The Gap in the Curtains Ch. 01


Phew, that was close!


All I could think of for the next few days was the gap in Anne's curtains - the gap that was there when I peeked in on her last week and when I went into her room and that would still be there now. In fact it would be there for evermore until somebody took the trouble of replacing the curtains with some that fitted properly! But most importantly, the gap would still be there on Wednesday night, when I did my weekly garbage run. I thought about visiting Anne's window at other times, but it was quite difficult. Obviously I wanted to catch Anne masturbating again, or at the very least in a state of undress, which realistically meant when she was getting ready for bed, or getting up in the morning. But there was never any time in the mornings. And it would be difficult to disappear for any length of time late in the evening with no explanation. Someone might come looking for me, or at least ask awkward questions. I was sure that, given time, opportunities would present themselves, but for now Wednesday night was what I had to cling on to.

I decided I would wait until Anne went to bed, give it half an hour or so, and then suggest that Liz and I went to bed too. Then, while Liz was performing her over-long bedtime ritual, I would take the garbage out as usual, stopping off on the way to see what I could spy through Anne's window. Of course, I was realistic and knew that the odds were stacked against me. She probably didn't get herself off every night, or even every Wednesday, and if she didn't the only way I would likely see anything is if I peeked through just as she was getting undressed. But the prize if I timed it just right would be well worth it. I had already seen her pussy and would have loved to see that again, but perhaps more importantly I wanted to see her breasts! I hadn't seen them on the night I had spied on her because she had kept her top on, but from outside her clothes it looked like she had a lovely rack. I wagered that her ass would be perfect too. Everything about her body seemed so damn perfect!

I was prepared for whatever fortune would occur; I even had a handkerchief in my pocket in case I had the opportunity to jerk off while looking through the curtains. But alas it was not to be. Anne stayed up late watching a film and, as Liz and I both had to get up early for work the following day, I couldn't find a reasonable pretext for staying up any later. It was a disappointing end to the day and I couldn't even make up for it by screwing Liz because she wasn't in the mood. So I went to sleep with a hard-on, cursing my bad luck, thinking about what might have been and imagining what Anne might be doing in her room that night, once she eventually went to bed.

I was similarly disappointed the following week. Anne went to bed at a normal time, but Liz wanted to stay up later. I waited a while, but when it seemed that Liz wasn't tired at all I feigned tiredness and said I was going to bed after taking out the garbage. But it turned out I had left it too late and by the time I got to Anne's window she was curled up asleep in bed. Her light was off, of course, but in the darkness I could see she was sleeping under the sheets anyway.

The next week was when I came the closest so far to getting the repeat show I craved. I got to the window and watched Anne mess around on her PC for ten minutes, and I was just about to give up when she switched it off and began getting ready for bed. She started undressing, and I thought that this was finally going to be my moment. I had my handkerchief out of my pocket and my zipper down in anticipation. But once she got down to her bra and panties (and my cock started getting hard) she lay down on the bed to read a book and I had to duck down and quietly slip away to avoid being seen.

Maybe there were some other forces at work here. Maybe someone or something was telling me that I had to end this unhealthy infatuation with my fiancée's little sister. I had certainly been feeling very guilty about it, especially as Liz didn't have a clue about my dirty little secret and things had otherwise been going well between us. Okay, so our sex life hadn't been quite so good over the last couple of weeks. I guess we were at the point that most relationships get to where we didn't feel the need to have sex every single night any more. We were still at it three or four times a week, but sometimes she would have a headache, or she would be horny but I would be tired and so one or the other of us would be left frustrated. In short, we were out of the honeymoon period and into a proper long-term relationship, which was fine because I was ready for a proper long-term relationship.

But damn, I just couldn't stop thinking about Anne. She was the forbidden fruit and I was on first name terms with the serpent. Even though she was still very rude and mean towards me I found to my disgust that I actually looked forward to spending time in her company, just so I could letch at her beautiful body some more. But, of course, she was always fully clothed. It started to occur to me that I would likely never get to see Anne naked again because God or fate or karma or whoever was preventing it. Or maybe there was a more rational explanation. Maybe the one amazing show I had seen had just been a freak accident. Maybe she didn't masturbate very often at all and I managed to catch a once-in-a-blue-moon moment of hormonal madness when I just happened to be walking past. I wasn't sure if I should be pleased or disappointed with this.

By the following Wednesday, four weeks after the initial incident, I had given up trying to actively scheme my way into a peep show. This week I was just going to drop off the garbage and then go to bed. I wheeled the bin across the yard and through the first gate, as was my ritual. I carried on past the kitchen, where I looked in to see Mrs Delaney making someone's lunch for tomorrow: possibly mine. That woman just never stopped working! I gave her a wave and carried on past the utility room, and what I now knew to be a spare room and the study, until eventually I was walking past Anne's room. I smiled to myself reliving the events of four weeks ago in my head. I remembered the conundrum of why the light was on which had led me to peer through the gap in the curtains and catch Anne in her lewd act. I was almost past the window before I noticed that the light was on tonight too.

I stopped in my tracks. I had told myself I was giving up on this wild goose chase. The best thing to do would be just finish up with the garbage, then go to my comfortable bed with my comfortable and guilt-free fiancée. Who knows, maybe she would be horny and in the mood. On the other hand, I was already here and the light was on and, of course, there was the ever-present gap in the curtains. I decided I had nothing to lose by taking a quick peek to see. Most likely Anne would just be sitting there sending emails to her friends or something and I could quickly move on and, hopefully, forget about her.

I crouched down in front of the window and peered through the curtains. Anne was sitting on the bed directly in front of me, in her bra and panties, brushing her hair. As the bed was right in front of the window this meant she had her back to me. On the plus side this meant I had no chance of being seen, but on the minus side it meant that I couldn't really get an eyeful of anything good. Her panties were just her usual, sensible white cotton, the type I had jerked-off into on that Saturday afternoon. They didn't show anything of her ass, which was sunk into the soft mattress. All I could see was her perfect, blemish-free skin and her long, golden hair as she brushed it back.

With that hairbrush

There was no mistaking it; it was the same hairbrush I had seen her shove in and out of herself before. I had missed the part just before that, so maybe this was how it started. Maybe the hair brushing was a sort of pre-masturbation ritual, before she put the brush to other uses. I quickly realized the ridiculousness of this. She had been masturbating at her desk and then, when I looked again five minutes later, she had been fucking herself with her hairbrush on the bed. The idea that she stopped in between to brush her hair was rather unrealistic to say the least. Nevertheless even if its use was entirely innocent tonight, the mere sight of that hairbrush had got me aroused. I could feel my dick hardening and straining against the fabric of my slacks. I stood up to try and see over her shoulder and get a sight of her cleavage. Unfortunately I couldn't really get high enough unless I climbed on the window ledge.

So aroused was I becoming that I actually considered this, but fortunately some semblance of sanity reasserted itself just in time. If fate had decided that I wasn't going to get to see Anne's tits then I couldn't do much about that, but I could give fate one last chance to change its mind. I would finish taking the garbage around to the front yard and I would take my time doing so. Then, in about five minutes time I would come back and take one last peep through the curtains. If she had gone to bed, or was still brushing her hair, or was filing her nails or doing something else similarly unexciting then I would leave the curtains behind forever and never look through them again.

I continued my journey to the front yard and put the bin in its usual spot, where the garbage men knew to collect it from. Okay, I couldn't go back yet, I needed to wait a bit. I had to give Anne a chance to finish her hair, to give fate a opportunity to make something happen. I picked up a few small pieces of trash from the drive way and the street outside. Then I made a show of tidying up a few leaves from the garden hedge, partly in case anybody was watching me, but mostly just to kill time. There was nobody around at this time at night, not even the sound of a car. Growing up in the city this seemed eerie to me, but I was slowly getting used to it.

When I guessed that about five minutes had passed (in reality it was probably only two or three) I made my way slowly back to the window. I knelt down once more and peered through the crack for what would probably be the last time. Anne was still sitting on the bed, but was no longer brushing her hair. I saw the hairbrush on the bed next to her and she was making some adjustments to the shoulder strap on her bra. No, wait, she was pulling it down. The strap lay loosely on her left arm as she slipped the other strap off her right shoulder as well. If only she didn't have her back to me! Using both hands she pulled down the cups from her bra, completely freeing her prizes assets from their cotton prison, but maddeningly I couldn't see them. Come on Anne, just turn around a little bit!

She didn't turn around, nor did she remove the bra completely, she just sat there on the bed with it around her midriff. She reached up and cupped her breasts, but didn't seem to do any more. What was she doing, was she playing with her breasts, or critically analyzing them, or just giving them a routine check for lumps? I sat there for several seconds wondering what was going on. Did her body tense up just then or was it my imagination? Whatever she was doing she was certainly taking her time over it. She dropped one hand from her breasts and placed it on the bed behind her, using it to take her weight. She then slowly arched her back and I saw her other arm start to move rhythmically across her chest. There was no doubt about it, this was no examination, she was playing with her tits!

I slowly undid my pants, pulled down my boxers and let my hard-on spring out into the evening air. This was my moment and I was going to enjoy it! I rubbed my cock slowly as I watched Anne play with her breasts. I couldn't see what she was doing, but I imagined her squeezing them and playing with her nipples. Every now and then she changed hands, giving each breast the same attention. Then suddenly everything happened at once. First her hand moved down and started rubbing between her legs then, a split-second later she fell backwards onto the bed finally revealing to me the two objects of my desire! There they were, so big and pert and firm. Liz had firm tits as well, but Anne's were several sizes bigger, maybe as big as a D cup. Whatever they were they looked absolutely perfect on her equally perfect body. She had deep red areolas, that were quite small for the size of her breasts -- probably about the size of silver dollars. They were topped by pretty little dark red nipples that stood proudly to attention.

I was mesmerized watching them jiggle up and down as she rubbed her pussy through her panties and I rubbed my cock in rhythm with her. After a while she started using her other hand to rub her breasts in turn and squeeze her nipples. Her nipples grew puffy and red from all the attention and I imagined what it would be like to take one of them in my mouth. After a while Anne's rubbing and squeezing slowed to a halt and she sat up again. No! Had she come already? Fortunately this turned out not to be the case. She reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, tossing it aside. Then she stood up and pulled down her panties, showing me the last part of her I hadn't yet seen. Her ass was tight and shapely and perfect, just like her breasts. Momentarily she bent down to untangle her panties from her feet, giving me a view to die for. It was only for a couple of seconds, but her crack opened slightly giving me a tantalizing view of her pussy lips and even a slight glimpse of her tight little brown hole. I rubbed my cock harder and almost came on the spot, but I managed to hold back. I wanted to see what happened next.

Anne tossed her panties onto the floor with her bra and fell backwards onto the bed again, now completely naked. She repositioned herself further up the bed, which was doubly good news for me. First, it brought me closer to the action and second having her head on her pillows tilted it forward reducing the chance that she would see any movement I happened to make. "That's perfect you gorgeous little slut, now give me a show!" I whispered under my breath, confident that the double-glazing would drown out such a quiet noise.

I started slowly rubbing my cock again as Anne's fingers ventured through the curls of her pubic hair and down into her pussy lips. She rubbed her pussy with all four fingers as she idly traced circles around one of her nipples with her other index finger. She seemed to be more dexterous and deliberate than when I had last watched her masturbate. Maybe she had been getting some practice in the meantime. The motions of her hand on her pussy gradually became harder and faster while my hand on my cock matched her stroke for stroke. I saw her mouth open slightly and I imagined her letting out a little moan. There was nothing delicate about her self-gratification now as her palm rubbed backwards and forwards, parting her pussy lips and presumably stimulating her clit beneath. Meanwhile her other hand twisted and pulled at her nipples, making them even more red and raw and puffy.

After a few more minutes, she arched her back and started to buck her hips into her hand slightly and I wondered if she was close to coming. I knew I certainly was! Then suddenly she stopped what she was doing and started groping around the bed for something. Oh yes Anne, the hairbrush, use the hairbrush again for me! I thought to myself. She eventually found her improvised plastic sex toy, but instead of ramming it up her cunt like I was willing her on to do she spent several seconds pulling clumps of hair from it. This was not exactly sexy, but in a way that made the overall scene all the more erotic for me. This wasn't a staged peep show, this was real life and I was watching Anne without her knowledge; violating her most personal moments. I never took my eyes off her body the whole time. Her ample pussy hair had started to look damp and matted, either with sweat or, more likely, secretions from her aroused sex. Further down the bed I could see her toes curl and uncurl periodically.

Eventually she seemed satisfied that the hairbrush was clean. She raised her knees and opened her legs wider to give herself easier access to her damp cavern, then she pushed the handle of the hairbrush down into her nether regions. Her back arched from the bed as she pushed it into her pussy for the first time and as she removed it I could see it glistening with her pussy juices. She is really wet, I thought, she must be close. Last time I had watched her I hadn't seen the moment where she came and it was something I desperately wanted to see. She started pumping the hairbrush into her cunt over and over, each time bucking her hips to meet its thrust. Her face was now bright pink and I could see her breathing so heavily I wondered if anybody walking past her room could have heard it. She started using her other hand to rub her clit; with no rhythm, just the reckless abandon of a woman desperate to orgasm.

I felt my own orgasm build, and just as I felt I could hold it back no longer, I saw Anne come. She threw her head back on the pillow and her mouth opened wider as her whole body tensed up. I couldn't be certain, but I even fancied I could just about hear her moan through the double glazing. Her hips bucked as she thrust the hairbrush into her womanhood a couple more times. I was so transfixed on watching this beautiful girl orgasm that my own climax caught me by surprise a little bit. My dick spasmed in my hand and I felt a jet of semen fire out of the end. I didn't know where it went, I was still transfixed on Anne, who was now coming down from her climax and just lay on the bed, panting. She removed the hairbrush from her cunt and I saw her reach over to her bedside table and grab a tissue. She carefully wiped the hairbrush clean before putting it in the drawer next to her.

By now the precariousness of my own position had caught up with me. I pushed my still-erect member back into my boxers and did up my pants. Anne was still lying on her bed, completely naked and aroused, but I managed to tear myself away from the scene and duck down out of sight. I had to get back to the house and up to bed before Liz started wondering where I was, if she wasn't already. But first I needed to figure out where I had ejaculated and clean it up. Looking into Anne's well-lit room had made my eyes ill-adjusted to the darkness outside. I felt around in front of where I had been kneeling for a while, eventually finding a large sticky blob of cum slowly trickling down the wall below the window. I didn't have my handkerchief with me, but I wiped it away with my hand and then onto the grass as well as I could. I would have to come back in the morning when it was light to make sure there was no evidence of my visit.

While I was there, I took one last look through the window. Anne was walking across her bedroom towards the door and I watched for a few seconds, mesmerized by the way her naked butt moved as she walked. I saw her reach up and press the light switch and then there was nothing but darkness.

I walked quickly and quietly back into the house, praying that Liz had taken her sweet time getting ready for bed that night. I opened the door and walked in, as cool and nonchalantly as I could manage, but stopped dead when I saw the sight in front of me. Liz lay on the bed, completely naked, except for a very sexy peephole bra that I had never seen before. Her legs were wide open and she had two fingers down in her pussy rubbing her nub, while her other hand gripped the bed frame behind her. She looked over and smiled broadly as I walked in.

"Hi baby," she said, seductively. " I've been waiting for ages, what took you so long?"

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