tagLoving WivesThe Curse of the Scots Ch. 03

The Curse of the Scots Ch. 03


The Curse of the Scots, Part Three.

A confused man and two tormented women.

Cayden has some thoughts:

I'd been thinking about what's been happening to me; I mean the inconsistencies. I've known this woman just four days: I feel my life is being changed, and I'm not sure if it makes any sense. I remember an old movie; something called 'People Will Talk'. It starred these old movie actors Cary Grant and Jeanne Craine. He was this doctor who met and fell in love some girl half his age; it all happened in just a few days. The whole thing really didn't make any sense; it was just a movie anyway. I mean I'm not falling in love, but I know I feel something. I think she feels something too. Who knows? Hell, my life is shit anyway.


It's Holy Thursday, and Caprice is deep in thought.

Cayden is such an asshole. He thinks he can rebuild my body and I'll miraculously become something different. He doesn't get it. He just doesn't get it. I'm a whore. That's all I'm good for. I could never get back...back...back to...oh whatever. Oh God, who cares?


Cayden gets the ball rolling!

"Come on. You can't sleep away the whole day!"

Caprice rolled over and looked at the clock; it was past noon, "Oh."

"Come on. Get up girl. I want to show you the farm," I opened the closet and pulled out a pair of jeans and an oxford button down shirt. I glanced back at the drowsy woman, "Up, up now, the day's already half over."

I watched as she pulled herself off the bed and went to the bureau. She yanked out a pair of panties and a bra. After slipping them on she pulled on the jeans and the shirt. She looked around, "I don't have any socks."

I faked a grimace, "Damn, you can't remember everything. Just slip the tennis shoes on without socks today."

Dressed, hair combed, and face scrubbed she followed me to the big pick-up. I helped her in. I walked around and climbed in on my side and said, "Ready?"

She was in kind of a grumpy mood. Inwardly I thought it was funny; just a few days ago she was scared shitless. She looked at me and said, "What, you going to show me around the Ponderosa?"

I laughed, "Nope, South Fork!"

She laughed too.

For the next hour and a half I drove her up and down and around the farm. I showed her the barns, the horses, the chicken houses, where the swine were, and the two steers. I drove her out to where I was getting ready to put in some corn, and then I took her to my river front property where I pulled up a crab pot. It was empty.

I parked the truck at an overlook by the river, "What do you think?"

She was grinning. I thought she really looked pretty, maybe even a little happy, she said, "Well Pa; the only things that's missing is a woman and a passel of kids."

I laughed, "Tell me Ma, you fertile?"

I could tell she didn't think that was so funny. Her brow furrowed all up, "Remember what I am. I never kiss on the lips, and nobody gets in here," she pointed to her bush, "without a condom." Then she added, I'm surprised I haven't started my period, what I've been off the pill several days."

"You can have children?"

She rubbed her abdomen; then cupped her breasts, "I missed my period a few times. Twice they took me to a doctor, I guess he was a doctor, he cleaned me out and I was back to work in a day, so I guess nobody's tied or cut my tubes."

"You ever have someone special? I mean someone other than a pimp. Someone you might have loved?"

"That's too personal."

"So there was someone once."

"No, I thought he was, but I was wrong."

"When was that?"

"I don't remember."

I scratched my face. I knew I'd have to shave again before we went to church, "You ever think about having children?"

"No, I hate children. I've seen whores with children. They're dirty little things; runny noses, shitty diapers, crying all the time. They're damned inconvenient. They get in the way."

"Tell me Caprice what do you like to do?"

"This is bull shit. What do you think I like. Remember me; the whore? I like getting fucked up the ass! I like licking shit smeared dicks. I like being fucked over and over and over all night till they end up pouring motor oil up my ass and in my filthy cunt to keep me lubricated. I like getting tied up and having four or five men piss all over me. Then I like getting up early the next morning and sucking off every guy who slept over. I like telling seventy and eighty year old men how marvelous they are."

"Ok, I'm sorry. You don't have say any more."

"No I want to. You ever see a woman strapped in a harness and given the great opportunity to happily to pull a man around in a wagon. You ever had anyone put you in a box and fill it with water till you think you're going to drown? How about being staked out on a bed all night and then get fucked by so many men you lose count? How about wearing a butt plug all day long or running around naked in some field while a bunch of old men shoot at you with paint ball guns? That's even more fun in the winter when there's snow on the ground!"

I reached over and grabbed her wrist, "Caprice that's..."

She must have panicked. She yanked her hand away. Jumped out of the truck and started to run. I didn't know where she thought she was going, or what she was running from. I did know I had to catch her before she hurt herself. I guessed she just wanted to get away, get away maybe from me, away my questions.

I checked to make sure the truck was in park, and the emergency brake was on. I climbed out of my side of the truck and took off after her. For a woman who'd been brutally beaten just a few days before, and who'd hardly had anything to eat she was pretty fast. It took me close to a hundred yards before I caught her. I got up to her, tried to catch and hold her, but ended up tackling her.

I tackled her and got her on the ground. She started screaming and yelling. She kicked at me. She tried to bite me. For a recently beaten woman I never witnessed so much energy. Then just as quickly as she started to fight she stopped. I watched as she burst into tears. Great big tears rolled out of her eyes. I'd never heard such sadness. It was horrible! She was pathetic. At last, just as fast as the fighting and the crying it all stopped. She just lay there under me on the ground. I felt her slowly curl into a fetal ball. The anger that had been followed by pain had vanished; she was completely pliant, listless. Her eyes had lost all emotion. It was like she was dead.

I got scared, "Caprice. Caprice? Caprice!" I pulled her up and held her as tightly as I could. I tried to get her to respond, to listen, to say something, anything. I even shook her a little bit. She was just there in my arms like some kind of zombie. I didn't know what to do.

Slowly she seemed to come back. It was like she'd been in some trance, or far away someplace. She started to stir again. I held her in my arms. I put my hand on her cheek, "Caprice, you all right?"

She looked at me all bewildered, "I don't remember what happened. I'd been running away. Cayden caught me. No, you're Cayden. I was in your arms. Cayden, what happened?"

I told her, "I don't know. You ran. I caught you. You started to fight, then you started to cry, and then you just...well you just like disappeared. It was like you were gone."

"I remember you were asking me some questions, something about children, babies. Yes, you said something about children. I think I might have had a child, maybe I was just pregnant. I think they took it away, or killed it or something, or it might have died. They wanted to tie my tubes, but I wouldn't let then. I remember I wouldn't sign the papers. I know they punished me for that. I don't remember."

They punished you? What did they do?"

"I don't remember."

"You say you had a child?"

"I think...I don't remember."

"You think they took your child away?"

"Yes. No. I don't remember. I don't remember. I just don't remember!"

"They must have really hurt you."

"I can't remember. Please don't ask me any more questions."

I kept holding her in my arms. I took her two cheeks in my right hand and pulled her close. I kissed her cheeks, her nose. I kissed her lips, she tried to turn away, but I wouldn't let her. I kissed her again.


I smiled, I had to lighten things up "Hey, look at the time. If we're going to church we need to get back," I got up and helped her up, "Come on, let's get back to the truck and head on home," I didn't know what happened, but I knew we had to try to get beyond whatever it was.

I led her back to the truck. She was really like listless. Then she started talking again. It was kind of incoherent.

She said, "I heard what you said. You said we were going home. You don't mean it. It's a trick. Tomorrow, or Monday after Easter I'll be back at work. You'll put me some place, and I'll be back at work."

I was stunned, "Caprice nobody's going to make you do anything you don't want to do," I could tell she didn't believe me. I wondered who I was talking to.


Back at Angie's; it's Angie, Emily, and Mrs. Bradford.

I checked the clock. It was close to 6:00 p.m. I called back through the hall to the kitchen, "Mom I'm going out with Bernard tonight. Don't wait up." I ran out the door and jumped in his truck.

I don't care much for Bernard; he can be mean, but he keeps me occupied. One thing; I know Cayden can't stand him. It's kind of cool knowing whenever I'm with Bernard Cayden's pissed off.

Cayden was my husband until my dad made me sign the divorce papers he'd had drawn up. I guess dad was right. Cayden was a good worker; he just wasn't any good for me.

I loved him so much. When I was in school the only time boys paid any attention to me was when they needed help with their homework or when they wanted to make fun of someone. Cayden's a year older than me. I'd seen him around ever since I could remember. He's always been handsome; the girls all liked him. I had a terrible crush on him when he was in high school, but he never even knew I was alive. He'd drive by my house on his way to school. I had to walk to school. Sometimes he'd drive right by in his pick-up. He never even noticed me.

He noticed me once though. It was the year after he graduated and I was a senior. I know I'm not pretty, and my body never developed like other girls. All my girlfriends got boobs and hips and stuff. All I got was older. Well at least I never got acne.

I remember it was afterschool one afternoon and I was on my way home, walking of course. There were several boys standing around on the edge of the school's property. They were all talking and carrying on. Cayden was with them. I tried to make myself as inconspicuous as possible. I didn't want anyone, especially Cayden, to notice me. One of the boys in the group saw me coming and he yelled, "Hey Angie, you're so ugly it's pathetic!"

All the other boys laughed, Cayden didn't. He walked over to his pick-up; he opened the cab door, and asked, "Angie, you need a ride home?"

Of course I got right in. All the other boys just watched as Cayden helped me in and closed the door. He even helped me buckle my seat belt. That was all it took. I fell madly and deeply in love.

Cayden started dating me. At first he took me to nice places. We went to the movies, and he'd buy me popcorn and a soda. He took me to the beach, he'd set up an umbrella, and we'd sun bathe. He'd go get pizza and cokes, and we'd sit on a blanket and eat on the beach. This was something only pretty girls did, and here I was, this woman in a child's body, with the coolest boy in the county. We'd lie there on the blanket and make out. He tried to feel me up. At first I wouldn't let him, but in the end he got to feel of me. I recall the first time. He was groping all around and I heard him mutter, "Where's it at," he was looking for a boob. I rolled away and started to cry. Cayden, he got real upset. He pulled me back over toward him and told me size didn't matter. He said I had all he wanted; that made me cry even more. He held me in his arms, he kissed all over my face, and he told me he loved me. He said big tits were overrated. He said I had all he wanted. He said that a couple times. He said he'd take care of me, love me, and protect me for always.

My dreams had come true; well at least for a while. Sometime around the end of the summer after my senior year Cayden started to change.

I was supposed to go away to college, but he'd talked me out of it. It made my parents mad, but I didn't care. Cayden had a farm, he had money, and I was convinced he loved me. I was actually going to get the happily ever after every girl dreams of. All I wanted to do was be with him, but something went wrong.


I keep reminiscing while I'm in Bernard's truck.

So I'm in this truck with Bernard. I have Cayden's baby, but I won't let him near her. I don't know what went wrong. Cayden had been so good; then he got mean.

I'm small, and Cayden well he's big, at least a whole lot bigger than me. I used to like it when he sat me on his lap and wrapped his arms around me. He'd take his hands; his hands are big, and he'd softly rub them over my body. Mostly he did it outside my clothes, but sometimes he'd unbutton my blouse and rub his big hands all up and down my back and chest.

After he started dating me exclusively he told me I wasn't allowed to wear bras anymore. He said he liked to see the little bit I had bounce around under my clothes. He said he liked to see my nipples stick out against my blouse. He'd nibble and kiss on my nipples until they perked up; then he'd suck on them. I don't have much in the boob department, and he could suck a whole boob in his mouth.

Pretty soon I wasn't permitted to wear panties or pantyhose. Then he said I couldn't wear slacks or jeans. I could only wear skirts, preferably minis, or dresses. He said he liked the idea that I'd always be readily accessible. That all started shortly after I let him get me the first time. Sometimes I'd be sitting beside him in his pick-up, and he'd pull me over on his lap and slide his thing inside me. It hurt; it always hurt. We did it once while we were at a stop light. By then I was always so hot for him I did anything he wanted.

I said he had big hands. He could wrap his hand almost completely around my neck. Once while we were stopped in traffic he wrapped his right hand around my neck while he unzipped his pants with his left. He pulled out his thing and slowly pushed my head down so I had to put it in my mouth. Then he held my hair and kept pushing my head up and down until he ejaculated in my mouth. I had to swallow all his stuff. I coughed. It tasted awful.

I don't know why, but he kept getting worse and worse. He started calling me his little whore whenever we were out. He'd say that in front of other people. Then the worst possible thing happened and all the bad things stopped.

One night we were out in his pick-up and we'd parked down by the ocean. The waves were crashing really loud that night. He got a blanket and carried me and the blanket down to the beach. I had to lock my legs around his waist while he wrapped his left arm around my lower back. That's how he carried me that night. He put me down and laid out the blanket. Then he ordered me to take off all my clothes and lay down on the blanket. By then I was more afraid than in love with him so I always did what he told me to do without question. I wasn't afraid that he'd hit me or anything; I was afraid he'd get mad and stop seeing me. I mean I loved him so much that if he told me to shoot myself I would have done it.

He told me to get on my hands and knees. I figured he was going to do me doggie style; we'd done it before, and though it hurt, like I said it always hurt, I always let him do it. This time though he said he was going to do my ass. I asked him not to, but he said I was his and he would do as he pleased. He got out some kind of gelatin; put it on his fingers and pushed them way up my rectum. I cried out. It really hurt. He laughed. Then he got behind me. I begged him not to do it, but he only laughed louder.

He pushed his penis way up inside my ass. He was really hard. I never felt him be so big or so hard. I'd never felt such excruciating pain before. I screamed, and I started to cry. It hurt so much I just couldn't stop crying. He only pushed inside one time and stopped. He went way up inside my body. I could feel myself being torn inside; I thought I was being split apart. I started to bleed. I couldn't see the blood, but I felt it.

Just that fast he pulled out of me and started crying. He swept me up in his arms and just kept crying. He held and hugged me so tight I thought I was going to suffocate. He said he was sorry. He kept apologizing; he kept telling me he didn't know why he did it. He just said he only did it because he wanted to hurt me. He kept saying he had to punish me. I still don't know what I did wrong. I loved him so much I swear he could've done anything to me. I would have died for him if he asked me to.

We both sat there on the blanket and cried for like a half an hour. Then he picked me up and carried me like a baby back to the truck. That was the night he asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes. A few weeks later we got married, but by then I was so deep into alcohol and drugs it was like I was lost in another world.

So here I am bouncing along toward the Wagon Wheel in Bernard Keith's truck. I hope Cayden finds out. I hope it makes him mad. I don't know why I want that, but I really do. I want him to be so pissed he'll find me and give me a good beating. Sometimes he used to spank my ass. I know I deserve a good spanking now.


The other girl.

Back inside the small 1960's red brick ranch house with the peeling paint on the front door, proof the house was in disrepair, a little girl looked out her mommy's bedroom window as her mommy jumped in the man's truck and rode away. She looked down at the raggedy old box she clutched tightly in her hands. This had been her mommy's game when she was little. Mommy promised she would teach her how to play. The box lid was scratched and worn. Someone had once drawn a stick picture of a girl on it, but somebody else had taken a pen and scribbled over it. Dried up masking tape still barely held two of the top's corners together; the title on box top read Candy Land. Mommy promised she would teach her to play one day.

Emily carefully put the box down on the old hardwood floor. She didn't know how to play, but she'd played with the board and the cards before. She took off the lid, collected the cards, and started to lay them out in neat rows across the board; "one for mommy, one for grand-mommy, and one for me..."


Cayden gets a call.

I got a call from Mrs. Bradford. She said Angie was headed to the Wagon Wheel with Bernard. She sounded scared. She said Angie really got plucked when she saw Caprice in my truck.

The idea that she was out with Bernard again really tore my ass. She had my child, and Emily was getting old enough now to start to understand what was going on. She'd be asking questions soon, and I wanted Angie to be able to give her the right answers. She wouldn't be able to do that if she was off drunk with a bum like Bernard Keith.

Right away I called Del. He didn't like it when I asked him to help me. He said he had plans, but I begged him to go down to the Wagon Wheel and keep an eye on things. He tried to bail by telling me he was still only nineteen and under the legal limit. I laughed, but promised I'd make it up to him if he kept a watch out tonight. He said he would. Del's a great kid.

So I ruined Del's evening; now it was time for Caprice and I to go to church and probably ruin a lot of other peoples' evening too.

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