tagNonHumanThe Fourth Floor

The Fourth Floor


His feet hit the ground with the rhythm of the music in his headphones: rapid, consistent, beating heavily against the hard concrete of the sidewalk. He wasn't able to run like this on the reservation. His grandfather always wanted him to leave the reservation, and educate himself - become a better man. Graduating 4 years ago from Saint Joseph's Technical University majoring in computer science and a minor in English literature made his grandfather proud; proud enough to pass on the bear necklace that rattled against the dark fur of his chest as he listened to another rave song that blared through his headphones. Grandfather died shortly after that. Pancreatic cancer took him at the young age of 94, just shy of his 95th birthday. He was happy to go with the spirits that graced the land, and Alexander knew that grandfather watched over him, keeping him on his path.

The concrete sidewalk ended in front of Alexander's apartment building. His sweat soaked his dark colored fur, through his orange SJTU t-shirt. The railing up the steps welcomed him, as he leaned his arms over it, panting, slowing his breathing, letting the boom boom in his ears run on its way without him. Taking the headphones off his ears, he could hear himself breathing heavily against the summer breeze, and the passing highway behind the building. Alexander also heard a car door close behind him, and the click clack of heels slowly walking closer. The rustle of the shopping bag against her newspaper is what caught his attention, making him turn his head.


He had only moved in 3 months ago, and he already knew who she was. He knew she was a manager of a clothing store further inside the city. He knew she lived alone. He knew she lived above him. He knew she had a great set of legs that drove him insane. Remembering when he moved in, she had been to the apartment's swimming pool with a couple friends, he had only caught a glimpse of her as she walked around the corner, and still remembers what the back of her legs looked like. Still panting, not only from his run, but now from the fond memory he has of her, she walked up to the steps.

"Good evening, Miss Heather," he said between labored breaths. The dark brown spaghetti strap of her tank top had lightly fallen off her shoulder, with a newspaper tucked under her arm. He glanced at it shortly, then looked to the ground, further slowing his breathing.

She smirked and nodded to him, reaching her arm around to pull her strap back onto her shoulder, almost dropping her bag of groceries. "Hey, Alex. You do that too often, you know." Alex liked to run, and she would sometimes watch him from her balcony, sitting on a simple white chair, her legs crossed and bare feet resting comfortably beneath her seat.

"What's that?"

She giggled softly. "Running. Every time I see you, you're running somewhere. You need to slow down." Fumbling with her keys, she reached for the door.

With his new breath, he ran around his welcoming railing, quickly taking his keys, and opening the door for her. "Please, I got the door for ya." Stepping back to let her pass, he was finally able to see the detail in her dirty blonde fur, as it hugged her body tightly, as a kiss holds tight against a lover's lips. Her dark green hair lightly flowed with the gentle summer breeze, and her pale blue skirt flowed and swayed against those legs he so fondly remembered.

Setting her keys back in her hand, she smiled at him, then lowered her head with a smirk. She could smell the sweat on him, his muscles tensing as he ran, his large arms swinging back and fourth, his strong thighs and legs pounding and punishing the pavement, working themselves to soreness, only to become firmer and tighter. Never seeing it, she imagined his chest; full, dark, strong, able to wrap her inside, with his arms to her back, the side of her head resting against his bear claw necklace. Blushing, she stepped past him through the door, rustling her groceries as her spaghetti strap fell off her shoulder again.

He watched her walk inside to the elevator at the end of the hall; watching each step she took, her long firm legs slowly swaying beneath the flow of her skirt. Inhaling deeply, he smelled her perfume: daisies. Like a spring meadow before the rain. Closing his eyes, he imagined rolling around in her perfume, rolling in her scent, rolling with her in his arms. Stepping inside the elevator, she quickly turned around. Her long green hair flowing over her shoulders as she pressed the button for the fourth floor. Smiling back to him, he gazed at her with a smirk. "Bye, Alex," she said with a slight giggle. The doors quietly shut.

Alexander stepped inside the coolness of the air conditioned building, sweat still dripping from the fur on his forehead. Running his large hands through his hair, pulling his scent from it, he took the rubber band around his wrist, tying it into a tail. Stepping toward the steps for one last run, something brushed against his running shoe. A newspaper, grey with black print, and an advertisement for whitening toothpaste, accented against his dirt brown shoes. He had been admiring those legs so much, he hadn't noticed that she had dropped it. Picking up the paper, he headed for the stairs, and the fourth floor.

As the doors to the elevator doors closed, she sighed. "Damn that man is fine." Resting her groceries on the railing around the elevator, she shifted her hips. Just the thought of him made her hormones run wild, the smell of his sweat drove her senses to insanity, and his smile just topped everything off. If she were any other woman, that man's furry assed tail would be in her bed quicker than it takes to make toast. Hot toast. Dripping with butter. She shifted her hips again, lightly blushing, as she felt a warmth start to form between her legs.

She continued thinking about him as the bell in the elevator struck the second floor. How she wanted to press her large firm breasts against his bare chest, taking that bear necklace between her teeth, and having him pull at her fur, pulling her closer and into him. His arms, dreaming they held her close to him, forcing her every need to emerge and be met. Licking her lips, she closed her eyes, holding that picture of him, standing in the doorway, holding it open for her, the gentleman he was. Wondering, if she could ever get him behind the door to her apartment, if he'd still be that same gentleman, or take her for a ride and make her sweat like he was.

The elevator rang the third floor, and the doors opened. Flustered, she quickly grabs her groceries, blushing her dirty blonde fur to a deep purplish red. Nobody was there. Rolling her eyes to the back of her head, she flicked her tail around, leaning her back against the wall of the elevator. As her tail brushed against her ankle, she imagined his tail there, close. So close that if his tail were at her ankle, he'd have to be pressed against her, kissing her lips, pushing her against the wall, taking what could be his. She trailed her free hand up her side, gently grazing against the side of her breast., leaning the back of her head against the wall. She licked her lips again. "Mmmm ... right there, Alex," she whispered to herself.

As the elevator rang the fourth floor, she composed herself as the doors opened. She straightened her top against her hips, and walked into the hallway, half dizzy from her elevator dream state. Smiling to herself, she walked past the stairwell to her apartment, slowly sliding her keys into the door. Smirking, still thinking about Alex, she wondered what it would be like to have his hands around her hips, slowly sliding his thick shaft into her as she wrapped her legs around him.

The door unlocked with a click. Setting the keys back in her hand, she reached for the handle, as the door to the stairwell swung open.

"Miss Heather?" she heard behind her. "Miss Heather. You dropped your paper." Lightly turning her head, there he was. Her elevator fantasy standing in front of her.

"I... I what?" she stammered, blushing, trying to get the thought of his chest out of her head so that she could think properly.

Lightly panting from the run up the stairs, he stopped next to her, leaning a hand on the wall. "Your paper, Miss Heather. You dropped it in the hallway downstairs."

With a smile, she opened the door to her apartment. Then looked down to where her paper should have been, blushing further, taking both arms around her groceries tightly, trying not to think about him. "Oh .. Can you bring it in for me?" She kicked the door all the way open, slowly walking inside.

"Yes, Miss Heather," he said, now breathing normally. His headphones had fallen to his hip, as he walked past her door. She closed her eyes, wishing only to be his headphones, dancing alongside his hip, his firm thigh, sliding against his sweaty fur.

Biting her lip and rolling her eyes, she brought her groceries inside to her kitchen, setting them gently on the marble counter. Leaning her head back, she bit harder, not wanting him to leave. "Can I interest you in a cup of tea? You really didn't have to bring that up," quickly looking to her tea kettle on top of her stainless steel stove. Her lightly shaking hand reached for the tea kettle, and quickly brought it to the sink, filling it with water. "I have mint, if that's what you like."

Slowly stepping inside her hallway, he leaned his head around the corner. "I would love to, but I haven't cleaned up from my run." The sweat on his fur was starting to dry and become stronger. Turning his head to the empty apartment hallway, he cautiously stepped further inside, not wanting her to think him too bold. "Maybe some other..."

She set the tea kettle down, quickly, and spun around the corner to catch him. As she turned the corner, all she saw was his orange t-shirt and bear claw necklace against his dark fur, kissably close. Blushing, she put her hands up to prevent herself from completely running into him, gently resting her hands against his firm chest, damp with his sweat.

".....time?" he asked, turning his head around only to see her flowing hair in front of him, looking down to her large green eyes, and delicate hands, now resting against his chest. Holding her paper to the side, he lightly raised his free hand, gently resting it on her arm next to her elbow, almost catching her. Raising his eyebrows in surprise, he slowly took in a deep breath, raising his chest against her hands.

Blushing further, she drew back her hands, and lightly patted his chest. "Nonsense. I wouldn't take you to the movies like this, but tea is fine." Giving a nervous chuckle, she quickly stepped around him, closing the door. "Not that I wouldn't take you to the movies ... or anywhere else ... I mean ... dressed for a run is different than ... " She realized that she was stammering and rambling on, nervously, and waved her hand. "Oh, you know what I mean. Get in here," she said with a slight laugh, and playfully pushed his back. His back was strong and tight. Tighter than his chest. Closing her hands into fists, holding them close to her breasts, she walked around him, and back into the kitchen as he stood there, still with his eyebrows raised in surprise. "Do you take your tea with sugar?"

Slowly leaning his head around the corner, he saw her at the stove, stirring the tea in the kettle. His eyes wandered from the back of her head down her back, slender, knowing just how tight her fur was against her body. The curve of her hips seemed to ask for his hands to hold them, and trace down her long legs. His eyes traced her legs instead, down to her high heeled shoes, tied on the outside of her ankle. "Sugar. Y-Yes Miss, Heather." He bit his lip, lightly tilting his head in admiration and desire, slowly letting his eyes walk up her legs.

Turning her head to give him a smile, she noticed his eyes wandering around her body briefly before he quickly looked the other way. With a smirk, she turned back to the tea, lightly swishing her tail as she stirred, shifting her hips to the side. His eyes looked back to her, his head not turning, catching her tail as it flowed against her pale blue dress. She saw him. She saw his eyes dancing along her backside, and didn't say anything. "So Alex, what kind of music do you listen to as you rush everywhere every evening? Must be something fast, because I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with you."

He walked further inside the kitchen, and leaned against the faint purple colored wall, turning his head to her, getting a closer look at her tail as she stirred the tea. It looked to him like she must brush her tail daily to make it flow like that, softly with every movement, tight just above her rear. "Tech, actually. It's the only thing fast and steady enough to keep me going. Sets my pace, and keeps me consistent." He smirked. "But I'm sure you could keep up with me. I wouldn't leave you behind."

Setting the spoon on the marble counter, she reached into the drawer next to the stove, pulling out the remote for her stereo, pressing play, as a soft down tempo technical melody started to emit from the radio across the living room. She lightly tapped her foot to the slow firm beat, letting the bottom of her skirt dance slightly against her strapped heels. She opened the cabinet with her tea cups, reaching to the top shelf, past her usual tea cups, stretching her arm further than need be, giving him a look at her side.

Quietly stepping towards her, he gently licked the inside of his teeth, his pelvis growing warmer, and set the newspaper on the counter next to her with a smile. Her hand still in the cupboard, she turned her head to look at him, instead seeing the firm chest and bear necklace. She breathed in with a smile, smelling his sweat., raising her eyebrows and eyes from his chest to look at his face. It was stronger than she had remembered, his jaw line trailing down to his thick neck. What she wouldn't give to wrap her arms around that neck as he took her to ecstasy.

He looked at her with a smile. Those eyes. Eyes he started to lose himself in. Slowly, he trailed his eyes up her arm to the cupboard, to her fingers which rested just out of reach of a white tea cup. The smell of mint traveled from the stove to him, and mixed with her perfume of daisies. Eyeing only the tea cup, he slid his hand past hers, lightly grasping the cup, pulling it off the shelf, setting it next to her, looking back to her eyes to get lost.

She smiled, gently looking away with a blush, shifting her hips in front of him, intentionally accidentally brushing her tail against his firm thigh. "Thank you, Alex. What would I do without you?"

He shivered. Her tail sent pins and needles up his spine, setting his fur on edge. "Find somebody else to reach your tea cup?" he asked with a soft laugh. He looked to the tea cup, and realized that he never let it go. His hand rested close to her arm. He could take her arm, and spin her around into him if he desired. He did. He wanted her. He wanted to feel her fur rubbing against his, wanted to feel her legs around him, her hot body against his.

She turned her face back to him, stirring the tea. "And why not you?" She blushed at her bold statement, and set the spoon next to the tea cup in his hand. Smiling, she gently traced the shape of his hand with her finger. Looking up into his dark deep eyes, she gave him a smile, slipping her tail to the side, again brushing his hip. "I think you're more than capable of giving me what I need, don't you?" Her fur shivered as she spoke.

Lightly leaning his head down, clenching his teeth, he slowly moved his fingers from the teacup, and lightly grasped her fingers. "I would be more than willing, Miss Heather," he whispered. Her daisies smelled stronger, and her touch made his tail flick with desire. Her lips were within inches of him, and rested just out of reach.

Softly blinking her eyelashes to him, she slowly slid her other hand to his, holding it with both her hands, smiling wider. "I'm sure you would be." She lightly turned her body, the heel of her black strapped shoe gently grazing along the top of his running shoe. Sliding her body in front of him, and her back to the cupboard, she lifted her eyes and head to the cabinet above the stove next to her. "In that case," she said slowly, "can you reach the other tea cup in that cabinet? I'm afraid I can't."

With a slight smirk, he reached to the cabinet door, opening it, not taking his eyes off her face. Her lips seemed to scream for him. Leaning closer, he grasped the teacup, her face getting closer to his. She lightly lifted her chin, gently kissing his, as his hand rested on the shelf. Inhaling deeply, he gently squeezed her hand, lowering his head to gently kiss her lips. His back shivered at her touch, her hot lips against his, then gently slid his hand up her arm, feeling her fur as he softly pushed it against its natural direction. Speaking slowly and softly to her lips, gently closing his eyes, "Is this the one?"

Closing her eyes, kissing his chin again, shivering as her fur was pushed, she inhaled deeply, lifting her chest to his. "Yes. That will do nicely." She reached her arm to his side, wrapping her delicate hands and fingers around his sides, pulling him to her, as she stretched her neck to taste his lips. She teasingly licked his lips with a smile, then slid her hands up his back.

His hand slid around her shoulder to her back, beneath the strap of her shirt. He smiled as she licked his lips. His other hand fell from the shelf, lightly grasping her shoulder as he pulled her to him, kissing her firmly. Slipping his lips to her cheek, kissing it as well, his hips leaned into hers, his bulging shorts resting against her skirt. He whispered to her ear, "Miss Heather, I believe you're trying to seduce me."

She leaned her head back, lightly raising a knee to his thigh. "Is it working?" She grabbed his shirt, clenching the soft sweaty cloth in her hands, leaning her cheek to his as he gently licked her ear.

"Yes. Yes it is." Sliding his hands down her back, he firmly nuzzled against her neck, kissing her tight dirty blonde fur. His hands grasped her shirt, pulling it from her back, trailing a kiss up her chin, then lightly licking her upper lip.

Heather could feel her fur between her legs becoming hot. She bit her lip briefly, only to slide her tongue inside his mouth, pulling at his shirt as she slid her knee up the outside of his thigh, lightly hooking her heel around his knee. Pulling him forward, she felt his swollen shaft press against her thigh, only driving her hormones madder. With a smile, she lightly bit his lip, tugging at his shirt again, lightly pulling the bottom of it up his back.

In a single motion, he slid his hands to the bottom of his shirt, and lifted it over his head, tossing it to the floor in front of the stove. His lips returned to hers, tasting her daisies, pressing his firm chest against her breasts. His hands lightly traced down her sides, his palms grazing the sides of her breasts, and grasped the bottom of her shirt, lifting it slightly.

She leaned into him, pushing them away from the counter and the stove. He slid her top off, tossing it next to his, and wrapped his arms around her bare upper body. He could feel her hot breasts against his, as her cleavage lightly bunched the fur on his chest. They stumbled to the rear wall of the kitchen, now with Alex pinned, as she pressed her body against his, trailing her hands down his naked back. She grabbed his fur, tugging at it, wanting more of him, as her lips and tongue danced with his.

With the beat of the music in the background sounding through their bodies, he slid his hands to her tail, then beneath, unfastening her skirt, as her hands trailed around the front of his shorts. Slipping them beneath, she traced the muscles of his hips, as her body raced with heat. His throbbing shaft pressed firmly against her, as his hands slid around the inside of her unfastened skirt. She slid her hand to his rear, grasping his fur again, pulling his hips and manhood against her. His hands lowered her skirt off her hips, as she tightened her thighs, letting it fall to the floor.

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