tagGay MaleThe Frat, the Cop, and the Sex

The Frat, the Cop, and the Sex


My name is Andrew. I was just accepted into one of the best colleges in Virginia. I had wanted to go to Virginia Tech all my life and now that I was in I had my eyes set on joining a fraternity. I chose Alpha Gamma Chi. It was a really hard frat to be initiated by.

I approached the Frat open house party as a young and somewhat naïve 18-year old freshman. I was about 6'4 and had dirty blonde hair. My years of being on the school swim team gave me a fit body. I had a naturally large build, more like a football player than a swimmer.

I loved to work out my upper body; consequently I had huge biceps, triceps, and defined shoulder muscles. My lower body got its own workout from all of the swimming.

All of that kicking and movement during swimming gave me thick firm legs and quads. My calves always looked like I was flexing them. Despite having a great body I only cared about one part. My ex-girlfriend told me that the outline of the pubic bone on my hips drove her wild. Since then I have worked out me obliques and abs like crazy to enhance my hips. It has worked amazingly. I've fucked over ten hot girls since I came here to Tech 3 weeks ago.

I walked up to the door of the frat house and knocked. A handsome man answered the door dressed in a black tuxedo. He wore a sticker nametag that read: Ste. I immediately second guessed my casual outfit. I wore simply a t-shirt and athletic shorts.

"Did I under-dress?" I asked slightly embarrassed.

"No, you're fine. All the brothers are wearing tuxedos tonight. Don't worry, you look fine," replied the frat brother. He outstretched his hand and greeted me, "I'm Ste. What's your name?"

He had a firm grip. You could tell he worked out a lot. His thick neck coming out of his collar suggested that he probably had a strong upper body like me. He had brown hair and blue eyes. They were striking.

"I'm Andrew," I replied, gripping his hand firmly. As I did this he grinned and motioned me inside.

The night was pretty tame until about midnight when the girls left and the ceremony began. The brothers told us to strip down to our boxers and nothing else. I was probably the fittest out of all of the other freshmen. Ste seemed to be the head of the frat because he was calling all the shots. One by one he whispered something in all of our ears. He was giving out our tasks. He came up to me.

"Step into the back room. We have a special task for you" he whispered. I was getting extremely nervous now. I went into the back room ushered by two men in tuxedos. There was a table and a chair in the room with an envelope on the table. I read the letter in the envelope and it said: Andrew, We realize that given your physical condition, you could pass any physical challenge we present you with. We will give you a psychological challenge instead. You must drive into downtown Blacksburg and buy a box of extra large condoms and some lube. You must also buy two DVDS, both gay pornos. Show us the items when you return and be back within 20 minutes. There is a car parked outside with a camera system hooked up to it so we can watch and be sure that you actually completed the task yourself. If purchasing the gay porn and condoms is not too much embarrassment for you then you will automatically become a pledge. Your time starts now.

I was in a hurry now. I needed to get going and fast. This was an embarrassing challenge. I had to go into a porn shop and actually buy 2 gay DVDs! I am a total straight guy and this was going to be a huge problem. I don't want anyone thinking I was gay.

Sure enough there was a red car parked outside so I hopped in and tore out of the driveway. Not many people drove in Blacksburg. With thousands of college students, pretty much everyone walked. Campus security was everywhere to make sure people weren't run over.

I arrived at a drugstore and grabbed the box of huge condoms. I found a large tube of KY warming liquid and picked that out too. I went to the movie section but there were no pornos, gay or straight. I went up to the clerk holding condoms and lube, I was so embarrassed right now I didn't even know if it was worth it to join this frat.

"Do you have any adult films?" I asked reluctantly. The clerk stared at me with a blank face. He then looked at what I was holding and drew his own conclusions.

He smiled and replied, "Through that door, there."

I was slightly ashamed and just grabbed the first to boxes with cocks on them that I saw. I went up to the checkout counter and placed the items down. The clerk's smile turned into a puzzled look. He was obviously shocked at my choice of films. He bagged everything and said nothing more.

I got in the car and looked at the time. I only had 6 minutes to get back to the house. Luckily there was no one on the road so I could speed back and make it in time. I sped out of the general store and went 65 down Main Street, a 25 mph road.

4 minutes left and I was 6 minutes away. I pressed my foot down harder on the pedal. My heart suddenly sank. I heard loud sirens and saw flashing red and blue lights. A cop had caught me speeding. I was screwed. I pulled over and as if the situation could not get any worse, I noticed that I had a massive erection from the adrenaline rush. The officer strolled up to my car and asked me if I knew why he pulled me over.

"License and regis..." he paused. He must have seen my huge cock poking out from under my shorts. It created a large bulge and the tip of my penis was poking out of my shorts. You could actually see the head of it, and the foreskin. My eleven inch thick member was visible to the police officer and it didn't feel as if it were going away any time soon.

"Sir, where were you going?" he asked. His nametag said his name was Officer Garner.

"I'm actually on a fraternity pledge mission. Sir. Officer." I replied, my voice trembling.

"What's in the bag son?" he asked.

"Nothing Sir. Just something I'm bringing to the party." I replied. He grabbed the bag and looked inside. His eyes shifted toward me but I made sure not to look at him directly in the eyes.

"Please step out the car," the officer commanded. I obeyed and put my hands on the hood. I assumed the position and I could actually see the camera the guys had installed in front of the rear view mirror. I looked into it, ashamed. The officer frisked me.

He started at my ankles and worked his way up my legs. When he reached my waist he leaned in and I felt hardness against my ass cheeks. He moved his hands around and grabbed my cock. I was in a state of shock. The officer was taking advantage of me.

"If you want, we can have a pre-party right here and I can forget all about that ticket I was going to give you. What do you say?" inquired the officer deviously.

"No ticket, Officer?" I responded.

"Call me Jeff. That's right, no ticket in exchange for my 10 inch penis," said the officer. He was groping my ass now.

"Fine. Sounds good to me," I lied. I broke the position and slid down my shorts, not knowing at all what I was about to do. Jeff unbuckled his black pants and pulled them down to his ankles. His tight white boxer briefs were stretched out by an enormous bulge from his erect cock. He sat me on the hood of my car and took my cock into his mouth through my boxers. He kept his sunglasses on the entire time.

He pulled out my dick through the buttoned up part of my underwear. It was so cold out and my dick wasn't as thick or as long as it usually was. Its girth was normally 4 inches and its length was normally 11 inches. Now it was only a little less than 9 inches long and a little more than 3 inches circumference. It was pale from the cold air.

Jeff pulled me off of the hood and stood me up straight right in the view of the camera. Shit, this is not a good situation. The guys are definitely never going to let me join now.

Jeff was masturbating with one hand and groping my balls with the other. He was sucking away. Jeff was kneeling on the ground getting dirt all over his uniform pants. He didn't seem to care though.

I was not into guys whatsoever. I am completely heterosexual. I have to admit though, it felt so good. His warm mouth was massaging my cold cock. My balls were relaxing too as his warm hands soothed them. My cock was growing to its full size slowly from the extra heat.

Jeff removed his hat and exposed his short gelled up brown hair. He was really working my cock. He took it all the way down his throat and was bobbing his head back and forth against me.

I couldn't help but enjoy this. I already had a boner and he was great at giving head. He was better than any other girl who had ever blown me. I gripped his hair and rocked his head back and forth against my body. I was massaging his upper neck, contributing to the motion. I took both hands and held his head by his cheeks, still letting him fully suck me off.

He momentarily stopped to remove his shirt and under wear. I couldn't believe it, we were out in public view and he was fully naked. I quickly removed my remaining clothes as well. I was receiving oral sex from a police officer in public! My dick was close to orgasm and I warned him.

"Uhh, Officer- I mean Jeff?" I called.

"What is it stud?" he quickly asked, then went straight back to sucking me.

I was losing control now. "I-I-I'm cumming-g-g-g...," I replied taking deep breaths and in a high pitched voice. Jeff quickly backed off and grabbed my cock. He aimed into his mouth. Finally after two or three more strokes from him I exploded. "Aaahhhhh! Oohhh! Uh, uh, uh, uh!" I screamed in cycles after each squirt. I don't think I have ever had such a powerful orgasm. My thick white cum shot straight into his mouth coating his tongue and teeth thoroughly.

Jeff stood up and stared at me. His sunglasses were still on. I asked, "I suppose you want me to blow you now, huh?" Jeff shook his head. He leaned in to kiss me and I kissed back, even though it totally grossed me out. Suddenly I tasted a creamy and salty liquid in his mouth. Jeff hadn't swallowed the cum! He was giving it back to me. I liked the taste of it as his cum-coated tongue massaged mine. I swallowed every drop of it.

"The second part of this bargain is you get to take my 9 inch cock up your pretty little ass," taunted Jeff. I gulped and bent my naked body over the hood. I waited for the sharp pain of my asshole being stretched, but it never came. "No way man," Jeff said. "This one is gonna be loud and messy. Let's take it into your car."

Both us climbed into the back seat and push the front seat all the way back, providing a spacious back seat with plenty of room. I was agonizing over this. Jeff grabbed the bag and stole a condom and the warming liquid. He tore open the condom and slid it slowly down his thick shaft. It went on tight and he filled out the magnum very well. The latex went all the way to the tip of his massive cock. At lest his cock wasn't as big as mine or else I don't think I could have taken it.

Jeff squirted out a large amount of warming liquid and rubbed it all over his hands. It smelled strong and did nothing for my dick. I was still limp after my last ejaculation and the idea of having another guy's cock up my ass grossed me out. I just knew I couldn't get a ticket, because I didn't even have a license on me and I didn't own the car. I knew that they guys had installed an additional camera in the back and they were gonna see this upcoming display as well. I felt nauseous. Jeff rubbed a lot of the warming liquid on his throbbing member and lubed it up real well. He squeezed another huge amount out onto his hands. I got onto al fours and I knew what was coming next. He spread it all over my asshole. It felt oddly soothing. It definitely warmed my hole despite how cold it was outside.

Jeff penetrated my hole with his fingers and spread a lot of the liquid up my ass. It felt amazing. My cock sprang back to full length immediately.

I could see Jeff's body more clearly now that we were in the car and the light was on. He was in pretty good shape. He had tight six-pack abs. His upper body was pretty ripped too. He obviously worked out a lot. He still did not remove his sunglasses, but I could tell by his face that he was a pretty young guy.

Jeff came behind me on his knees and poked my asshole with the head of his penis. He told me to relax and just allow it to go in. I did; it hurt. I could feel the blood rushing to my butt as he slid his 9 inch cock in further and further. I let out quiet moans of pain from my asshole being stretched this far.

Jeff stopped for a moment, checking to see if I wanted him to continue. I told him to go ahead. He slipped in the last four inches and I could feel his whole dick in me. I could feel his abs resting against my ass cheeks. He backed out about half of an inch then pushed back in.

I was glad he had enough respect to go as slow as he did. He did this again, only this time pulling back about an inch and a half. This action repeated until my ass was stretched enough for him to pull out five inches and slide it back in.

Jeff squirted a lot more warming lube on his dick and my hole. He told me he was going to increase the pace and I told him to ignore my moans of pain. There really was no way around them. I had never been anally penetrated before and it hurt. At the same time it felt good too. The warming lube made it pleasurable.

Jeff pushed back in fast and it surprised me. My ass tightened and that made it hurt.

"Ugghhh!" I grunted through my teeth.

Jeff didn't ease up. He said it felt good from his end because my ass was so tight. He brought his legs in. He wrapped each bent leg around either ass cheek. He started the process of pulling out an inch and then increasing each time. His re-entries were becoming faster and more forceful. He pumped his cock back into me.

Eventually he was pulling out seven inches and pumping those seven back into my tight ass fast and hard. By now I let out a manly grunt with every pump. Jeff was in a fast constant rhythm now. He was pumping me so fast I couldn't keep up with my grunts so I just let out long continuous moans. Randomly, or whenever it became to rough, Jeff squirted more lube down there.

The car was rocking now as Jeff was pounding my ass about twice a second. It felt so good but at the same time hurt my ass a lot.

I read in a playboy magazine that like the G-spot in girls, guys had one in their ass. If something stimulated the prostate then a guy would automatically cum.

Jeff now pushed me on the back seat of the car and had me lying on my stomach. He began fucking my as while moving his whole body around and changing positions. I felt him moving around so much the entire car was shaking. His speed never slowed though.

He began slowing down dramatically lunging into my ass with long pull outs and fast entries. I felt him touch something within me and it immediately brought me to climax. "I'm cumming!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Jeff replied, "I'm cumming in your ass!!!"

He pulled out for good and I got up from my position. I saw a lot of cum smeared on the seat and on my stomach from the orgasm. I looked to Jeff's throbbing dick and he filled the condom with his cum. Literally, the condom was so filled with sperm that it was slipping off of his dick from the weight. He pulled it off and made me suck his cock clean. He held up the condom and there was at least 4 tablespoons of cum in it. I have never seen anyone cum that much.

Jeff opened his mouth and emptied the condom in it. I waited till he emptied the condom all the way and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. We embraced one another and groped all over each other bodies while we made out. I was swallowing his cum from his mouth and it tasted even better than mine. His was sweeter.

We stopped making out and put on our clothes. I just had one of the kinkiest experiences of my life and I loved every minute of it even through the pain. Jeff went back to his car and I noticed that it was just a white car and had no decals on it. This sight puzzled me. Had I just been really pulled over and ass fucked by a cop? Before I could process this information any further, I realized that I still had to go back to the frat house.

The guys would wonder why I was 20 minutes late and had an opened box of condoms, a 1/4 full bottle of lube, and cum stains all over the car. I pulled up to the house around 1:25 am. I got out of the car, bag in hand and knocked on the door. A frat brother answered it, still dressed in a tuxedo.

"What took you so long Andrew?" he asked snidely. His dirty pants stuck out to me and I noticed they were covered in dirt and wrinkly. I looked to his piercing green eyes and a sticker nametag on his coat that read: "Jeff." I turned around and saw a white car parked in the driveway. That white car.

To be continued...

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this was great

I really enjoyed your story ... nice premise that I'd seen before but adding in the cop was a good new direction ... and then your final twist ... outstanding ... and all on video? you've haven't postedmore...

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