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The Cruise


First let me tell you about ourselves I am a 40 year old married woman Blonde hair, blue eyes my husband Jeff is a 42 years old. We have been married for 21 years and completely monogamous to each other. Jeff purchased a European cruise for our anniversary and we were leaving 1 week after our son-started college. It was going to be a restart our marriage trip. The first time in 17 years we had taken a trip without the kids.

I started dieting and exercising because I wanted to look great on the cruise and I knew all the sinful indulgences on a cruise trip would tempt me. I lost 15 pounds and bought several new dresses that were more daring than I have worn in years. I looked really nice I thought and my girlfriend Karen said I was really looking great.

We flew to Spain and were scheduled to leave at noon the next day. We crashed at the hotel exhausted from the flight. About 5:00 AM the next day Jeff woke me up by caressing my back we fell into each other’s arms and made love. We took our time and he climaxed into my pussy. We lay together until his cock slipped out of my dripping pussy.

We arrived at the docks and got into our stateroom that afternoon. I was amazed by the service and the luxury of the cruise liner. We had an ocean-facing stateroom. The cruise schedule was hectic for the first few hours with some drills and unpacking. I learned that Jeff had signed me up for a luxury spa package this week. After we set sail I headed to the spa to learn what was involved. I was introduced to the staff and my personal assistant for the cruise Wendy. She explained that I would get a free hair service, 2 massages, Manicure and pedicure and a waxing. I was in heaven I scheduled my massage for the next day and set out to find Jeff and thank him for this trip. I pulled Jeff out of the card/game room and down to our suite. I told him along how happy I was to be his wife and lover and that he was the best husband in the world. We got to the room and I pulled his pants down and swallowed his cock in my mouth I licked and sucked the head and gripped the shaft firmly at the base. Feeling his cock throb with excitement I started pumping his shaft Jeff gently held my hair back and watched his shaft thrust in my mouth. Jeff began to warn me that he was getting close and he of course knew that I didn’t like the taste of come. Well I was feeling like this guy deserved a treat for his love and understanding over the years and continued my sucking till his cock erupted into my mouth I gasped and swallowed him deeply enjoying the feeling of his pulsing cock in my mouth. Jeff lifted me up and kissed my cum soaked mouth in a deep French kiss. We shared his cum. I was almost dripping with excitement but we had to get to dinner in about 15 minutes.

We talked and joked with our table guests during dinner and I was squirming in my seat waiting for the evening to end so Jeff could fuck my wet pussy. We finished dinner and walked around the balconies of the ship talking about our lives and what we love about each other. Jeff mentioned that he was amazed about me opening up sexually earlier and how he appreciated my oral talents I told him that he tasted better than I remembered and he might get more of that type of service. Actually this was the first time I could remember enjoying his cum in my mouth and how excited I was to make him so happy. We made love again in the stateroom that evening Jeff took me doggy style and my screams and moans made him climax loudly as well. I woke early and strolled around the deck getting to learn my way around. I noticed several beautiful women topless on the deck getting some sun. I then headed over to the spa and Wendy greeted me and handed me a robe and told me to undress and enter the massage room.

After the massage Wendy mentioned that next time I was to be nude for a complete massage. I wondered what she meant complete as her hands touched almost every part of my body. I headed back to the stateroom and changed into my new bikini and strolled to the conservative area and started tanning. The massage left me warm and the sun added to the heat from my body. Jeff found me and we talked about my massage and what Wendy might have suggested. Jeff and his wild imagination thought that Wendy was lesbian and wanted to touch my pussy, I tingled at the thought but dismissed it as just a mans fantasy.

I had the waxing planned for the next day and thought about how smooth my legs would be and I hoped it didn’t hurt too much. I entered the spa again and again Wendy met me and instructed me to undress and meet her. I stripped naked this time and entered the room with my robe on. Wendy asked if I wanted a bikini wax since she could see the faint tan lines. I told her only if it didn’t hurt. Wendy covered my legs with a powder and then started on my pubic area lightly dusting this powder on. I just laid back and relaxed after a few minutes Wendy started the process and it really didn’t hurt that much I guess using the powder allows the wax only to stick to the hair and not the skin.

Wendy asked if I wanted brazilian or everything in the bikini area. My girlfriend Karen said she had the brazilian once and wished she had everything. Wendy smiled and said I would really like this. It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought but I looked down and Wendy was pulling my pussy lips away from the wax strip, my pussy twitched and Wendy felt the resistance and smiled. I started to get excited about the statement Jeff made and wondered what another woman would be like. Wendy gently removed every hair from my legs, pussy and ass. I was smooth, bald and wetter than ever. Wendy placed her hand on top of my mound and gently brushed her thumb over my hood. My clit was erect and I was mesmerized by how sensitive I was and looked at Wendy and asked her if all the customers got this type of treatment. She replied that the customer always gets what they want and asked if there was anything else I wanted? I was too shocked and excited to reply what I wanted and I slowly started getting up and dressed. I wore my bikini out of the spa and found that even walking made my engorged clit tingle.

I headed towards the sunbathing area and found Jeff. He wanted to go to the topless area and I quickly agreed. We got up there and the scent of the coconut oil and bronzed skin was very exciting. We found a pair of chairs near one of the couples that we shared dinner with and sat down. She was topless and he had on a speedo they were about 30 pounds overweight but I caught Jeff staring at her tits so I decided to drop my top. Jeff was shocked and I could tell the guy in the speedo liked it because I could see his cock swelling. We had a few drinks and talked about our lives. Then we left to get ready for dinner. After we got to the cabin Jeff said he had never thought his wife would go topless anywhere. I then peeled off my bikini bottoms and he just stared, my clit was so hard and my cunt lips were parted and full of blood. Jeff laid me on the bed and began licking my wet pussy. I started coming right away and Jeff just kept licking my pussy like a puppy lapped water. Jeff asked me to roll over and stick my ass in the air. He then started eating my pussy from behind and grabbing my ass. We got into a 69 and his cock was just throbbing and the head was all wet and shiny. I swallowed his cock and he came in my mouth again. His hard-on never stopped and he mounted me and fucked me hard the sound of him slapping my bald wet pussy caused me to erupt in orgasm my pussy was milking his cock and I never wanted him to stop. Finally he pulled out and came all over my bald mound. Then Jeff surprised me again and ate my wet pussy again. He looked like he had eaten a whole dozen glazed donuts.

We finally got to dinner late and the other couple mentioned that we looked flushed I responded that we were just running late and hungry for dinner. Again we walked the decks and Jeff mentioned how sexy I was, I told him about Wendy fondling my pussy while I was getting waxed and how exciting that was. Jeff mentioned again that she wanted to eat my bald pussy just like he did. We headed back to the cabin and just fucked and sucked each other Jeff just would just tease me by slowly inserting his cock into my wet pussy and then quickly pulling back out. Then Jeff asked if he could take my virginity? I was wondering what he meant and he responded that there was still one hole that he hadn’t penetrated. My pussy was dripping with excitement but my voice was filled with fear. I told Jeff no way it would hurt too much. Well Jeff positioned himself behind me in the doggy position and inserted a finger in my ass and took his other hand and started rubbing my clit. Well in about 30 seconds my pussy pulsed a stream of clear juice right onto Jeff’s thigh and my asshole started gripping his finger. I had decided that this was going to be exciting and Jeff was going to take my anal virginity. Not tonight though, I asked Jeff to be patient and he would receive a gift before the trip ended.

Again he pushed his cock into my dripping pussy and thrust hard. I was coming so much that I’m sure the captain could feel the boat rock.

The next morning was the second massage day from Wendy and I couldn’t believe how horny I was when I entered the spa. I went into the room and lay on the table. Wendy entered and asked if I had any problems with the waxing, I said the only problem was my husband barely let me out of the cabin. We laughed and she said that was a great problem to have. She began my massage and spent a long time on my upper thighs and ass saying that I was tense, I agreed and moaned my clit was rubbing against the table. Wendy then used some warm oil on my thighs and ass the oil dripped into my ass crack and I just started coming right in front of another woman. Wendy noticed this and took the opportunity to insert her fingers into my snatch. This sent me over the top and my hips were bucking against her fingers. Wendy asked what made me so excited and I mentioned that I was going to lose my virgin asshole to my hubby.

She said that this was very exciting and asked if we had lube because without lube it would hurt and I wouldn’t like it as much as I should. Wendy said she would get me ready for my husband. I was shocked when Wendy pulled out an enema bag and proceeded to fill it with water. She said the best way for both of us to enjoy anal sex was for me to be clean. She then inserted the tube into my ass and released the warm water. I was surprised how quickly the water filled my ass. Wendy then asked me to expel in the bathroom. I returned to the room and she had me lay on the table again. Then she had put on a pair of gloves and inserted her lubricated finger into my asshole. I was clenching and thrusting against the table when Wendy explained that I needed to relax in order to really enjoy the fucking my husband was going to give my ass. I started to settle down then Wendy inserted a second finger in my ass and started a slow fucking motion. I couldn’t believe how wet my pussy was and my clit was fully extended from it’s hood. I gushed on the massage table and Wendy said I should be ready for my husband now. I was ready but it was for Wendy. I started to kiss her full on the lips and she responded we shared a very hot sensual French kiss I was amazed how soft and our lips felt together Wendy moved down and inserted her tongue into my pussy. I came right there and started pulling up her white dress. She didn’t have any panties on and her pussy had a small barbell stud right above her clit. I licked and sucked her pussy till she started squirming. All I could think is this is why Jeff is always between my thighs. I was exploring her folds with my tongue and the juice was just heavenly. Her clit was as hard as a pea and she was bald as me. I came up for air and we kissed again I was just about ready to give up men altogether when Wendy finally broke off the kiss and said it was time to find Jeff.

I walked out of the spa determined to find my husband and have him put his cock in my ass.

I found him on a deck talking to our friends from dinner and just walked right up and said excuse me but he promised to fuck me in the ass today and I grabbed his hand and marched right to our room. Jeff was walking with a huge bulge in his trunks and when we got to the cabin I ripped off my clothes and told him to lay down on the bed. I climbed on top of him and he spread my ass apart and I grabbed his hard cock and slowly impaled my ass onto his hot cock. I was struggling to get that cock head deeper into my ass then Jeff started cumming and the added lubrication from his hot cum was all I needed to get him buried deep into my ass. I was in heaven Jeff started lifting up slowly and soon we were just thrusting and fucking like crazy. Jeff and I both collapsed in the bed my pussy lips were just swollen and pink. Jeff went down on me and sucked on the lips It felt soo good and I said he was almost as good as Wendy. I started cumming all over his face and he just kept at it. Later after a hot shower we talked about my experience and I said it was a one time event.

We left the cruise ship me dressed in a very short sun dress without panties and Jeff was holding me tight ready to start living a wild and crazy life.

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