tagLetters & TranscriptsThe Education of Darla

The Education of Darla

byDeckard Kincaid©

My Dearest Darla,

It was the night of the Christmas dance for the university department in which I taught. You were a graduate student in one of my classes. The dance was in the ballroom at the hotel. It was a blustery, snowy night, so turnout was smaller than expected, and by the time things were beginning to wear down, only about a dozen or so couples were left.

Everyone else left early to make sure they got home. You were there with your husband. We were near enough to your table to overhear him get paged on his beeper, and to say he had to leave to deal with an emergency situation. He asked you to leave, but you wanted to stay and said you were sure you could get a ride home. If not, you would check into a room in the hotel.

I had escorted Janie, an instructor of modern poetry, a fun gal, but there was not a romantic involvement between us. Soon after we arrived, I saw you and pointed you out to Janie.

"That's the little flirt I was telling you about," I said. "The cute little chick that sits in the front row of my class, wears the sexy short skirts, and shifts her legs whenever she thinks she can catch me glancing over. I've got an idea how I can have some real fun with her tonight." I then told Janie to watch the action, and then walked over to the band and asked if they could play a few real slow, romantic numbers.

As the strains of "Unchained Melody" wafted across the floor, I winked to Janie, and walked over to you. "Might I have the pleasure of this dance?" I asked. "Sure!" you responded, without a clue as to what was to come. We swayed to the music, your arm over my shoulder, with my arms around your waist. I dipped my head and brushed it against your neck to inhale the fragrance of your perfume. You were beautiful in the blue taffeta dance dress with the puffy sleeves and lace overlay over the skirt.

You were so relaxed as you pressed into my body. My hands began to roam over your back. My fingers ever so lightly tracing the outline of your dress, the back of the neck, the edges of your sleeves, my hands sliding up under that beautiful hair to caress your neck. My fingers slid up and down your back, then teasingly caressed your ribs, with whisper light caresses to the sides of your breasts through the dress. You gave a couple little sighs, and snuggled a little closer. I glanced over at Janie. She gave me a questioning look, like "O.K., so what are you going to do to little miss flirt?"

You were relaxed and pressed into me. I grinned at Janie, and then my hands slid down your back. My thumb and finger found the zipper on your gown, and as soon as I had it zipped all the way down, and before you could react, I pushed you away just enough to allow the gown to slide off your body and onto the floor. There you were, little miss flirty chick, who loved to get her professor all excited in class, standing in only her black satin and lace bra, high cut black lacy panties, and thigh-high lace top stockings.

Wow!!! Talk about a showstopper!! The trumpet player almost swallowed his mouthpiece. Everyone stopped dancing, and then I gathered my arms around you, pulled you close, and brought my lips down, almost too hard, onto your mouth. You tried a gasp, but couldn't, as my tongue was prying in between your teeth. I could taste your lipstick, and the air seemed full of the essence of your perfume. Then things really started getting interesting!

Several other guys did the same thing to their partners, but the band kept on playing the nice slow songs, and we had to be careful not to dance over the various gowns and dresses laying on the floor. My hands cupped your ass, kneading and caressing, kneading and caressing, first through your panties, and then between your panties and your skin.

My fingers working your ass as the silky fabric massaged the backs of my hands. My tongue still working your mouth and throat, while you slipped your hands in to the back pockets of my slacks and began to massage my ass. My cock felt long enough to reach the floor, and it was hard as a rock. Whether or not you wanted to, little darling, you were about to have an evening with your professor that would be one for the textbooks.

I glanced over at Janie. She was dancing with one of the student jocks named Rock. He apparently had a one-track mind and the rails only went through arenas and stadiums. It was doubtful he had ever really considered the true pleasures and delights of the feminine gender. They were still dancing, but Janie was the only woman in the room with her dress still on. It was a beautiful ivory beaded gown with those little spaghetti straps.

She kept rubbing up hard against the monstrous bulge in pants, though he didn't seem to notice. His head was probably in a ballpark somewhere, and if he thought at all about the big stick trying to poke through his slacks, it was to only think of it as a Louisville Slugger waiting for a fastball or slider. Janie rolled her eyes as she caught my glance. I could see she was a little frustrated, and then she reached around, unzipped herself, and let her gown drop.

She looked delicious, too, in her white, satin and lace bra, panties and stockings. But my mind, and other anatomical parts, was on you. I winked at Janie to try and say for her to watch the next act over here. My mouth still pressed tight to yours, my tongue exploring as deep as it could go. The only sounds you could make were little throaty moans and sighs. I didn't know if you were angry, humiliated, embarrassed, or thrilled, and I didn't really care. The cute little flirty chick that kept shooting me shots of her beaver was about to experience the bursting of the dam and filling of her pond.

We moved with the music, your arms linked behind my neck as though you were hanging on for dear life. My right hand was inside your panties cupping your ass, the left caressing your upper and middle back. Suddenly, as if in simultaneous motions, I pushed down your panties so they slid down your legs, as my other hand flipped the catch on your bra.

Nothing on you now, but those silky stockings. And another excited murmur from the few couples left. The more prudish had left long ago. One of the boys in the band, I think the drummer, because the horn and clarinet players still had their mouths full, hollered, "Fuck her, man!" Not a bad idea, and not that it hadn't entered my mind.

As we stood there, my left arm around your back, holding you tight against me, my right hand reached down under and around your ass, and my index finger slid up in to that moist little hole. You shivered and writhed, as my finger tickled your clit and explored as deep as it could go. Suddenly, the all the power in the hotel went out. The only light came from the battery powered Exit signs.

Your gown was on the floor at our feet, and I lifted your feet off the ground, and laid you on the dress. In a split second my pants were unzipped and my swollen, hardened cock unleashed. I pushed your knees apart and poked into you. Once, twice, a third thrust before it completely entered your tight passage. You gave a little yip of pain, and then relaxed back on the taffeta as you felt my weight descend....

I pushed into you as deep as I could go. It seemed like I was nailing you to the floor. My cock completely filled you. My thrusts were long, slow, and moved your whole body. Your legs were spread wide, but you tried to wrap your stocking legs around me. My tongue dove back into your mouth, and it seemed that it would go far enough down to meet my cock coming up. Then I released your mouth and bent my head to inhale the perfume from between your breasts. I licked that valley with my tongue.

You sighed and moaned. There were other sighs and moans coming from elsewhere in the darkened room, and we heard the band members packing up their instruments and quietly exiting. My lips ever so gently brushed your breasts. Your hands pushed them up to my face. First, kissing your rigid nipples, then sucking them, rolling my tongue around them, and finally lightly nipping and pulling those beautiful little buttons with my teeth. All this time slowly and in rhythm thrusting and pulsing my cock into you, as my hands slid under your ass, and my fingers kneaded, and fondled, and caressed that silken skin. My cock in your tight little cunt, my hands on your silky-skinned ass, and my mouth on those perfectly shaped, delectable mounds - heaven to me!

You shivered, then moaned, and tried to move under me. "Oooooh, ooohoooo, aaaaaahhhhh, oh yes, yes, yes!"

My thrusting became faster and harder, and your moans became louder, and soon were definitely the loudest in the room. "Oh, oh, oh!!!" "Yes, yes, yes!" you cried.

"Fuck me, FUCK ME NOW!!!" And I could feel the wave of love juice spurt from you an instant before my cock erupted with enough force for you to cry "OH", and then every fiber of your body seemed to relax. I laid there on top of you, spent for the moment, my fingers gently, tenderly, lovingly, tracing all of your curves that I could reach.

My lips whispered kisses all over your face, neck, shoulders, and breasts. We lay there for a bit, quiet, just heavy breathing and as I was wondering what to do next, the hotel emergency lighting kicked on. Only a few spotlights directed to the exit doors, so it was still pretty dark, but at least we could find our way out. I had taken a two-bedroom suite in the hotel for three nights, as I had planned to stay in the city for some shopping and to take in some shows, before heading out to my house in the country for the holiday break.

I suggested to Janie that she bring Rock along and that the four of us go up to my suite, as the weather was obviously too bad for any of us to try and get home. Picking up your bra and panties, I stuffed them in my pocket, then dropped your gown over your head and shoulders and zipped it up. At least you'd be decent for the trek through the lobby and up the elevator. I don't think you had a clue of what was yet to come, but I sure had some ideas.........

We walked through the lobby en route to the arcade. You had your coat buttoned all the way up. It was obvious that you didn't like this idea one bit. At the far end of the lobby, there was an old guy sitting in an overstuffed chair, occasionally glancing at his newspaper.

"Darla, darling," Janie whispered, "unbutton your coat, and flash that guy when we get next to him."

"No way" you replied. Janie stopped for a moment, reached over an unbuttoned your coat.

"Now, Darla, darling, you do want that graduate degree or not?"

You got the point. And as we passed the old coot, you opened your coat so he got a good look. Never saw anyone's eyes open that wide, that fast before. There even was a hint of a smile at the corner of your mouth.

The mall was virtually barren. Only a few shops were open, with a mere handful of shoppers, most likely hotel guests killing time. One of the open stores was a large, well-stocked dress shop. The only person in it was the single clerk, Molly, according to her nametag.

"Hi, what can I help you with?" she asked, glad to be freed from the boredom.

"Well," I replied, "these lovely ladies need complete new wardrobes. Their luggage was lost at the airport, and they need everything."

"Well, help yourself, and let me know if I can assist you."

The lingerie counters were loaded with holiday wares Janie picked up several matching panty and bra sets in various colors, a variety of sheer stockings of different shades, and you did the same. You both put the items on the sales counter and went back to look at dresses. Janie picked a beautiful, tight black cocktail dress off a rack.

"I think I'll try this one on." Molly came over to assist.

"The fitting rooms are over there," she pointed.

Janie said, "that's ok, we're not modest or shy. I can try it on right here," and she took off her coat and laid it on a counter.

Molly started to say something, but Janie had slipped into the dress before the words came out, and spun around to display it.

"I'll take it," she said, and pulled it off, handing it to Molly.

Stark naked, she paraded over to a rack of your size dresses, and plucked a pretty white mini dress with lace appliqué on the front. I moved over to you and removed your coat as Janie held the dress up.

"Put it on, Darla, darling, so we can see how you look in it."

You did as told, and the white dress set off your red hair in spectacular fashion, and your smile said you wanted to keep it. We moved around the store, you and Janie putting on and taking off dresses, as you forgot about where you were. You had just pulled off a little red crepe number, when you glanced up and saw a middle-aged couple walking up to the store.

Janie saw them also, and said, "Just freeze and pretend you are a mannequin."

Which is what you both did. The man glanced through the open storefront, moved on a few paces, and then came back for a longer look. His wife grabbed him by the arm.

"Quit gawking," she snorted. "My god look how realistic they are making the mannequins these days," he said.

Janie caught the wife's eye and winked.

"Since when do mannequins have pubic hair?" was the last words we heard as she yanked him down the corridor.

The two of you chose several dresses apiece, as well as a couple sweaters and skirts. And you found a delightful frilly white tennis dress with matching ruffled panties left over from the summer stock. You were really getting into this by now, and your modesty was of little concern. In fact a few more people had walked by and looked in, and you made no attempt to hide. When one of the young security guards strolled past, you even drew out the process of taking off a dress to give him a thrill.

Janie pulled you over to the nightwear section. She picked out for you a pink and white baby doll nightie with puffed sleeves and a bow in the middle that when pulled separated the front. Matching panties, of course. For herself she got leopard print sleep set. And then she saw her final purchase. It was a candy apple red lingerie set of satin and lace bra and panties, and garter belt with matching stockings. I referred to it as her hooker outfit.

I paid for our purchases, and each of you dressed in the middle of the store in full view of Molly and a few new customers. You looked spectacular in the wine colored-mini dress with sheer harem sleeves, and sheer nude stockings. Janie had on a red silk blouse, black pleated skirt and black nylons. You both carried your coats back to our suite. I was in heaven, escorting you through the hotel. Most of the afternoon was spent with the two of you modeling your purchases. My cock was hard all day, just watching the parade. At last you seemed to enjoy yourself, and even said you felt good when people you didn't even know ogled your naked body.

While you were out of the room at one point Janie mentioned to me how much fun this had been, and that she would be sorry to see it end.

"Doesn't have to," I replied.

To which you asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well, you love the farmhouse, don't you? You did most of the interior decorating for me, and now that it's been completely remodeled its time to get full use of it. I have four bedrooms, so why don't you, and Darla both move in with me. She told me that her husband was being deployed with his Army reserve unit for at least a year, and that will save her rent. We can keep this party going indefinitely!"

It didn't take that lady long to make up her mind, and we decided to wait until we were about to leave the next day to tell you...

Janie was eager to try out her red hooker outfit. She waited until I had stripped and lay on the bed reading the newspaper. She instructed you to put on your new pink and white baby doll ensemble and sit in the easy chair in the bedroom to watch how she turned me on. You did as told, and it was all I could do to refrain from grabbing you and fucking you right through that frilly fabric!

Then Janie entered the bedroom. She climbed on the bed and knelt astride my chest facing my feet. My cock had been standing straight up since you entered the room and she bent down and took it in her mouth. Rolling her tongue around its head, she gradually sucked in deeper and deeper. She lowered her panty-covered pussy into my face and let me suck her through the flimsy fabric.

I could feel the silky stockings on the sides of my face, and she moved around as much as possible to keep the stimulus growing. I fingered her tits through the bustier, and groped for the means to free her from it. She pushed my hands away. She was really sucking on my cock, slurping, licking, and moving it in and out of her mouth.

I could feel the pressure building. I glanced over at you and your hand was inside your panties, moving to her rhythm with my cock. Finally, as I tongued her panties into her hole, she sped up the thrusts of my cock deep into her mouth, and I responded with a burst of semen down her throat. She slowly withdrew from my cock, straightened up for a minute, then turned around and lay down on me. She slowly gyrated her body on mine, and as the sheer lacy and satiny fabric moved against my skin, my cock started to get hard again.

She pushed down the panties, and impaled herself on my still hardening cock. I looked over at you and your hand was really working your pussy. Your feet were jiggling with anticipation. Your eyes were glued to us. Her panties were only down just past her ass, and they rubbed on my cock as she moved, which stimulated it even more. She pulled the bustier down to her waist, so that bunched up fabric rubbed on my stomach as she moved on me.

She raised up and leaned forward, lifting my head to reach her tits and suck on them, as she humped and gyrated on my cock. I couldn't hold it any longer and came again, up into her, the white milky fluid running down my shaft. You had come too, I could see, and you had a little dazed look on your face. Janie finally got up and went into the other bedroom. You came over and crawled in bed with me, and while I wasn't up for another load that night, it felt delightful having you fall asleep in my arms. When we got up in the morning, the storm had cleared and we knew we could make it home. My Grand Cherokee was in the hotel garage and we gathered up our stuff and checked out.

As we drove away from the hotel, Janie turned to you and said, "I'm going to move out to the farmhouse with him, and we want you to join us also. With your husband away on active duty for the next year, it will really save you on rent."

"But I really like my apartment," you said. "This has been quite an experience, but I think I'll stay where I am."

"Darla, darling," Janie replied, "you will move in with us. Remember, I have a lot of say at the university. Your room and board will be completely provided for in exchange for a little light housework. I'll have a moving company arrange for both of you to be moved to the farmhouse as soon as possible," I said, and that, of course is what happened.

It didn't take Janie and I long to teach you the fine points of being a living sex doll, and a personal pleasure provider. You developed a knack for pleasing and being pleased. Janie found you a French maid's outfit to wear when doing housework. A frilly very short black dress with lots of lace trim, a lacy cap, black net stockings held up by lacy garters that showed beneath the ruffled petticoat that the dress couldn't conceal.

You loved that outfit, and I loved you in it. It was fun for both of us when I would come up behind you, pull down the ruffled panties, and insert my cock into whatever orifice presented itself as you bent over, while reaching around to massage both of your breasts. We would inevitably collapse onto each other on the floor to complete our passions.

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