tagGroup SexThe Glamour Shoot

The Glamour Shoot


JERRY WANTED TO SLAP THE BRAT. He would have, in a Mesopotamian minute, if it had been his kid. But of course it was a client's "darling angel", all dressed up in his cowboy outfit for a portrait, but not sitting still on the old moth-eaten saddle. Instead, as Jerry stood there behind the big studio camera, letting out a long, slow, quiet breath between his clenched teeth, the brat was gripping the saddle horn and rocking back and forth, pointing the toy cap pistol everywhere and screeching, "Bang! Bang!" at the top of his lungs.

He was supposed to care if the kid knocked the saddle off the sawhorse, was supposed to help the kid's harried mother calm him down so Jerry could snap the picture and let mother and brat go on their merry way. Frankly, however, he'd been on his feet for six solid hours snapping portraits of other mothers' brats, and he'd had enough. He loved photography and portraiture, loved holding a finished portrait in his hand and seeing the delighted eyes of the client as he handed it across the table, but he hated the process in between. Jerry had confessed more than once that portrait photography would be so much more satisfying, if only it weren't for the people.

Well, enough of the show, he thought, it's time to take control. Jerry reached over to the prop table beside him where, among the funny hats, artificial flowers, miniature sports gear and giant wooden blocks, lay an aerosol fog horn. He set it on top of the camera and pressed the button.

WHONNNNNK! Just a little blast, really. The brat whipped his face toward the noise, his eyes wide, his mouth a little open. Jerry pushed the shutter button three times before the kid -- or the mother -- knew what had happened.

"Excellent!" Jerry said, oozing pseudo-sincerity, as he swung the tyke off the saddle and placed him in his mother's arms. "Thank you! Come back soon!" They both still seemed a little shaken by the sudden noise, and the mother meekly pressed the sitting fee into Jerry's palm as he guided them out of the makeshift studio in the grocery store's "conference room".

Glancing at his appointment calendar, he saw that he had a full fifteen minutes before his next appointment -- his last of the day, thank the gods - so he taped his "Back in 5 Min." sign to the door and ducked out for a smoke. Sitting outside on the concrete bench in the store's designated smoking area, Jerry contemplated this worthless job and his meager existence.

Working every weekend in a different store of the grocery's chain. Driving long distances up and down the Texas gulf coast. Setting up and breaking down the "portable" studio (it filled every possible space in his little car) himself. Doing all the paperwork as well as taking all the pictures and dealing with impatient customers -- well, he hadn't signed on for this. Here he was, Jerry Mars, 35 years old, a not-bad-looking guy, friendly, intelligent, and with all his own hair and teeth, working on a commission-only basis for a fly-by-night studio company. No benefits, no bonuses, no fun. And to top it all off, his "boss" was fifteen years younger, a punk kid from Knee Patches, or some other little Texas town, who had never held a job in his life until the studio owner hired him on as sales manager! What had the punk done, sucked the owner's dick? Jerry mashed the cigarette butt under the sole of his shoe, checked his watch, and slowly wandered through the store to his studio. He still had five minutes left, no need to rush.

Opening the door to the conference room, Jerry heard some giggling on the other side of the blue canvas backdrop. Shit, he thought, some mom is letting her brat fuck with my $6,000.00 camera! Jerry nearly jumped around the backdrop to stop what he thought was juvenile horseplay, but when got to the other side, the harsh words that had been forming in his mouth died before they could be released.

Standing at the prop table, trying on the funny straw hats and fake feather boas, were two of the sexiest women he had ever seen. They didn't seem to notice Jerry at first, so he stood there taking it all in. Both were Latinas, probably sisters, with shoulder-length black hair, and both were dressed in tight, shin-length jeans that hugged their J-Lo asses, and matching low-cut peasant blouses that just barely restrained their massive round tits! They posed provocatively and giggled and chattered in Spanish, oblivious to the presence of a third party in the room.

Jerry began to feel the first stirring of an erection just at the sight of these women, and was glad he'd worn his baggy slacks to work. His throat was suddenly dry and he coughed a little without thinking.

It must have startled the Latinas, because one of them let out a little shriek. The other turned toward him on her four-inch heels, too quickly, and lost her balance. Jerry stepped in and caught her under the arms, feeling her firm brown melons pressing for a moment against his stomach before he propped her upright.

"I'm so sorry to scare you like that," he said. He felt his face getting hot and his erection getting full-blown. It was a moment or two before he could assume his professional demeanor. He walked away from the women over to the clipboard that held his appointment calendar, and studied it for a few seconds, hoping that he could turn back to them without his cock straining at the pleats in his pants.

"Are you, um, Rodriguez?" he stammered, his back still to them. "Four- fifteen?"

"Yes," one of the women said. "We're a little early, is that OK?"

"Oh, yeah, sure, absolutely!" Jerry blathered, finally turning around. "No problem at all! Um, who's in the picture today?"

The one who had spoken before indicated the other woman with a hand bedecked with gold and diamond rings. "Just my daughter," she said. "Today's her eighteenth birthday. One of my gifts to her." She smiled at the birthday girl with brilliant white teeth; her daughter flashed a matching grin in return.

Jerry was finally getting some of his self-control back. "Daughter? This lovely young lady is your daughter?" he asked. "Why, I would have sworn when I first walked in that you two were sisters!" Corny, he knew, but it sold pictures. Flattery will still get you places, he mused.

And it worked this time, too. The mother lowered her dark eyes demurely and thanked him, while the daughter rolled her eyes ceilingward and said, "Jesus, people are always saying that to us!" She laughed, however, so Jerry knew that she was flattered as much as her mother.

"OK, then, let's get to work," he said briskly. "Mrs. Rodriguez? What's your daughter's name?" Keeping Mom involved in every step of the process sold pictures, too -- even something as minor as the child's name, although this was no child any longer.

"She's Juanita, but we call her Kokita -- 'little lady bug' -- and I'm Ms. Rodriguez," she stressed, "but you can call me Letty."

"OK, Letty, thanks. Kokita -- may I call you that?"

A brief smile flashed. "Sure," she said. "I hate the name Juanita."

There followed the usual procedure: Jerry posing the girl on the platform for a head-and-shoulders shot (but zooming the lens out a bit to capture her dynamic cleavage as well). Then a three-quarter shot with her resting her elbow on a decorative column (asking her to bend slightly at the waist, of course). Then finally, one of her reclining on the platform, resting on one hip and one hand, her legs tucked in slightly. All in all, three very provocative poses, but Jerry was able to maneuver Kokita so subtly, she didn't realize that he was emphasizing the thrust of her ample breasts with each click of the shutter.

He turned to Letty now, who had been smiling and calling encouragement to her daughter throughout. "You've got two poses left," he said. "Do you want to get into the picture?" More flattery here, but what he wouldn't give for a poster-size print of these two hanging in his bathroom!

"By myself?" she asked. Jerry could tell that she'd been thinking about it already. She cocked one round hip to the side and put her hands on her hips as she considered it, a pose that made the sloping tops of her tits ripple and swing slightly as she moved.

"Well, I was thinking that we could do one with the two of you, and then the last pose of you by yourself. Give yourself a gift today, too," he added, when she looked hesitant.

"C'mon, Mom," Kokita said. "It'll be fun. This guy really knows his stuff." Jerry turned to her and smiled. She smiled back, but did her eyes wander down to his crotch? Jesus, he was gonna lose his cool.

Letty stepped closer to the platform. "Will you help me up?" she asked Jerry, holding out her slim, ring-covered hand. He was happy to oblige.

Jerry quickly posed mother and daughter seated on the platform facing each other, then told them to turn just their inside shoulders toward the camera and lean their outstretched outside arms on the platform. In his camera viewfinder Jerry thought he saw something akin to the Alps or the Himalayas. What a breathtaking sight! He fired off six frames in succession while fixated on his viewfinder, then took a deep breath and faced them again.

He wiped some sweat from his forehead with his palm and wiped it on the leg of his pants. "OK, great. Kokita, let me help you down, and then we're going to do your mom." Oh, Jesus. Had he really said that? "Um, I mean, I'm gonna do -- I'm gonna shoot your mom's picture." The younger woman took his hand and stepped down with a knowing smile. Jerry looked pleadingly at Letty, hoping that she hadn't taken his words the wrong way. Her cheeks were a little flushed, but she was holding his gaze steadily. He clamped his lips shut and decided that any further attempts at explanation would just fuck everything up. He plunged ahead with the pose.

"Letty, I want you to roll over onto your stomach, facing the camera, and prop your elbows up, crossing your arms in front of you." He was thinking, but not saying, that this pose would really show off her tits to maximum effect.

Letty followed his instructions without question, but when she got on her stomach, she grunted a little as she got into the position he suggested.

"Are you OK?" Jerry asked.

"Just fine," she said, then lowered her voice. "It's just these things," she explained, indicating her boobs. "Sometimes I think there's too much up here."

Jerry lowered his voice as well, answering, "If you don't mind my saying so, Letty, there's no such thing as too much."

She flushed again but kept his eyes as she replied, quietly, "No, I don't mind a bit."

He turned from her without a word and walked straight to his camera, thinking that his now completely rigid Johnson could serve admirably as a fourth leg for the tripod. He picked up the shutter release cable and turned back to her, and noticed that her eyes had, like her daughter's before, drifted down to his crotch. She licked her lips slightly, then tilted her head to the side and smiled into the lens. Jerry, dumbstruck, fired off about a dozen frames before he realized what he was doing.

The shoot over, Jerry was all business again, for the moment. He collected the sitting fee, made sure that he had the correct personal information for the company files (including the phone number, which he would jot down for his own files the minute they were gone), and thanked them again for coming in. Kokita gave him one more smile, then turned to her mother.

"Mommy, I'll be in cosmetics if you need me, OK?" Not waiting for an answer, she turned on her stiletto heel and walked through the door.

Jerry watched her leave, then looked down at her mother. "Um, lovely girl you've got there, Letty," he said.

"Do you live here?" she asked.

"No, I'm from Corpus Christi," he said, "just here for the weekend."

"Where are you staying?" She moved a little step closer to him.

"Um, there's this little motel down the highway. Budget Inn, or Economy, something like that." Where was she going with these questions?

"Would you like to come to Kokita's birthday party tonight? It'll just be a few friends and family members. Unless you already have plans?"

"Plans? Me? No, not at all!" Jerry blurted. "In fact, you were my last appointment for the day, and I was just going straight to the motel after picking up some fast food. I'd love to come, um, to her party."

It was arranged in the next few minutes that Letty would drive over to Jerry's motel later, and he could follow her in his car to their home.

"It's very difficult to find the house if you don't know the town," she explained. She giggled. "I know people who live here who have trouble!"

"Should I bring a gift? Does she need anything special? I mean, I don't want to come to the party empty-handed."

She waved that suggestion away. "No, you'll be fine just as you are. See you in a little while!" she said breezily, and walked out with a definite strut, her sweet round ass and clicking heels seeming to twitch in time with Jerry's heart.

*** JERRY'S MOTEL WAS ONLY A FEW MINUTES AWAY FROM THE GROCERY STORE, but he made it back to his room in about 45 seconds, running red lights and breaking several laws and speed records. He stripped quickly and hit the shower, rubbing his cheeks and contemplating whether or not to shave. He was OK there, he decided. He didn't want to waste any time being ready for Letty when she came to pick him up. He also contemplated whether or not to whack off in the shower, because the mere memory of those four glorious boobs had gotten him hard again. Nope, no time. Don't waste it, he thought. But then doubt set in. Who am I kidding? What makes me think that I'm gonna get anywhere with either one of them? They were just being nice, inviting a guy from out of town over for a piece of cake and some ice cream. His erection wilted a little at the thought.

He was just turning off the water when he heard a soft knocking at the outside door. Shit! Was Letty here already? Wrapping the thin motel towel around his waist, he opened the door a crack and peeked out, not at Letty, as he'd expected, but Kokita!

"Uh, hi," he said through the crack, "I'm not quite ready. I thought your mother was coming over to get me -- "

Jerry didn't get a chance to finish the thought before the girl was pushing past him and into the small, sparsely furnished room. "Well," she spat, "that bitch and I had a fight, and the party is officially canceled." Kokita looked around her at the little bed, the rickety chair, and the tiny TV bolted to the wall. "What a fuckin' dump," she said. "Hey, where are you, dude?"

He emerged partially -- his head and one shoulder - from behind the still-open door. "I was just getting out of the shower," he said sheepishly. "The party's canceled? I'm sorry, sorry about the fight, too. Umm," he stammered, "is it possible you could -- I'd like to get -- well, you know."

Kokita walked over to the door and swung it shut forcefully, but the door was a little warped and didn't latch. Now fully exposed to the young Latina, Jerry tried to pull the cheap terry cloth tighter around his middle, as if the fabric would provide some kind of protection. She stepped in close, pressed her full, ripe breasts against his damp skin. Jerry looked down and saw her chest heaving, straining against the fabric of the peasant blouse she still wore from earlier that day.

"I saw you looking at me and my mom," she breathed, her almost black eyes flashing. "I know what you were thinking while you were posing us. The truth was written all over your crotch. Are you some kind of pervert, peeking down girls' blouses?"

"No! Not at all!" Jerry protested. "I'm sorry if I offended either one of you! Please, I just thought that you were both so beautiful, so exciting, and I got a little aroused - "

"A little aroused? Dude, you were straining at the zipper the whole time! I couldn't help but notice it." The girl paused a moment, as if in thought. "Does that make me some kind of pervert, looking at guys' crotches?"

"You? A pervert? No, not at all!"

"Do you think I'm a good girl?"


"A very good girl?"

"Oh, yes."

"Then give me my fucking birthday present," she said, whipped off his towel, sank to her knees and engulfed his raging hard-on with her soft, wet mouth. Her lips and tongue were fierce and hot, rolling around his throbbing knob and deep throating him with more experience than he'd imagined from an 18-year-old girl. The sensation was amazing. Jerry dug his fingers into Kokita's hair and leaned back against the wall to keep from falling.

Suddenly she pulled away, stood up and tore off the peasant blouse. She was wearing a strapless bra underneath with a front center clasp. "You've been looking at the tops of these long enough," she suggested. "Do you want to see the rest of them?"


"Then come over here and wish me a happy birthday."

Jerry didn't even bother with the clasp. He pulled the cups of the bra down and lifted one heavy, round boob in each hand. The nipples were hard and puckered with excitement, long as toggle switches. The aureole were dark and as big around as campaign buttons. He stood there admiringly for a brief moment, then buried his face between them. He licked up her cleavage, around one breast, then another. He squeezed them softly, then with more force. She moaned appreciatively.

He sucked her left nipple into his eager mouth, chewing on the firm brown meat, causing Kokita to inhale sharply and mash his face into her breast. Jerry held his breath as long as he could, then pulled away and did the same to her right nipple. He pulled away again, then pushed the girl down on his bed. He bent to tug her tight jeans off over that beautiful ass. Almost as fantastic to see as her breasts was that high, round rump!

He almost shot his load when he saw her completely naked for the first time. How could a girl with such big tits have such a slim body? She had meat on her, sure, but there didn't seem to be an ounce of wasted flesh anywhere. Her tummy was flat, her legs smooth and finely muscled.

Joining her on the bed, Jerry and Kokita kissed furiously for several minutes, allowing their hands to roam over each other's bodies as their tongues wrestled together. Kokita gripped Jerry's boner and beat him off while his middle finger sought purchase on her very tight, sopping pussy. He diddled her clit with his thumb as he stroked her clam and brought her to a screaming orgasm, then he rolled her onto all fours.

"Hang your breasts over my face," he told her. She propped herself on one arm and guided one of her boobs into his mouth. Jerry sucked on it for what seemed like hours, taking as much of it into his mouth as he could until his jaw started to ache, all the while squeezing the soft, firm flesh with both hands. He released the nipple with a loud pop and went for the other one with a gusto to rival the first. When he was satisfied with that job, Jerry wriggled down the bed until his face was directly under that tight little Latina pussy. Gripping an ass cheek firmly with each hand, he pulled her down to his mouth and tasted her dripping juices for the first time. Damn! She smelled good and tasted good. He munched, licked, slurped and prodded her cunt with his mouth and tongue, making her buck so hard that he felt her heavy boobs hitting the top of his head. She came again, even louder than when he had used his fingers.

Jerry was far from finished, though. He had to know what that sweet clam felt like wrapped around his cock. He rolled her over and spread her legs, preparing to impale her with his blood-engorged member. Kokita reached out a hand and grabbed it, Jerry thought, to help him guide it in.

"Wait," she said, breathlessly. There was a little panic in her eyes.

"Wait? Wait for what?" he asked, incredulous. "What's the matter?"

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