tagErotic HorrorThe Evil Mirror Pt. 09

The Evil Mirror Pt. 09


Poor Dee was still begging for the Djinn to pull out of her, little realizing that her torment was about to continue. It was only when the Djinn's second body reached around and grasped my wife's breasts with both clawed hands that she sensed what was happening. Dee twisted around to see what new horror awaited her and began at once to scream. The four arms of the two Djinn were all over her, pawing, grasping tweaking her wonderful tits and ass. Finally the first Djinn grasped her by the ass and spread her wide, while the second holding her firmly by her breasts began slowly to take her ass. I could see that wonderful body tremble with the anticipation of this continued violation

Dee begged and wept and screamed as the thing began to sodomize her. Then together they began to rape her body in unison. Once again the cruel spell Asmodeus had cast upon my wife, began to take affect. She came the first time when both cocks were fully in her together for the first time, but they were not done yet. She struggled against the smoky tendrils that held her, but to no avail. Her poor little legs were dangling in the air by her knees. Her ankles and feet bounced up and down to the motion of her fucking as they continued. The drums again increased their tempo and faster and faster the hips of the Djinns did their work, driving their members in and out of my darlings body. She was no longer begging but moaning, it was a despairing animal sound filled with lust and abandon, but also shame and fear. She was screaming by the time she came the second time, right when both cocks let loose inside her. The drumming ceased and again both of the Djinn's bodies stood rock still, their phalluses still buried inside her. Dee squirmed in their grasp unable to free herself.

She found her voice again, it was breathless and she sobbed as she spoke. "No more, please. I beg of you no more."

But her entreaties just seemed a signal for the demonic creature to begin to rape her again. A new tendril shaped like a great-elongated penis arose from the Djinn's smoky mass and it hovered for a moment before her beautiful weeping face.

"Oh please no. Please. " She sobbed shaking her lovely head from side to side. But the Djinn behind her just grabbed her by her chestnut tresses and held her still, while this new invading member forced its way into her mouth. She coughed and gagged as it deep throated her and then they began to drum again and slowly at first the Djinns hips began to drive their cocks into Dee's lovely body anew. Once again I saw her whole body spasm as another involuntary orgasm was raped from her. And they just continued raping her without remorse, without love, a relentless assault on her body, mind and yes, even her soul. On and on it went; on and on.

"You know this will drive her quite mad." I heard Lydia's voice inside her head.

"Please Lydia, please you have to make it stop." I begged my voice choked with emotion.

"I don't know who its worse for..." Lydia mused. "Dee forgets each nightmare rape as soon as a new one begins. Each time it's a new violation, each time a new debasement, but you my dear see it happening again and again. Its like she is losing her rape-virginity over and over. And you know of course that it is all your fault. Oh look what he is doing to her now"

The Djinn had finally come inside Dee's body, which was jerking wildly in his grasp. She was groaning with involuntary pleasure at the sensation of his seed filling her body. His semen, a horrible black substance was leaking out of her mouth, her ass, and her sweet pussy as he withdrew from her. But still the Djinn did not release her, instead it formed another new body out of the black smoke and while the tendrils held her spread eagled above the ground each of the Djinns began to jerk themselves off over her. All three still wore that hideous lustful smile as they wanked themselves to a new orgasm. Their coal black semen spurted onto Dee's writhing body and each drop that touched her seemed to bring on an agony of pleasure. They were painting her body with their vile emission. They seemed to enjoy spurting on her tits or in her face the most, but no part of her was safe. The Djinns erections seemed to never fade, no matter how many times they came.

"Do you want them to stop?" Lydia sweetly enquired "or do you wanted to see her completely covered in their cum."

"For pity's sake Lydia, make them stop."

"I will, but only if you agree to my conditions. I want you to open your mind to me, let me see your innermost thoughts about your 'darling wife' nothing that happens to her after that except that which I might find in your mind or hers."

I nodded in assent. "Yes, yes I agree."

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