tagBDSMThe Family Ritual Ch. 38

The Family Ritual Ch. 38


(c)2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

After 38 chapters I'm just going to put up new important characters here and the names of staff. If you need a list of the cast of Cassidy's please refer to chapters 1 – 36.

Lacy Alexis – Sister to Valentina
Ellen McGraw - Stalker
*Derrick Cassidy Kennedy – Suitor to Lacy Alexis

Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley
Brian West – Assistant to Jake
Marvina – New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake

*New character


Brandon and Samantha spent time with Quinn and Jonah. They met with President Grant and Kate and went to a screening of Brandon's new film where Brandon explained one particular sky dive sequence to the President.

Ellen knew that Brandon would be with his brother and sister-in-law. She had to find a way to speak to him.

Ellen got her wish. The President invited Brandon to a fundraiser. Ellen had paid ten-thousand dollars for her ticket to the event just so she could talk to Brandon.

Samantha would not be there. She had business to attend to and was going over contracts for Brandon's next film. She had a meeting with the studio's lawyers and then would be flying back to New York to be with her husband.

The President spoke. Brandon spoke. A few other celebrities spoke and then came the meet and greet. Brandon saw Ellen and smiled at her. She smiled back at him and drew close. She whispered in his ear, "I'm carrying your child. We need to talk."

Brandon looked up at her and was about to speak when he was swept away by security to meet the next person. Brandon couldn't believe what he heard. He went through the motions signing autographs. Brandon looked for Ellen but she had disappeared.

After the event, Brandon phoned Blake and told him what he had heard. Blake told Brandon that he would check into it and warned Brandon not to tell Samantha until he could find out what Ellen was up to and if Brandon had heard correctly. Brandon admitted the room was noisy and perhaps he had misheard Ellen. Blake further insstructed Brandon not to phone or go near Ellen and if he should see her again to immediately call his security and then Blake.

Ellen went back to her hotel. She was ecstatic. Brandon knew she was carrying his child and she knew that he would contact her soon and come to see her.

She couldn't wait to see him and be in his arms. She hugged herself and thought of having a beautiful baby boy who looked just like his father.


Blake woke Lacy the next morning. She was naked in bed. He laughed and pinched her nipples. Lacy moaned. Blake felt between her legs and she was wet. He moved down and began sucking her pussy. He thought about last night. After he had left Lacy he had gone into his bedroom to find Valentina awake and kneeling by the side of the bed in the plum colored negligee.

Blake went to her, "Sir, I missed you." She said.

Blake opened his robe. He knew that she was feeling a little neglected even though he made love to her nearly every night. Valentina took him in her mouth until he was hard. Blake helped her up and stripped her of the nightgown. He spanked her ass and then slid his cock into her pussy and fucked her. "You have nothing to worry about my love." He said moving in and out of her sex.

"I'm not worried Master, I just missed you. I love you." She said holding him.

"Good because you are my wife, my slave and my love. Lacy's training is coming along and soon we will give her to her Master. He will be at the party."

"Please Sir, fuck me." Valentina said and Blake stopped talking about Lacy and fucked his wife.


Now this morning he was sucking Lacy's pussy. She awakened and pulled his pants down and off his body. Lacy marveled at his large cock and welcomed his prick in her mouth. Blake was not too gentle as he fucked into her mouth. He creamed and stopped sucking her. She swallowed his juice and licked him clean as she had been taught.

Blake got off her body and went into the bathroom where he returned carrying an egg shaped device. He held it up to Lacy to see. "Tonight you will wear this in your pussy. I will insert it before the party." He said and left the room.

Lacy got off the bed and picked up the egg. She couldn't imagine what it would be used for and a part of her didn't care.


Derrick got off the private plane and into the waiting town car. Unlike other members of his family, he did not stay at the Plaza or the Waldorf. He had a three bedroom townhouse in the village which he owned for the past four years. He made the money from the first movie he produced.

Derrick arrived at his home. He found that he was nervous. Tomorrow he would meet the woman he hoped would be his wife. Blake sent him photos of her trussed up and Derrick grew instantly hard. She was magnificent. Valentina was a beauty, but she wasn't his type. She was too model perfect, but Lacy had some hips and curves, her breasts were a c cup and her nipples rosy. She was a delight to his eyes and he could picture her over his spanking bench or trussed up with nipple clamps or over his knee being spanked. Her lips were luscious looking and Blake informed him that last night she had taken all of him down her throat. Derrick was jealous and couldn't wait for her to do that to him.

He and Blake had a conversation on how he should play this night. Blake said her training was going well, too well. She was bending but not enough. He thought that Derrick should play it slightly submissive but not too much and he should ask her out.

Derrick agreed. He would move slowly but by Valentine's day he planned to be engaged and ready to participate in the family's ritual so he could get married.

Derrick wanted children. He loved children and couldn't wait to start a family. He brushed his blond hair from his eyes and reminded himself to get a haircut. Derrick had a housekeeper in New York who stayed in this house. In Los Angeles he owned a Mansion and had a butler and quite a number of servants. He didn't spend a great amount of time in New York, but he would be back and forth between New York and Los Angeles over the next few months getting to know Lacy.

It helped that the movie Brandon would be filming would be in New York as well as the guest appearance Derrick was making on the television show, "The Good Wife" Derrick didn't do much acting, but the producer of 'The Good Wife' asked him to play a corrupt politician for three episodes and Derrick agreed. It was fun being on the other side of the camera and not having to worry about the budget.

He spent the morning of the party getting a haircut and picking out which suit he would wear to the semi-formal event. As he was having coffee and some of his housekeeper's delicious blueberry muffins, Derrick thought about his mother. Amber was a strong, beautiful woman and had raised her son to be a dominant male. His other two older siblings, Jackson and Janice were both submissive to their mates. Jackson was gay and his husband, Pedro had decided to hire a surrogate just as soon as Derrick married.

Amber had also seen the photos of Lacy and thought it would be a good match. "Let me know how it goes and I'll start planning for the ritual."

Derrick laughed, "Let' me meet the girl and see if I like her."

Derrick also wanted to be married. He had dated quite a few women; some submissive, some slave material. He had gone to the BDSM clubs, but his heart wasn't in it. Despite his very cool exterior Derrick wanted to fall in love and he hoped he would fall in love with Lacy.


This would be the first night out that Daniela and Mason would have since the babies were born. Daniela was a little nervous as she dressed in her violet mandarin collar beaded lace dress. Mason whistled at her as she came out the bedroom. They were being picked up by Jake and Hayley.

Mason and Daniela had a discussion about the christening and baptism. They had decided to have it done the last Sunday in September in a private ceremony and after some conversation they had decided on the godparents. Mason and Daniela called Lady Catherine and told her whom they had chosen. They wanted the twins to have one set of god-parents instead of two Lady Catherine agreed with their choice

Jake was driving his Bentley as Mason and Daniela came downstairs and got in the back. The couples greeted each other and went to the party.


Lacy came downstairs looking spectacular in a one shoulder hot red bandage dress with diamond and ruby hanging earrings and Giuseppe Zanotti crystallized pointy-toe five inch heel pump. Henry even smiled as Lacy came down the stairs.

Blake raised an eyebrow at how sophisticated Lacy looked with her hair up in a chignon with the earrings which were a gift from him and Valentina.

"My dear, you look stunning. Wait until your sister sees you" Blake said taking her hand. "Did you bring the egg?"

Lacy nodded and handed it to Blake. Blake took her over to the dining room table and had Lacy bend over. He pulled up her dress and down her underwear. Wetting the egg he inserted it into her pussy. It just fit without disturbing her hymen. Blake pulled up Lacy's panties and then pushed down her dress.

Lacy stood in front of him. She barely felt the egg; it was like wearing a tampon. Blake grinned and then turned to see Valentina come down the stairs.

His dick did a jump as Valentina dressed in a blue strapless rose appliqué gabardine dress by Lanvin and looking every inch a model walked down the stairs. Blake went over to her and kissed her cheek while Lacy watched. She looks so beautiful Lacy thought as her pussy grew moist remembering when she had licked Valentina.

Valentina came over to Lacy and air kissed her. The make-up and hair stylist had done a superb job.

Valentina and Lacy complimented Blake on his Armani blue velvet shawl jacket. He looked quite debonair. Justin Timberlake and his band arrived and were setting up in the garden. Valentina went to greet them while Blake took Lacy into his study. This was the first time she had been in there and she wondered what secrets it held. An idea came to Lacy and she knew she needed to find out what secrets Blake was keeping so that she could get what she wanted.

"Sit down. I want to speak to you about tonight" Blake said. "The man I have intended you for will arrive tonight. I want you to be on your best behavior. If you behave than I will extend your curfew to midnight on the weekends and will give you a charge card to use for emergencies and little indulgences."

"Thank you Sir" Lacy said.

"Now let's get ready, the guests will be arriving soon" Blake said and Lacy knew that she had been dismissed.

Lacy knew that somehow she had to get back in that room and she would wait for the opportunity to present itself. Lacy was also curious as to who the mystery man would be.

The guests started to arrive and Lacy stood with Henry to greet her guests. Robert and Rose arrived first and Lacy hugged them. She introduced them to Blake and Robert wondered how such a beautiful woman could marry such an old man who looked good in his suit, but Robert wondered if he could sexually satisfy the beautiful Valentina, but then Robert saw how Valentina looked at her husband. She saw how she put her hand on his shoulder. Robert saw how Blake looked at her and he knew, this man really loved his wife and Valentina adored him.

Robert sighed and wished for a love like that. Stephen and Mary arrived next. Lacy stared at Stephen. He was young, handsome and it seemed just what she was looking for. Several more guests arrived and then Jake and Hayley and Daniela and Mason. Lacy wished that Mason wasn't engaged. She could see Mason at her feet, but as she watched him she realized he was a very strong man, but still he made her pussy wet.

After them came a man that nearly made Lacy's heart stop beating. His name was Derrick Cassidy-Kennedy and he was the most handsome man she had ever seen. He was tall, blond and strikingly handsome. Derrick shook hands with Blake and kissed Valentina's cheek. Valentina blushed and thanked him for the case of champagne he had sent as a wedding gift.

Derrick was introduced to Lacy and he took her hand. He looked at her shyly and she felt the blush creep on her cheeks. "I'm very happy to meet you." Derrick said still holding her hand, "I hope we will see more of each other as the evening goes on and maybe share a dance."

Lacy nodded. He was really gorgeous, but so was Stephen. The rest of the guests arrived. Henry announced that dinner was served.

Dinner was a buffet with different stations of food. There was a carving station, a seafood station, a pasta station, a mashed potato station, a sushi station and every vegetable you could think of.

Lacy was sitting at the head table with Valentina and Blake. Blake was on one side of her and Stephen on the other, across from Lacy was Derrick who spent his time talking to Rose and Daniela.

Blake put his hand on Lacy's leg. She turned to him. He grinned and then Lacy felt the vibration between her legs; a vibration that went straight through her pussy. Her head snapped up and she glared at Blake who just smiled and whispered in her ear, "Part of your punishment from last night."

Lacy could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter and she cursed Blake. Lacy tried carrying on a conversation with Stephen. He was nice enough with a pleasing disposition. She could see him submitting to her, but it was Derrick that she really wanted and he was ignoring her.

Blake turned off the vibrating egg and Lacy relaxed. Blake whispered something in Valentina's ear and she laughed. He kissed her neck.

Everyone was told to go out to the garden to dance and listen to the music of Justin Timberlake. Lacy was excited, but she hung back because she wanted to sit next to Derrick. Blake watched her and he was pleased.

He gave Derrick an imperceptible nod and Derrick went beside Lacy, "The food was delicious." He said, "Don't forget you promised me that dance." Derrick said as he walked up to Rose and began chatting with her.

The concert began and Blake took Valentina in his arms and began to dance with her. Robert danced with Lacy as Derrick held Rose in his arms. Derrick could feel Lacy watching him. Lacy decided to set her sights on Stephen. He was watching Mary dancing with her brother.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Lacy asked.

"Yes" Stephen answered smiling at Lacy.

"Lucky girl" Lacy answered, "Care to dance?"

"Sure" Stephen said as they began to dance with each other.

The concert last an hour and a half and then a D.J. was brought in. Blake and Valentina left Jake, Hayley, Daniela and Mason in charge and they went upstairs to their bedroom leaving the party going at full blast.


Daniela finally had enough at midnight and so did Jake and Hayley. They kissed Lacy and left for home. Henry gave the young people one more hour. As the guests were leaving there remained only Derrick, Stephen, Rose, Robert, Mary and Lacy. The last dance of the evening was a slow song and Derrick asked Lacy for that dance. He held her close. She could feel the heat between them. "Finally we have our dance. I'd like to continue with dinner tomorrow." Derrick said.

"I have to ask my brother-in-law if you're suitable." Lacy said jokingly.

Derrick chuckled and pulled Lacy in closer. "Tomorrow night at 7, I'll call your guardians and ask permission" He said and as the music ended he kissed her hand.

Derrick gave Rose and Robert a ride in his car back to their hotel, while Stephen and Mary promised to get together with Lacy soon.

On the way back to their hotel, Derrick asked Rose how she liked New York. "I love it. I'm hoping to come back at some point. Robert goes to school in LA."

"Really, what are you studying?" He asked.

Robert smiled, "Mr. Cassidy, I know who you are. I'm a film student at UCLA.

"It's Derrick. Have you done your film project yet?" Derrick asked.

"Not yet. I've written the script. I don't know if I want to be a screenwriter or a director." Robert said sheepishly.

"Let me read your script. I'll give you my address here. How long are you staying?" Derrick asked pulling up in front of their hotel.

"We are leaving in two days. Tomorrow we are going out with some cousins that live here and that we haven't seen in a long time, then the next day we are spending with Lacy before we head back to Montreal and Los Angeles." Robert answered.

Derrick handed Robert his card. Rose kissed Derrick's cheek. "Another time" He mumbled but Rose didn't hear him as she got out the car.

Robert went into his room in their two bedroom suite and thought about how much fun he had that night. He wanted to meet someone and have a real relationship. If only Mary wasn't attached. He thought she was the second most beautiful woman he had ever seen; Valentina would always be his first crush.

Rose thought of Derrick. He was so gorgeous, but she had a feeling that he was more into Lacy than her. Too bad, but good for Lacy.

Lacy went into her room and undressed. The party was a success and Lacy couldn't get her mind off of Derrick. He was handsome and successful. She wondered if he were dominant.

Blake knocked on the door and Lacy opened it. "Thank you so much for the party. I had a really good time."

Blake turned on the vibrating egg and Lacy's eyes grew wide as the sensations went through her body. "Sir, please." She begged.

Blake laughed, "On your knees Lacy." Blake ordered.

Lacy in her bra and panties dropped to her knees. "Where's my sister?" Lacy asked.

"She's asleep. The baby is wearing her out. I've been reading that next month she should balance out." Blake turned the vibrating egg up a notch.

"I thought about using this all night long, but I decided to see how it works as you suck my cock." Blake said pulling his dick out his pants. Lacy's mouth salivated as she opened and stuck her tongue out.

Blake put his cock on her tongue and Lacy began to suck him. She had learned what Blake liked and could when she relaxed her throat take him all the way down. The vibration in her pussy made her suck harder. As she sucked she began to think of Derrick. She wondered if he had a big cock. Lacy wondered if his cock was as smooth as Blake's and she wondered if he were cut like Blake's.

Blake turned up the remote and Lacy began to hyperventilate, "Please sir." She said lifting her mouth off his cock. "Sir, I need to cum"

"Will you remember to be home on time?" Blake said grabbing her hair and fucking deep into her mouth. He pulled Lacy off his cock and waited for her answer.

"Yes, please Sir yes, I can't hold it much longer." She said as her body took over and she came hard, "I'm cummmming."

Blake laughed and tucked his cock back in his pants. He turned off the egg and put the remote in his pocket.

Lacy lay on the floor exhausted. Blake pulled down her panties and reached inside to take out the egg. It was covered in her juices. He took it in the bathroom and cleaned it, then put it in his pocket.

Lacy had gotten up, put on her nightgown and was in bed. Blake kissed her goodnight and left.

Blake did not come in her room in the morning. He took his wife out for breakfast. Lacy woke up and felt lost and alone.


Mary and Stephen spent the night together at his home after the party. Stephen held her in his arms. "The time we've been together has been very special to me. I want us to take this time to really get to know one another. I love your family especially your dad and it's important to me that you're happy.

"I am. I'm glad we're waiting to have sex. I don't want to rush into anything; I just want to be with you." Mary said. "I had so much fun tonight with Lacy. She's a beautiful girl. I noticed she had her eyes on you." Mary kidded.

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