tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Exhibitionist

The Exhibitionist

byDr. Bull©

The Exhibitionist is a sequel to Spanish Fly, a story written earlier, I recommend reading it first to be come better acquainted with the back-story and characters.

Karen stepped outside on a crisp Saturday morning to pick up the newspaper, lying beside it a single rose and an envelope. Her robe parted slightly as she reached for them, the cool morning air stiffened her nipples against the light fabric. A simple sticky note on the envelope said "Thanks!" She looked around for who had left it; there was no sign of life in the area. Karen did notice the construction workers that had watched her and Mitch in the back yard the weekend before were back, or at least their truck was near the new house next door.

Karen stepped back into the kitchen enjoying the sweet smell of the rose. "What have you got?" Mitch, her husband asked, as he came up the stairs.

"Someone left me a flower and a package." Karen replied, she allowed her robe to open a bit showing Mitch a bit more of her cleavage, she loved to tease him, in fact that was what she was doing the previous weekend when the carpenters next door got their free show. Even though Mitch had not seen their audience, Karen told him about it later and it excited him almost as much as it did her. Mitch was going out to play golf this morning, so Karen would soon be home alone, her way of getting to him was teasing him before he left to play. Not that it bothered him, but it did get him to return home soon after the game was over, instead of staying gone all day.

Mitch was enjoying the ritual as he gathered his golf gear from the closet, he would have loved to fuck Karen right then but he knew Curt was on his way and would arrive at any moment. She was not making it easy, since last weekend, even her work clothes were becoming more revealing. Small things like one less button buttoned, looser fitting tops showing more cleavage or tighter fitting tops that look ready to bust open. Her weekend apparel was always light, the white cotton panties and a light robe did little to cover her curves. Well into her forties, she still turned heads with her 38D's, her slimming waist and wide hips.

"I told you they had a camera," Karen had opened the envelope and emptied the contents on the table. She was staring at photos of her and Mitch fucking the weekend before, "they took a lot of photos."

"Nice camera." Mitch had moved beside her and was looking over her shoulder at the pictures. "Those are hot shots. The guy really knows what he is doing." His hands reached around her waist and fondled her breasts through the fabric. One hand slipped down teasing the top of her panties.

"Watch what you start Mister or you wont be playing golf today." Karen moved her ass backward into him and wiggled against his crotch. "Don't you want to stay and play with me?" She pushed him back, turned towards him and opened her robe, large nipples surrounded by light pink areolas stuck out at him. Through the light cotton, her bush was visible. "Well big boy?"

Mitch started towards her when they heard Curt's horn, "Shit!" Mitch grumbled. Karen picked up his bag and handed it to him, her breasts swinging free. "You want to caddie?" he chuckled, "I'll let you play with my balls."

"Get out of here." Karen smiled at him, as he took his clubs and headed for the door. She followed him to the door, kissed him and said, "I'll see you in a few hours." She watched him carry his clubs out to the car and waved at Curt, who half returned her wave, with a real funny look on his face. Karen wondered what he was thinking, and then Karen realized how she was dressed her robe was still open giving him a full view of her breasts and panties. Blushing she stepped backward into the house slowly, only blocking his view when Mitch got into the car.

Curt watched Mitch come out of the house, Karen was standing in the door behind him, she waved and he started to wave back when he froze. Karen was standing in the doorway naked. He slowly moved his eyes down gazing at her chest, he had imagined them a time or two, and they were impressive when covered, but now... "Oh my God..." his eyes dropped to her panties, a dark patch showed where her bush was, and then his eyes went back to her gorgeous globes. She stepped back into the house but left the door open while she stood looking at him from just inside, visible to no one but him. The passenger door opened and Mitch got in as Karen closed the door blocking his view. "Uh, um, hey..." he said weakly.

"Let's go play some golf!" Mitch punched his friend in the shoulder Curt seemed to be in a daze, "Curt?"

"Uh yeah," he put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway, "lucky bastard." Curt muttered under his breath. As they drove off both of their thoughts were of Karen's breasts.

AGAIN! SHE HAD DONE IT AGAIN! Shaking from excitement or embarrassment Karen could not believe she had stood there in the door exposed to her husband's best friend. Could she ever look him in the eye again? Would he tell Mitch? What would Mitch think? Why was she so excited? Karen picked up the rose smelling the intoxicating aroma, looking over the photos on the table, she hung her robe on the chair and slipped her panties off, and she wanted to be naked as she slipped her finger into her wet pussy remembering the excitement of others watching her. One of the photos showed two of the men jacking off with Mitch fucking her in the background, two dicks soon to be three dicks flailing in the wind just for her.

Karen decided the day was going to be a "Naked Day" how long could she go with out getting dressed. What would she do if someone came to the door? What if someone looked in the window? The thought excited her, so she started to clean the house, washing the dishes and vacuuming the floors. The dusting was nearly finished when Karen heard the knock at the door and started towards it, stopping herself just before reaching it. Her robe was on the other side of the room past the door and its window the stairs to her bedroom and clothing were also in sight of the door. She hesitated only a moment, crossed in front of the door picking up her robe, as she turned towards the door she wrapped it around and lightly tied the strings. Opening the door she gave him a smile, she had shown off to another man and it excited her. The expression of the young man on the other side of the door left no mistake, he had been watching.

Jed had been delivering pizzas for a couple months since he got home for the summer from college, piece of cake job that paid Ok and tips were usually good. However, for some reason today he could not find this address, he had traveled up and down the street several times and it just was not there. It had to be near the Williams place the numbers were close, he knew them a little, his mother was friends with Mrs. Williams and their daughter was a year or two older than he was. On his third pass down the street, he pulled in to ask if they knew where he needed to go. He knocked once, then again looking in the window to see if there was any movement. The naked woman walked right by the door without looking at him, backing up, embarrassed, he grabbed his cell phone to call to see if anyone knew the address, when she opened the door and spoke to him.

"Can I help you?"

Jed mumbled looking at the ground, "wrong address."

"It is ok, what address are you looking for," 'poor boy' Karen thought, so shy, "Jedidiah, look at me, what address are you looking for?"

His eyes slowly came from the ground, up her legs to the hem of her see through robe, he could see her bush, on up her breasts were also visible through the fabric. Jed could not meet her eyes, so he stared at her tits, "1069 lane 12, it has to be near here."

"It is just down the road," Karen pointed north towards the next place, "just drive around back of the next house and you will see it," the action of raising her arm pulled the bottom of her robe up exposing her pussy to Jed who could not move his eyes to look. "Did you hear me Jed?" her arm came down and so did the robe.

Jed was finally able to look at Karen's face, "Thanks... Mrs. Williams, I can find it now." He stumbled backward not wanting to miss a second looking at her. Nearly falling down the stairs, he turned to look where he was going.


"Yes ma'am,"

"Does your phone have a camera?"

"Yes ma'am... why?"

"Because, your friends will not believe you... without a picture," Karen opened her robe, giving him a full view, posing for him. "Well, I'm not standing here all day," she teased. His phone came up and she heard it click a couple times, closing her robe, she said "Tell your mother Hi for me... and don't show her those pictures."

"Y-Yes Mrs. Williams, I will... I mean I won't!" he dove off the porch and jumped in his car, "I'm delivering this pizza the looking for a place to jack off..." he told himself as he drove off.

Karen was giggling as she went into the house then laughing, her vagina swollen from the excitement, but her funny bone overruled. That was funny. She hung her robe back on the kitchen chair where it had been then went back to dusting, Mitch would be home soon and she was ready for him.

On the golf course Curt could not keep his mind on the game, he wanted to talk to Mitch about what had happened, but did not know how. Would Mitch be pissed? He did not want that for himself or Karen, but at the same time, he was turned on by seeing her naked... "So uh Mitch, what is Karen doing while we are playing?"

"I don't know, cleaning the house catching some sun, flashing the neighbors."

"What?" Curt smacked the ball into a tree, where it bounced across the fairway and onto the next fairway, "Flashing the who?"

"Sorry, that part wasn't supposed to come out," Mitch chuckled, "the guys working next door accidentally saw her sunbathing last week and it really turned her on."

"What? NO!" Curt looked at his friend amazed, "did you kick their asses?"

"I never saw them, besides I was the benefactor in the end, she nearly fucked my balls off."

"Now you're just blowing smoke up my ass!"

"A picture says a thousand words," Mitch pulled one of the photos from this morning out and showed it to Curt, "don't tell Karen I showed you this." Mitch told Curt, what Karen had said and about what had happened the weekend before, up to and including Karen finding the photos this morning. "I almost called and cancelled, but you pulled up and she told me to go."

"You walked out the door on a naked woman... to play golf?" Curt scoffed. "I thought I raised you better than that!"

"She will still be there when I get home." The thought made Mitch smile, then he stopped "wait a minute, how did you know she was naked?"

"Well um... because... ah... she ah... waved at me from the door wearing little more than a smile," Curt was blushing, that deep red that only red heads can. "She is beautiful and her tits..." he looked at Mitch expecting him to be mad, he wasn't he was smiling, "are amazing!"

"Yes and thanks to you, I'm getting laid tonight!"

"Can I watch?" Curt chuckled.

"Shut up and hit the ball." Mitch was ready to finish this game.

Mitch and Curt finished the eighteen holes and a twelve pack, they headed home "So you might as well stick around and have a beer. We can grill up some steaks for dinner," Mitch suggested. Curt's wife was out of town for the weekend.

"I don't know," Curt stalled, "I can warm something up at home."

"Come on, get out of the car," Mitch chided him; "you won't get a better offer." Mitch grabbed his clubs and Curt followed him toward the house, "Might as well go around back, drop my clubs and light the barbeque." They went through the gate and walked through the trees that surrounded the backyard.

Karen finished her chores and retired to the backyard. She got herself margarita from the "beer" fridge, tuned in some light classic rock on the stereo, a cigar smoking in one hand and a drink in the other she was grooving to the music. Draining her glass danced her way to the fridge to get another one, her nude body gyrating to the rock and roll sounds.

The music was blaring when Curt, who was in the lead walked around the corner and onto the patio, where he abruptly stopped. The fridge door was open and Karen's ass wiggling from behind it in time to the music. Mitch walked into him, dropping the golf clubs, making plenty of noise. Karen looked up over the door of the fridge, "BOYS!" she squealed, "You're home!" Her head ducked back into the fridge for just a moment, and then she brought up two beers and closed the door. "Beer?"

With two beers in her right hand and her margarita in her left, her arms high she dance over to where Curt stood staring at her nude body and Mitch was picking up his clubs. Hips swaying and tits jiggling to the music, Karen danced over to them. She handed them each a beer, "Or did you want a margarita?"

"Thanks Hon," Mitch could not believe she was so calm.

"Um... Thanks... Uh..." Curt's words seemed stuck in his mouth.

"What's the matter? Never talk to a naked lady before?" she teased. Curt's eyes devouring her body excited the lightly blushing Karen. She reached out and pulled him to her hugging him, then letting him go, she kissed Mitch deeply.

Karen was horny, Mitch could tell. 'Let her run her game,' he thought to himself. 'I can shut it down if she gets in trouble.'

"Come on boys, I want to dance for you," Karen pulled them over to the chairs on the patio. Rubbing her glass lightly across her nipples made them damp and erect. As the guys sat down, she danced away giving them a view of her shaking ass. Then she turned and came back bouncing her breasts back and forth in a shimmy shake routine. As Karen got to them, she sat in Mitch's lap rubbing her ass up and down his torso. Facing Curt, she smiled, squeezed her breasts between her arms pointing them toward him, and then half closed her eyes in her own fantasy. Standing she moved to Curt, placing her hands on his legs, she moved forward, her tits in front of his face. Suddenly she moved forward pressing her nipples into his face, rubbing them across his eyes, then down to his lips, his bushy mustache tickled. "Oh" Karen squeaked, as Curt parted his lips tickling her nipple with his tongue, her hand slipped up his leg and squeezed Curt's cock through his jeans.

Mitch would later admit a twinge of jealousy as he watched Curt with Karen's tits in his face and her hand in his crotch, but only for a moment as she quickly turned her attention back to him.

Karen stepped back from Curt, grabbed her glass from the table where it sat and downed the rest of the drink, she was horny and the tequila was kicking in. she smiled at the two men who sat before her the eyes were glued to her naked body. Setting the glass back down she licked her lips, took her breasts into her hands and one at a time brought her nipples to her mouth licking them. Sashaying back towards them she went to her husband, leaning in she kissed him, pulled the tee shirt he was wearing off, unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Pulling his hard cock out Karen kissed her way down his chest to it enveloping it in her mouth.

Curt's mind was racing, what should he do? Mitch had told him the Karen was into being watched and he had gotten a hard-on the moment he saw her ass sticking out from behind the fridge door. Watching her dance had brought it out full force and when she touched him, he almost came in his pants. Now here she was sucking off Mitch just inches away from him. He watched her hangers swaying as she went up and down her ass was pointed almost directly at him. Quietly Curt opened his own pants allowing his dick out pointing towards the sky; he slowly started to stroke himself. He looked at Mitch, his eyes were closed, enjoying the blow job he was getting, Curt reached out and placed his hand on the top of Karen's ass slowly caressing down across her cheek. "Mmmm," Karen moaned her mouth full of cock and then she moved her ass closer to him. Curt took this as an invitation, he moved his chair slightly placing himself almost directly behind her, placing both hands on her ass and moved them slowly down to her legs then to her knees tracing the outside, then his hands slid towards her inner thighs. Karen moved her legs farther apart as Curt moved his hands upward along her thighs, finally colliding gently with her wet pussy lips. "OOHMMMMM," escaped from Karen as her knees weakened and she pushed herself onto his hands.

Karen nearly had an orgasm when Curt's hands touched her lips, she felt herself starting to loose control of the situation. Releasing Mitch's cock from her mouth she stood up and turned facing Curt, she wanted a cock in her, but was not ready to fuck him. When she turned Curt also stood, his pants falling to his knees, his cock and red pubic hair sticking out from under his shirt. Karen smiled at Curt's bewildered look, then she strattled Mitch's legs, sitting down guiding his erection into her. Reaching out she stoked Curt's balls, "Cum on my tits." She moaned, using her legs she slid up and down on Mitch's shaft while staring at Curt's dick and squeezing his balls pulling him closer. "My... my... tits..." her eyes met Curt's, "cum on... my... tits..."

Karen watched Curt stroking his cock just for her, the exhibitionism factor was turning her on; it was one thing to have men watch you from afar, but to be so close. Her tequila induced state made her want more; fascinated she stopped pumping up and down on her husband. The head of Curt's cock went from red to purple; she leaned forward and slid her hand down his shaft. As she touched it the head exploded spewing cum in her face and across her chest, lifting her head she aimed the next shot onto her breasts. Licking the salty ooze into her mouth as it slid down on to her lips, the second and third shots hit her across the nipples. The last spurt from Curt's cock hit her, and then his cock twitched as she brought her hand up and onto the head, squeezing the last of his cum onto her fingers. Resuming a slow grinding motion with her hips, Karen licked the cum from her fingers, looking up at Curt's wide eyes. Next, she lifted each breast to her mouth licking what cum she could from them, then let them fall back down. Karen clamp her vaginal muscles around Mitch's cock lifted her self up almost off and back down; as Curt watched in wonderment. On her third stroke she came completely off, spun around, dropped to her knees and sucked Mitch deep into her mouth, a true deep throat, designed to get him off and it worked, his cum filling her mouth.

Karen got off her knees, turned to face Curt, "I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I enjoyed having you watch?" she questioned. He stood staring at her, tongue tied with his pants still at his ankles, his cock at half-mast, yet showing signs of growing once more. Running her fingers through the hair around his balls and up the shaft caused it to stiffen even more. "I'll take that as a yes," she smiled, "oh yeah, with Nita out of town don't even try to leave before we eat."

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