new and Jane was getting more tensed than ever. She bit her lip, trying to understand how far this would go.

At the same time, as one hand fumbled around her bra, trying to work it's way under it, the other suddenly pressed against her pussy and made several painful grabbing-like motions.

Jane squealed. Her mind was working constantly in an effort to decide whether to scream, shout and try to struggle or just go with it, hoping for a quick outcome. Suddenly however, the officer seemed to calm down. He let his grip and pulled out his hand from the narrow space between her shirt buttons. Then he slowly and carefully undid the upper two buttons on Jane's shirt, and pushed the two sides of it apart. Slowly again, he moved his hand back and under her bra. Jane felt the warm and somewhat damp palm touch her breast, work it's way deeper and touch her nipple. At the same time the upper hand began unbuttoning the rest of her shirt.

Soon enough all of the buttons were let loose. Letting go of her bra the officer pulled her shirt to both sides urging it off. Jane didn't obstruct him in any way and soon enough her upper body was left with just the bra. Slowly he went on to unbutton the bra and take it off, revealing her large fine breasts.

The officer then pressed against her in an effort to see over her shoulder. He took her breasts with both hands, stroking and playing with her nipples. Jane stood patiently as his large coarse hands moved around her breasts, time to time painfully squeezing them.

With his left hand still couping her breast he moved his right hand down her body and quickly slid it under her jeans. For a second Jane's heart stopped. She felt his fingers easily find their way under her panties and touch her pussy. Once again she considered her options and again she stopped at nothing. The muscular fingers found her slit and tried to push in. At the same time she felt the officer roughly kiss her near the ear. He went on slightly pushing his fingers into her and kissing her, moving slowly down towards her neck.

After continuing this for some while he suddenly backed off. His hand slid out from under her underwear and seconds later Jane heard some fumbling and the jingling noise of a belt.

Her worst fears had come true. She looked up at the window and saw an almost dark sky. At the same time she realized that the voices in the large room had long ago gone. It was just too late...

Jane felt something hard and warm touch the lower part of her back. The officer leaned close to her and wrapped his hands around her once again. Again, one hand grabbed her breast, although this time in more agitated manner, the other dug in under her jeans. This time he was so careless that he missed her panties. Ending up above them he nevertheless squeezed several times. After that he slid his hand out and began unbuttoning her jeans.

Jane squeezed her teeth. She waited as he managed the button and then, with some effort the zipper went down. The officer then tried to pull the jeans down. Realizing he couldn't manage it with one hand he suddenly let go of Jane's breast and pushed her upper body forward, towards the desk. Jane squealed, as she leaned down and her head was about to hit the desk. Fortunately he held her back and she ended up inches from the wooden surface.

As he pushed her forward finally resting her head on the desk, the officer squatted and aggressively began prying down her jeans with both hand. After several minutes of mangling they finally came down to her knees. He got up and although Jane did no see him she felt him quiet down a bit. He got up and slowly pulled down her panties, which were already partly down after the messy effort. Jane felt his warm hands touch her ass, they stroked both buttocks, then slowly one hand went in between her legs and began fingering her pussy.

Jane was silent. She felt his fingers travel up and down her slit, push in slightly, first one, then two at a time. Occasionally his thumb would touch her anus. She felt it press down, first lightly, then slowly increasing, trying to push in. All this time his other hand stroked her ass and back.

Finally he pulled out and stood upright. Suddenly Jane felt something touch her ass. She knew it was not his hand and soon enough she could feel the hard meaty shaft press against her. At first it just pressed against her right buttock. Then it slowly moved to the middle, right in between her two buttocks. Pressing down hard it then rubbed up and down her ass. Jane could feel the officer's legs press against her. He was apparently in no hurry. After several such moves he backed off slightly and moved under her, in between her legs. Now Jane felt the warm head travel the length of her slit, just slightly touching it.

The waiting was painful. His quick switches from aggressiveness to calm made Jane even more nervous. She intuitively knew that he could burst out any moment, and now, that she was almost certain as to what awaited her, she hoped that it would just be painless.

Suddenly Jane felt all movement stop. The officer's cock just pressed against her. Then she felt his hand touch her leg, as it slid down between her legs and apparently added some pressure. Second later he entered her with a swift and resolute motion. Jane didn't have time to realize how it happened. She heard the sharp slap of their bodies hitting each other before she could feel the thick hard cock push her pussy lips apart.

Jane let out a short moan. The jolt pushed her forward slightly hitting her head against the desk. The second one came before she managed to slightly raise her body. The officer now grabbed her buttocks and pumped in continuously. His movements were slow, but each time he pushed in till the end, heavily hitting her body. It was as if he was not content with the length to which he could enter and he wanted to push in deeper and deeper.

Jane tried to suppress her emotions, as if expressing them showed complacency. The officer for his part seemed to understand that. He pushed ever harder and his hands painfully dug into her soft buttocks. Unable to hold it back Jane let out a loud "Ahhh". This seemed to please him, as he eased down the pressure for a while.

His hands now ran up and stroked her back and ass. Then the pace slow down and one hand run back down her body. Jane felt the thumb touch her anus. He slowed down even more and almost stopped. Now he just pressed down, but this time harder. The muscles around her anus flexed but the pressure was hard. Finally the rough thumb pushed it's way into her. Jane hated the feeling. It entered her for about half an inch. Thankfully the officer didn't hold on with this for long, and soon pulled his finger out and pushed his cock back, further into her.

All this time Jane would moan slightly, in hope of keeping his temper down. Now though, the pace quickened. He held her by the thighs and slowly began moving her towards him in rhythm. Now Jane was being dragged over the desk to and fro. She started to hear him moan too. It was a coarse low sound, to her it seemed like a beast.

The pace increased on, but Jane didn't feel previous pane. In a frenzy of emotions she differentiated too little as the cock ripped into her and her body rubbed against the wooden surface. Suddenly though everything stopped. Jane thought that he came. His hands anxiously clasped her buttocks as he slowly pulled out of her.

She waited. For a moment nothing happened. Then suddenly as he had stopped, Jane felt him grab her hand. The next thing she knew, she was pulled back, turn around and almost thrown against the wall. She screamed out as her back hit something hard. Not realizing her jeans were pulled down to her knees restraining her legs she lost balance and fell, landing in a semi sitting position, resting against the wall.

She didn't realize what was happening, but for the first time since she had entered this little room she was face to face with her abuser. Her heart beat wildly as she looked at him. There was something amounting to madness in his eyes. She didn't know why, but his look was stained with anger.

He stood in front of her breathing loudly, slightly bend forward, stroking his large blood-red dick. Jane shuddered as she realized that the huge thing had just been inside her. She kept her eyes fixed on it, trying not to look him in the eyes. She watched as his hand stroked up and down the sizable length of it, pointing it towards her.

Slowly he seemed to calm down once again. His breath eased down and he seemed to straighten out. But just as Jane mentally made a sigh of relief, he slowly moved towards her. With all the calmness and decisiveness of his previous actions he leaned down, grasped her by the hair and shoved her head towards him. Jane's eyes closed as she cried out, but just as her mouth opened, his dick swiftly pushed in.

She gasped, if only reflexively. The thickness of it stretched her mouth; she felt it end up just touching her throat. She opened her eyes, to see only the mass of dark hair around her. A hand landed on her shoulder, fixing her firmly in place, as his body slowly moved back, stopped, then pushed forward. His head once again scraped her throat.

Jane was baffled. The last minutes had driven her humiliation to it's peak. She could smell him up close, she could see every detail of his pubic hair, but all she could do was wait.

Without a sound the officer went on like that for about a minute. Each time pushing forward all the way he could, then backing off.. then again. Once again, his pace went from the meticulous slow, to a faster one. Jane waited, hoping the end was near. She could feel his grip tighten and his thrusts become shorter. Finally a warm gush hit her tongue. She heard him moan. His dick slid out of her mouth, with a second gush covering her lips and nose. He pulled down on her hair, forcing her to look up. Still another load ended up on her forehead and hair.

After finishing with everything he had, the officer suddenly slapped his dick against Jane's face. She reflexively closed her eyes and squealed out. He did that several times, landing the heavy thing on her cheek and eyes.

Finally he let go of her and backed off. Jane tried not to look at him. She was close to crying but still kept her emotions back. The officer didn't take long, soon he had pulled up his trousers and was gone. Jane stood up. Her back ached. She dressed rather quickly, picked up her handbag and walked out into the large room. She couldn't see the man, although he was probably around somewhere. A glimpse of light reached her from the far corner of the structure. She walked quickly towards an open gate, knowing that it led straight to the bus stop on the other side.

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