tagGroup SexThe Girl Who Couldn't Say No Ch. 02

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No Ch. 02


"Shit," Ally cursed, considering her predicament.

Outside the small side room where she stood, the typical Friday night party at Pat's was by now in full swing. A private gathering of assorted friends and friends of friends, the music at Pat's wasn't as loud or the crowd as large and raucous as at a typical frat party, but it was big enough that Ally couldn't just walk out there in her present state. Someone had once told Ally that things could get really out of hand at Pat's parties, and only now did she really understand what that meant.

Except for her short skirt, Ally was naked. Her t-shirt, bra and panties were nowhere to be seen. Her body ached, though not unpleasantly, with the aftermath of having four... no wait, five... guys, thrusting between her lips, legs and breasts. The sticky white conclusions of their hard efforts was drying on her thighs, her full round breasts, her chin and... eww, she realized... even in her long blonde hair.

She look around once more, but there was absolutely no sign of the rest of her clothes. There wasn't even a tissue to clean herself up with. She considered briefly pulling her skirt up so that it covered her breasts, but dismissed the idea immediately. It was just too short. If she brought the waist up to her sticky bust, the hem would barely reach her bellybutton, much less cover her oozing privates.

She couldn't go out there like this, but she couldn't stay in this room forever either. Ally stepped up to the door. She could hear pounding music, talking and laughter beyond. With a deep, resigned sigh, she held one arm over her full breasts and eased the door open a crack, just enough to peek out.


Frank was walking down the hall, heading back toward the party, when he heard the girl's voice.

"Excuse me," she said.

He look around and spotted a blue eye peeking through a crack in a barely opened door.

"Uh, hi," Frank said to the blue eye.

"Do you know where the bathroom is?" the blue eye asked. Frank noticed the eye was set in a pretty face, with long blonde hair and a nice bare, pale shoulder.

"Just down the hall," Frank said with a grin, pointing back the way he has come.

"Oh good," the blonde said, then hesitated. "Could you do me a big favor."

"Uh, I guess," Frank said. "What do you need?"

"Could you help me get to the bathroom without anyone seeing me?" the blonde said in a rush, her visible cheek blushing red.


The blonde took a deep breath and then said, in a rush, "Some bastards stole my clothes and I need to get to the bathroom to clean up and then could I borrow your shirt so I can get out here and I'll give it back I promise but please help."

"Whoa, whoa, what?" Frank laughed. "Are you naked?"

"I've got a skirt on," the blonde snapped. "but yeah, kinda... and I wasn't planning on flashing my goodies at the whole party if I could help it. So could you help a girl out?"

Frank laughed again, "Sure, why not."

He glanced up and down the hall and then said, "The coast is clear. You can come out."

He waited expectantly.

"Turn around," the girl barked.

"Oh, right." Frank turned his back to the door.

Behind him, the door creaked open and the blonde leapt out. He peeked back in time to see a flash of pale skin and long legs. The girl stood close behind him, her hand on his shoulder, just far enough back so she wasn't quite touching him with her body.

"Which way's the bathroom?" she asked nervously.

"Back behind us," Frank said.

"Oh thank god," she sighed, "I was afraid we'd have to get through the party."

Slowly they backed down the hall together.

"So, I'm Frank," he offered.

"Oh, I'm Ally," she replied. "Sorry, I'm a little flustered."

"I guess," Frank chuckled. "So, if you don't mind me asking..."

"Please don't," Ally groaned, mortified. "This is embarrassing enough without actually telling you how much of a total slut I am."

"That's cool," Frank grinned. "But hey, as long as you had fun, I don't judge."

"Right," Ally drawled wryly.

"Here's the bathroom," Frank said, at last.

"Oh thank god." Ally popped the door open and jumped inside.

Frank considered for a second, and then followed.

His first full glimpse of his damsel in distress confirmed his suspicions. She was a leggy blonde, wearing only a short tight skirt. Her long hair was disarrayed. Her back was to him as she bent over the bathroom sink. Frank caught of peek of her breasts reflected in the mirror, but his eyes were drawn to the rounded curves of her naked ass, poking out beneath that short shirt.

Turning on the water in the sink, Ally took a towel down from a hook on the wall and scrubbed her face. Straightening, she started to scrub her full breasts. Frank watched in awe as she rubbed the wet cloth over her pale, well rounded skin and hardening pink nipples.

Spotting him in the mirror, Ally jumped.

"What are you doing in here?" she shrieked, holding the cloth over her breasts.

"Uh, sorry... I," Frank floundered.

"Wanted a peek," Ally snapped. She spun around, dropping the wet cloth and thrusting out her chest. "Well, here... have a look. Do you like them?"

Frank took a quick step forward, covering the short distance between them. His hands seized Ally breasts and he squeezed gently.

"Hey," Ally gasped, "I said you could look."

"Sorry," Frank grinned, still caressing her tits. "I couldn't resist. Besides, I helped you out. I guess I was looking for a reward."

"Yeah," Ally said, trying with only limited success not to enjoy his firm hands on her breasts.

"Yeah," Frank said. He ducked his head and flicked a tongue across her hard nipple. A moan escaped from Ally's lips.

"So," Frank said, his tongue teasing Ally's nipples, "just how much of a slut are you?"

"If you must know," Ally moaned, "I was just gang-banged by a bunch of guys. I'm a mess. You're probably licking cum off my tits right now."

"Shit," Frank jerked his head back.

Ally laughed as Frank scrubbed his hand over his mouth, looking slightly green.

"You still want a reward," she chuckled.

"Fuck yeah," Frank snarled.

Ally sighed, and dropped down onto the toilet seat. Frank stood in front of her, the large bulge in his pants suddenly level with her face. Slowly and deliberately, he reached out to rest his hand on the top of her blonde head and pulled her slightly forward. Ally sighed, reached out and unbuckled Frank's jeans.

"I just cleaned myself up," Ally muttered.

"Not a problem," said Frank. Then, with a grin, he added, "If you swallow."

"OK," Ally sighed. "You can cum in my mouth."

Frank's grin grew and he unzipped his jeans. He groaned as Ally's hand reached inside and wrapped around his hard shaft. Slowly stroking the hardening length, Ally drew Frank's cock out of his pants. She considered this newest length of hard flesh waving in her face, long and tapered.

With a deep breath, Ally started to lick Frank's cock, tasting his salty pre-cum and musky flavor. Frank pulled eagerly on her head and Ally moved low, taking the tapered tip between her lips. He groaned and rocked his hips, pushing himself deeper into her mouth.

"Oh yeah," Frank groaned. "Suck my cock, you little slut. Suck it."

Ally rolled her tongue around his shaft. Her head bobbed quickly, licking and sucking on the hard flesh in her mouth. She gripped the base of his shaft, stroking it in time to her bobbing head and his slow thrusts. Without warning, Frank stiffened and Ally felt his shaft surge. Waves of cum flooded into her mouth and she sputtered, struggling to keep the sudden onslaught of sticky fluids held between her lips. Frank gave a ragged grunt, pushing himself deeper into her face before slowly pulling his cock from between her lips. Ally gagged slightly and swallowed, choking down his entire load.

"A little warning next time," she coughed.

"Dude, she swallowed it," a strange voice said.

Ally and Frank both looked up, shocked to see three more guys crowded in the bathroom.

"Dude, what the fuck?" Frank demanded.

"Door was open, man," said the closest of the guys.

"You didn't shut the fucking door?!?" Ally snapped at Frank.

"Uh," Frank stammered, "I thought I did..."

"That was some hot shit," the closest guy said, leering at Ally's naked tits. "Any chance I could have a go," he added, rubbing the visibly large bulge in his jeans.

Ally looked at the guy, then over at his two friends. Her full breasts rose and fell as she gave a deep sigh.

"Fuck it! Why not," she said. "Line up boys... hot naked chick sucking cocks in the bathroom!"

"Alright," the closest guy cheered, unzipping his jeans.

"You're not naked," said one of the others. "Still got a skirt on."

Ally laughed. She stood up and, with a quick motion, pulled off her skirt. She stood for a moment, in all her naked glory, and smiled.

"Happy now?" she asked. The guys leered at her.

"I'll uh... I'll be going now," said Frank, moving to pull up his pants.

"Fuck that," Ally laughed. "You left the door open, so you should totally stand there and watch. Besides, when I'm done here you still own me a shirt."

The closest guy laughed and shoved Frank aside. Ally dropped back onto the toilet seat. Wrapping his hand around the new, hard cock she smiled up at the guy. Leaning in, she ran her tongue up the length of his thick shaft and he groaned.

"Come on baby," he drawled. "Get sucking."

Ally grinned up at him. She made her mouth into a little O and lowered it to just brush the tip of the dick in front of her. The man set his hands on the top of her head and pushed her down onto his shaft. Ally opened her mouth wide, the thick shaft filling her face completely. He pushed further and Ally rocked her head back, finding it hard to accept the heavy girth of him. He held her head and pushed again, thrusting slowly and steadily into her mouth. Ally bobbed her head slowly in time to his thrusts.

"Fuck yeah," the man groaned. "Suck that cock."

He tightened his grip on Ally's head. His thrusts became more urgent. Ally gagged as he thrust too deeply. She struggled to pull back, but his hands held her head firm. He thrust again and she her body tensed, gagging on the thick shaft.

"That's right you cumslut," the man groaned. "Take it."

"Shit, man," Frank said.

"Choke the bitch," one of the other guys cheered.

The man pushed deeper into Ally's mouth. She grunted, struggling vainly against him. Suddenly, he released her. Ally jumped back coughing and gasping for breath. Saliva drooled from her lips, down her chin. The man gave her a moment to catch her breath. He grabbed her head again and pulled her back down to his shaft. Unthinking, Ally opened her mouth wide and took his shaft between her lips.

"Fuck," someone said in awe as the thick cock disappeared once more between her lips.

"That's right," the man in her mouth said. "Nice and easy."

He pulled her head slowly but inexorably down his shaft. Slowly, his cock filled her mouth. Ally relaxed her jaw, letting him sink deeper and deeper in. She whimpered as his cock started to choke her again. He held her firm, not letting her back off him but not pushing any deeper yet. Ally struggled. He pushed again, sinking even deeper into her face. Ally's jaw ached. Her throat convulsed around the invading shaft. She gagged hard, thick saliva spilling down the hard cock filling her mouth. He pulled back, until just the tip rested in her mouth. Ally gasped, her breasts heaving.

"Good girl," the man groaned.

He seized her head again and thrust. Ally whimpered as he started to fuck her face with deep, powerful thrusts. She struggled to keep pace with him, to take him deep but not so deep that she choked. His pace quickened. Ally gagged again as he thrust hard, but just as quickly he pulled back. She gulped and bobbed her head, finding her rhythm.

"Oh fuck yeah," the man howled. "Suck that cock! Get ready girl...I'm gonna... cum!"

He grunted and thrust again. Ally felt his shaft harden and surge. Once again, hot, sticky cum flooded her mouth. She gulped and swallowed convulsively. The man pulled back, drawing his shaft away, but Ally lunged forward, gagging again as she took him too deeply. Spit and cum spilled from her lips as she coughed.

Smiling, the man pushed his spit-slimed cock back into his pants.

"Thanks, baby," he moaned. "You did great."

No sooner had he stepped away then the next man moved to stand in front of her, his naked cock pushing toward her face.

"Give a girl a chance to catch her breath," Ally gasped thickly.

She reached up and took the new hard cock in her hand, stroking it slowly. The guy moaned and she started to rub him faster.

The third guy stepped up, shouldering Frank out of the way.

"You got two hands," he said gruffly.

Ally smiled and took his cock in her other hand. She looked up at the two guys, their faces leering down at her round breasts and naked pussy while she wanked them. Her smile broadened. Slowly she leaned forward, her tongue flicked out to tease the tip of one of the cocks. Then she leaned over and rolled her tongue over the other. The guys moaned even more loudly. Ally alternated between them, rubbing one while giving teasing little licks to the other. Her courage grew again and she allowed the tip of one between her lips. The guy thrust forward but Ally rocked back, releasing him.

"Please," she said. "No more throat fucking, ok? I don't think I can do that again tonight."

"Just suck me," the man urged.

Ally lowered her lips again around his cock and started to gently suck and lick it. The other guy took her hand in his and guided it back onto his cock. She stroked him eagerly. With a grin, she switched, sucking the other while stroking the first. Her rhythm grew, stroking and sucking with increasing eagerness. She didn't even notice as the men started thrusting gently with their hips, pushing their cocks steadily deeper into her abused mouth. Ally moaned and whimpered, stroking and sucking them both with vigor. They groaned and grunted in response. She felt them growing harder, their thrusts increasing in urgency.

"Damn," one of the guys moaned. "I'm gonna pop."

"Me too," the other guy grunted.

Grinning, they both pulled back. Ally looked up in shock as both guys stood over her, wildly beating their cocks.

"No," she moaned.

It was too late. First one, then the other guy gave a savage groan and ropes of white, sticky cum flew from their cocks. Ally sat beneath them, sighing as streamers of white goo rained down across her nose, cheeks, lips, breasts, forehead and even hair. When they were finished, her whole face was covered in lines of white cum.

"Gee thanks guys," Ally sighed, sarcastically. "I was trying to clean up."

"You look great," one of the guys said with a grin.

There was a sudden banging on the now closed door and a voice barked, "Hey, other people need to piss."

"Shit," Ally jumped up. "Damn it, Frank give me your shirt."

"What," Frank blinked.

"Please, just give me your shirt," Ally pleaded. "Fuck! Now where the hell is my skirt?"


A small group of people stood in the hall. Their jaws dropped and several giggled as the bathroom door opened and out stepped a busty blonde coed, plainly dressed in nothing but a loose t-shirt which did not quite cover her ass. Her face was freshly scrubbed but her hair was lined with sticky white streaks. The three guys walking behind her were all grinning shamelessly.

"Well, looks like someone had fun," a voice opined from the crowd.

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