tagGroup SexThe Fishing Trip Ch. 04

The Fishing Trip Ch. 04


I awoke from my sleep with the most incredible feeling of Buddy's mouth engulfing my hard cock. As I opened my eyes I saw his head moving up and down, his mouth swallowing my shaft. He lay with his feet at the top of the bed and I reached over and grabbed his cock and started stroking it.

"Come here and let me suck you while you suck me," I said as I pulled him toward me.

Buddy didn't say anything just moved over and straddled my head. I took his hard cock in my mouth and began to suck it swallowing it deep into my mouth. I was so glad we were together and knew I had to make the most of it since this was our last day before the girls arrived. I really enjoy sucking Buddy and have enjoyed starting each morning with a breakfast of his delicious cum. As I sucked Buddy's cock and enjoyed the sensation of his mouth on mine I took his balls in my hand and rolled them between my fingers. I massaged his balls knowing he liked it when I did that. I enjoyed the incredible sensation of pleasure as he took me deep into his throat. I had Christy to thank for teaching him how to deep throat, not that she knew she did, but he learned the technique from having her deep throat him. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have two such talented and incredible lovers my wife Lisa and Buddy. I tried to match my downward strokes on Buddy's rock hard shaft with his on mine, getting into a rhythm that we had developed over the years of enjoying each other. I just wish I could suck Buddy whenever I wanted and did not have to wait for our annual fishing trip. We often talked of getting together at other times to lick and suck each other's cocks, but were afraid if the girls found out it might jeopardize our marriages and neither one of us wanted that.

Little did Buddy know that Lisa knew all about us. It happened about a month ago, right after a very intense fuck session between Lisa and I. We were lying naked on the bed in a sixty nine position Lisa licking my softening cock as I kissed her wet hot pussy.

"Bobby," Lisa said, "do you ever fantasize about sex with other people?"

"Why do you ask?" I asked with a mixture of shock and curiosity. Lisa and I have always been very open with each other about our sexual needs, but this is the first time she ever mentioned sex with others.

"I had a dream the other night that I was watching you suck another man's cock and I was fingering myself as I watched. When I woke up I had my finger in my soaking wet pussy and I came with the most intense orgasm. Are you shocked?"

"Yeah, sort of I guess, but why would you have a dream like that?"

"I don't know, it's kind of been a fantasy of mine I guess to watch two men suck each other. Do you think I am sick?"

"No honey," I laughed. "I don't think you are sick. I am just a little surprised I guess."

"Have you ever thought about it? Sucking another I guy I mean."

"Yeah the thought has entered my mind. Sometimes when you are sucking me I wonder what it would feel like to suck another guy. Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to eat pussy?"

Lisa stopped sucking me and came back up to face me.

"Yes I have," she said looking down.

"I guess it is only natural to be curious don't you? I have to admit one of my fantasies has always been to watch you eat another woman."

"Why haven't you ever told me?" Lisa said.

"I don't know, why didn't you tell me about your dream?"

"I was embarrassed I guess."

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I read somewhere that fantasizing is normal amongst married people. Why should it be different for us?"

"But I was fantasized about you sucking another man's cock and it really turned me on!" Lisa said her eyes filling with tears.

"It is nothing to cry about sweetheart," I said taking her in my arms and kissing her softly. "Do you really want to see me suck another guy?"

"Would you even consider it?"

"If I knew you really wanted me to and if I knew it would really turn you on I might consider it." I said looking away my face turning red. "Just understand I am not gay or even bi-sexual. I would only do it because I love you so much that I would do anything for you if I knew it gave you sexual pleasure."

"Oh Bobby, I love you so much!"

"But you're not really serious are you?" I said wondering how I could tell her Buddy and I have been lovers for as long as I can remember.

Buddy was really sucking me and the pleasure was so intense I knew I would not last long. I slid my lips down his hard shaft taking him as far into my mouth as I could and then slowly drew my mouth up circling his hardness with my tongue until only his engorged head was in my mouth. I sucked vigorously on his head rubbing my tongue in his slit and tasting his pre-cum. Buddy pushed his cock back into my mouth and sucked my rock hard cock deep into his throat.

"I am going to blow my wad if you keep that up." I moaned.

Buddy started sucking me faster and deeper and I knew what he wanted, a mouth full of my hot salty cum. I could feel Buddy's cock pulsating in my mouth and knew I would be treated to his delicious load momentarily.

"I am going to cum man, cum in my mouth," I managed to say as I worked his hard swollen shaft with my lips. Buddy's cock started squirting his hot spunk filling my mouth and I eagerly swallowed every dropped as I blew my hot cum down his throat. Tasting him and eating his load only intensified my orgasm and I could not believe how incredible it was to suck my best friends cock. Buddy kept working my cock sucking me deep into his throat milking ever last drop of my cum into his mouth as I did the same to him. When my cock started to soften in his mouth he finally stopped sucking me and looked up and smiled.

"That was incredible Bobby. I hate the thought that it will all end tonight."

"Go take a shower I will be there in a minute and maybe we can have another round if you can get it up," I said as I gave his softening shaft a long leisurely lick.

As Buddy went off to take a shower my mind went back to my conversation with Lisa.

"You would really do that for me?" Lisa said incredulous.

"Like I said, if you really wanted me to, but it would have to be somebody pretty special, somebody I really cared about. I wouldn't do it with just anybody."

"I can't believe you are saying this!" Lisa said leaning down and taking my cock in her mouth. "It makes me hot just thinking about it and my pussy is getting wet again." She put her finger in her pussy and rubbed it in and out soaking it with her juices and then brought it up for me to lick and to taste her wetness.

"If it makes you this hot I guess I can think about it seriously." I said rolling over and burying my face in her pussy. I couldn't believe how wet she was. Was this just from thinking about me sucking a guy? If it was it was time to tell her the truth. I reluctantly stopped eating her and said, "Honey come up her I need to talk to you."

Lisa stopped sucking me and turned around to face me again. "What is it Bobby?"

"There is something I need to tell you and I am not sure how to say it."

"Bobby it is OK, I love you!"

"You asked me if I ever thought about sucking another guy and I have."

"I know you told me you thought about it, it's OK."

"No I have more than thought about."

"What do you mean?" Lisa said her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open.

"I mean I have sucked another man's cock."

"Oh my god! When?"

"Actually I have been doing it for years." I said not looking at her face.

"Bobby! Who? Has it been several different guys?"

"This is really hard for me. Just give me a minute." I swallowed hard before finally looking at her. I couldn't help wondering what she was really thinking, if she still wanted to see me do it.

"Buddy, on our annual fishing trips, but we have been lovers since as long as I can remember." "God, Bobby! Is he the only one?"

"Yes, Lisa Buddy is the only guy I have ever sucked or ever wanted to suck."

Lisa leaned back trying to digest what I had just told her.

"Are you angry with me?"

"Bobby I am stunned I guess and I need a moment to think. This is pretty incredible news."

"I know it is, but just remember one thing. I love you with all my heart and I cannot imagine my life without you. Buddy is my best friend he has been ever since we were kids. If you told me you never wanted me to do it again I would stop in an instant."

"Well, I am glad it is Buddy, because I know he is your best of friends. Does he suck you back?"

"Yes, Honey I said we were lovers."

"Does Christy know?"


"So you have kept this secret for all these years. I am sorry Bobby it must have been hard."

"The hardest part was not being able to share it with you. Though I love Buddy and love sucking him I felt like I was lying to you."

"It's OK, Honey I am just glad you finally told me. It must be a real relief. Maybe that is why I had the dream, so you would have the opportunity to tell me."

She took me in her arms and kissed me passionately probing the inside of my mouth with her tongue. I kissed her back happy that it was all out and she took it so easily.

"Bobby," Lisa said. "I want to watch you suck Buddy. I want to watch Buddy suck you."

"Really? I don't know what Buddy will say."

"Don't tell him. I will talk Christy into coming up to the lake a day earlier to surprise you and we will catch you in the act."

"Do you think Christy will be able to handle it?"

"I think she will, because there is something I have to tell you. Christy and I have been lovers ever since the first week of college."

"I don't fucking believe it," I said leaning back and laughing. "You and Christy are lovers? You eat each other's pussies?"

"Yeah, are you mad at me?"

"How could I possibly be mad when I suck Buddy's cock," I said as I grabbed her and hugged her with all my strength. "This is too much. Buddy and I are lovers and you and Christy are lovers. Good god!"

"What do you think about our coming up a day early?"

"Why not? I guess it is time to get it all out in the open." This could really turn into something incredible I thought as I leaned down and began to eat my lover's pussy.

I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Buddy was in the shower and I took a moment to admire his gorgeous cock wondering if this would be the end of our incredible relationship. I stepped into the shower behind him, reached around and began to stroke his cock. "Buddy it looks like rain let's skip fishing today and just stay in the cabin and enjoy our last day together," I said as I knelt down and took his hardening cock in my mouth.

"Umm, sounds good to me."

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