tagAnalThe Enforcer Ch. 24

The Enforcer Ch. 24


Nicole and I had just left Beth in Nicole's tent, sound asleep because she had been through a lot today, and had been up for nearly twenty-four hours. We headed to her friend's tent, which was luckily just next door.

We arrived quickly, Nicole knocked on the door as she said: "Shauna, there is somebody here I would like you to meet."

Shauna opened the door, and when she saw me froze. She stared at me for a few seconds, before saying: "Vinny! Is that really Vinny?"

Nicole replied: "It certainly is. His friend, Beth, is sleeping in my tent, so I was wondering if you would mind if I spent the night with you Shauna."

She replied: "Of course you can, you don't even need to ask." Shauna looked me over, and softly asked: "Where is Vinny spending the night?"

I replied: "I promised to let Beth get a good night's sleep, so as long as I am not too far from her, and we do not wake her up, I am pretty much open to suggestions."

Nicole cautiously asked: "I know you have a magnificent group of girls by your side, I know a couple of them personally and they are very nice, so I am curious to know just what you're up for tonight."

"I have had a long day, too. But I had a few hours of sleep, so I am not too tired, however I can't be seen in public, so you can't invite anybody over, and you can't tell anybody I am here. You can tell all the stories you want after we leave in the morning, but until then my presence has to be a secret. Other than that, I am yours for a few hours, what do you want to do?"

Nicole smiled brightly as she said: "I had fun getting fucked by you at the beach, but from what I heard from my friend whom you ate out, you're pretty good with your tongue."

Shauna was as white as a ghost as she heard her friend's words. She snapped out of her daze just as Nicole finished speaking and agitatedly said: "Are you nuts Nicole? You basically just asked the leader of our gang to eat you out! That is not proper, show some respect."

I casually replied: "Well, that's not exactly what I had in mind, but let's not rule out the possibility, however, since I have just met Shauna, how about a little ice breaker before?"

Nicole sighed deeply as Shauna looked at me stunned.

"So girls, how does a no holds barred game of Truth or Dare strike you?"

Nicole smiled broadly as she said: "Sounds perfect to me."

Shauna was still in shock, and just looked back and forth between us.

I decided I should make her feel a little more comfortable, so I added: "I also promise to keep the dares tame until you are ready for some more involved activities."

Shauna's shock eased as she considered my words.

That's when Nicole looked at her friend and said: "Come on Shauna, this will be fun, and you know Vinny is trustworthy, come on what do you say?"

Nicole's eyes were pleading with her friend's. Shauna hesitated a few seconds before she acquiesced and replied: "Ok, you've convinced me, I will play." She stared seriously at her friend, and sternly said: "But you have to promise not to make me do anything sexual with Vinny until I am ready."

Nicole smiled broadly as she enthusiastically said: "Yeah! You won't regret this; it will be tons of fun." She hugged her friend, and as she was pulling away said: "I take it you don't mind if I get sexual with Vinny before you do?"

Shauna groaned as she said: "Is that all you ever think about?"

"Pretty much. I prefer getting into your pants most of the time," she squeezed Shauna's supple breasts with her hands for effect, to which Shauna squealed in response, and continued to knead them as she finished her sentence, "but Vinny is a special occasion."

Passion was already beginning to flow between the girls as I followed the pair inside Shauna's tent. Shauna had been relaxed, until we entered her tent; at that point she realised she had not cleaned up, and her dirty clothes were all over the place. She tried to make excuses as she began picking things up off the floor and throwing them into her hamper. Nicole was laughing her ass off as her friend franticly scampered around the room.

I just slowly pulled a pair of black, crotchless panties off a lamp and casually said: "I assume these weren't modified since you bought them."

Shauna froze in embarrassment when she noticed what I was holding. Nicole hooted at her friend as she giggled: "I haven't seen you in those yet!"

Shauna tried to grab the panties from my hand, but I moved them out of reach, so she just ended up running up to me and her breasts crashed into my chest as she failed to stop in time. I placed my free hand against her blushing face as she tried to slink away and, as I raised her eyes back to meet mine, said: "How about we leave these out."

She shyly looked at me with expectant eyes. I could see a faint glimmer of hope filling her soul.

"Maybe you will model these for me a little later."

Shauna covered her face as she blushed. Nicole teasingly added: "I think Vinny is coming on to you girl."

Shauna replied softly: "I think you may be right. But you could be more subtle when you say something like that."

I replied: "I think the ice is broken, so why don't we get something to drink and start the game, so I can see just how wild you girls are."

Nicole replied: "I doubt you're ready for us!"

"We'll see." I smiled devilishly.

Nicole's smile faded as uncertainty set in. I casually had a seat on Shauna's bed as I said: "Let's get a few drinks and see where the evening takes us."

Shauna and Nicole set about serving the drinks; Nicole located three clean glasses, while Shauna rummaged in her foot locker.

Nicole was first to complete her given task, and carrying three glasses said: "I think these are clean, there aren't any signs they've had anything in them recently, save water."

Just then Shauna pulled out an unopened bottle on five year old whiskey. She joyfully said: "I was keeping this for a special occasion, and I guess this qualifies."

She happily poured all three of us each a large water glass of whiskey. Nicole, upon seeing the portions, hesitantly said: "Isn't that an awful lot, I mean that stuff is potent."

Shauna replied: "If you can't finish your drink, I am certain Vinny or I will be glad to."

I added: "I get dibs on it."

Both girls smiled when I said that.

I added: "You really think you can get a biker like me drunk, on a single bottle of whiskey, even good whiskey?"

They both shook their heads.

I motioned for them to sit in front of me. They each grabbed a chair and sat a few feet away. When they were seated I said: "Ok, simple rules tonight. I will go first, whichever one of you I pick then gets to go next, after their Truth or Dare. You can turn down any Truth or Dare, but that means you have to take a drink from your whiskey glass, and I mean a good one. Anytime you pick Truth, the other can call you up if they think your answer is not deserving, at which point you have to either choose a double dare, and do it, no wussing out, or take two drinks. Any questions?"

Shauna replied: "Is there a limit to what you can dare?"

"No, after all, unless you lied, you can just chicken out and take a drink, but if you can't chicken out, and you plead, I may declare a dare too harsh."

Nicole brazenly said: "Why do you get veto rights?!"

I softly replied: "Because I am the leader of this gang."

Shauna replied teasingly: "Nicole you dunce, why would you even question Vinny?"

Nicole slunk down as she said: "I got carried away, I am sorry."

I hugged her close and tenderly said: "No worries, we're here to have fun."

I sat back and said: "Shauna, truth or dare?"

She replied proudly: "Dare."

"A simple one for you, well I assume, given how you two act around each other; lock lips with Nicole, and let's see you two kiss properly."

Neither girl showed even the slightest hesitation as they faced each other, and French kissed passionately. I had to stop them after a minute, or I think they would have kept going until they ended up making love on the floor in front of me.

Once they were both sitting back down I addressed Shauna: "Ok, who do you want to pick as your victim?"

She shyly asked: "Can I pick you?"

"Normally no, but since we're only three, sure, go ahead."

"Truth or dare Vinny?"

I replied: "Your choice."

She looked puzzled, then said: "Does that mean I can pick what you do?"


"Cool. Then tell me the truth, will you really have sex with Nicole and me tonight if we want you to?"

Such a straight forward question, I replied honestly: "Little one, if either of you want me to fuck you, in any hole, I will. If either of you wants me to eat them out, rim them or hold them all night, I will. Basically, if you ask, I will do what you want."

"Yes would have been good enough you know."

"Yeah I know, but I didn't want to leave any doubt." I turned to Nicole and said: "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare, of course."

I tauntingly replied: "I would never have guessed." That got a giggle from both girls.

"Ok Nicole, you're the brave one, so let's have a little fun. I dare you to…" I left her hanging on purpose, "stick one of your fingers into your pussy, then Shauna's, then lick it clean."

She replied: "That's it, you tease."

"Maybe, but that's your first dare, and the night is young."

"Point taken."

She reached into her shorts, plunged her finger into her pussy, and pulled it out dripping.

"Wet already?"

She smiled, pulled her friend's shorts open, reached in, and plugged her finger into Shauna's pussy, then pulled it out twice as wet as she said: "Yeah, but not half as much as Shauna."

She seductively licked up the copious amount of juice from her finger. Then teasingly said: "Ambrosia, you really have to try it sometime."

"I plan to; just give me a few minutes."

Shauna blushed at my reply.

I then said: "Ok Nicole, that was fun, who's next?"

"Why you are Vinny."

I smiled, knowing full well that I'd be their main target, at least for a while.

"Truth or Dare Vinny?"

"Your choice."

"Brave, not very inventive, but brave. I dare you to get naked, and who knows, that might convince Shauna to try something fun."

Shauna swatted at her friend as I got up. I shucked my combat gear quickly, and was soon in my boxers. Shauna's eyes were locked onto my semi-hard member as I finally lowered, and removed my last piece of clothing.

She gasped when she saw my massive cock emerge. Nicole teased her friend: "Big isn't he?"

All Shauna could do was nod weakly.

I sat back down, legs slightly separated, and said: "My turn; Shauna, Truth or dare?"

Shauna was slow to snap out of her trance, but eventually replied: "Dare."

"Easy one. I am naked, so let's see you strip down to your bra and panties."

Shauna shyly replied: "Umm, I am not actually wearing a bra."

"I know."

Shauna got a little miffed as she replied defiantly: "Then why did you… why you!"

"You can always just drink up if you're too chicken."

Shauna defiantly stripped her top off, exposing her perky breasts and rosy nipples.

I appreciatively said: "Has anybody told you that you have sweet looking nipples?"

"Thanks, Nicole says it all the time." She hardly skipped a beat as she replied, shucking her shorts, exposing her black panties. Which I must say had a visibly wet spot in the front.

She sat back down, legs closed tightly. Well at least she didn't cover her chest. She was very attractive. In fact I realised how much when I heard Nicole say: "Look at that monster grow."

Both girls' eyes were locked onto my crotch, I looked down and realised I was rock hard. I guess Shauna's body was having a bigger impact on me than I predicted.

Nicole nudged Shauna as she said: "Look at what your body is doing to him."

Shauna blushed as she realized that I was getting turned on too, and that just excited her more. She shyly said: "Is it my turn now?"

I replied: "It is."

She raised her eyes shy and said: "Vinny, Truth or dare?"

"Hum, I gave you both a choice before, but not this time; Dare."

Shauna blushed as she said: "I dare you to make me cum, using only your mouth."

I looked her and asked: "A little clarification, when you say only using my mouth, does that mean I can only use my words, or can I get up close and personal."

She giggled: "You can get up close and personal."

I smiled devilishly as I motioned her to come to me. She got up slowly and moved to me. I softly said: "Can I hold you with in my hands, as long as I do not use them to cause you to climax?"

She replied softly: "I think your touch might be too much for me right now, but if you want to, please do."

She was standing, shakily, between my spread legs, her panty covered crotch several inches below my mouth, however her tender nipples were at eye level. I softly moved my hands from my knees; she shivered as they passed over her arms, just lightly brushing the fine hairs covering them. My hands quickly reached her shoulders, and softly they hovered for a second before I drew them back to my knees. Shauna's body was covered in goosebumps as her anticipation grew. I slowly extended my tongue, and moved closer to her, until it touched her left nipple. Shauna moaned as it ran over her aureole, teasing her nipple. I trailed my tongue across her chests, as she tried to resist the excitement quickly rising in her body.

My tongue finally reached her right aureole; once again I teasingly circled her nipple. Quickly her excitement grew. I grasped her erect nipple between my lips for the first time, and as I used my right hand to fan her left nipple, the cool breeze multiplied the feeling of the cool saliva on her breast. Just as a moan escaped her lips, I suckled on her other nipple, raking my tongue across the trapped bud. The combined feeling proved too much for Shauna's senses, and her body began convulsing as a powerful orgasm washed over her body. I felt her knees failing her and softly hugged her body to mine as he her body failed her. She smiled as I held her small frame close to mine, her head resting against my chest, her ear lying over my heart. She remained there well after her orgasm has subsided. I was quite content at that point, but I knew Nicole would want more.

And as if on cue, Nicole chimed in: "If you two love birds are done, I'd like to get into the fun too." She was pouting at us.

I looked at Shauna and softly said: "I know it's technically my turn, but do you want to get in on it with me if Nicole has the balls to take a double dare."

Shauna smiled as she said: "I'd love to."

Nicole replied: "Hey, isn't a double dare reserved only to circumstances of where I fail to convince you I am telling the truth?"

I replied: "Yes, but I somehow think you are willing to make an exception, especially since it's the only way you will get me and Shauna to let you in on the action."

She poutily replied: "That's not fair, I won't even get a chance to refuse or chicken out, but I didn't do anything wrong."

I replied sarcastically: "Those are the terms, so you agree or do you want to run?"

Nicole hesitantly replied: "I guess I have to agree, I am too horny not to."

Shauna looked at me questioningly, and as I bent forward and whispered my plan into her ear, her eyes went large.

She looked at me, worry covering her face, as she asked softly: "Are you certain we will enjoy this?"

I nodded.

"Then I agree to follow your lead."

I looked at Nicole and said: "Shauna is ready, I know I don't need to offer you this chance, but I will be noble, seeing how Nicole reacted, are you still willing to go through with this double dare, whatever it may be?"

She nodded.

I smiled as I softly said: "Nicole, I had a really fun erotic dream involving Beth while we were on our mission. I want to see if something I did in it will be as fun in real life. But one of you needs to put on a strap-on dildo for this to happen, Shauna's answer has led me to believe that will not be an issue."

Nicole got up, quickly opened Shauna's footlocker, and pulled out a large strap-on dildo. It wasn't as big as me, but it was close, a little smaller, and a little shorter. She also pulled out a bottle of lube; she put the lube on the table and held firmly onto the dildo, waiting for me to continue.

I softly said: "Two decisions have to be made. But before either can be made you need to understand what I want to do." I locked eyes with Nicole and asked: "Do you know what a train fuck is?"

Nicole blushed a little as she replied: "That's were one person inserts their member into an orifice, generally the anus, of the person in front of then, then a person stands behind them and inserts their tool into them, and the chain repeats until all members are in the chain. Then they start fucking." She realized what I wanted to do and softly said: "Is that what you want to do?"

"Yeah, and of course the questions are simple to determine now aren't they."

Nicole softly said: "Ì assume one is who gets to wear the dildo, but what is the other?"

"Do we use your anuses or your pussies?"

She realized what it meant to have me fucking her ass, paused, then said: "I want to fuck Shauna up her ass, but are you certain you can do me up the ass?"

"I can do either of you without pain, I promise, I will be very gentle, and I am willing to teach you how to do it easily with a dildo, both of you. Something tells me you will probably try it again without me once you experience it."

Shauna, whose head was still against my chest, softly cuddled against me as she said: "I am willing to trust Vinny to take my anal cherry, and I believe he will make me want it again, so I am very willing to let him teach me. What do you say Nicole?"

Nicole solemnly said: "If Shauna is willing to do this, I am willing to let you fuck my ass with that monster of yours. But you have to take her anal cherry first, and then take mine. Once we have both given you that power over us, then we can get into the train fuck."

I held Shauna for a few more minutes, softly caressing her. Nicole watched impatiently, so Shauna sensually stroked my face as she said: "As much as I am enjoying this, I think we shouldn't keep poor little Nicole waiting. Besides, I am a little curious to see just how good anal sex with you is."

I kissed her once, square on the lips, then said, as I helped her up: "I agree a little cuddling is fun, but it works best as two, and we aren't alone, so Nicole, do you want to watch as I spear your friend's anus?"

Nicole gleefully said: "Yeah, I really want to see what it looks like."

I got up as Shauna asked tenderly: "What position should I be in to make this as easy as possible?"

"It's a little lewd, but on all fours with your ass sticking up at me, and your arms slightly bent, is the best position to make this easy on you."

She assumed the position, and when she was in place Nicole commented: "That is just such a submissive position, I can see right into your ass and pussy Shauna!"

Shauna blushed as she said: "Don't remind me."

I stepped behind her and softly placed my hands on her ass, spreading her orbs as my mouth got closer. She shivered as my breath hit her sensitive skin. I moved forward, bringing my tongue to her pucker. She moaned as I started rimming her. I spent the next ten minutes slowly licking her asshole, gradually spreading her open. After I was satisfied that she had a good amount of spit in and on her anus, I pulled my face back. The relaxed ring stayed slightly open, so I softly inserted a spit covered finger into the orifice.

She moaned lightly as I forced my finger past her inner sphincter. I slowly stretched her hole open, adding another finger, then spreading them apart. Slowly her body permitted me to add a third finger. I continued teasing her muscular ring. After about ten minutes of fascinated observation by Nicole, I was finally ready, and brought my cock to Shauna's ass. She looked at me apprehensively as the head pressed against her tight opening.

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