tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Devil's Inheritance Ch. 01

The Devil's Inheritance Ch. 01


"Remove your clothes."


Sophia Latwicke stared at the man sitting in the chair next to her dining room table; not her dining room table exactly, but her former master's dining room table. God rest his soul. She backed up against the wall next to the hearth. Her former master had not been in the ground more than three days when the executor of his last will and testament showed up on her doorstep demanding to inspect the grounds, and now her.

"As I told you before, girl. Your contract will not come to term for another two years. Until that time, you are my property," James Gardiner said this with the calm one would expect from someone reading out of an almanac, "And I would like to see all of what I have inherited from my late uncle."

How dare he. Sophie knew that if his uncle David Farthing were alive he'd have the young man horsewhipped for saying such things to her. She stood her ground against this tall man who sat in her kitchen; his legs crossed with a foot resting on the knee of his breeches, regarding her with disdain as she spoke, "M... Mr. Farthing said this farm was supposed to go to me once I—"

"Yes, but you haven't, have you? I'm sure my sentimental uncle gave you his word that he was setting up a trust to entail the land as a dowry for you once you fulfilled your contract but alas, no such written contract exists, and he is dead. You won't find a judge in the whole of the Kingdom who would hold up verbal consent deeding my family's land away to a mere servant girl. Therefore, you are still bound to this land and its owner and therefore bound to me as my property," James came to this backwater dairy farm in Ashford only to assess the place and most likely liquidate it. He had no interest in his family's ancient profession; he was a gentleman, his home Westminster in London, albeit on the unfashionable side.

But that thought changed instantly as soon as he had seen her curly blonde hair falling out from under her mobcap, her overskirt pulled up into the hem of her bodice out of the way as she worked in the heat of the late July morning, cranking the lever of the well. Her breasts rode high over the edge of her chemise as her body pitched forward and back, pulling the full water bucket upward.

James watched her from his chaise and couldn't help but picture himself standing directly behind her as her body heaved forward, her skirts uplifted, thrusting deep into her luscious curves. He felt himself harden at the sight of her and looked down to his satchel where he had her Parish Apprentice Terms of Indenture. This dreary place may prove interesting after all. Now here he sat as the girl's new master, and she his indentured apprentice. He held the paper up for Sophie to see: the deed to her person. Her green eyes grew wide.

Sophie just stared at him in horror. How could he ask her such a thing? His cold gray eyes showed no emotion as he relayed these facts to her. His dress was that of a city gentleman. Not a nobleman with a powdered wig but one of the sons of the bourgeois, his dark brown hair tied at the nape of his neck with a black satin ribbon. She had hung his black frock and hat by the door when he entered. He was dressed in full mourning garb from the brim of his hat to his stockings. Sophie thought him strikingly handsome when she first him, but she could only see the beguiling devil under his appearance now.

"Now... Sophia," he peered at the contract, "Sophia? What kind of a name for a country girl is that?"

"It was after my paternal grandmother, " Sophie said, trying to humanize herself to him. Maybe that was the answer for having this man see her as more than just his property, "My mother died giving birth to me. My natural father was a lord. I was named after his mother."

"Oh, I see. That explains some of your noble features. You're the high-born progeny of a whore," he said snickering. His face returned to its previous seriousness, "Now, Sophia... I'll ask you for the last time. Remove your clothes."

She balled up her fists in rage, "You loathsome coxcomb; how dare you! Get out of my house! The only 'progeny of a whore' around here is you!"

He rose out of his seat, towering a head above her, and took a menacing step forward, "You will do as I say, wench; and if you do not, I will throw you into the gutters to make a living in the same manner as your mother!"

She grabbed a poker from beside the hearth, ready to beat his smug, handsome face into the wall behind him. Mr. Farthing would have done no less by now. Before she could look up to focus on her target, he was in front of her. His hand caught her downward swing, squeezing her wrist. The iron poker fell from her hand, clattering loudly to the floor. Sophie was too shocked to react quickly enough before James grabbed her other wrist, spinning her in place. He wrenched her arms behind her against him in one hand as he pressed up against her back, his freed hand at her throat. Her eyes widened in fear as the air left her body. She felt him inhale close to her hair, taking in the scent of her fear.

"Listen, girl," he said into her ear as he tightened his hold on her neck, "I was hoping we could do this the easy way. But you've left me little choice but to teach you a lesson in respect for your master."

His hand came off her throat and she leaned forward, her hands still held firmly by his. As Sophie bent over gasping for air she heard the once-familiar sound of a leather belt clearing its loops. That sound had preceded enough beatings at the orphanage for her to know exactly what it was. He was going to strike her with his belt as if she was a child! She struggled against him, waiting to feel the lash of corded leather on her back. Instead, he brought it across her wrists and bound them together, the leather squeezing her forearms behind her. He spun her around to face him. Sophie screamed, her eyes wild, "What are you doing?!"

James was enraged. How dare this little bastard milkmaid defy him, and then try to smash his brains in with a poker. She was lucky that she still had a place to sleep instead of being turned out on the street as he had originally intended before coming here. His rage started to dissolve into something far more powerful as he observed Sophia, bound in front of him, arms clasped behind her, milk white neck and bosom jutting forward invitingly. Her breath came in constricted pants behind her bodice, causing her breasts to rise and fall faster. Immediately, James was brought back to the lust that had inspired his first request of her. He grabbed Sophie's cap and threw it off her head, her long blonde tendrils rolling down her back.

"You are an apprentice, are you not? Consider this your first lesson."

He grabbed Sophie at the waist and hoisted her onto the oak table, standing between her legs as she swayed without the balance of her arms. He wrapped an arm around her to steady her and lifted her skirts with the other. He couldn't be serious! Her eyes grew wild and she kicked her legs out toward his lower back, losing her shoes in the process.

Grabbing a hunk of her hair, he steered her head back and to the side, exposing the long pale flesh of her neck. Sophie stood paralyzed in panic. He nipped at her collarbone and ran his tongue down to the crest of the heaving orbs of flesh below. He would teach her a lesson in obedience she'd never forget. If only he could stay in control. The heat of her body against his, the taste and scent of her flesh were driving him to madness. He needed so badly to be inside her, to feel this wild country filly around his hardening cock.

Sophie's struggle only sent her skirts higher, exposing long shapely legs covered to above the knee in stockings. James thrust a hand underneath until it met the hot bare skin of her inner thigh. Her flesh burned and twitched under his touch as his hand moved closer to the source of that heat. James felt his cock straining against his breeches at the touch of her. Sophie looked away, eyes squeezed shut and brimming with tears as he roughly ran his fingers along the soft down of hair covering her crease.

Dry; she wasn't ready yet. He felt deeper inside of her folds, his fingers probing until he felt a small spot of slickness slowly start to build at her entrance. James thrust a finger inward, touching her maidenhead. His lips curled into a sneer as he found to his surprise and delight that this girl was untouched. He would have to do more to prepare her. Her untried channel would chafe or bend him uncomfortably if he did not. He pulled his hand back to look at her swollen pink lips underneath the thatch of soft blonde hair.

A maelstrom of feelings numbed Sophie. This man was touching her against her will in ways she never even touched herself. She wanted him to leave, she wanted to disappear, but as his fingers stroked her she also wanted him to stay. Sophie cursed herself for the thought of wanting his touch but could not deny the desires of her body. With eyes closed she felt her mind wishing she could will herself away from him, but her flesh started warring against her. A creeping heat began to expand from her belly, radiating throughout her body. Suddenly the hand was gone. Her head involuntarily rocked forward at its absence on her flesh.

James looped his finger into the tie keeping those beautiful globes held at bay behind her bodice. He tugged and watched the string unravel under the weight of her breasts, but not fast enough. He grabbed the last cross of the string and pulled it out, throwing it behind him. She felt him grasp at her chemise, pulling her upward before a terrifying rip filled her ears. Her eyes popped open and she looked down at her torn chemise and unstrung bodice before watching his head descend to her exposed left breast. She gasped in shock as he sucked the nipple into his mouth, hardening it with the lash of his tongue. Her thighs fluttered around him as his hand moved down once more on her leg, tracing a quick path back to her sex. She bucked against his touch and opened her mouth to scream. Sophie was surprised by her own voice. It wasn't a scream that came out but a high-pitched moan.

James heard her and groaned on her breast at the sound of her involuntary pleasure. He could hardly stand much more of this without burying himself within her sweet body but these subtle reactions to being touched by a man for the first time intoxicated him to the point where he did not want to stop. The hum of his groan vibrated her tender areola and she responded with a sharp gasp, "Oh God..."

He took his mouth off and moved to the right muttering under his breath, "...saucy little witch."

He caught her candy pink nipple in his teeth, his tongue rolling around the tip. James placed a finger at her gate and slowly wiggled it inside of her, brushing the walls with the tip, causing her to squirm. He withdrew it part way, eliciting a short whimper from Sophie before thrusting his finger back in as she shrieked. Hot liquid poured over his hand as he plunged in and out of her body, stretching her and preparing her for the inevitable. He held his thumb back from instinctively rubbing a circle around her secret spot. He didn't want her to experience that pleasure just yet. But it gave him an idea...

As her resistance faded, James unlatched from her breast and ran his tongue up her collarbone and neck until he reached her ear, savoring every inch of salty sweet flesh in between. "Sophia..." he whispered to her raggedly. James traced his tongue around her lobe as she arched back and leaned her neglected breasts toward him, crushing them against his hard chest.

Sophie didn't know how to feel. All at once she wanted to kill this man and at the same time knew she would die if he stopped what he was doing. The only sound that came out was a frustrated moan. Her hands wrenched uncomfortably behind her, going numb and every adjustment she made only rubbed her sensitive nipples that much harder against his waistcoat.

His fingers ran up and down her slit from the secret bud up top down to her entrance and back again. He felt her shudder deeply when he touched that secret spot before quickly withdrawing from it and letting her liquid heat guide his fingers back into her slick channel. Instead of one, he returned with two; stretching and preparing her, causing her to scream and clench around the invading digit, "Please, please stop this— Oh!"

His thumb landed squarely on her bud, pressing it, driving her mad yet withholding her pleasure. He rubbed her deep inside, her hips thrusting into his hand as he stretched her tight untried passage, clearing a path for him.

He hadn't intended on touching her this long. He was supposed to be punishing her: tearing through her whether she was prepared or not. But he couldn't stop himself from feeling her, learning her body and watching in awe as it responded so readily to his.

He took his fingers away and observed the nectar of her sex glistening on them before opening his breeches. His control was gone and she was more than ready to receive him. He loosened the ties and pulled out his shirt, feeling his pulsing cock underneath finally spring free.

Sophie felt his hand disappear from her twitching flesh as the cold air hit the wetness between her legs. Suddenly she felt a new heat as his body drew closer to hers. It wasn't his fingers, but something impossibly large butting up against her entrance. James reached down and ran the head of his cock up and down her crease, coating the head with her juices to ease his entry. He slid his cock through her damp folds from the bud at its top to the heat pouring out of her entrance and tilted her legs back.

"Please, no..." Sophie cried in vain. She fell hard onto her elbows behind her and winced, the leather belt trapping her. James brought the head of his pulsing cock back to her gate. He wetted it at her entrance and pushed the crown in slowly. She twisted underneath him, whimpering and writhing at the invasion. James withdrew the first inch of his cock and pushed the head in again, secured at the border of her maidenhead. His hands found the way to each of her hips, steadying her squirming. Finally, he looked down at her staring into her eyes and thrust into her with all his might.

Sophia let out a broken shuddering scream, seeing stars, her teeth chattering together as her body squirmed. Buried to the hilt inside her, James brought his arms to the sides of her, pinning her body down as he felt her muscles clench and stroke him. Her body was deliciously tight and responsive. His position brought her low over her body, feeling her curves pressing into him as he lay inside of her, the heat of her skin radiating through his clothes. Her body squirmed, worsening her pain as she shut her eyes and turned away from him, crying. James held her roughly at the chin and brought her face forward to meet his, "Look at me. Now! Open your eyes."

Sophia complied, tears obscuring her vision as she opened her eyes to stare up at him. His cold steel irises were darkened with passion, boring straight through her. He lowered his face to hers and covered her mouth with his, pulling back on her lower lip. She felt incredible around him. He groaned through his teeth and her captured lip, feeling the desperate pull of her as she surrounded him. The heat of her body seared through him as he held her there skewered upon him, breasts crushed against his chest. He pulled back and gave another thrust forward, his groin smacking against her flesh. Sophia cried out again, but it came from low in her throat.

A blazing heat, then a persistent throb, replaced the sudden stab of pain. She could feel herself stretched around him, the heat of his thighs pressed up against the lifted cheeks of her ass. She felt his cock jerk and twitch insider of her, pulsing like a heartbeat. The feel of it made her gasp and every squirming movement she made reminded her again of his hardness invading and penetrating her, pinning her where she lay. The friction and fullness of him blazed a fire through her core, giving her no quarter to recover from his assault on her body.

James had never seen anything more beautifully erotic than the look on Sophia's face when he had breached her maidenhead, seating himself within her, claiming her. She looked up at him now, her face awash with passion and confusion as she experienced a man for the first time. He held himself there, feeling the tightness of her, the excruciating pleasure of her shifting under him dragging a moan from his lips.

This wasn't like the practiced barmaids of London. She felt magnificent surrounding him and her expressive face, filled with passion, surrender, ecstasy and loathing warring within her, was almost more than he could bear. He looked away from her deep green eyes to keep from spending himself too quickly and turned his attention instead to soft skin of her neck.

James nipped her on the neck where it joined her shoulder as he started withdrawing and plunging back into her hot depths, the walls closing down around his cock, sucking him back in every time he pulled away. She was unmanning him. He was losing himself inside of her, the feel of her almost too much to bear. He grew more urgent, moaning against her skin as her body started arching against his.

He alternated his thrusts, shallowly pushing the thick head past the barrier where her maidenhead once stood, then thrusting deep into her, her entire body quaking around him as he filled her.

The pain was intolerable, her whimpers and pleas were lost to him as he ravaged her body, the intense pain mixed with a pleasure crawling up her spine, radiating from her inner thighs. Sophia felt like she was reaching for something that she couldn't name as he pumped his cock once more harder into her flesh.

She felt her legs go numb, her elbows chafe against the table, and sensations course through her, the sound of her heart beating in her ears. She hated this man, she wished him dead, yet she wanted nothing but to feel him stirring inside her. Sophia screamed out again as he moved within her, but she didn't know this time whether it was from pleasure or pain. Her emotions ran wild, burning away her refusal in the fires of lust. His hands moved to her wrists and untied the leather belt, forcing Sophia down further on the table. The question she had for why her bonds had been loosed was answered when James angled deeper into her flesh. Her arms splayed out to the sides as he held her at the crook of her elbows. It was all Sophia could do was to grab his arms tightly to steady her against his pounding thrusts.

James brought his mouth down against her breasts once more, tasting the delicate puckered flesh, watching them bounce higher as he pushed into her even faster. She writhed anew as she swore she had felt him grow even harder insider of her, brutalized by his taking. He couldn't help his guttural moans, emanating from deep within him, pushed on by his lust for this creature underneath his body, surrounding him, keening against him, undoing him. He braced his hands against her hips, withdrawing then sheathing himself to her depths. With a muffled cry he threw his head back, emptying his seed into her body. His fingers sunk into her, bruising her flesh, branding her. James gave one last triumphant hard thrust before withdrawing from Sophie breathlessly.

James legs staggered back a step before he stared down at her. He grabbed the hem of her chemise and quickly wiped away all traces of seed, sex and virginal blood from his cock. Looking back at Sophia gathering her disheveled torn clothing and curling into a ball on the table, James was struck by a moment of lustful softness. He wanted to lay naked with her and show her all the pleasures of the flesh. He yearned to teach her how to bend her exquisite passion to him. His inspiration from earlier when his hand was buried in her flesh yet denying her ultimate pleasure returned with force. There was a way. If she agreed, which he knew she would, then there would be as much time as he wished to show her that sensation her body had tried to reach.

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