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The Cyber Seduction


Sweat glistened from his shoulders and chest as he exerted, his manhood buried deep inside me. Strong and powerful, his thrusts varying in pace and intensity. His thick cock stretched my hot, wet pussy as I took its entire length, feeling it slide inside then tantalizingly withdraw. I grasped the back of my knees and drew back my legs causing me to rock gently backward. He shifted slightly, never letting up, and buried his swollen member yet deeper.

My moans became louder, more frequent, more desperate as he relentlessly fucked me. His hands wandered over my smooth skin, brushing my swollen clit, rubbing it softly, providing me stabs of intense pleasure. I contracted my pussy, squeezing his blood engorged organ, then relaxed and let him continue. A hand caressed my smooth belly, lingered by my navel, rounding it, exploring it as if it were a precious jewel.

“You have such a tight pussy, it feels so good,” he whispered softly, seductively, with only a hint of his own rising urgency. “Breath deeply baby, I want you to come…come hard for me.” I loved it when he talked to me, his voice deep, confident, and in control. It drove me further into my passion, I was well beyond the first orgasm, now they ran seamlessly together each successively rising in intensity.

His hand moved to my sensitive breasts gently fondling their supple smoothness. My pink nipples drawn hard and taut he playfully rolled and pinched them sending tingles of pleasure to my pussy. And he moved smoothly and swiftly, intensity increasing, his cock pulsating within me, his desire reaching a crescendo. I felt his explosion as he pumped two then three waves of thick cum deep inside me. The incredible release of his orgasm was etched on his face, a look of relief and deep satisfaction.

I smiled as he kissed me and then apologized as salty droplets of sweat cascaded onto me. I found it amusing that after taking me to such levels of passion he would think an apology was even remotely necessary. There had developed between the two of us, from the beginning, a unique closeness. Sex was the main theme but a friendship of mutual care and respect was present, despite living very distinctly different lives.

As we dressed I hesitated, taking time to look at him. Tall and rugged described him well, not particularly handsome but ‘good looking’ for a man. Our time together was ‘freedom’, separate as it could be from the worldly pressures of life. For the past few years we had carved out our own little space and time. It was going to be difficult to tell him, but my life has changed, and sadly, he could no longer be a part of it. “Jeff, we need to talk, I have things I need to tell you,” I said slowly.

“I’m listening,” he said as he sat down beside me. “I have a feeling this is not good news.”

“It’s not meant to…hurt,” as I looked at him, my lips started to quiver and tears welled in my eyes. “We’ve always known that some day would be good bye, that for one of us it would have to be. I’m the one, I always thought it would be you…but I’m the one.” The words spilled out as I started to cry. “I’m in a relationship…a special relationship.”

“Okay, okay…” he comforted. “And that’s a such a bad thing? Why don’t you start at the beginning, we’ve always been open with one another…tell me about it, from the beginning.”

In the past year my life had finally matured to a point where I could pretty much do as I pleased. I kept my personal life, particularly my sex life, as discrete as I could. A single, mature, attractive woman I enjoyed the freedom to indulge myself sexually, something that had not always been possible, and special friends like Jeff made it very satisfying. Work still occupied most of my time but at least, from a personal perspective, I had many options. A long term relationship with anyone, man or woman, was the furthest thing from my mind. I hadn’t thought myself as susceptible to either.

I loathed the bar scene and avoided swingers clubs preferring instead, to concentrate on the Internet. Various sites were available where I could make quality yet anonymous contacts with men, women, and couples. I had explored them all and settled on an upscale service, one that had been recommended as having an active, quality membership. I remember smiling to myself as I completed my on-line profile, listing the various situations I would be interested in. Men were still the main focus of my sexual interest and activity however, I was also mildly bi-curious. I had had a few flirtations with women, and though somewhat superficial, had resolved not to exclude women that were truly bi-curious. The latter had proven elusive, many professed bi-curious women were married, and their husbands drove their interest, a situation I found somewhat insincere.

Opening my E-mail had become an erotic fantasy adventure. I had become accustomed to the typical male come-on line describing some outstanding part of their anatomy, their particular sexual preference, and their extraordinary prowess. To a degree it was boring although some were quite humorous. Many were probably quite smooth when talking, but having to put it in writing, well that was another matter. Single women on the net were few and really did not have to take the initiative to contact others. It was both surprising and pleasing to find, one day, a message from a woman with the pseudonym ‘Amberlight’.

‘Hello…I am curious about you…by our profiles we have much in common…I am bisexual…are you attracted to women?’ she inquired.

‘Yes, I am attracted to women, but not all women. Tell me about yourself.’ I replied fully expecting this would be the last I would hear of Amberlight.

‘I want to know what attracts you to a woman. I like softness, intimacy, with a hint of mystery. Soft kisses and candlelight, satin sheets and silk stockings…what do you like?’ As I read her return message I couldn’t help but smile, this could be interesting.

‘Hmmm…I like smell of a feminine body alongside mine. I like to feel the softness of her skin, her sensitivity to my touch. I love to explore her body…a long sensuous massage perhaps. How would you pleasure a woman?’ I wasn’t much into erotic chat but why not let it out and see where it goes.

‘No man knows how to give pleasure to a woman the way another woman can. My tongue can work miracles, along with my fingers and toes they will find all the subtle places a woman finds exciting, perhaps even some you’ve never experienced. I know I can please a woman…in so many erotic ways. Why not meet me for a drink…we could talk further.’ Okay, so I had asked for it and got it, she had cut to the chase. My interest was piqued, there was no way I would refuse to meet, and the only commitment was a drink.

Over the next few days we set a time up for the following week, after work, at a local wine bar named Trius. She said it was trendy, a bit removed from the mainstream, but suited the purpose of a first meeting very well. I thought about our pending meeting frequently. The fact it was another woman made it almost intoxicating, the anticipation, the excitement of meeting someone new and different, the potential for sex if impressions were favorable. I always prepared physically for the best, and mentally for the worst.

I slipped home from work a bit early that day. Carefully laying out my clothes I wanted to remain conservative on the exterior, yet sexy underneath. I was always fastidious of my grooming so little maintenance was required but I found a quick soak in a hot bath both relaxing and invigorating. As I lay in the sudsy warmth, my fingers wandered to my sex and I sent shivers through my body as I lightly stroked my clit. My thoughts drifted to erotic fantasy as I soaked. I envisioned a woman, her face and her body shrouded in a fine mist, like a phantom rising from the bath.

Her hands roaming my body, touching my most intimate places, she caressed and kissed me, softly at first, then harder forcing an invisible tongue into my mouth. Her scent and hot breath seemed all over me. A voice, faint as if from a great distance away, spoke. The words were sensuous, seductive, yet I could recall no real meaning to them. Suddenly her body hovered over mine, sufficiently close I could feel her smooth skin next to mine, the softness of her full breasts, and the hardness of her engorged nipples.

My temperature was rising, my breathing grew short, and I began to moan, almost inaudibly at first, and then growing in intensity. “Ughh…ughh...ughhh!!” A tingling sensation welled up from deep in my belly, beginning to overwhelm me. My body convulsed as the orgasm raced through me, shaking me violently, and as I writhed I reached out to her…only to have the beautiful apparition fade as quickly as it had appeared.

Waking from my trance I could feel my clit throbbing as a result of my incessant stroking and rubbing. I had had erotic fantasies before but this one had been very intense. “This meeting really has you worked up,” I thought as I got out of the tub. Time was growing short and I didn’t want to be more than fashionably late.

Arriving at Trius about five minutes past our agreed time I could immediately see why she had picked it to meet. It was too early for the dinner crowd and this clearly was not in a good location to be a popular bar. This would be a ‘safe’ place to remain discrete. As I looked around I saw no one, the place was deserted except for the bartender who looked justifiably bored. He brightened slightly when he saw me.

“Welcome…you were to meet Amberlight, yes?” he asked in a slight Latin accent.

“Why yes…yes I was,” I was waiting for the excuse, the let down already settling into my psyche.

“She called here, not ten minutes ago, and asked we tell you she has been delayed…but only a short while. I am to offer you something to drink as you wait…a glass of wine perhaps?” He smiled at me, his voice soothing.

I sat down at the bar and sipped a glass of chardonnay he recommended. It was extraordinary, a soft fruit nose with a hint of oak and butter tones. The bartender chatted for a few more minutes then moved on to serve a young couple that had just arrived. I began watching the clock, ten, fifteen, then twenty minutes…the wine glass empty. As I got up to leave a young man, in a chauffeur’s uniform and cap, approached me.

“Excuse me, but were you here to meet Amberlight?” he inquired. The look on my face told him the answer and I was growing impatient. “I can take you to her straight away…please follow me.” Outside the front door of Trius, parked at the curb, was a black limousine.

“You expect me to ride with you? Where? Are you crazy? Is she crazy?” I said indignantly. The driver looked impassive, he held the door open.

“Please ma’am, she would like to talk with you. She has been detained…unavoidably,” he explained.

“I have to be nuts…” I muttered to myself. I was not accustomed to acting impulsively, but something drew me in, I had to find out who she was. It was mid-summer and the coolness of the leather seats felt good as I slid into the interior. The driver closed the door after me and then proceeded to make a quick call on a cell phone as he made his way to the driver’s side.

“There is a phone to your right…inside the compartment. It will ring in a minute…please answer it,” the driver instructed as he got into his seat. He made no effort to pull away from the curb. Before I had a chance to reply the phone started ringing, I picked it up.

“Amberlight? Where on earth…” I blurted.

“I was delayed, I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you.” She said in a firm but friendly voice. “I understand if you do not wish to go with my driver, he can take you to your car, or he can bring you to me?”

“Where are you?” I asked as I gathered my wits.

“Well, it’s more like where I’m going to be…I have a little place about forty minutes out of the city, on a lake, it’s very peaceful there, I know you’ll like it…but my driver is at your disposal, he’ll take you wherever you wish.” I hesitated a moment, she was being very persuasive.

“Trust me on this…Alicia.” My name crashed in my ears, like a crystal chandelier falling on a marble floor. How did she know? My pseudonym was to preserve my anonymity…how could she know my name? What else did she know about me?

“How do you know my name?” I asked quickly but she was gone. Perplexed I gazed out the window thoughts swirling in my head.

“Shall I take you to her?” offered the driver. “I am at your disposal for the evening.” Whoever Amberlight was she obviously had money and was going to a lot of trouble to meet me. I was intrigued, my head nodded slowly. “You’ll find a mini bar in the compartment to your left. Controls for the stereo or television are to your right in the armrest. Enjoy the drive. My name is Alex, simply press the green button to get my attention.” Alex signaled and pulled away from the curb.

We drove quickly through downtown streets then pulled out on the Interstate heading south. Within fifteen minutes we reached the edge of town, suburbia giving way to rolling hills of dairy farms and viticulture. I took a spiked lemonade from the mini bar and sipped it. The vodka helped calm my nerves however, as we drove further into the country I couldn’t help but begin second guessing myself. For all I knew this woman could be into some nasty fetish which I had little interest in. ‘What was I doing?’ I repeatedly asked myself.

“I’ll be turning off the Interstate shortly, it will be another ten, maybe fifteen minutes tops,” remarked Alex as I’m sure he noticed my ‘doe in the headlights’ look in his rear view mirror.

Sure enough we exited the Interstate and, after a few minutes on a county road, came to large, black, wrought iron gate protecting the entrance to a private drive. Alex was on his cell phone and as we drove up the gate opened. Security cameras swiveled on their pedestals as we sped past the opened gate. We entered a pine forest area, row upon row of wooden sentinels, straight and tall. Asphalt giving way to gravel a plume of white dust followed the limousine as it sped its way through the trees. Emerging from the forest we drove up the crest of a hill and as we reached the summit the vista of a shimmering blue lake surrounded by coniferous forest met the eyes. Part way down the hill was a large, stone house occupying a point where one could view the lake without obstruction. “Was she there?” I thought to myself.

“We’ll be going directly to the guest cottage,” Alex informed with his uncanny timing. “It is down by the lake itself, a much cooler place to be on a hot summer evening.” We turned onto a single lane way, which wound its way down to the guest cottage. It was quite narrow and surrounded with undergrowth, bushes scraped along the sides of the large vehicle. I marveled at Alex’s skill in guiding the limousine around the twists and bends in the road. He slowed and eased around a tight turn and down a steep slope. Fresh tire tracks led the way and I could see the red and white roof shingles of the cottage below as we grew near.

We pulled up by the side door of the cottage. “Here is a cell phone for your use, there is a number for me on the speed dial. When you wish to leave, at any time, call me.” Alex instructed as he handed me the phone.

“Where will you be?” I inquired as I turned the phone on to check the battery.

“The main house overlooking the lake you saw as we drove in.” Alex replied.

“Is she here?” I asked as I stepped out of the limo, my shoes sinking into the light brown sand. Alex pointed to the British racing green colored Mazda Miata parked under the trees by the lane way. He then expertly backed up the limo and guided it back up the hill. As the dust settled and the sound of the engine dimmed the sounds of nature took over. The wind rustled through the leaves and the cry of gulls could be heard in the distance over the water. It was very peaceful and the cool breeze felt wonderful.

I called up the number on the cell phone and pressed send. “This is Alex,” he answered.

“Just checking,” I said.

“No problem…I am as I said, at your service.” I heard him chuckle as he disconnected.

I turned toward the cottage, the back door was open leaving a light screen door which could be latched from the inside. I decided to find out. No one was in sight. As I reached for the door a furry animal scurried out from under the cottage chased by an oversized gray Persian cat. I almost jumped with fright and then quickly recovered. I paused a moment to catch my breath, calming my jangled nerves.

“Don’t let Vicki scare you, if she ever caught a squirrel she wouldn’t know what to do with it,” a voice said from within the dark cottage. It was a pleasant voice, it had a friendly lilt in its tone, and while it could have further startled me, it had the opposite effect. “Come in Alicia, let’s have that drink and get to know one another.”

As I stepped into the cottage and my eyes began adjusting to the light I found myself staring at the beautiful woman before me. Short but stylish blonde hair, delicate facial features, and deep blue eyes. Her 5’8” height was all legs with a tight round butt. The tiny red thong she wore strained to cover her well-trimmed pussy providing a full outline of her sex. Her smooth skin naturally tanned to a light brown color. She wore a blue blouse tied at her slender midriff. With only a few buttons in use she gave a full view of her ample cleavage. Her breasts were smaller than my own, probably a 36C, but ideally suited her form.

I had seen her before, but where? “Have we met before?” I asked hesitantly.

She turned and smiled. “Well no, we haven’t…only in cyberspace, my name is Raquel.”

Her name, that name, where did I know that from? I was completely blank. “Where do I know you from Raquel, you look…so familiar to me.”

“Where, or who, would ever know your real name, if we had only met on the Internet?” she asked mysteriously. As she said it I realized who she was, who she had to be, I remembered her picture from some gallery photos on the web site.

“You are the mistress of Lifestyles, the web site,” I blurted.

“I hope you don’t mind Alicia, but I wanted to meet you.” Raquel half-apologized. She was bright, aggressive, incredibly attractive, and her manner completely disarming. Even if I had been, staying angry with her would have been impossible. “What will you have to drink?” she asked.

“White wine, dry, a chardonnay if you have it,” I responded. “You’ve gone to great trouble to meet me for a drink, I’m impressed.”

“Good, I was hoping you would be, I know how to go after what I want…and I usually get it,” she said confidently as she poured the wine. “I love to get away to this cottage, it’s like a retreat, quiet, peaceful, and romantic.” She handed me my glass. “A toast?”

“To good friends,” I suggested.

She leaned close to me. “No, to lovers…and great sex,” she whispered seductively. I reddened as I felt my temperature rise. She drank then set her glass down. I was dressed conservatively in a pant suit, almost too heavy for the time of year. Raquel drew me to her, her arms around my waist, reaching up my back into a full embrace. She kissed me lightly on the neck, her tongue tracing slowly up to my ear.

“I love your fragrance,” she complimented. I smiled but had no chance to reply as she quickly moved to the other side repeating her caresses. I could feel her body close to mine, her warmth, her scent, I was tingling all over, a wetness gathering below. She kissed me full on the lips, my mouth giving way to her. My hands touched her soft skin moving up her sides to just under her breasts. Slightly shorter than her I could not help but see down the front of her open blouse, her dark red nipples hardened, protruding almost an inch.

Raquel began unbuttoning my suit jacket revealing my own ample breasts, 38DD, with perfectly formed pink nipples already fully erect, hidden only by a sexy black three quarter bra. As she finished with the buttons Raquel kissed down my neck, pausing only to hang the jacket on a nearby chair. Her face buried in between my tits she very slowly unclasped my bra from behind, then slowly let it fall away. She visited both nipples, alternating between the two, lightly sucking and biting. It was driving me wild, I loved the foreplay, and Raquel had all the right moves.

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