tagGay MaleThe Garage: Forever Yours Ch. 07

The Garage: Forever Yours Ch. 07


Chapter 7) Feb-Mar

It was February 8th. Scott and Cliff were sitting in the director's office at Children's Home, presenting The Garage's donation. Their fundraiser had been a great success. They had sold over 3000 tickets. Between the funds raised with the raffle, outright donations, and change collected year round they were giving the Children's Home a check for over $10,000.

The director sat staring at the check, speechless. Finally he shook himself and quietly spoke, "I had heard about the raffle for that classic car, but I never dreamed it would bring so much to our Home."

Cliff explained about Tina taking care of all the advertising expenses, and how the employees promoted it with their friends and on social networking pages, even how one loyal customer sponsored advertisement at a local Car Show. He grinned at Scott at that last part as he remembered their weekend in Scottsdale.

The three chatted a while about the changes at The Garage. Al, the director of Children's Home, fondly recalled Scott's parents and their efforts during previous fundraisers. Scott's parents still made trips to the Home a few times a month to volunteer and spend time with the kids.

As their time drew to an end, Al looked troubled. He seemed to have an internal debate about something before finally coming to a decision.

"Scott, you are now the owner and manager of The Garage, right?" Al confirmed.

"That's right," Scott answered cautiously.

"I know you made a tremendous contribution here," Al gestured toward the check, "but I was wondering if The Garage might want to participate in one of the new programs we've implemented in the past year."

"Well," Scott replied slowly, "That would depend on what the program is and how we would participate."

"The new program, Job Outreach, is geared toward our youth who have grown up in Children's Home, or group homes like it. They've had little or no experience with parental figures or encouragement toward occupations. We're working with several companies around town. They allow the residents to sign up for times where they can 'shadow' individuals in different job positions. Our hope is that our youngsters will find a direction and the motivation to further their education or work toward a rewarding career once they turn 18 and are on their own." Al explained the new program quickly. "I understand a mechanics garage can be a dangerous place for an untrained person, but that's kind of what your garage does anyway – train and educate. The program is for 14 to 18 year olds, and we'd make sure they understood the need to listen to instruction. We wouldn't send more than, maybe 3 or 4 over at a time, for 2 to 3 hours at a time."

"It sounds like a great program," Cliff said. "However, I think before we agree to participate we'll need to speak to our lawyer about any complications having kids around may cause."

"Thanks, Cliff, for bringing that up. My first response was, of course, yes, but you're right." Scott interjected.

"Also," Scott continued as he reached for Cliff's hand, "There's one more thing you ought to know before you officially offer us the opportunity to participate. I am the General Manager and Cliff is the Office Manager, but we are also in a committed relationship."

Al laughed, "That doesn't bother me, I picked up on that when you came in... you were holding hands then too. I know we have several young men, and women, who have confessed to their counselors that they are homosexually inclined. If I could, I would push them toward visiting The Garage just so they could see a healthy, committed gay relationship."

Cliff blushed as Scott murmured to him, "We really have to work on being more discreet in public. I didn't realize we were holding hands earlier." To Al he replied, "As long as you know and are not concerned about it, I will make an appointment with our lawyers to see if we can work out the details."

Scott had not been back inside the Home since Frank and Louise Edwards brought him into their home, first as a foster child, then as an adopted son. Al offered to show them around, cautioning "Just remember how important privacy was to you while you were here Scott; don't intrude on the children's personal spaces."

They wandered around the home, Scott pointing out the bedroom where he had stayed. Al showed them the large dining area, a small rec room with a TV and DVD player, and the library. Of course, things had changed in the past 15 years. The rec room had acquired a few more TVs and a few gaming systems. The library had some computers set up. But basically it was the same. They watched as kids fought over what movie to watch or games to play. They saw kids of all ages wander through the library, some grabbing books or comics others waiting for a turn on the computer. They peeked through doorways into the kids' rooms. Two sets of bunk beds in most rooms, with two dressers for the 4 kids to share.

"How many children live here?" Cliff wondered.

"We can accommodate up to 40." Al replied. "We have 8 counselors around during the day, but only 4 or 6 at night. There is also a cook and janitor; but a part of the children's daily chores are to assist with meals or cleaning."

Scott was quiet for most of the tour, and the ride home. At home, he grabbed his guitar and went out on the back deck. Scott quietly played a few songs as he thought about all he had seen that day. Walking through the Home reminded him of how lonely, unwanted, and hopeless, he had felt before Frank and Louise Edwards had found him.

Cliff gave him some time to think before joining him with cups of hot coffee.

"Are you okay, love?" Cliff asked as he sat across from Scott and leaned forward to rest a hand on his knee.

"I think so, just some heavy thoughts, reminders of the past." Scott said absently, his mind still far away.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Cliff replied, taking a sip of his coffee before setting it down to move beside Scott and wrap his arm around his lover.

Scott leaned against Cliff and spent some time reminiscing about his time in group homes and foster homes. He teared up a few times as he recalled the loneliness and emptiness he had felt. Finally he sat up and ran his hand over his face.

Scott turned to Cliff and stated, "I hope we can get our lawyers to agree to let us join Job Outreach."


The following Monday was Valentine's Day. Scott had already asked Cliff to let him plan the evening.

Scott planned for an amazing evening for Cliff. He made reservations at a 4 star restaurant in Phoenix, followed by a performance at the Arizona Broadway Theatre. The two men left work early and dressed before they left for the city. They enjoyed the hour long ride, casually discussing work, their upcoming commitment ceremony, their volunteer opportunities for the Home, and their friends.

Dinner was delicious. They enjoyed the entrees the waiter suggested, and laughed at the waiter's obvious flirting with Scott. Once Scott made sure to display both his and Cliff's left hands with the matching rings, the waiter toned it down a bit, but was still more attentive to their table than any other. As the dinner came to an end Scott teased Cliff by suggesting inappropriate ways to enjoy the creamy desert.

Cliff was impressed with the theatre. He had enjoyed theatre productions in Montana, and they had taken in a few local productions over the year, but none as big or professional as this one. He entwined his hand with Scott's as they sat side by side and enjoyed the performance.

Scott's final surprise happened back at the hotel. It was just a simple room, a queen sized bed, a small table with 2 chairs, and a TV in a cabinet. When they got back to their room, Cliff found a dozen red roses with the card "Forever Yours. I Love you, Scott", a box of imported chocolates, and a wrapped present on the table. Cliff stood next to the table and quickly unwrapped the present to find an elegant watch. After trying it on, he leaned over and kissed Scott, who was standing next to him, as he thanked him.

Cliff went to his suitcase and pulled out a package and two envelopes. Inside the packages Scott found a gold rope chain necklace he had admired once as they window shopped. Handing Scott the envelopes he said, "These are our results from the testing. I haven't opened them yet. If we're both clean, we no longer need to worry about condoms and tonight will be a great night. If one, or both, of us isn't clean, well, we'll cross that bridge if we come to it."

Scott sat heavily onto the bed, envelopes in hand. The lovers, of course, had tested regularly during the past year; but had heeded the recommendation of their clinic that they should test clean for 1 year into a monogamous relationship before forgoing protection.

Lying back, he beckoned Cliff to join him. As they cuddled close, Scott handed Cliff the envelope with "Scott Edwards" on the front.

"Open mine first, baby," Scott whispered as he held tight to his lover. He had always been careful during anal sex, using condoms except his first time when his lover was a virgin too. Unfortunately, he wasn't always so cautious during oral sex, so there was the slightest risk.

Cliff opened the envelope, pulled out the paper inside, and sat silently reading for a minute with an indecipherable look on his face. "Cliff... what does it say?" Scott asked.

"It says... my fiancé... officially... has no problems." Cliff slowly said as he read through the medical jargon for "no sexually transmitted diseases."

"Now yours," Scott tried to hand over the envelope with "Cliff Andrews" on it.

"I opened yours, now you open mine," Cliff refused to touch the envelope. Scott opened it and quickly scanned the contents. He pulled away from Cliff to set the papers down on the floor next to the bed, and then turned to face him.

"Scott?" Cliff questioned. Scott pounced on Cliff, covering his lover's smaller body with his own muscular form. He attacked Cliff's mouth with his own, and gently sucked at Cliff's lower lip.

"Honey, let's go to bed, I want you... I want to make love to you... without a condom." Scott growled into Cliff's ear as he nibbled on the lobe.

Cliff pulled Scott's face back to his own and licked at Scott's lips, requesting entrance. As his tongue slipped into Scott's mouth, Cliff wrapped his left hand around the back of Scott's head, kneading his fingers into the short, black hair. His right went down to Scott's ass, squeezing it through his dress pants.

Scott sucked on Cliff's tongue as he wrapped his arms around Cliff's shoulders, holding him close. They kissed and caressed for a few minutes before Scott sat up, straddling Cliff's hips with his legs. Scott slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a tight white sleeveless tank. Leaning down he pecked at Cliff's lips as he unbuttoned Cliff's shirt and pulled the sides apart to reveal Cliff's naked chest.

"Love you, Cliff," Scott murmured as he ran his fingers through Cliff's soft, curly chest hairs. He dragged his nails across his lover's chest and nipples down to his abdomen. As he tugged on those hairs, Cliff responded by thrusting his hips up against Scott as he traced his hands along Scott's upper thighs.

Scott moved to kneel next to his lover, helping Cliff sit up so he could finish removing his shirt. Once Cliff's shirt was off, Cliff grabbed the hem of Scott's tank and pulled it off, tossing it to the end of the bed. Cliff ran his hands over Scott's muscular shoulders and chest. He leaned over to kiss Scott's neck and moved lower to lick at his chest and nipples. Taking the left nipple into his mouth he swirled his tongue around it and then gently bit. He then repeated the treatment to the right nipple.

Scott tugged on Cliff's long hair to pull him away and up so he could again kiss passionately kiss Cliff's lips. Cliff moved his hand to Scott's groin, pressing and rubbing the hardening length he found as Scott moaned and thrust his tongue into Cliff's mouth. Cliff sucked on Scott's tongue as his lover gently thrust his hips, rubbing against Cliff's hand.

Cliff, still kissing Scott, moved both hands to the waistband of Scott's pants. Once he got it open he thrust one hand in, under the waistband of Scott's briefs, to wrap around Scott's hot cock. As Cliff ran his fist up and down that throbbing length, Scott pulled back from kissing Cliff to nibble at his neck. Scott found the ultra sensitive spot on Cliff's neck, to the left where the collarbone meets the neck, and gently bit as he pushed Cliff back into a prone position. Once he had Cliff lying back, head on the pillow, he sucked and licked his way down Cliff's hairy chest to the waistband of his pants, low on his hips.

Scott quickly opened Cliff's pants and raised his hips so the pants and briefs could slide down, exposing Cliff's hairy, sweaty groin. Scott buried his nose in Cliff's pubic hairs, smelling the scent that was purely Cliff's sexual excitement. He licked and bit at the pubic hairs before swiftly moving to take Cliff's entire 6 ½" cock into his mouth and throat. Scott hummed and moaned around the stiff length in his mouth, the sensations causing Cliff to buck as he wrapped his hands into Scott's hair.

"I need you, now Scott," Cliff groaned as he thrust his hips to meet Scott's mouth. "Please, baby, I want to come with you in me." He begged.

At that, Scott sat up and grabbed a pillow to put under Cliff's hips. He put his right hand up to Cliff's face, and pressed on his lips with his first three fingers, 'suck them baby, get them wet so I can get you ready." Cliff moaned as he sucked at Scott's fingers, drenching them with his spit.

Scott placed his dripping index finger at Cliff's hole and pressed in, easily gaining access. Scott's left hand massaged and caressed Cliff's right hip and thigh as he increased to two then three fingers. With three fingers buried in Cliff's ass, Scott gently stretched the opening.

Cliff's hard neglected cock lay tight against his body, dripping pre-cum into a puddle on his abdomen. After Scott had Cliff opened, he scooped the puddle of pre-cum up and smeared it onto his cock, mixing it with the pre-cum already secreted by his own neglected cock.

Lining the red, swollen, head of his length up with Cliff's opened ass, he leaned over his lover and wrapped his arms around Cliff's body as he shoved in. "You okay baby?" Scott asked after the head had popped in.

"Oh yeah Scott," Cliff moaned, looking up at Scott with shiny, glazed over light brown eyes. "Feels so damn good, so hot. I love you so much, I need more." Cliff wrapped his muscular legs around Scott's hips and thighs, pressing onto his lover's muscular ass with his feet, pushing Scott further into him as he thrust his hips up. In this one, quick movement, Scott was fully enveloped in Scott's hot sphincter muscle, with no barrier between them.

"Cliff, baby, you feel so hot, so tight. I can feel your muscle contracting, every movement." Scott groaned as he reveled in being in his lover's ass, skin on skin, for the first time.

"I can feel it twitch inside me, shooting hot bursts of pre-cum deep into my bowels." Cliff marveled as he experienced bareback for the first time in his life. "I need more, move within me, fuck me hard love."

Scott leaned down and kissed Cliff as he started thrusting, slowly and gently at first. Cliff writhed beneath him, meeting each thrust with his hips, as he cried out his need, "More baby, faster, more."

Scott didn't increase his speed but he did adjust his angle. He knew he had found Cliff's prostate when the smaller man's legs wrapped tighter around his hips. Cliff tore his lips from Scott's to suck at Scott's muscular shoulder, his arms wrapped tight around Scott's upper back, fingers scratching across the smooth, muscular skin.

"Just like that," Cliff panted, as stroke after stroke Scott hit the right spot. "Oh yeah, love, just like that, almost there." He begged as he marked Scott's shoulder with his mouth and Scott's back with his nails.

Clenching his sphincter muscles tight around the intruding muscle lodged deep within, Cliff moved his hands to Scott's ass, pushing down as he thrust up, burying Scott's length completely to the balls. Cliff tightened his legs around Scott's ass, buried his fingers in Scott's crack, and as he came, he shoved one finger into Scott's ass, biting on Scott's shoulder to muffle his screams as his seed shot between them.

Feeling his lover come apart around him, Scott's cock twitched then swelled up. When he felt Cliff's finger invade his ass, Scott whimpered, rocked his hips even closer to his love, and bit Cliff's sensitive neck as his orgasm overcame him and he coated the inside of Cliff's ass with stream after stream of hot, sticky semen.

As their orgasm's subsided and their bodies relaxed, Scott lay on Cliff, and they shared soft, gentle kisses as they confirmed their love for each other. After a few lazy minutes of cuddling and kissing, Scott reluctantly pulled away from his love, kneeling between Cliff's legs. As he looked down he saw Cliff's gaping hole trying to close and a stream of his sperm leaking out from it.

Cliff blushed as he felt it leak out and Scott ran his finger through the sticky mess on Cliff's thighs. "Damn, that's sexy," he whispered as he brought his finger, dripping with seed, up to Cliff's face.

"Mmmm," Cliff pulled the finger closer and sucked it clean, "you taste so delicious." Scott ran that same finger over his abdomen, coated in Cliff's release, until it dripped with cum. He brought it to his own mouth and licked the creamy substance off, "so do you," he replied, dark smoky eyes watching Cliff's light brown ones.

Scott grabbed his tank, which was still hanging off the edge of the bed, and gently wiped the dripping cum from Cliff's ass, thighs, and abdomen, before swiping at the cum on his own stomach. "I think it's time for a shower," he grinned.

The lovers enjoyed a leisurely shower; Scott lovingly shampooed and conditioned Cliff's long hair. Cliff tenderly washed the cuts on Scott's back, whispering his apologies as he did so. They touched and teased as they played in the shower until the water started cooling off. Then they went to bed and touched and teased some more, before making love one more time and falling asleep.

Early the next morning they awoke with Scott on his back, Cliff on his side against Scott. Their legs were entwined, Cliff's head rested on Scott's chest, and Scott's arm wrapped around him. They were also coated in dried cum and had some body parts stuck together with the substance. Scott smirked as he ran his fingers through Cliff's chest hair, pulling chunks of dried cum with him. "I guess we need another shower."

Cliff grinned as he stretched, roughly pulling their bodies apart with a slight ripping noise as the gluey substance broke loose. "I think you're right."

They quickly showered and brushed their teeth, then retired back to bed to cuddle and caress each other. They made love a third time, this time with Cliff entering Scott, before showering one more time and heading for home.


Two weeks later, they were back in Al's office at Children's Home. The Garage's lawyers had worked out a way for the business to participate in Job Outreach. The Children's Home lawyer and The Garage's lawyer were there also to finalize the agreement. Much of it depended in waivers being signed by Children's Home. Also, any resident who visited would have to sit through a safety lecture and take a quiz after. They wouldn't be allowed onto the garage floor without passing the quiz.

By the time everything was finalized, and the Home was ready for their first visit it was the middle of March. The Job Outreach van dropped four kids off that first day.

Scott arranged TJ's schedule so he would always be on duty during Job Outreach visits, he would be responsible for the kids. That first visit, three of the kids paid attention to the safety lecture and had no problem with the quiz. TJ worked with the fourth child for a while before realizing that he wasn't interested, he just wanted to get out of the Home for a while. Unfortunately, that type of attitude could cause accidents in this type of environment, so that child sat in the reception area with Cindy while TJ gave the other three a tour of the facility. That was about all they had time for that first visit.

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