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The Entity Pt. 10


This is the story of love lost, love explored, and love found in a place least expected. It is also a mystery that involves power, money, greed, and lust. While not as graphic as most here at Literotica I hope you find it an entertaining read. I apologize for the state of the work. It still needs proofing. Please vote and comment.


Chapter 27

CNN – Republican hopeful, Kerry Richard's, has doubled his campaign efforts in light of his opponent's reduction in campaigning. With less than a ten percent approval rating, he was seen today on the steps of the San Francisco court house, calling for the true voice of the people. There was an embarrassing moment when Richard's turned toward the governor and invited him to the podium, only to find the California governor had ducked out just minutes before...


Suit clad agents spilled from SUV's in front of and behind the long black vehicle, sunglasses in place, and wrist's held to their lips as they whispered responses and listened without listening.

Finally, an unseen signal was passed and Team Leader walked to the door of the limousine, pulling it open, while he watched the immediate area around the vehicle.

The Doctor stood at the curb in a dark suit with an outlandish tie. He watched intently as the tall man unwound from the back door, stood, glanced around and stuck out his hand. Taking the Doctor's he said, "You must be the Doctor."

The Doctor shook his hand and with a slight bow and said, "One and the same. And you must be our next President, Mr. President."

Arthur Wright didn't miss the flattery and dug up his best awe shucks smile before replying, "We really should wait until the people get their chance to have their say. But don't let that change your vote."

The Doctor sized the man up. Took in the size of his frame, the massive presence he created and his easy manner. He smiled thinking. Yes. I think this will be fun.

They stepped into the foyer of the beautiful old building. Arthur Wright took in the restored condition and commented to the Doctor, admiring the work.

"I think she had it done just for you, Mr. President."

Leading the way, they went up to the fourth floor in two separate groups. The Doctor first with three of the agents and the democratic hopeful followed, with three others.

Theodora Elizabeth Miller stood beside the finely finished double mahogany doors that opened into her private apartment. Wright's campaign manager, having arrived an hour earlier, stood at her side. Two other dark suited agents stood just inside the door.

Bradley Lewis had tried several times to cancel today's visit. He didn't care how much money Theodora Miller had given to Arthur's campaign, he was sure the time could be better spent hammering nails into Kerry Richard's political coffin. That was until she'd offered a preview of what his boss would be experiencing.

"Why do you smile so, Mr. Lewis?"

"Well, I thought, well, we thought we would be dealing with someone much older."

Teddy had smiled and explained, "You would have but my Grandmother, Theodora, passed away a week ago. I'm her sole heir and namesake so we felt no need to disrupt things. Besides, as you know, she was an extremely reclusive person. She made Onasis look like a gallivanting playboy. I spoke to her just before her death and she was emphatic about our future President experiencing our breakthrough."

"And you would be?" Mr. Lewis turned and held his hand out to Michael.

"A close personal friend of Miss Miller's, Sir."

They shook hands and Mr. Lewis decided immediately he didn't care for the man's penetrating stare.

Pointing at a leather recliner, Teddy offered, "And what about you, Mr. Lewis? Would you like to experience the future?"

Taking in the lavish surroundings, paneled walls and antiques that rivaled the White House, he glanced up and Teddy continued, "You can ask agent Young. He tried it and came through without a scratch."

Agent Young didn't need to be asked. "I highly recommend it, Sir."

Mr. Lewis sat back in the chair and watched as a young woman stepped from behind the chair and leaned down to snug a pair of futuristic headphones on his head. Outside sound was immediately blocked by the heavy ear pads as he admired the low cut of the young woman's dress and the fact she wore no bra.

Next he heard a small hiss and noticed the woman leaning over a piece of electronic equipment sitting on a small cart off to the side. A female voice cut in and started counting down from thirty as Mr. Lewis admired the generous view he was given as the young woman fumbled with a ballpoint pen, dropping it beside the cart and stooping to pick it up.

When the countdown got to fifteen he smiled as he watched a garter clasp and the top of the young woman's stockings disappear beneath the edge of her dress.

Beth consulted a few of the words scrolling across the screen and punched a key that brought up TIM. Glancing at her captive, she could tell from the glazed look and slight beading of his brow that Mr. Lewis had started his journey.

Checking the screen she could see dual readouts. One was the flow of information from Mr. Lewis's mind to the twin Cray's in the basement and the other was the small fantasy TIM had created that was being played for Mr. Lewis's benefit.

She reminded herself that the playback program had to be finished. She was dieing to know what all these men wanted to do to her.

Thirty minutes later, a smiling Mr. Lewis was helped from the chair as he flustered looking for words to describe what he'd just experienced. His deep crimson blush when Beth shook his hand and dismissed herself, didn't go unnoticed by Agent Young.

"My goodness, dear, you are lovely." Arthur Wright didn't blink when he made the complement. Teddy glanced at Michael and noted a look she hadn't seen for a long time. In fact, the last time she'd seen that look; her father had had the young man banished. She had learned later that he'd also been served a good thrashing from her over protective parent.

"Mr. President, this is a good friend of mine, Thomas."

Michael stumbled a little when Teddy changed his name but recalled that he had yet to make clear to the Doctor what his intentions were. Michael shook his hand, squeezing a little harder than protocol dictated.

Beth had returned after checking the Cray's in the basement. Her broad smile told Teddy everything was going as planned. The extra button opened on her blouse told her that Beth was enjoying her role as temptress.

"I've ordered tea, Mr. President. I believe your security director is downstairs in our kitchen assisting my staff."

A big hand engulfed hers, pulling it to his arm as he escorted her to the sitting area beyond the leather easy chair. Sitting on the couch beside Teddy precluded Michael and he found a place to the side in an ancient leather wingback.

Beth took up station, as planned, directly across from their prey and proceeded to flash her silky red undergarments more brazenly than a Cancan dancer for the next forty five minutes.

Michael sat back and took in the scene. The talk centered on an upcoming bill that would open the door to full experimentation in cloning. Arthur Wright assured Teddy several times that she really shouldn't worry. Everything was taken care of, palms had been greased and barrels filled. The bill would have no problem what so ever the next time it came up.

Michael was surprised at how up to date and informed Teddy was, but then he decided that was probably why she had the huge inheritance and he lived in her bedroom. All in all, the two hours were not something he relished repeating in spite of Teddy's reassuring smiles and glances.

This time it was Beth that escorted their next victim to the chair. Arthur Wright was more than willing to let her hang on his arm as they walked to the chair. He even waited patiently as she pulled his elbow into her breasts repeatedly while explaining how much she admired him and his ideas for the future.

By the time TIM kicked in, the future president was involved in a free for all that involved both Teddy and Beth.

When the headset was removed, Arthur Wright just sighed and smiled. Standing at the door, he made a point of kissing the back of Teddy's hand, while at the same time, managing to give Beth a lecherous smile.

"I can see now, Miss Miller, why your grandmother was so adamant. And I only wish she were here so I could thank her myself. I'm sure our military will be very interested in this," his voice trailed off with, "I can just imagine."

"Thank you so much, Mr. President. I'm sure Grandma Miller is looking down on us right now and is very happy with your kind words."

If only he knew, thought Teddy, even as the words came out of her mouth.


The Entity had watched it all.

His conclusion was always the same but he knew, as well, it was all conjecture.

At the same time, his web had been taut, waiting for some sign from Linda.

While impossible to express, other than through words and thoughts, Michael suddenly felt very sad.


Tammy had lost all track of time. She had no idea what day it was or if it was light or dark outside. It was as if time required a constant visual reference and the darkness had hidden that marker completely.

Scanner Bob had been quiet for some time. She couldn't decide if he was sleeping or had left the house.

Allessandra continued sleeping, snuggled into her body, breathing slow and steady.

Tammy finally let go and allowed her mind to turn to something she'd been skirting all week.

Why, she wondered? Why do I feel comfortable and safe with Linda? Is it just compensation for something else that's missing? Something that I will eventually find with another person? With a man?

She knew it wasn't a question of the euphoric high of sex, and blushed as she had the thought. There had been no sex. Just touching and snuggling. A lot of laughing and languid sighs. Well, and kissing, she amended.

She let her mind wander back to that day at Linda's parent's house. She'd seen them stacked on a chair in a corner of the room as Linda pushed her out. There must have been five or six of them, all different sizes, all well worn, childhood comfort toys. Some with braids. Another with short bangs and another, taller one, with long straight strands. All with locks of bright red yarn. She'd said nothing of Linda's collection of redheaded Raggedy Ann dolls. All fluffy and soft, made for small hands. Made for hugging.

Does she feel the same way? Tammy couldn't even wrap her mind around the question. The word she kept getting in the way.

She recalled Linda's tentative touches which later became soft caresses. She knew Linda had been the instigator, but she had to admit, she had put up little resistance.

She also knew that, as much as she tried to deny it, she'd relished in the rush she felt the night they drove back from the airport. She'd lived it before. The giddy high, sultry teasing and constant goofy grinning that went with it. The euphoric thrill of a first love.

This was different from Bruce, and the other eight Bruce's she'd had over the past ten years.

Suddenly, Tammy could see it. The rolling waves of rock raked out with two odd shaped stones at counterpoint. That was it, she thought, the same tranquility and subtle beauty she'd seen in Linda's father's rock garden.

Tammy could see the tall green bamboo raking secrets from the wind and telling them to the two stones, so far apart, yet bound as one by the sea of waving gravel.

She was contemplating who, in this relationship was holding the peg toothed, wooden rake she'd seen leaning against the side of the house when the door was jerked open and she was blinded by the light.

"Showtime bitches! We're going to give the performance of your lives!" Scanner Bob laughed too hard at his own joke.

Don't forget me, Linda. Tammy's unspoken wish rode the heavens on an unseen star.


Teddy gushed. These were words, no matter how often she'd wished for them, her father had never spoken.

"I don't know why, Teddy, but you complete me. I know it's only been a matter of days, but I don't feel complete without you," Michael sat beside her in the back of the Rolls.

After the entourage had left, Michael had become particularly loving. Not aroused, but attentive and caring, holding her hand and sitting quietly while they discussed the morning's events.

"I'm sorry about the name change," she'd said. Going on to explain what the Doctor had already explained. Unfortunately, Michael is dead. They needed to define what he wanted and move ahead. She added that the trust her grandmother had set up, along with the identity to go with it, included grandma Miller's father's name, Thomas.

"She gave you Blackburn as a last name. If you don't like it, I guess we can change it. But it's all up to you."

He'd become quiet and finally had an odd request, "Is there any chance we can go out? I mean, we're all dressed up. We're both much stronger and neither one of us is using a cane. Maybe just a quiet place to eat and some music."

And here they were, her driver and nurse in the front seat and she and Michael, sitting like school kids in the back, watching the sights and lights scroll by.

She wondered idly if it was a small spurt of jealousy. Arthur Wright was an overwhelming presence, even for someone as strong and willful as her father. But then, she thought, this isn't my father. This is Michael.

Pulling the arm rest up, she scooted into Michael and pulled his arm around her. She felt giddy. She felt like a debutant again. Except this time, the guy was really going to get the girl.

"I know, Michael, I feel the same," leaning in she sighed into his shoulder and wondered how many days they had left in sunny Los Angeles.


Tom continued to try and raise Michael. The Captain had reassured him that he was out there, waiting for Linda. "He'll let us know."

They'd both given up after checking in with Pete and decided they needed some rest.

"You look like shit, Tom. Go home and get some rest."

It didn't go unnoticed that the Captain locked the door of his office as Tom left, closed the blinds on his windows and turned the lights off. At least someone will be here if Michael calls.

He bounced the girls again and made the goofy horsy sounds they loved. The meal was far from quiet but Mary deflected most of the what ifs that night.

The Sheriffs department had recovered a second vehicle. An SUV with one other occupant. Linda's body still had not been found. They had brought out lighting platforms and expanded the search, planning on another all nighter.

Mary pulled the remote from his hand and turned off the television. Slipping off her robe, she slid in beside her sleeping husband and kissed his cheek.

"It's going to be okay, dear," she whispered and reached across his chest to turn the lights off.

Unfortunately, she was unable to muster conviction to go with it.

Chapter 28

A moment, as defined, is undefined. The dictionary calls it an undetermined short passage of time. A while, is simply an undetermined number of moments, strung together. Tammy knew that neither applied. She dry heaved again as Bob's bastardizing of eternity, the never ending moment, was visited upon she and Allessandra. An eternity that bore all the earmarks of hell, but undecidedly, would end in unimaginable pain and anguish for both of them.

Allessandra had passed out and hung limp from her shackles that looped over a water pipe hanging from the ceiling of the basement; the floor of the modern log house they'd been held captive in.

Scanner Bob had passed expansive almost half an hour ago as he strutted around the small table he'd brought downstairs. He was euphoric, his laptop open, the screen affording Tammy a view of what the small digital camera could see. Carmen was playing again. Just starting.

"They're watching," Bob beamed in an informative, good little boy way.

Tammy saw nothing good, nor boyish, in what Bob planned on doing. She scanned the wooden workbench again, Bob's array of artifacts lying out on a white towel. A surgeon's preparations for a not so delicate proceedure.

The two long black knives were prominent, given size; however the ice pick projected a particularly gruesome presence, given the circumstances. The razor knife appeared benign with its blade retracted into the handle.

The handgun was also there. Unfortunately, Bob had made it clear he had no planes of using it. Allessandra had begged, as Bob drug her in and shackled her to the pipe beside Tammy. Both hanging like carcasses in a slaughter house waiting to be cut, weighed, and shipped. 'Please! Just shoot me! Do what you want after, but just shoot me first!'

He'd only laughed and gone about his task.

Looking down, she could see a white plastic painter's tarp spread on the floor at her feet. Bricks were stacked at the corner and along the side to keep it in place.

From virgin's betrothal to death bed, Tammy thought as she felt her stomach wretch again and contemplated the pristine white plastic.

Bob had been chatting with people. She had no idea who. It appeared to be a private group, the image she saw on the laptop's screen of her and Allessandra hanging side by side was being shared with the group.

Taking note of her dry cough, Bob walked over and stood in front of Tammy, his hand playing across her naked chest, weighing, squeezing. "Don't get upset. I still have some digging to do. That might take a couple of hours," his evil laugh rattled her and she managed to find enough spit that it slid down his cheek, into the corner of his mouth.

She slumped against her shackles when he only laughed and made a promise, "Um. Good! I'll taste much more of you before we start the other procedures."

With that he was gone, the door to their dirt floor dungeon was open and when she twisted a little she saw him take off his shirt, pick up a shovel he'd left earlier, and start digging.


Like peering through the eyepiece of Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii, the largest of its kind, the Entity searched the billions of instantaneous electronic pulses that bounced around the globe, searching for the faintest nebula at, comparatively speaking, the furthest edge of his galaxy.

Then he saw it. The name. It bounced through the smallest of portals in his milky way, but did not go unseen.

'Tammy Spalding'

It took another fifteen minutes, light years in Michael's speed of light world, to find the video feed that went with the text.

Ten more minutes of incomprehensible gibberish in chat text and he surmised the crux of what was about to take place.

Simultaneously, text messages were sent to Tom and the Captain. E-mail's sent to their personal and work computers and a broadcast message sent to all IP's Michael knew as theirs.

His electronic omnipotence shrunk as he neglected the rest of the world and concentrated on trying to locate the origin of the devil's broadcast.


"Yeah, Tom, I received it too. I'm here at the office. Get here as soon as possible." Hanging up his phone, the Captain read through the recorded chat sequence, an IP that followed, and picked the phone up again, "Right. I want everything dropped and I want a snooper on the following IP address."

Giving the watch supervisor the address, he hung his phone up again and started typing.

'I'm here, Michael, tell us what to do.'


Teddy giggled. She blushed when it came out. She recalled giggling. It seemed such a childish thing for someone her age to do, but she couldn't deny it made her feel good.

"Where did you get that?"

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