tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Gap in the Curtains Ch. 03

The Gap in the Curtains Ch. 03


Liz had been acting strangely towards me all evening. I had arrived home from work late and I could immediately tell that something wasn't right. We ate dinner in relative silence. I tried to make conversation and she answered my questions, but didn't ask any in return. After dinner I asked if she wanted to go out somewhere, but she said she didn't really feel like it, so she spent the evening having a bath and doing her nails and other girly things while I watched TV with her sisters, Vicky and Anne, and her brother Charlie.

It wasn't like Liz to give me the silent treatment. She had always been one of those people who said exactly what she thought, which was one of the things I loved about her. I knew she was starting to get a little tired of our living arrangements. In a weird sitcom-like plot, I had moved in with her family after we got engaged. Since then we had been trying to save up to buy our own house, but progress was slower than we would have liked. We were slowly saving towards a down-payment, but we were both young with entry-level jobs, so this was not happening as fast as we would have liked. And we knew that it was a false economy to buy something too small that we didn't really want, so for now we were stuck living with my in-laws. To be fair, Liz's parents had plenty of money, and had offered to help us out with a loan, but we were both adamant that we wanted to do this by ourselves.

At about eleven o clock I decided that I was going to bed and to my surprise Liz perked up and said that she was coming too. We got to the bedroom, where I expected her to embark upon the needlessly long bedtime ritual that all girls seemed to have, but instead she just sat on the bed and looked at me with a serious expression.

"Do you mind sitting down for a minute Craig, I think we need to have a talk," she said.

I didn't like the sound of that. Nothing good ever starts with 'I think we need to have a talk'. The various possibilities started to swirl around in my head. Could she be pregnant? Surely not, we were always so careful! Maybe it was going to be the dreaded 'where is this relationship going?' conversation. But we had met in the flesh less than a year ago after 'dating' over the internet for a while and we were already engaged and looking to buy a house together, so how much faster could the relationship really go? Did she want to set a date? There was one other possibility, but I didn't really want to think about it. She couldn't know about that could she?

"Of course," I said, with faked casualness, sitting down on the bed next to her. Liz looked uncomfortable and appeared to make several attempts to start a sentence before one eventually came out.

"I know about your voyeur thing," she eventually blurted out.

I felt my heart sink immediately. That was it, the one thing I had been afraid of Liz ever finding out about. For a long time I had been spying on her younger sister Anne through the gap in her curtains, watching her undress and masturbate. One day she caught me looking and I was certain she would tell on me (Anne didn't really like me very much), but it turned out that she was much more afraid of me telling Liz about what I had seen. I promised never to tell anybody in return for one really good 'show', which she duly delivered. This had been a few weeks ago now and I had not attempted to spy on Anne since. I knew if Liz ever found out it would probably be the end of our relationship, but I had no reason to think Anne would ever tell and I had hoped the whole saga was behind us.

Surely this wasn't how our relationship was going to end. No big scene, no fireworks, no tears, just a 'you're dumped' conversation sitting on the bed? How had she found out? Had she, or someone else, spotted me looking through the window? Anne's bedroom window was secluded, tucked away around the side of the house where nobody went very often, especially at night, but it was certainly a possibility I could be spotted and it was always in the back of my mind that it could happen. But why now, weeks after I had last looked through the window? Maybe Anne had confessed all in a wave of guilt. Or maybe in a moment of stupidity she had told one friend in confidence, who had told one friend, who had told two friends and so on, the gossip spreading around the small town until it eventually got back to Liz. That was probably a more likely explanation.

"Oh," was all I could manage in reply.

"I wasn't spying on you," said Liz, "I promise I wasn't. I was just looking up something online before you got home and I saw a bunch of websites in the page history thing."

"Wait, what? Hold on a minute, what do you mean?" I said.

"Craig, there's no point in denying it, nobody else uses my PC. Hidden cam porn dot net? Dream amateurs dot com? My voyeur tube dot net? Ring any bells?"

"Oh that!" I said, trying my best to contain my relief.

It was true; I had been looking at those websites. When I was in the early days of my obsession with Anne, I started researching voyeurism to learn what I could about the fetish, wondering if it was Anne I really liked or just the thrill of watching someone who didn't know they were being watched. I did find the sites a turn-on and I spent a bit of time jerking off to hidden cam videos, but I soon found that it was no substitute for the real thing. I knew I should have done something to 'delete my history' on Liz's PC, but I'm not very good with computers. I made a mental note to find out how to do it, but unfortunately I got caught up with other things and I never quite got around to it. It was my own fault, I was lazy about covering my tracks and now I had been busted.

"Look, I'm not judging you," continued Liz. "I know that most guys watch porn sometimes and it doesn't really mean anything. And I guess of all the things you could be into, voyeurism isn't really that bad. I mean it's not like you're into bondage or... like..." Liz struggled to think of another example.

"Bestiality?" I offered

"Yeah, something like that," she said. "You're not into anything like that are you?"

"No, of course not," I said, laughing. Under normal circumstances I would have been very uncomfortable with this conversation, but I was so relieved that Liz didn't know about my episodes with Anne, that everything else seemed tame in comparison.

"So, just voyeurism then?"

"Yes, I don't know why, I just like watching girls masturbate I guess." I tried to concentrate on the watching girls masturbating part rather than the spying bit as it seemed less creepy.

"It all makes sense now!" said Liz, a look of realization spreading over her face. "I know you used to enjoy watching me over webcam, but I thought that was because it was a long distance relationship and it was all we had. And then a few months ago you asked me to masturbate while you watched."

"And you refused," I said, recalling the incident.

"Yes, I'm sorry about that, if I had known-"

"It's okay, really. It not that big a deal," I interrupted.

What had actually happened that night was that I had been jerking off watching Anne at her window. When I was finished, I went back to our room to find Liz extremely horny and wanting sex. But my recently discharged member wasn't rising to the occasion and so in desperation I asked her to play with herself while I watched to buy me some time. But Liz insisted that we have sex immediately and somehow I managed to get my cock hard enough to penetrate her. It took me over forty minutes to come and made me quite sore. It was getting embarrassing by the end and I actually contemplated faking an orgasm, seeing as Liz had already had three by then.

"So how long have you had this... thing?" continued Liz. I was hoping she would drop the subject, but she seemed determined to probe.

"Not long really. I enjoyed watching you on webcam before we met and when we moved in together I realized I kind of missed it." The lies flowed fairly effortlessly for me now, as I worked on reinforcing Liz's current interpretation of events. "You're not too freaked out about this are you?"

"No, I'm not," said Liz, suddenly taking hold of my hand. "I just wish I had known about it sooner. I could have helped you out so you didn't have to resort to those websites."

"Helped me out?"

"Yes," said Liz, giving me a saucy smile. "Maybe I would enjoy putting on a show for you, just like old times."

"Like, now?" I suggested, starting to get turned on by the idea. Liz giggled.

"No, not now," she replied, letting go of my hand. "But sometime soon, I promise."

Liz disappeared into the bathroom while I mulled over my good fortune. Anne had caught me at her window and it had somehow worked out to my benefit. Now Liz had found my porn history and, again, it looked like it would work out well for me. I should probably buy a lottery ticket. I lay in bed, thinking about Liz getting herself off while I watched. Then I thought about Anne, wondering if she was performing the two-finger tango tonight. I went to sleep with a hard on.


Liz was true to her word.

A couple of nights later we all watched a movie in the back room, but Liz disappeared before the end and never returned. I didn't think too much of it and after the movie had finished I went to find her. When she wasn't in the kitchen or any of the other living areas, I figured she must have gone to bed for an early night, so I decided to turn in myself as well. I went to our bedroom, but found to my surprise that the door would not open. I jiggled it a few times, wondering if it had got jammed somehow, but it wouldn't budge so I assumed it was locked from the inside. That's strange, I thought, why would Liz lock the door? I wasn't even certain the door had a lock. I knocked and waited, but there was no reply.

"Liz, are you there?" I called out, gingerly, but there was still no response, although I was sure I could hear movement coming from inside the room.

What was going on? I waited at the door for a while, feeling a bit of an idiot at being shut out of my own bedroom, before a spark of realization occurred. I quietly left the house by the front door and crept around the side of the house. Creeping around the yard late at night had become something of a trademark for me, but this time I wasn't heading towards Anne's room, I was heading around the other side of the house to our own bedroom window. I hadn't been around this side of the house very often and in the context of the large house I wasn't entirely sure which window was actually ours. I didn't want to peek in the wrong one again, that's what nearly got me into so much trouble before!

I quickly identified the large back room, where I assumed Vicky and Anne were still watching television. The only other room emitting light was a fair distance away, more towards the front of the house. I did a quick count of the number of windows in between and mentally compared that to the rooms around this side of the house. Yes, that must be correct. I crept along the wall to the window and crouched down. This side of the house was a lot more open than the other and I would be seen much more easily. There was no real reason that Anne or Vicky would look out of the window at night, or look in this direction if they did, but it was not out of the question. I could even be seen from the house next door potentially. It was a fair distance away, but if they happened to peer out of the right window and look in the right place...

I chuckled to myself, suddenly realising what a fool I was being. What does it matter who sees me? I was still in the mindset of spying on Anne, where being spotted would be disastrous. Here I was just looking into my own room at my own fiancée, who I was pretty sure by now was expecting me to be there. Sure, it would be a little bit awkward if Anne, Vicky or their parents spotted me peeking through the bedroom window, but it could be easily explained away as innocent tomfoolery between the two of us. And even if they did find out what we were doing, who cares? Liz and I were both consenting adults and they knew we shared a bed every night. The details of our sex life were none of their business!

I noticed that there was a gap in the curtains. Not a small incidental one caused by the curtains being too small, like in Anne's bedroom, but a significant gap of a few inches left there intentionally by Liz. It was a little bit sinister how she had managed to create a sexual scenario so similar to that which I had participated in with her sister several times. I looked through the gap in the curtains. Liz was lying on the bed, spread-eagled above the duvet. Unlike in Anne's room, our bed was not up against the window but along the right hand wall from my current perspective. This made me further away from the 'action' but gave me a better view of the bed as a whole.

Liz was wearing just her underwear. It looked like she had been shopping because I didn't recognize it as any of her regular sexy collection. The bra was black and mostly see-through, meaning even from the window I could see all the details of her breasts through the skimpy material. Liz had small breasts, compared to Anne's anyway, but they were pert and looked good on her petite frame. I could see that her small nipples were erect and pushing against the lacy fabric of the bra. Her panties were a skimpy thong with only a thin strip of material running over her ass and pussy lips, widening slightly to cover her pubic region. They were in the same color and style as the bra, mostly transparent showing her small patch of pubic hair through the material. Liz always kept her bikini line well trimmed, so she looked extremely good in underwear like this.

Her eyes were closed and she seemed lost in what she was doing with one hand running over her breasts while the other gently rubbed her pussy over her panties. She squirmed slightly on the bed, clearly in a state of arousal. Did she know I was there? I hadn't seen her look, but she must have heard me trying to open the door, and call out to her, and would correctly assume that my next step would be to try and look through the window. I had to admire how she had set this whole thing up. I watched for a while as she pleasured herself through her panties. Eventually she allowed herself to slide her fingers under the fabric, giving herself direct access to her pussy and clitoris. Her hand movements were deft and subtle unlike Anne, who tended to be rough and aggressive when masturbating. Her fingers slid fluidly in and out of the fabric, and her body responded to every touch. Her face was tightened up in an expression of sexual pleasure, her mouth hung loosely open and her chest rose up and down rapidly with her deep breaths.

I could feel my cock getting harder in my pants. It was begging to be let out and stroked, but I couldn't do it. It was one thing if someone looked out and saw me peeking through the bedroom window, but quite another if I had my dick in my hand while I was doing it. So I just watched and admired as my member started straining against the denim of my jeans. I saw Liz reach back and unhook her bra, freeing her breasts from their lace prison. Her nipples stood pink and erect on her small firm mounds, and she squeezed and rubbed them while her other hand continued to play inside her panties. Despite the risk, I started to rub my cock through the fabric of my jeans, enjoying the show put on by my fiancée.

I watched for several minutes as Liz explored every inch of her body with her hands and fingers. Eventually she lifted her butt from the bed, then reached down with both hands and pulled her panties down her legs, before lifting her knees and removing them completely. Then she opened her legs and returned her fingers to her love button. She turned herself around on the bed slightly so I could see everything. Her middle finger gently parted her labia. The moistness of her private parts reflected the light, proving beyond doubt that this was not just a show, she was as turned on as I was. As her fingers parted her pussy lips I could even make out the entrance to her love tunnel, where I was now desperate to bury my cock. I could see her muscles starting to contract and spasm and I sensed she was close to orgasm. This was very different to Anne's self-gratification. Anne enjoyed rubbing her clit as a warm-up, but when it came to crunch time she was all about penetration. I had seen her fuck herself with a dildo, a hairbrush, a marker pen, a glue stick, even a cucumber before. When it was time to climax it was clear Anne wanted to feel something pumping inside her, while Liz had always been happy to lay back, relax and let her fingers do the work.

Anne this, Anne that, why was I still thinking about Anne? I started to rub my cock harder through my jeans. I didn't want to come while fully clothed, making a mess of my underwear, but I was pretty close and I could tell Liz was too. Her fingers started to move faster and faster across her clit and her hips started bucking into her hand. Her head tilted back and she bit her bottom lip and then... stopped. She hadn't climaxed, I knew that, Liz had a very distinctive orgasm face. She stood up from the bed and walked over to the window flashing a seductive smile in my direction. She opened the curtains fully and threw open the window, exposing her naked body to the outside world. If any of the neighbors were watching me, they were now getting a real treat.

"Hello stranger," she said. "I don't know how long you've been out there watching, but I can't seem to make myself come. I've got a feeling I need a big hard cock inside me to finish the job."

I didn't need telling twice. I clambered in through the window and my jeans were practically off before I hit the ground on the other side. Liz started to make her way back over to the bed, but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her over towards the window instead. Liz was slight of build and her petite body offered little resistance. In the heat of the moment I pulled her harder than I intended and she might have slammed hard against the window sill had she not had the presence of mind to use her hands to break the impact.

"Hey, be gentle with me! You don't want to damage the goods," said Liz, playfully, but I could tell she was also totally caught up in the moment and desperate to fuck.

I stood behind her at the window, reaching around to play with her nipples while my other hand removed my boxers. Liz used one hand to support herself against the window sill while the other returned to her clit. The head of my dick was already oozing precum. I clumsily tried to force my moist member into her slippery pussy but I was a good eight inches taller than her and so, even as wet as she was, the angles were all wrong and I couldn't performs a successful docking operation.

"Stop messing around, get inside me you idiot!" said Liz, breathlessly and a little too loudly given the window was still open and the night was otherwise eerily silent.

I needed to create a better angle, so I reached down and pulled her leg upwards. Liz was fit with a supple body and she soon got the idea, lifting her foot high off the ground, putting it on the window ledge. This stretched her pussy lips wide and gave me a better angle to enter her, although I still needed to crouch down a bit.

"Come on, fuck me, split me in two! Aaaaaargh!" shouted Liz into the fresh autumn air, as I thrust upwards into her.

My throbbing member instantly filled her sopping wet tunnel. I pumped in and out of her, each stroke more forceful than the last. My pelvis made a slapping sound against her ass as I pounded her over and over from behind.

"Yes... baby... fuck... me... hard..." gasped Liz, in between strokes.

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