tagIncest/TabooThe Fantastic Fuck-Machine!

The Fantastic Fuck-Machine!


Pt! - Mom's Wild Ride!

When I walked into the house, I could hear mom on the phone with Aunt Jo. Mom is 55, and her sister was 10 years her junior. Not wanting to interrupt, I didn't announce myself. After hearing her talking, I was glad I didn't.

"Honestly Jo, I saw it myself. ... It was tucked in his closet, behind some stuff. ... Yea, I know I was snooping, but that's a mother's right! ... Yes it was a fuck-machine! I saw a few of them on the Internet sites I visit. ... The question is why does he have one in his house? I sure hope that my son isn't gay! ... Goodness! With the size of his dick, I would hate to see that go to waste on a man! ... Jo! Surely you're not suggesting that I fuck my own son? ... I know that you would fuck him! You've had the hots for him ever since the night of the party when you saw him fucking your daughter. ... Really Jo! ... You would share my son with your daughter? ... You are a perverted bitch! But I love you anyway! ... Oh no! I'm gonna try it out tomorrow after he goes to work... Ok! I'll tell you all about it when I finish... Sis! If it's anything like I heard about, you might hear my screaming orgasms all the way over at your house ... Yea! If it's that good, you can come by and we can use it together."

It was at that moment, that mom must have sensed me standing there. She turned around and we stared into each other's eyes. I looked my mom up and down. She was standing at the sink with just her housecoat on. She didn't have it buttoned, and I could see that she was naked beneath it. I couldn't help the bulge that began to grow in my pants.

Mom saw me staring openly at her. And I could guess from the way she looked at me, she wasn't surprised that I was admiring her body. Hell! Mom was my mom, but she was also one fine looking piece of ass! Short, with nice sized tits for her height! She had a smooth, small, round ass to top it off.

"Jo! Something's come up. I got to get off this phone and take care of a few things. ... No! I'm not going to go in my room and fuck myself! ... Well if you want, you can cum thinking about it all you want!" Mom laughed! "OK! I'll talk with you tomorrow. Don't hurt yourself you horny slut!"

Mom hung up the phone and looked into my face. "It's not nice to listen in on other people's conversations Ronnie! So! How much did you hear?"

"Hello to you to mom! I heard enough to know that you have been snooping thru my things. You know what they say! "If you look hard enough, don't be surprised at what you find!" So you found my fuck-machine? Tell me mom, what did you think? Do you really think that I'm gay? Do I look gay to you?"

Mom looked at me. She looked me up and down as I had looked at her. Her eyes stopped at the bulge in my pants. I swear, I saw her lick her lips and smile. Then she shifted her gaze up to meet my eyes.

"Well, from the way you're staring at my naked body, and the big bulge in your pants, I would say that you are turned on by women. But I have to ask, what a man with your obviously adequate talents would need with a fuck-machine?"

I had to laugh! "Come on mom, let's go into the den and have a drink. I think that it's time you find out a bit about your son." I went, and pulled a bottle of wine out of the frig. Mom grabbed two glasses and we went into the den and sat down. I noticed that mom didn't try to button her housecoat, and when she sat down it opened to allow me to see her tits and the dark triangle of hair at her cunt. She noticed my looking and smiled.

"Is my appearance going to cause you to be distracted? If so, I'll go and put on a pair of your ugly sweats."

I pulled my eyes from between her thighs and smiled at her. "No mom! I'm just filling a fantasy while I have the chance. I've always fantasized about just looking at your naked body. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

Mom! You and dad brought me up to believe that there is nothing wrong with the naked body. You taught me that it's ok to have fantasies and to enjoy life cause it's too damn short! And you never tried to hide the fact that you and dad had a wonderful full sex life. Well I am just following in your footsteps. I enjoy women. And I don't hide the fact from them that I enjoy all types of sex and sexual toys. One of my friends had a machine he borrowed from his friend. We tried it out one night with a few wild girls we knew. It's great to watch a woman having orgasm after orgasm while getting fucked by the machine. And it also leaves the guy free to do other things to her. I could afford one so I bought one! And you would be surprised at the number of women that want to try it out. Young and old women! Some even older than you!"

Mom laughed! "Hey young man! Are you calling me old? I would like you to know that I still turn heads when I walk down the street."

"Mom! I bet you cause more than one man to have erotic fantasies about you. Hell I've seen the way you and Aunt Jo dress. Sometimes I swear you do it just to tease men. I know that you tease the hell out of me most of the time."

My dick was at a painful angle. I reached down and adjusted it and breathed a sigh of relief. Mom laughed.

"So! Aunt Jo saw me and Cindy fucking? What did she have to say about that? Was she mad?"

Mom looked up from staring at my bulge. "She was ticked at first. Cindy is your first cousin! But my sister is a slut! I love her dearly, but she has always been a slut. That's why she isn't married. She doesn't want to be tied down to just one man. But I think that watching the two of you turned her on more than made her mad. She said that you really know how to handle yourself in bed and make it good for the woman. She said that if Cindy didn't have her panty stuffed in her mouth, everyone would have heard her screaming as you fucked her ass. She saw the size of your dick and got hot from it. Now she's wanting to find out how it feels."

I looked at my mom. She was telling me all this in a matter of fact tone. It didn't seem to faze her in the least. In fact, I think that she was getting a kick out of telling me her sister wanted to fuck me.

"And what about you mom? Do you want to find out about me too?"

Mom laughed. "You wish! I admit, I have a time or two wondered about you. But I'm still your mother! And you're still my son! If my slut sister wants to fuck you, that's her business! Hell! She didn't stop at making her own daughter a part of her play team! And I know that the two of them have shared lovers on occasion. But I think that I'll pass on taking a turn with you. Guess you will have to keep pulling your dick thinking about me."

Mom had a devilish smile on her face. She was fucking with me and we both knew it! "So you were going to wait until I went to work to try out my fuck machine? Have you ever tried one? Do you know how to put it together? And what happens if you hurt yourself with it? Mom! If you want to try it out, I'm afraid that you will need help with it. First off it's not as light as it looks. And I would be pissed if you broke it. So after dinner, I'm going to give you a try out on it. That's the only way I will let you try it."

Mom laughed! "Nice try Ronnie! You just want a chance to watch me get fucked! No dice! I'll try it out, but you won't be here to watch it!"

This time I laughed. "Ok mom! But I don't know how you're gonna try it out when it won't have all the pieces to work! That machine cost over 2 grand! And if you think that I'm gonna let someone that never even saw one use it without me, you're crazy! I'll let Aunt Jo tell you how it felt. I'm sure that she won't object to me using it on her."

Mom looked at me and I could see that she was weighing her options. Then her lips grew into a tight line. "Ok Ronnie! You win! But I have my own conditions. You can operate the machine and watch me. But if you touch me, I'll break your face!"

I held up my glass. "Deal! After dinner you are gonna get the wildest ride of your life!" I got up and went to my room. My dick was so hard it hurt! I couldn't free it fast enough or stroke it hard enough thinking about mom getting fucked by my machine. I would finally get a chance to see how she reacted when she was getting laid."

All during dinner, I caught mom taking quick glances at me. Finally I stopped eating and put down my fork. "Ok mom! Lets get things out in the open. You have been taking glances at me all evening. What's up?"

Mom looked at me, and then placed her fork next to her plate. "Ronnie! I've been thinking about this all evening. Maybe it's not such a good idea for me to try out your machine. I...I get pretty wild at times! I don't know if I want you to see me like that. I am your mother after all! I don't know if we should let things get that close between us."

I looked at her. "Ok mom! We'll just forget the whole thing. But I'm warning you! Don't try to use the machine without me! Parts will be missing and if you damage it, I'll be more than pissed at you. Dinner is really good tonight!"

I went back to eating. Did I overstep my hand with her? Was she really backing out? Damn! I just knew that if I got her on that machine, there was no way I wasn't gonna fuck her!

"So! Will you still try it out on your Aunt Jo?" Mom looked at me. I could tell that she was hoping I would say no. I looked at her and smiled without answering her. "Can you at least show me what it does?"

I looked at her and let that thought dwell in my mind. Maybe if I showed her, she would want to try it out. "Sure mom! After dinner, you take your bath. When you finish, I'll have it set up and you can at least see how it works."

The fuck-machine sat on four adjustable legs. It was a rectangular box, with a piston rod sticking out of one end. There was another similar rod positioned above it. You could screw on two different dildos if you wanted to do a double-penetration. But mostly women just wanted one in their cunts. You could control the back and forth speed, and there was another button that would twist the shaft as it worked back and forth. There were six different sized and shaped dildos that came with the machine. From small and thin, for anal penetration to large, long and fat to really stuff a pussy. I put on the medium dildo so mom could see how it worked.

By the time mom walked into my room, I had it all set up. It was positioned at a height that would allow anyone sitting or lying on my bed to have easy access to their pussy. I noticed that mom wore a set of baby doll pajamas. They were practically transparent and I could see her large nipples pushing against the thin material. The panty was of the same material and I could plainly see her dark triangle.

"So how does it work?" Mom came and stood right next to me. I could smell the hint of perfume she had put on. Looking at her, I couldn't help but feel my dick swell.

I pointed out all the particulars of the machine. I showed her the different sized dildos and attached the medium one to the shaft. Then I took the controller, and plugged it in the side of the box. I explained to mom that without the controller you couldn't use the machine. She laughed. "I guess that if you take the controller with you, the machine is useless!" I nodded my head.

Turning the machine on, mom saw how the dildo moved slowly back and forth. I told her that by changing her position, she could have it going in an out at different angles for a better ride. I showed her the assortment of condoms that I used over the dildo. Mom watched as the machine worked smoothly. I showed her the different speeds.

Mom looked on for a few minutes. She asked me a few more questions. Then she turned and walked out the room. I was about to dismantle the machine to put it away, when she called out to me.

"Don't put it away just yet Ronnie! I'm only going to get us a drink."

I couldn't hide my smile, and I was glad that she wasn't in the room to see my look of triumph. My dick was throbbing by the time she walked back in. Mom handed me my drink and it was a lot stronger than wine.

"Slip a condom on that thing and let's find out if it's worth all the money you paid for it!" Mom took a big gulp from her glass. Then she set her drink down and slipped off her panty. I finally got a good look at her cunt.

Mom's hair was neatly trimmed around her pussy lips, but the lips themselves were bare. I could see that she was already wet from anticipation. I couldn't help staring at her cunt.

Mom tapped me on the head. "Pay attention. Get it ready before I change my mind. And Ronnie! What takes place in this room stays in this room! I don't wan you blabbing to Aunt Jo, Cindy or anyone else about this! I mean it! I'm gonna tell Jo that I tried it out while you were at work. And you had better back up my story!"

Mom positioned herself on the edge of the bed, as I took a condom and rolled it down the shaft. Then I took a hand full of lube and coated the whole thing. I handed mom the lube and told her to use some, it would make it slide in and out easier.

"Do you generally let the women lube themselves?"

I looked up at her. I was on my knees making adjustments to the angle of the piston. Looking up at her, I could see her thighs open wide and her pussy lips open to reveal the dark skin on the outside and pinker skin deeper inside. Damn! She had a sweet looking pussy! I wanted to lean forward and lick it from top to bottom and then back to the top again. But I knew that if I tried, she would get up and leave.

"No! Normally, I lube them up. Gives me a chance to play with their pussy before the machine gets to them." I looked at her with one of those; "I dare you" looks. But without batting an eye, mom tossed the tube back to me. "Then do your job!"

I scooted next to mom and squeezed a bit on my fingers. I slowly smeared it around her pussy lips. Mom let out a soft moan. Her eyes never left mine as I looked at her. Then I squeezed some more on my fingers and slowly began to work it up into her cunt.

Mom shifted her hips and opened wider. I slowly worked two fingers in and out of her pussy. Mom was soon moving her hips to my rhythm. I squeezed a bit more on my fingers and worked it up into her.

"I think that's enough lube Ronnie! If you make it too slippery, I won't feel a thing. And besides, I don't want you getting me off on your fingers. That would be a cheap thrill for you and I won't find out about the machine."

I took my fingers from her cunt and wiped them off on a towel. I told mom to place the towel beneath her so she wouldn't ruin my bedspread. As she lifted up, her cunt opened even more and I could see some of her juices oozing out.

I took the shaft and pulled it out to the stop. Then I told mom to ease forward until she felt comfortable. This way, she would control how deep it went in. mom moved forward, until only about two inches penetrated her. I didn't say a word as she sighed.

We looked into each other's eyes. "Turn it on Ronnie!" I pushed the button on the lowest setting. I watched as the dildo pushed in and out of mom's cunt. The way she had it set, it would push in about two inches then pull all the way out. Mom moaned as it slowly worked into her. Then she shifted and allowed about two more inches to disappear up her love tunnel.

Mom's eyes were closed, as she slowly worked her hips. "Damn Ronnie! This does feel good! I could let this thing fuck me all night! Men can't fuck this slow too long without wanting to ram it up your cunt and hammer away! Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum! Oh yea! Oh fuck! That feels so fuckin good! Oh motherfucker! Fuck me! Fuck my fuckin cunt!"

Mom arched her back and came hard! She screamed as she came. Then she slumped back down on the bed. I didn't touch the controls; I just let it continue to fuck her slow and easy.

Mom opened her eyes and looked at me. I was staring at her pussy as the dildo continued to slowly work in and out. Mom's juices were mixed with the lube and running out of her cunt each time the dildo pulled out.

"You like watching mommy's cunt, Ronnie? Does it look good? Do you wish that it was your dick sliding in and out?"

Mom reached down and scooped up some of the crème from her pussy. She held her fingers out to me. "Taste me Ronnie! Taste mommy's pussy juice!"

I didn't take my eyes from hers, as I opened my mouth and sucked her fingers clean. I had tasted the lube before so I knew which taste was her juice. She tasted slightly musky, yet I felt my dick throb as I sucked her fingers. Mom could plainly see the bulge in my pants and the circle of wetness from my pre-cum.

I hit the button and the machine sped up a bit. Mom pushed down even harder burying more of the dildo in her cunt. That was when I hit the other button. The dildo began to twist and mom let out a gasp.

"Oh, now that feels different! Give me some more!"

I smiled as I hit the button and sped it up even more. Mom groaned and bore down harder. "Oh Ronnie! Fuck! Shit, this feels so fuckin good! Did you fuck Cindy with this machine? Jo said that while she watched you fuckin Cindy up the ass, she got so hot she had to stand there and finger her wet cunt!"

I slowed it back down to the lowest speed. Mom groaned! "Do you really want to know mom? Do you want to know what I did to your niece?"

Mom was humping her pussy against the rhythm of the fuck machine. Her eyes blazed into mine. "I know that Cindy is just as much a slut as my sister is! Jo made sure that she told me in minute detail, how she watched you slowly fucking your dick up her daughter's ass. I could even hear her playing with her pussy while she told me. She admitted that if the house didn't have company, she would have joined you and let you fuck both of them. Tell me what you did to Cindy!"

Mom was breathing a bit faster. Her hips were slowly matching the rhythm of the fuck-machine. I hit the button and the machine went fast and hard up into her cunt. Mom cried out and grabbed her tits. I watched as she pinched and pulled her nipples, crying out how good it felt. Then I hit the button again and the machine slowed to a crawl.

"Ronnie you bastard! I was just on the verge of Cumming again. Speed it up! Please baby? Let mommy cum?"

But I wouldn't! "You wanted to know mom? I tied her to the bed on her hands and knees. Then I let the fuck machine fuck her from behind while she sucked my dick. Cindy can deep throat my whole dick! She's such a perfect cocksucker! I wouldn't let her cum, just like I'm stopping you know.

I kept it up until she was begging and pleading with me to let her cum. She promised me anything and everything! I got behind her and lubed her asshole. Then I pushed my hard dick up her tight shitter! Did you know that Cindy loves to be ass-fucked? Only she screams so loud you have to gag her ass to keep the cops from coming to see if you're killing her. I had the machine on high so it was pumping her tight pussy hard and fast! I fucked her that way until she came so hard she peed all over the bed. But she loved it!"

I was flicking the control back and forth, making the machine fuck mom slowly, then hard and fast. When I saw that she was almost ready to cum, I would shut it off. Mom was soon begging just like Cindy had begged.

"Fuck Ronnie! You're driving my pussy crazy! Keep it at one speed and let me cum!"

I looked down at my mom and laughed. "You call Aunt Jo and Cindy sluts! Look at you mom! You're lying on your back, with a fuck-machine drilling your cunt over and over! And it's your own son that is handling the controls. Would you like it, if I leaned down and licked your clit like this?"

I leaned in and my tongue scraped across mom's open pussy lips. When it rubbed against her clit, mom cried out. "Oh you nasty fucker! You like your mom's cunt, don't you? You want to shove that big fat dick up my hot pussy? Take it out and show me what has my sister so hot for you!"

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