The Game Ch. 02

bySara and Ron©

When she was done she approached our table. She sat down and introduced herself as Crystal. Ron was obviously flustered. I shook her hand and introduced us both. She stared directly at Ron and said, "So are you two out looking to spice up the sex life, or is she gay?" looking at me.

Ron choked on his drink. "No she is definitely not gay," motioning to me.

"Well perhaps bi then?" Crystal countered.

Ron didn't say anything as the thought that I might be bi went through his mind. He was clearly unsure how to react, and I could almost hear him wondering aloud if I had ever been with a woman.

I smiled at Crystal and said, "Just out looking for some fun Crystal. What about you are you fun?"

She glanced from Ron to me and then said, "Well I may be fun if it's profitable."

"Of course, profits and fun go hand in hand. We were actually considering leaving to go somewhere quieter and more fun. Would you like to go with us if it were profitable?" I asked.

Ron was speechless watching this exchange. He was stunned as he watched me negotiate a price for him to fuck this stripper we had supposedly just met.

Crystal asked, "How much fun were you looking for?"

"I was thinking all we could stand for two or three hours? How profitable would you require that kind of fun to be?" I asked still in character of the girlfriend pimp.

"Hmm how about 500 dollars of profit for two hours of fun?" she asked. I smiled and said, "Get your coat, and meet us outside in ten minutes."

As Crystal left to the dancer's dressing room, Ron's mouth hung open agape. He was absolutely stunned, and for the first time I realized he did not expect me to go through with his fantasy.

I smiled at him and leaned into him and said, "It's your fantasy remember. I am just making it happen. It's too late to back out so get ready for the ride of a lifetime."

This seemed to break his trans and he hugged me close to him. "I love you baby.", was all he said but that was enough.


We took Crystal to a nearby hotel that I had rented. We all three walked into the room and I pushed Ron into one of the chairs by the window. I drew the shade so that we would not disturb anyone outside and sat next to him. Crystal found MTV on the television and began to dance seductively to the music. She looked even sexier under the light in the hotel room that was not dimmed to hide any minor imperfections in her skin and body.

If anything her body was perfect. She had 36c tits that sprang free as she released her bra, a tight ass, and a shaved pussy. She was dancing nude in front of us within a minute of arriving at the room. I could tell she was as horny as Ron and I.

Ron's cock was hard as a rock and straining at the front of his pants. I leaned over and unzipped his pants and fished out his throbbing member. I stroked it gently as we watched Crystal continue to dance lewdly in front of us.

As the first song of her dance ended she pulled me to my feet and encouraged me to dance with her. I put on a show by grinding my crotch against her naked thigh. She seductively stripped me in front of Ron. First she unzipped my slinky dress and I stepped out of it after it dropped to the floor.

Ron took over stroking his own cock as Crystal stood behind me and unhooked my bra. My tits sprang free and she reached around to massage my nipples that were already hard. Her hands moved lower across my flat stomach and into the top of my bikini panties. I felt her fingers rubbing lightly at my clit as she pushed my panties down in front of Ron.

I thought Ron would cum right then, but he continued to pound his cock with his fist. I stepped out of my panties and turned to face Crystal. I kissed her on the lips and ground my bare pussy on her thigh.

My fingers found her wet pussy and for the first time in my life I put my fingers inside another pussy. She was hot and wet and felt wonderful to touch.

We both then faced Ron and each took him by a hand and led him to the middle of the room and stripped him naked. Crystal got on the bed on her hands and knees with her ass facing both of us. I stepped behind Ron and reached around to hold his hard cock. I moved him slowly toward Crystal guiding his cock to her wet pussy.

As his tip touched her slick pussy lips I whispered in his ear, "Fuck that slutty whore baby. Fuck your stripper." I pushed him into her and slapped his ass as he began to pump his cock into her.

As he fucked her my fingers reached down between his legs to massage his balls. He was fucking her wildly and she was moaning loudly. "Fuck her baby," I continued to encourage him. Within a minute he began bucking harder and I knew release was imminent.

Crystal came hard against his and cried out, and Ron slammed into her hard as he began to spray his seed deep in her pussy. He came and came hard filling her with his thick ropey spray. His balls contracted in my hands again and again and Crystal moaned out with each ejaculation into her.

Finally, after coming continuously for 30 seconds he began to slow down. His body was slick with sweat and my pussy was on fire at the eroticism that I had just witnessed. He slumped forward on Crystal's ass and she collapsed as well. I kissed him between the shoulder blades and whispered in his ear, "Good boy."

I slid down to my knees on the floor at the foot of the bed where I could see his cock still buried in her pussy. Her lips were wet and his copious orgasm oozed around his cock. He was softer now and his cock slowly pulled out of her and a flood of sticky cum oozed out of her pooling on the sheets below.

He was still panting and I was on fire with desire. Slowly he arched his back and rolled off of Crystal who was still panting in post orgasmic bliss. He pulled me to him and hugged me hard. I could feel his strong, sweaty body against mine and his wet flaccid cock pushing against my stomach.

I reached down and took his prick in my hand and massaged it gently. Surprisingly his cock reacted and began to harden in my hand. I smiled and kissed him on the mouth. Crystal turned to us smiling brightly. "Fuck that was incredible." she said. "Looks like Sara could use a little attention."

She pulled me to the bed with her and positioned me on my back. "Eat her pussy, Ron." she said while massaging my stiff nipples. I closed my eyes as I felt her mouth go to my nipples and Ron's mouth to my sopping wet pussy. His tongue was stabbing me like a mini-cock and swirling across my clit pushing me to an orgasm like a freight train running out of control down a mountain side.

"Oh Jesus yes," I cried as I felt both of them touch me deliciously. My hips grinding against Ron's face as Crystal sucked on my nipples.

"Fuck her hard Ron," I heard Crystal cry a second before I felt him enter me. His cock was big and thick filling me to my pussy to its molten core. I cried out in orgasm as he fucked me hard and fast.

I felt him holding my ankles apart and above me as he stood at the edge of the bed pumping his thick cock in and out of me. I opened my eyes as Crystal leaned forward, her fingers moving across my heaving stomach to my clit. She was straddling my face and her sopping pussy, still wet with Ron's cum was inches from my face.

Her fingers found my clit and she moved in small circles that only another woman could reproduce. On impulse I licked her clit and was rewarded with her grinding down slowly on my tongue.

I heard her scream, "Oh yeah. Fuck your bitch, Ron while she eats my wet cunt."

Ron pounded in and out of me harder as Crystal's magic fingers worked my clit closer to an explosive orgasm. My pussy was frothing with excitement and my tongue worked on Crystal, not with tentative licks that I started with, but the deep licking of a sex starved lesbian. I tasted her sweet pussy and Ron's tangy cum inside of her.

She was rocking her hips and moaning from somewhere deep in her gut. Ron was thrusting faster and faster. My tongue was sliding over her swollen clit. My pussy was on fire. I was close. Jesus this was good. Ron thrusted deeply inside me and began to spew his hot cum deep inside my frothing pussy, just as Crystal cried out her own orgasm and reached between her own legs to open herself to me. A sweet and tangy mixture of Ron and her cum came out of her quickly as if she too were ejaculating. My hips bucked as my own orgasm racked my body to the point of almost blacking out.

Crystal's pussy continued to grind on my face as my orgasm shivered through me. I could feel my own pussy grabbing and releasing Ron's softening cock in time to my body's reaction. I had just had the most incredible orgasm of my life.

The three of us collapsed together for several minutes. We lay silently each enjoying the moment, not wanting it to end. When finally we recovered enough to disentangle are sweaty cum soaked bodies, Ron led me to the bathroom. I was once again amazed at my own reflection that was dripping with cum from my tits to my forehead. My pussy was oozing the mixture of Ron and myself. Ron hugged me and we giggled together as conspirators in a great secret.

We stepped into the shower together to rinse off. When we got out of the shower, Crystal was gone but she had left a note that said:


Thank you for a wonderful experience. Call me if you ever wish to repeat it. And Sara: You can make a fortune at the club. Call me if you ever want to dance in St. Louis again. The guys loved you.


Ron read the note and looked at me. I grinned devilishly and he said, "What happened in St. Louis?"

I took him by the hand and let him to the bed. "I'll tell you while you fuck me again. After all you love strippers don't you?"

Ron gaped at me as I climbed on top of him and began stroking his cock. I began the story with finding his letter and finished with meeting him for drinks tonight. By the end of the story we both needed another shower.

We climbed in bed to sleep as the sun was beginning to come up. As I snuggled against him I whispered to him, "In two weeks you get my first envelope."

He kissed me and said, "I can't wait."


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