The Furies

byColleen Thomas©

"Indian girl is hot," Lucky commented.

"Straight as an arrow, too," Goose observed.

"Ya think? I kinda got a good vibe from her," Lucky went on.

"Indian, shmindian, I can't wait to get between the legs of that blonde bombshell," Surfer added.

"She's straight, too," the Goose predicted.

"Honey, there ain't none of 'em straight once I get between their legs. She'll be giving me head before she knows thrust from yoke, bank on it," Surfer said with almost arrogant confidence.

"Go ahead, set your sights on her, it won't be my ass Lucky is tearing up," Goose said, smiling evilly when Marina blanched.

"You bitch," she hissed at Lucky.

"Not me, I swear it," Lucky said holding her hands up even as she started laughing.

"She didn't rat on you. I know how a girl with a well fucked ass moves. I'm not above taking the back door from time to time and Leia loves it," Goose said while pouring another drink.

"You are so whupped," Surfer said, trying to change the subject.

"Oh Lucky, that's it, tear me up baby!" the Goose cried in a reasonably good imitation of Surfer when she was playing bottom.

"One of these days, Goose, I'm going to tear your ass up," Marina threatened.

"When did you girls get so into ass fucking?" Bel asked.

"It wasn't my idea," Surfer said petulantly.

"You've got a cute ass, you didn't complain when I started," Lucky said.

"Shut the fuck up," Surfer growled.

Lucky managed a big shit-eating grin while Bel and the Goose hid theirs behind their steins. A group of techs came in and Goose checked them out, disappointed to see Leia wasn't among them.

"How bout that farm girl, the one with the nice ass?" Goose said.

"Straight," both Lucky and Surfer said in unison.

"I think you're both wrong."

"I wonder if she's a natural blonde," Surfer said, returning to the current object of her attention.

"It's probably shaved, she looked pretty freaky to me," Lucky opined.

As the hours passed, their speculation grew from orientation to shaved or natural to wild and freaky or missionary only. The bar filled, then slowly emptied and still they carried on. It was well past 03:00 before they staggered out, leaning on each other for support.


Leigh had been dreading it for several hours when her turn came. She entered the Air Boss's private office and sat stiffly in the chair before her desk. The tall woman took her time going over Leigh's dossier before looking up.

"Nasty shiner, you've got there," Erica commented.

"Yes ma'am, should have been watching where I was going," Leigh replied instantly.

She wasn't a faceless cog. But she wasn't dumb either. Alleging on the Sgt. Major would get her run out of the service, and Balefeas was waiting if she washed out.

"At least, you're not a rat."

Erica looked into the recruit's eyes and felt her breath catch in her throat. There was something there, something disturbing. She was an excellent judge of people, but this girl was an enigma. And something about her was disturbingly captivating.

"Well, recruit, I've looked over your folder. Pull your weight, learn the job and respect your fellows and the past will carry no weight with me. Screw up again and I'll personally see you on the next transport back to that shit hole you were born on, and you know what that means as well as I do."

Erica saw the anger flare in her eyes, and felt the challenge.

"Permission to speak freely, recruit. Get it off your chest, it's the last time you'll be free to show your ass around here," Erica said, coming around the desk.

"I don't care about your fucking navy. I'm not intimidated by your trained gorilla. And I'm not intimidated by you!" Leigh shouted, before launching herself at the tall woman.

Leigh was angry. Angry with the world for turning on her, angry at the Sergeant Major for embarrassing her, angry at herself for losing it, knowing full well she was throwing her life away, but more than anything she was angry with this tall woman, who brought home to her in a threat, just how out of her control her life had become. Leigh's sudden attack caught Erica off guard and the short girl quickly caught both her wrists.

Erica drew her right arm back quickly, while forcing her left arm out. This pulled Leigh close to her body, and allowed the Air Boss to use her weight. She pressed forward with her chest, but the small woman surprised her, releasing both of her wrists, sliding under her arm and locking her arms around Erica's waist. Erica grimaced, and then used her legs to propel herself backwards. The lip of the desk hit Leigh in the small of her back, and both women went across the desk, landing in a heap on the other side, as the roller chair shot out of their way and things crashed to the ground.

They came to their feet, but Leigh still had all the leverage. She was suddenly aware of how soft the tall woman's body was in her arms. She smelled the faint scent of lilacs from her hair, and saw her pulse beating in her elegant neck. There was something disturbingly sensual about her commander now and Leigh felt an unfamiliar thrill at being in control.

Erica smashed back with her elbow and the air left the small woman's lungs in a rush. A second vicious jab and Leigh released her hold, realizing she could be battered in this position with no way to defend herself or exert control over the taller woman. Leigh kicked free of Erica's body, knocking the tall woman to her knees. Both women came to their feet, facing each other and panting.

They circled warily, each looking for an opening. Leigh saw one first, skating to her left she feinted towards Erica's midsection, and then threw herself at the tall woman's legs. It should have knocked her down, but Erica had not been fooled by the feint and drove her knee up, catching Leigh squarely in the chest.

The wind was knocked out of her and before she could get a breath, Erica kicked her hard in the ribs. She rolled over onto her back and was staring down the barrel of Erica's dress pistol. Leigh's anger burned out as suddenly as it had risen and she relaxed on the floor, trying to breathe.

The door opened and Tucker stepped in. Seeing the big man, Leigh died inside, realizing she had just let her temper seal her fate. She wondered if the Air Boss would shoot her. Suicide by design was better than what awaited her.

"MPs are on the way, Boss," he said. Leigh noticed his voice was different, softer and deferential, almost meek.

"Belay that." Erica said, still breathing hard.

"What'll I tell 'em?" he asked, cocking his head and giving her a quizzical look.

"Tell 'em to get the boys from Bio down here, I saw a rat. And get this piece of shit out of my office," she said, indicating Leigh with her boot toe. Tucker nodded, reached down and bodily lifted Leigh by the scruff of her neck. He walked out of the office, with the small woman's feet dangling two inches off the floor.

As the door closed four men in shock armor came running around the corner. Leigh found herself with her feet on the floor and stood there, weighing her chances of making a break for it.

"Relax, boys," Tucker said easily, "False alarm, the Air Boss has a furry visitor. I'll put in a call to Bio, sorry to have shook you out,"

The leader smiled and took his helmet off.

"Don't sweat it, Sergeant, first action we've had in months. I'll need a signature though," he said, pulling a pad from his back pocket.

Tucker signed it and the MPs headed back, grousing about women and their frailties.

"What the fuck is going on?" Leigh asked as Tucker propelled her towards her quarters with a shove.

The tall man said nothing, until they were in Leigh and Rachel's room and he shut the door. With that same casual disinterest, he smashed his balled fist into her stomach, doubling her over. With both hands he caught her jumper and jammed her back into the bulkhead. Her head smashed into the wall and she saw stars. Her face was even with his and her feet were dangling well off the deck.

"I been doing this a long time, girly. I was whipping recruits into shape before you got your first period. I know your story and it don't mean shit to me. I've washed out hundreds of pukes like you, who don't belong in my beloved Navy."

"I don't want to be in your fucking Navy!"

"If you'd rather be working on your back, just say the word," he replied in that strangely soft voice.

Being reminded of what she was avoiding by being here took the fight out of her. Her temper had nearly cost her again and she was still not sure why it hadn't.

"I'm sorry, Sergeant. I thought that was where I was heading when you showed up."

He looked long and hard at her, his brown eyes boring into her. Leigh met his gaze, even though she felt an overwhelming desire to lower her eyes.

"Sorry don't cut it here. You got a chip on your shoulder the size of this ship and you've been throwing a personal pity party since you landed. Woe is me, I'm so put upon. Everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms, Boo hoo hoo," he said with sarcasm dripping from the high falsetto he used.

Leigh saw contempt in his eyes and anger, but she also saw something that hurt even more, pity.

"I am being screwed over," she protested, but it sounded hollow even to her.

"Yeah, that's some screwing. That's twice the Boss has stuck her neck out for you. Twice she's risked twenty years of spotless service to keep you out of trouble. I'd have form forty-foured you from the get go, but I have less tolerance for uppity pukes than the Boss does"

"I never asked her for any favors!"

"No, your real tough, a real lone wolf. But she's done it just the same."

"Why?" Leigh demanded.

He shook his head and sighed.

"You think you're the only one who ever came to the service to avoid Balefeas?" he asked.

Tucker dropped her to the floor and, spinning on his heel, exited the room. For a long time, Leigh sat on the floor in shock.


Erica was returning the things they had knocked over to their rightful place when Tucker slipped into her office.

"All square," he said.

"That girl is going to be the end of me, Tuck. I just feel it."

"Lotta rage in her. Lotta hate. Maybe too much to salvage. You're running a lot of risks, Boss."

"I know, Tuck, I know. But I can't condemn her to Balefeas without trying, you know I can't."

"I know. For what it's worth, I think she has the makings. I just don't know if she can let the hate go, but I've seen worse in my time. I remember this one hellion from Hell's Kitchen..."

"That's enough out of you," she scolded.

"I haven't started yet," he replied with a grin, before exiting her office.

Erica sighed and collapsed in her chair. Leigh's file was still open before her. She had only to fill out a forty-four and she would be rid of her. Discipline case, unfit for flight training. It was that easy. Instead she scrawled 'attitude problem' in the notes field and tossed the folder in with the others.

As she sat there, she wondered if she was really taking chances because she didn't want to send the girl to a life of sexual slavery or if there was another reason.

Erica hadn't been physical with anyone since her fiancé William had been killed. She was in her sexual prime and still she avoided men. But when the small woman's hands had locked around her waist, she had felt it. A thrill that had nothing to do with the danger.

She was very proper, but she wasn't dumb. She knew all about Lucky and Surfer's activates as well as the Goose's girlfriend. She had never felt herself attracted to any woman, but in the dark, quiet of her office, she couldn't get the small girl's face, especially those angry eyes, out of her head


They all stood at attention in the big bay. It was the first day of training and a big day. Their numbers had already been thinned by three. Two medicals and one reassigned by the Air Boss after her interview. It was a big day for them for another reason. Today they got their call signs. A training call sign wasn't the same as the one your mates chose for you when you joined a group, but a surprising number of pilots kept the one they were given. This was because the call signs usually were tied to some personal trait of the pilot.

They all waited now while Tucker read out a list of infractions. No one was spared, everyone had done something wrong in the last forty-eight hours. Unlike boot camp there was no harassment for infractions, just a demerit. Enough of them and you washed out, so it was serious business. When he finished he stepped back, saluted Lucky, and marched off.

"Okay, girls. It's time."

She stepped up to Holly and saluted.

"Welcome to the one hundred and first training wing, Jugs."

The blonde rolled her eyes and Lucky winked, causing her to blush.

Katie was next in line and waited expectantly.

"Welcome to the one hundred and first training wing, Lou."

"Why Lou?" she asked in confusion.

"You remind me of the girl from the cartoon, watch that first step, it's a lou lou," Lucky replied with a smirk.

On down the line she went, when she stopped in front of Rachel Loudelk she paused.

"As I understand it, you Indians already have a warrior name. What's yours?"

"Little Cloud," she replied without hesitation.

"Cloudy it is then, welcome to the one hundred and first training wing."

She paused in front of Leigh a few moments later.

"Had one for you, but Tucker insisted, so welcome to the one hundred and first training wing, Rebel," Lucky said, with a wink.

When she finished with the unofficial ceremony, Lucky walked over to a table that had been set up and grabbed a clipboard.

"Listen up, girls. The basic unit in the Terran Air Service is the flight. Five fighters make up a flight or four bombers. Flights are arranged into commands, commands into groups, groups into wings and wings into flotillas. There are enough of you for several flights, so we are going to break you up that way to begin training. You'll each be assigned a flight for the duration of training. You'll bunk together, attend classes together, and train together.

In your training, the instructor will assume the position of fight leader. For you girls who end up short sheeted, an extra instructor will fly. When I call out your names, get to your quarters, get your gear together and report back. Do it as a group, you'll be reassigned rooms together."

"Cloudy, Jugs, Lou, Rebel, group one."

She waited until they had made it to their rooms and grabbed their gear.

"Boxer, Red, Wolf, Tease, group two."


"I still like vixens," Jugs said hopefully.

"No fucking way, I know it's cute and all, but I'm not calling myself a bitch," Cloudy responded.

They were sitting in their room, discussing what to call their flight. Cloudy sat on her bunk in just a tee and the white cotton panties they were issued. Her long black hair was worn in a pony tail and even after weeks with no sun, her skin had a golden bronze tone to it.

Lou sat next to her, wearing the simple bra and boxers she had been issued. She was tapping her foot on the floor and had a thoughtful expression on her face. Her skin was pale. Next to the big Indian, she looked like a ghost.

Jugs sat on her bunk across from them, topless and wearing her BDU bottoms. She seemed totally at home with her large breasts bared and no one seemed inclined to ask her to cover them.

Rebel lay on her bunk above Holly's head, still fully clothed and staring at the ceiling.

"I suppose the flying circus is too long?" Lou said.

"Yeah, Surfer said one word, at most two," Holly replied.

"Bollocks," the country girl exclaimed.

"We're supposed to learn to work together, but here it is past midnight and we can't even agree on a name. Rebel, you've been pretty quiet, what do you think?"


"Black what?" Holly inquired.

"Just black," she said with a shrug.

"Black flight? That's not half bad," Cloudy said.

"Works for me," Lou said, standing and removing her bra before mounting the top bunk.

"I still like vixens," Holly said as she wiggled out of her BDUs and got under her blankets.

"Off," Cloudy commanded and the lights died.

Rebel lay quietly with her hands behind her head, staring up into the inky blackness. In time, she was able to make out the soft breathing and sleep induced mumbles of her mates. She was desperately tired, but after last night, she was even more afraid of sleep.

She wasn't really sure why she was afraid, the dream had been far from scary. It had actually been her first really erotic dream. She had wakened with achingly stiff nipples and the uncomfortable wet feeling in her boxers that she associated with dressing quickly after sex. All in all, it had been very pleasant. The problem was the object of it had been her tall, straight-laced commander and that revelation had been far from pleasant.


The lights came on automatically and reveille was piped into their room. Boot camp had made its impression and they all rolled out, making bunks and quickly dressing. They moved quickly to join the other girls lining up outside the cafeteria. It would take weeks before they were able to untrain themselves from the boot camp habit of doing everything as if the very hounds of hell were following them. Breakfast was hearty, but plain and all were surprised to find coffee and tea. In boot camp they had been forbidden caffeine or nicotine, here they could have both, but it was still a shock.

They ate quickly and with few words, shoveling the food down and hurrying back to their quarters to make sure their gear was stowed before formation.

Tucker was there, looking immaculate and wide awake. He took a head count from Corporal Sands and then ticked off a few things on a clip board.

"All right, ladies. This is your last formation for the next two weeks. You will spend the next two weeks in small group exercises. Discipline will be maintained, inspections will continue, and demerits will accrue."

A hubbub of voices broke out and Tucker cleared his throat.

"I'll still be watching you, ladies. I expect you to maintain proper discipline. Infractions will get you a lot worse than demerits," Tucker growled.


For the last five minutes Rebel hadn't been able to keep her eyes of Holly's boobs. The large, soft orbs bounced under her leotard and, during many of the exercises that left them inverted, obscured her face entirely. Cloudy and Lou were both having trouble as well, and for once, Rebel was happy to have small tits.

The four of them wore drab green leotards and grey leggings. Surfer wore a tight blue sports bra and shorts.

"Spin…No, use your legs only, like this," she patiently instructed.

Zero-g calisthenics. Rebel had never been so completely worn out. Intricate moves, with no resistance at all. Isometrics, yoga, dance, the routine seemed to be designed to kill her.

Surfer proved to be a far tougher taskmaster than even Tucker. She was relentless, forcing Rebel to go on when her body shrieked in pain. Muscles she didn't even know she had ached, throbbed and protested, but still the dark haired girl wasn't satisfied. Holly broke first, doubling over and clutching her breasts. Lou was next, curling into a fetal ball and whimpering as she clutched her sides. When Cloudy finally stopped, panting and sweating, it was just Rebel and Surfer.

On and on it went, far past the limits she thought she could bear. Yet she refused to quit, refused to give up, and more importantly, refused to fail again. Surfer pushed her, pushed her hard, but eventually the exertion began to show on even her beautiful face.

"Take the grav back up, Penny," she called at last.

They all descended slowly to the floor, and as the weight of gravity made itself felt, Rebel collapsed on the padded floor along with the others.

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