The Dream


I drift off to sleep, and soon I find myself dreaming, dreaming of you, of us

I slowly push your shoulders down until you are on your knees.

I grab your hair, twirling my fingers in it not pulling but letting you know I am in charge.

I force you to look up until we make eye contact.

I guide your face to my pants, letting you feel my hardness grow against your cheek.

I slowly gyrate against it, your tongue laps at the bulge, tracing the outline of my bulging cock.

I undo the zip and your hand reaches in feeling the shaft.

The veins hardening, you stroke it.

You are making it difficult for my cock to spring free of its confines; finally it pops out, pre-cum splattering around.

(I always have more pre-cum than any man I know)

You pull the foreskin back, your tongue snakes out slowly tantalizing the head.

Your hand is covered in my wetness, and seeing your wedding ring with my juice on it excites me.

You tilt your head, teasing me as you are licking the shaft up and down, as you take my freshly shaved balls in your other hand.

You begin to kiss it.

I reach down to feel your nipples; they are rock hard and begging to be tugged.

Your breasts feel heavy, and I love the feel of the texture of them, your skin.

You take my cock and you place a nipple in the hole of my cock, wanting to fit it in.

Now you pull it back and you slowly slide your lips over the head, not taking it all in yet, instead

You tease me looking up to see the effect you are having on me.

I reach for the desk, needing support.

I am thinking how I cannot wait to kiss you, to taste myself in your mouth on your tongue and

Find myself wanting to lick my pre-cum off of your tits.

I jerk my hips at the thought and end up pushing deeper into your mouth.

I begin to thrust a little, back and forth, slowly. I hate I hate fast, preferring slow, strong firm sucking.

I want to see if you can take it all, the full 7 ". I slowly go a little further allowing you to adjust.

I pull out and I undo my belt, and drop my pants. I step back in and allow you to take me into your wet warm lips; your hands reach for my buttocks pulling me into you.

As I begin to fuck your mouth, your finger searches for my back door, it slowly circles my anus.

I love that you decide to finger fuck my ass, as you full well know by the time I am done; my cock will be completely buried in yours.

I let you suck me deeper, your finger penetrating me. I convulse jerking forward.

It is tight, dirty but oh so exciting. I am yours completely now.

You take my cock out and start to jerk me off, finger fucking my ass at the same time.

You are watching my expressions, your control over me. You think you are submissive, but now you are in control.

I pull you to your feet, kissing you, tasting us.

I take you over to the bed. I ask you if you want on your back or on your knees.

I tell you I am going to eat you, so you decide. You quickly tell me that you want to be on your back.

I push you back, not allowing you time to lie down. Lifting your legs over my shoulders, I kneel beside the bed; the feel of your thighs around my ears is heaven.

Your hand reaches for my hair, and you force my face to your wet cunt, and I love how the power between us keeps shifting back and forth, no rhyme or reason, just animalistic sex between two people that have deep feelings, a need.

I can smell the sex, your cunt, it is an insatiable scent.

I lick the edges, wanting your lips to open on their own. I let my tongue flick the hood of your clit not wanting to lick it yet, wanting to savour the moment.

Finally I allow myself the pleasure of your slit, opening it with my tongue and tasting your cream.

I reach for your tits, but find your hands already there and that excites me further.

I decide to the next best thing, I grab your hips pulling you deeper onto my tongue as you slowly rock your hips as if fucking that appendage.

I finally push the clit hood back, flicking it, watching it swell, the color change as it goes through it transformation.

Your body amazes me, the most sensual sight I have ever had the pleasure of. As strange as this sounds,

I wish I was the father of your children at this point. Damn. This is so sexy.

I suck on your clit, humming, vibrating it. 2 fingers enter you, as I slowly search for the spongy mass, just under the pubic bone.

I slowly stroke it with a come hither motion. As I lick your clit, I stroke your g-spot.

You begin to cum; your hips tense, your hands push my face deeper.

The first one hits you and you let go with a throaty gurgle, a deep arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I continue to lap, suck and finger. A second orgasm hits, then a third. Each orgasm is becoming a little smaller, but each one still just as intense.

You want nasty and you turn over on to your knees, and I know the only thing you want is your ass filled.

You reach for some lotion and you coat my cock, then you ask me to squirt your brown bud.

I place the bottle and squeeze, the bottle letting a squishy sound out as it hits you asshole.

The shock of the cold thick cream on your ass makes you quiver.

I enter your tight butt with one finger slowly rotating it. I now push a second finger in, and finally a third.

Once I see you are comfortable with all three, I place the blunt head of my cock at your most private entrance.

I wait, letting you wonder when, letting your anticipation build. I reach down and grab your hair and arch your back. I want the full effect, and as I do, your ass pushes back and the first 2 inches slide in.

OMG, your ass is hot, so warm, it is like an oven. I love it.

I want to last, but I doubt I can, as I look at your ass, your hips that I love, that alone sends me.

I grab your hips (Have I mentioned I love womanly hips)

I pull you back slowly taking it as deep as I can; finally, long and thick I am in you completely.

I slowly start to fuck you with long deep strokes. There is nothing soft about the way I am fucking you, as I am in need of having to possess your ass.

I want you to think it is mine too, and I reach over and slap one cheek, more sound than pain. I alternate, slapping one plump ass cheek, then the other. We both are lost in our roles, me being dominant, and you being submissive.

I want you to fuck my cock with your ass, so I stop moving. I want you to move, to milk my cock with your asshole. Squeeze it; use your ass muscles I tell you.

I pull you up so we are both on our knees and my hands caress your tits, as you search for your clit.

I begin to maul them stretching your nipples. I kiss your neck, tasting your sweat. I push you forward, tracing your sexy back, almost massaging, but really exploring, wanting to know your whole body.

I begin to fuck you faster, harder. I want to hear our bodies slapping together, my balls hang low and they actually slap your cunt lips as I fuck your sweet ass. I dig my fingers in to your ass cheeks, loving the imprints of my fingers that I am leaving in them.

Soon I am past the point of no return, my legs tense, my cock starts to jerk involuntarily.

Fuck I am losing it, no control left. My eyes roll back, the first shot is like a hot bullet, I begin to pass out.

This climax is like nothing I have ever experienced before.

I am fucking the greatest ass on the most perfect woman and my mind is over cum with delirium.

I am not sure if I came once, twice or whatever, but I do know I collapsed on you.

We are one tangled body lying on the bed, me on your back still, my cock still in your ass.

Normally it would have shrivelled by now but it is still hard.

Finally I pull out of your ass with a popping sound. I decide to do the unthinkable, hoping you do not mind.

I kneel and begin to lap your asshole clean. I finger your clit and taste your cum filled asshole, getting you going again. I stand up and leave for the bathroom and go to clean my cock, washing it very clean.

I come back for more, but this time I want your cunt. You sense my need and roll over onto your back, raising your wide spread thighs. You place your legs over my shoulders and I slowly push my cock into your waiting pussy.

You grab my hands; bring them to your full breasts, wanting me to squeeze them, to bring your nipples to life.

Our love making is now more sensual, not so nasty, but romantic as we gaze into each other's eyes.

Our hips grinding, meeting each other's thrusts.

I want; no I need to taste your mouth, to kiss your lips.

I know that vaginal orgasms are difficult for most women with straight fucking, so I tell you to grab a small vibrator as we fuck, to use it on your clit and I have no macho problems with that, no false illusions. To me, as long as you smile, I am happy.

I kneel up, wanting to inspect you, your tits, your hips, and your tummy.

I am absolutely enthralled and captivated by your beauty, your being.

I never want it to end and I verbalize it, telling you how happy you make me.

The only sounds are our cock and cunts meeting, our breathing. Your breasts are bouncing as I fuck you.

I want to bit your nipples not hard, but hard enough so you squirm, some sensual pain.

I lift them by the nipple, letting your tit fall and bounce, and then the other one. I want to see your body react to everything.

Again, I want to break your taboos push you further, So I take a chance, and I ask you, if you have ever done the fucking, have you ever worn a strap on and fucked a man in the ass.

I wait to see your expression. I should have known the answer, but you reply anyways "no but I would"

I get up and get one out of my bag, wanting you to experience the view, the power that we men get to experience.

No one has ever done this to me, you are the first and I think we both want and need it, to experience something new, to call our own.

I show you how to put the harness on and to attach the fake cock.

You take the cream and apply it, stroking it as if you were jerking off your own cock.

You take charge; you tell me you want me on my knees so you can get the full visual effect.

You take the bottle and you squirt it between my cheeks like I did you, using your fingers to push the cream onto my virgin asshole. Once you have three fingers in, you pull your hand back, wiping them clean on a towel.

You place the phallus at the entrance. As you push, you feel me tense up and you lean forward, your breasts scraping my back telling me to relax. Your words soothe and comfort me, and you grab my ass cheeks, opening them. You watch wide eyed as you push forward as you watch my anus spread, slowly disappearing into my ass. It is uncomfortable, but I do not dare complain. I wanted you to do it, I will live with it, wanting to please you, to let your experience what we men get to. It is my gift to you.

You begin to thrust slowly, each time going an inch further. You hear my breathing, gasping, but you no longer care. You are consumed by the power, you now understand what a man feels, the feeling of dominating an asshole sexually.

You reach around and search for my shrivelled cock, it should be hard, but it is not.

You slap my ass telling me to get hard or else, another slap and I begin to push back allowing you more access, and you begin to get more excited.

I have installed a clit stimulator in the harness and as you fuck me, and it stimulates you at the same time.

You reach for my cock as you fuck me, stroking it and as if on your command, it begins to harden.

Again, you breasts, your hair, are on my back and I enjoy giving myself to you as you stoke my cock, the wetness coating us, dripping on the bed.

You begin to fuck me harder, stroking my cock hard and without warning I erupt in your hand, my cum shooting up towards my stomach.

Your wedding ring covered in cum, the sexiest sight I have ever seen, a sign that we are one.

You continue fucking me, actually rubbing you clit, but the fake cock is still ravaging me, harder, faster, you cumming is important, over taking you and finally you cum again. You collapse on me, like I did to you previously; we roll over taking you in my arms, kissing you, cuddling, breathing. I want you lying on my shoulder just enjoying your heart beat.

We both realize what just happened, we begin to laugh lying together, you still wearing a plastic cock.

Now the only fantasy I have left is watching you sleep looking over you.

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