tagBDSMThe Dance Of The Little Serpents

The Dance Of The Little Serpents

byBill Smith©

As I walk up to Donna I reach out with my large hands to hold that beautiful face of hers. She smiles and her hazel eyes twinkle as I gently hold her head and bring my head close to hers. At first she thinks I want to kiss her, but not yet. An inch from her lips I stop and breathe her breath into me. Her warm, sweet breath fills my lungs with passion and then it spreads to all of my body. I tingle with the essence of Donna that now freely travels all of me. I close my eyes and enjoy the sensations.

My head moves forward and our lips meet. The kiss is slow and gentle. My lips play with her top lip, gentle bites with lips from one side to the other I taste my love, then downward to her lower lip to do the same. All the time my big hands hold her face while my thumbs gently massage her cheeks.

Donna's tongue sneaks out of her mouth like a tiny red serpent seeking entrance to my mouth. I allow it to enter where it finds its' own kind. Both serpents dance together in that dance of love and excitement that have been played out for thousands of years.

I break up the dance and pull my head away as Donna moans out her frustrations. "Donna," I say as I kiss each of her eyes. "Do you want to play," I ask. With a smile on her face, she bites her lower lip and nods her head yes.

Releasing her head I reach down with my left hand to take her right one. For a moment I look at the difference in size of our hands, hers seems to be so small surrounded by mine. With a smile on my face I lead Donna to the bedroom.

There are black silk sheets on the bed. Long black silk scarves are tied to each corner with their loose ends coiled like serpents ready to strike. Black lighted candles cover the night stands and head board, a soft light that dances across the eyes of my love as she takes in what awaits her. Her nostrils flare outwards as she breathes in the incense from the brazier. She licks her lips leaving them wet so that they too reflect the subtle light of the candles. I release her hand to pick up two cotton balls, so white in their brilliance that they almost glow with all the blackness that surrounds them.

"Close your eyes," I whisper to my love and she does. I place each large cotton ball to each eyelid. "Hold them," I softly command and she obeys. I reach for a large black silk scarf, finding its center I hold it up to Donna's hands. "Remove your hands," I whisper and she does. The cotton balls are now held in place with the scarf. "Hold you hair up so I can tie the scarf." She obeys, reaching back she pulls her long waist length blond hair back that allows me to double wrap the scarf around her head. She is now blind to the visual world around her. Her breathing increases and once again I breathe in her breath, just as sweet but warmer now.

Once again I take her head in my huge hands and kiss her. My love drops her hair, wraps her arms around me and returns the kiss. The little serpents dance again with joy and excitement. My hands release her head and travel down to her shoulders and gently massage them feeling the tightness leaving. I pull from the kiss and rub my face to hers, softly, gently.

"My love," I whisper into her ear. "You excite me like no other has ever done. When I hold your hand my heart wants to sing. When I look into your eyes I want to hold and cuddle you. When I kiss your lips it makes me want to kiss all of you."

I let my tongue travel from the nape of her neck upwards to her jaw line and then to her lips. She sucks the serpent into her mouth and the dance continues.

My hands moves to her back where they unclasp the dress and slowly pull the zipper downwards. Then each hand reaches inside the dress and touches the silky smoothness of her skin. Up and down the hands move attempting to hold all of her at once, failing at that they move downwards to cup the cheeks of her beautiful ass encased in white silk.

I break the kiss and move to her other ear and whisper, "When I hold you beautiful fine ass I hold a piece of heaven in my hands. It makes me think of falling to my knees and paying it homage with kiss after kiss upon the softness and sweetness that covers it."

I gently nip my love's neck which causes her to jump at the surprise of it. "You drive me to thoughts that frighten me and yet excite me. All the things that I want to do to you make my heart dance and my spirit sing. In the ignorance of my youth I never knew such acts existed much less how pleasurable they are. I wish to lick and nibble upon every centimeter of your body. I want my tongue to explore every recess of your being. I want to taste all of what your body has to offer. I want all of you my love now and ever more."

My huge hands release that fine ass and move upwards to remove the dress from her shoulders. Gently they remove the dress and slowly pull it downwards revealing more beauty. Huge fine breasts encased in white silk, hard and erect nipples pushing the confines of their harness. Downward I and the dress moves till it is a puddle of fabric encircling my loves feet that are still encased in the 3 inch stiletto pumps.

I look at my love, my Donna. Words like Goddess, Mother, and Siren dance through my mind. I wrap my arms around my love's waist while my head rest against her abdomen. My head gently rocking with her breathing, I breathe in the air and I smell the lust of my love. My head slowly moves downward tracking that wonderful aroma. I see the wetness at the junction of her thighs and my little red serpent darts out to taste that which my eyes see.

Donna moans and places both of her hands on each side of my head. I feel her indecisiveness, part of her wants to push away and the other wants to pull my head closer. The serpent dances and she pulls my head closer to her and she moans out her pleasure.

The serpent withdraws and my teeth descend. The bite is not vicious but surprising, my love gasps at the change. Her body trembles but she does not push my head away, in fact she has pulled my head closer to her and starts to grind herself against my mouth, my teeth. I pull my head away and with a quick motion I yank down her panties.

Then I stare at the shaven mound, as smooth and silky as a little girl. Yes, my baby, my Donna is daddy's little girl, and yes, I am the daddy. But that is another story.

I stand up, then I unclasp the front clasp that holds my love's wonderful breasts and they are free at last. Nipples that were already erect and large become even more so. I remove the bra and let it fall to the ground.

Lips touch and the serpents dance again. One of my hands finds it way between hair and my love's back. It moves up and down playing Donna like a musician playing an instrument. The other hand goes downwards to the junction of my loves thighs to let fingers play in the wetness of her desire. They are happy fingers and once coated with the wetness of my love I bring them up to dance on her nipples transferring that wetness. Then that hand snakes it way downwards to seek out more wetness.

With nectar so sweet that bees would gladly die for to give to their queen I bring my hands upward and past Donna's breasts. I break the kiss and let my fingers circle my love's lips depositing the wetness like lip gloss. Her little red serpent darts out to check what was left behind. The serpent is happy with what it has found and seeks out more. I smile, then place my fingers atop her lips, bend my head and both serpents are feeding off the nectar till the fingers are devoid of all sweetness.

I reposition my head and whisper into my love's ear, "It is time for you to lie down on the bed."

"Yes," she breathes back.

I remove her shoes and position Donna in the center of the bed. I pull her hair from behind her back and push her gently backwards till she is flat on her back. I release her hair and take one arm and tie it with the black silk scarf to a corner of the bed and do likewise with the other arm. I leave her legs free.

I get up from the bed and remove my clothes. Then I remove the binding that has held my hair in a ponytail and my hair swings free.

Like a bear I crawl back up on the bed. I start at my love's feet and let my hair dance through her toes. She is ticklish and I have to hold her feet to the bed. L+

aughter, screams and moans escape from her mouth while her little serpent peeks out as to see what is going on. With a shake of my head the hair is gone and I lower my head.

I inhale the aroma of her feet, a mixture of Donna and leather. I tremble with pleasure as I rub my head on her feet and breathe her into my being. I open my mouth and engulf a big toe as my little serpent dances around this strange and exciting thing. Donna no longer laughs, she moans and sighs. One at a time each toe is introduced to the serpent till at last each is aglow in wetness and reflecting the candle light.

With a toss of my head my hair falls forward again. As I move upwards on my love's body, with my hair dancing upon her silken skin, I watch her muscles spasm as it touched by electricity. I smile. She moans.

My hair is now at the junction of her thighs. My Donna is so wet that the ends of my hair drink from her nectar becoming soaked and heavy. As I smell the passion of my love's lust a growl escapes from my lips. I toss my head and my hair flies to my back. I feel the wetness of her passion on my back and I tremble.

Lowering my body I place a leg on each shoulder, then wrapping my arms around her waist I rise bringing her with me. Only Donna's head is now touching the bed, I don't see this but I know. I can't see her head because my eyes are focused on wet sex. I gaze upon her swollen lips and clitoris, and watch her wetness travel down the crack of her ass. Bending forward her body moves bringing her ass up to my mouth.

My mouth opens and my serpent sees the tiny rose bud and a new dance begins. With feather light movements this little rose bud is now awash with my salvia and my love's wetness. I breathe in the lust of both of us as my serpent probes the tiny opening and then retreats. The serpent probes again but a little deeper this time before it once again retreats. My love is screaming and moaning on the end of my little serpent but the pattern of attacks continues. At last the serpent has full access to this forbidden little cave and can dance to its' hearts delight.

I remove the serpent and look at what was once a little rose bud but now is a warm and inviting cave for larger serpents. I smile, and then shift my gaze upwards. My love is so wet I think she has wet herself? I straighten my body which brings her sex to my mouth; I inhale but only smell her lust. The serpent dips its' head in the wetness but tastes only her nectar.

Like a bear after a fresh kill I rub my face into her wetness till my face and beard is totally covered in nectar. The moans of my love have turned into words and I remember that I am human and not a bear. "No! No please, no more! I can't take anymore! Please stop! I can't cum anymore!" assault my ears.

I raise my head and look down my love's beautiful body. Her beautiful face is framed between her exquisite breasts and appears to be floating on a sea of yellow hair. Her face is red and the black silk scarf covering her eyes is wet with tears. "Please no more," she whispers. She relaxes as she senses something she takes for compassion; it lasts for only a moment. Then she cries out as my lips, teeth and the serpent attacks her clitoris. She cums again and again as the serpent leads the dance. She is like a rag doll caught in the teeth of a bear all of her moving but with very little freedom. Her body goes slack; except for a few tremors she is lifeless. I raise my eyes and look down her body, she is still breathing. I lower her body to the bed and remove her legs from my shoulders.

On my hands and knees I move slowly up her body as the serpent licks up the nectar from her overflowing pussy. There is a lot to lick up, the serpent is happy.

Finally my face is next to hers. I rub my face over all of her till its glistens like mine with her wetness. She awakens with a start. My hair covers her head in a tunnel of fur. A small moan escapes from her lips. I gently and sweetly kiss her lips and she responds in like fashion. I break the kiss and she speaks.

"That was wonderful. Marvelous. My god, I thought I was going to die from the pleasure of it all." And on she goes till she winds down.

"Not finished," I whisper into her ear, just before I bite it. Her body goes ridged and then starts to shake. I trace her jaw line with my teeth in little bites, not hard enough to break the skin but close till I find her lips. Then I really bite her lower lip till I taste her blood in my mouth. My serpent seeks out this new taste and licks the wound causing it to bleed more. My love's serpent seeks the wound too. Both serpents dance and drink of this fluid of life.

In a move that both surprises and arouses me, my love has bitten my lower lip and my blood now flows freely with hers. Our serpents continue to dance and drink, both are in a frenzy of lust. I pull my head back and my love follows till she can't follow anymore due to her restraints.

"No. Oh no. Please, more," she begs for our lips to meet again. But I have other plans as my love likes it rough from time to time.

I move down her body till my mouth finds a nipple and I suck it into my mouth, not as a child would but with such force as it causes my love to cry in pain, and yes, in pleasure too. Her body has reawakened to passion again, no more cries for mercy but moans of pleasure. I look up at her face and see her still sucking on her bleeding lip. Yes, my love has many different ways to seek her pleasure she is like me we are not addicted to just one way but to many.

I bite down on her nipple, just enough to slightly break the skin. My serpent is happy, and my love, she has just cum again – violently her body thrashes the bed with her gyrations. I move to her other nipple and like hitting a replay button it all happens again.

My love is awake now and wants more. I remove her blooded nipple from my mouth as my serpent seeks out more to find in the hidden recesses of my mouth.

I move down my love's body till I'm looking at the junction of her thighs. She is wet, this time she has to have wet herself. I dip a finger into the pool under her ass, and then bring it to my nose. Slightly stunned I place it in my mouth and the serpent drinks, no it is just my love's nectar. She has never done this before and I am pleased.

My love starts to move her hips to get my attention. I look up at her and smile. I place just one finger into her pussy and move it around, she whines out her frustration. I place a second finger inside her, but she continues to whine. I smile. A third and the whining dies just a little. A fourth finger gains admission and my palm as well. Only my thumb is outside of heaven's door but it has found her clitoris and does what needs to be done. My love cums again thrusting against my hand, her body shaking with tremors she calls out my name, my play name, "Bear."

I pull my hand back a little from her pussy and bend my thumb into my palm and press forward to gain entrance to her vagina. There is a lot of resistance to my entire hand, my love whimpers with pain but does not say stop. Her breathing is rapid, her body shakes and she is biting her lower lip but no words asking me to stop pass from them.

I bend my head and bite my love's clitoris and force my hand into her. She screams and it reechoes from the walls, ceiling and floor. Dogs outside bark in terror of hearing that scream. But while she was screaming she was cumming too. The scream was not all from pain.

My love is still with me, she is shaking her head left and right. Her lower lip is in her mouth and she is breathing like a race horse after running a half mile track.

My hand is still buried in my love's pussy. I wiggle my fingers and that gets her attention as she sucks in air at the surprise of it. Slowly I make my hand into a fist and move it slowly forward and then backwards. She brings both of her feet back to her ass, soles down on the bed to give her better leverage as she starts to hump my fist.

"Please hold your arm still," she asks and I obey. Her gyrations are causing my fist to punch her cervix with each forward thrust of her hips. Faster she moves and harder my fist pounds till she goes ridged and then shakes like she is having small convulsions, then her breath escapes between her lips and she passes out. Her breathing is still rapid but beginning to slow.

I let my hand relax into its natural state and it comes out of her pussy without any problems. My hand is really wet this time.

I bring the hand to my face and smile. My little red serpent comes out to taste my hand. Yes, my love did wet herself that time. Like a bear who's hand has been dipped in honey from the bee's nest I start to lick it clean while I watch my love sleep.

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