tagGroup SexThe Grateful Virus_Ch. 102

The Grateful Virus_Ch. 102


All events and characters are fictional. Copyright 2007 by James Adling. All rights reserved.


The first week was slow going. But as the days passed, Jim began to have a lot more fun as his bad memories faded. Of course there was fun right from the start on one level; the virus made sure of that. But during the first week he only selected the girls who didn't remind him in any way of Jen's followers. He looked for bright eyes, sweet faces, and above all, bodies that didn't look like they could be a model. He still chose girls that he found sexy, but they were sexy in non-mainstream ways. He only brought one of them in at a time, and he never spent less than ten minutes with any of them. The virus's waves of lust made extended foreplay difficult, but he could still take his time during sex by pausing to avoid coming and changing positions often. The movable floor was wonderful for this. No matter how much taller or shorter than him any of his partners were, they could do any position comfortably with a quick adjustment to the floor that he usually didn't even have to think about, as long as his partner was on a different floor segment than he was. If he found himself lifting up on tiptoes to penetrate a taller woman as she stood in front of him, the floor segment he was on would just raise up to take over for him, and stop just when his heels touched it, in exactly the right spot. It was even responsive enough to use for a smooth thrusting motion in certain positions. This was fun, and even useful when he was tired, but he usually preferred doing that "work" himself.

It was during the first weekend, which he spent with his wife relaxing on the Angels' yacht and sightseeing from its helicopter, that he finally got it through his head that Jessica really wasn't jealous. She even asked him about how it was going, and didn't seem to mind hearing about it. In fact, she was happy to hear him starting to talk about it without comparing it to his weeks of torture in Jen's church. He seemed to be recovering well, and although she avoided mentioning how slow he was going, she was relieved that he was able to at least make some progress at this important work. Jim reasoned that she had already had plenty of time to get over any jealous feelings during the past few months. In fact, it was more of the virus's work. After its observations of the behavior of the girls at the Church of Sneezy, it had concluded that it was a good idea to suppress any feelings of jealousy, impatience, or aggression felt by any other hosts about Jim or in his presence.

The following Monday he was really looking forward to work. He was well rested, fully recovered, and newly free of guilt. This was the day when he really started to have fun at his new job. He turned the whole day into a tournament to find his favorite partner. He let entire groups of 20 right into his room at a time, and started out by lining them up and just briefly trying them all on for size and eliminating about half of them. He skipped virgins in this first round (there were usually 1 or 2 in every group), automatically passing them to the next round so that he could take more time with them. In order to avoid coming in his favorites so that he could keep them around longer, he kept a row of the girls he had already eliminated behind him in ready positions at all times. Then whenever he felt like coming he would just turn around and slide into one of them, then see how many others he could impregnate during the same orgasm.

He experimented with stacking these eliminated girls up in twos or threes, but it turned out the best way was to have them lined up next to each other with their asses hanging over an edge and their backs to him, one hand reaching back to keep their pussy lips spread and ready. This way their legs didn't get in the way as he switched from one to the next, and he could make sure the height was just right ahead of time. Also, this position made it possible to let the automatic floor do much of the work of thrusting, which was very helpful while he was coming. He could typically spurt inside of 3 to 4 of them in the same orgasm. As always, the virus made sure that when he spurted they came, even if they had had little to no stimulation before. His best orgasms -- the ones he had after really getting worked up and pausing several times inside of one of his favorites -- went on a lot longer, and if he concentrated (which was not easy under the circumstances) he could impregnate as many as 10 different girls in a row in the same long orgasm.

After trying several positions with each girl who made it past that first round, he would choose his favorite from that group. She'd have a seat on one side of the room and the rest of the eliminated girls he hadn't come in yet would go to the other side. Then he'd call in the next group. Eventually, he had quite a crowd of eliminated girls waiting their turn on one side of the room, and ten group winners seated on the other side. It was getting crowded so he stopped bringing in new groups and started comparing the group winners. He first had each one quickly sit on his cock, facing him, just to get a quick comparative feel. Then he lined them all up doggy style on a ledge, with another line of eliminated girls behind them just in case he wanted to come. He went through them once, quickly, and then spent some more time with each one. He came twice during this process, both times remembering to turn around and do it inside the eliminated girls.

Then he narrowed the field to five and started taking his time with each of them, finding the exact position he liked the best with each girl. For two of them, one of whom had been a virgin, he really wanted to look into their sweet, expressive faces as he penetrated them, so missionary seemed best. For another, a blond with gorgeous lightly tanned skin, it was the way she moved so passionately, especially when she was on top of him. But because she was so passionate and she was in control in this position, he ended up accidentally coming inside her. The fourth girl had a really perky, rounded, perfectly shaped and toned ass. She was great in doggy style but even better standing up with her chest pressed against a wall and her legs spread wide. She had the cutest little dimples in the small of her back, and her ass cheeks were very perky and fun to grab. The fifth girl had an extreme hourglass figure, so he tried to find positions that accentuated it even more. He found that the difference between her hips and her waist looked the most extreme when she was squatting with her feet on the edge of a ledge and her knees up and spread wide as he stood behind her. She held herself there by holding onto handrails just above her head height, spaced pretty far apart. This caused her back and shoulders to tense, further accentuating her stunning hourglass shape.

He really couldn't decide who his favorite was, but he did know that this last girl was the one who was the most fun to wait inside of. Holding himself right on the edge of orgasm while looking down at that amazing body shape was just heavenly. After doing this for quite a while, he couldn't take it any more and he turned around and used up a record 12 eliminated girls all in one huge orgasm, spurting once inside each one as he rode out wave after wave of pleasure. He might have even been able to do one or two more, but he ran out of his row of girls before the orgasm fully ended. The only girls left that he hadn't come inside of were his four remaining favorites. But he was just too exhausted, so he decided to call it a day. He asked Nicole to have them on call for the next time he felt up to having another tournament day.

Tuesday was a very relaxing day in which he mostly laid on his back snacking (there was a chef on call) and took his time to choose one or two favorite girls from behind the one way mirror. He would then call them in and let them ride him at whatever pace they wanted. Most wanted to go pretty fast, overwhelmed by lust for him and, more to the point, for his seed. But about one in five took her time and savored it. As always, the magic of the virus made him instantly want more as soon as he looked at the other girls through the one-way mirror, even right after a really satisfying session. But that day it just felt really good to sit there and take a long time to choose. Sometimes he'd tell them to turn around or pose in different positions. But mostly he just enjoyed ogling them in silence, knowing he could have any of these beautiful strangers just by calling out her number. He'd sit there as long as he could, letting his virus-enhanced lust build up and up before he finally gave in and called for one (or sometimes more) of them.

During this leisurely day, he came up with a new plan for the next day. That first tournament day had been a lot of fun, and he had also been very productive. 200 in one day! Even though everyone including his wife followed her rule of not mentioning his productivity, he did feel good about having found a way to enjoy getting a lot of his "work" done. And even when he went through a lot of girls in a row, it actually wasn't all that much like the torture in Jen's church, because he was going through them to choose which ones to spend more time with. In the church a big part of what made it torture, besides the painful physical confinement, was wanting more from some, or really most, of them. They had all been so incredibly hot, each in a different way, and yet all he got with most of them was a few quick thrusts, always in that same position and in a hurry. Here, he was screening them, and it was actually a huge turn-on instead of pure frustration to go through so many different women so quickly because he knew he'd get to take his time later with his favorites. Following this line of thought, he decided he wanted to spend Wednesday sampling all 1,000 of the remaining non-virgin Angels to choose his favorites. With an 8-hour day, minus time for meals, that meant about 25 seconds each. He figured even with 5 seconds off of that for switching and for the occasional orgasm inside some of the eliminated ones, 20 seconds would be about the right amount of time to get enough of a feel for each of them to decide whether he wanted more.

It was a blast. 20 seconds turned out to be just the right amount of time. With less time, he would have just been going down a line of girls all in the same position comparing how their pussies felt. Not to knock pussy-comparing; that was fun too, in its own way. But it wasn't a good enough basis for choosing favorites. And anyway it was so much more fun to take a moment to appreciate each of their bodies, hug or caress them a little bit, and figure out what position he wanted them in while the virus filled him with waves of lust for this particular one. This would take about half the time, or sometimes a lot less for the really good ones, because the need built up so much faster. Then he'd push into her slowly, savoring the feeling and watching her eyes. While pushing inside a girl for the first time, he always loved to watch her eyes. There was just something wonderful about that moment. The mirrored walls let him do this no matter what the position. Then he'd usually have time for at least a couple full thrusts, after which he'd indicate whether she was one of the 200 he would keep. He was surprised at how often all of this made him want to come. Usually what got him was that slow, delicious initial penetration. That moment was always a huge turn-on. The few seconds of foreplay to build up his desire for each girl as an individual served to make it a powerful moment each time, not a repetitive one. To have so many moments like that in a row, each with a different woman, was just incredibly sexy. As with the previous tournament day, he kept a line of already eliminated girls ready at all times behind him in case he wanted to come. He had to use them often. When his "work" day was over, Nicole stopped him on the way out.

"Jim, are you OK?"

"I'm a little tired, but feeling great. What an amazing day!"

"OK, I just wanted to check and make sure you weren't pushing yourself too hard. There really is no hurry. Did you realize you came inside of 600 today? That's almost the pace Jen had you doing."

"Wow. 600, really? That's great to hear. Don't worry about me. I think I had even more fun today than Monday, and I feel just fine. I'm going to take it easy tomorrow though, and finish what I started today on Friday or next week. I don't mean take a day off though. Just another relaxing day like yesterday."

"OK. All you have left from our members is those 100 virgins. Is that enough for tomorrow?"

"Yeah it's enough, but I think I'll save the virgins for some day next week. Can you bring in outside recruits for tomorrow?"

"Sure. We can recruit in a hurry. We didn't expect to have to do that until next week at the earliest, but it's no problem especially if it's going to be a slower paced day. Or how would like to come with and choose who you want to recruit yourself? We have a special bus ready for you."

Jim spent the next day on their converted coach bus with darkly tinted windows. The seats had all been removed and replaced with various furniture for various sexual positions: a tall bed, a very comfortable but narrow armless reclining chair, and a long padded bench that stuck out about 4 feet from one side and ran half the length of the bus. The height of the bench could be adjusted anywhere from just below his knee height to just above his waist. The overhead luggage compartments had also been removed, leaving plenty of room to stand upright everywhere. The back quarter of the bus was walled off and contained a mini-lab for processing and storing his sperm. They drove it around the island and parked in various spots, allowing him to look out and point to or describe girls he wanted them to recruit. An Angel would then dart out and talk to her briefly, showing her a picture of Jim, and then usually (unless the girl was already pregnant or otherwise infertile and therefore unaffected by his picture), lead her back to the bus. In a way it was just like what he had done Tuesday. He sat in comfort watching girls through glass with growing lust until he had to have one of them. Like Tuesday, the fact he could have just about anyone he saw was a big turn-on. But this time was far better. These girls were in public, fully clothed, and just going about their ordinary lives. They were real, ordinary people you see on the street, and them being clothed actually seemed to drive his lust for them even higher as he imagined what was under those clothes.

Like that tall, classy-looking brunette in the blue striped skirt. Perfect example. In his former life he would have just ogled her as she passed, admiring those tanned and gorgeous legs that disappeared so tantalizingly into her skirt and trying to guess what her upper thighs and ass looked like. Now, he said "brunette, blue skirt" and watched as an Angel quickly recruited her, showing her the picture, whispering in her ear, and pointing to the bus. She stepped onto the bus, walked through the curtain and stopped, seeing him sitting nude in the recliner. Her jaw dropped and her eyes went wide with that familiar look of lust that he never tired of, but also quite a bit of confusion. She started to say something, but he cut her stammering short with a "Shh" and held his arms open to her. That was all it took. She ran to him and kissed him passionately, both of her hands seizing his erection. After a moment he broke the kiss and lifted her hands off of him, pushing her back upright so he could run his hands all over her body through her clothes, appreciating her shape and savoring the anticipation of unwrapping this present. He raised her shirt slightly and caressed her flat, smooth belly and narrow waist before running his hands down the outside of her thighs. He turned her around and very slowly lifted her skirt, checking out her shapely thighs, the very sexy gap between them, and finally her gorgeous ass in white cotton panties. He ran his hands up her inner thighs, stopping just short of her pussy, then gripped a firm, rounded butt-cheek in each hand. She moaned and pressed back toward him. A damp spot was forming fast at her crotch, which as she pressed backwards toward him was about a foot from his face. The smell of her arousal hit him hard, and he almost ripped her panties off and took her right then.

Instead, he got her skirt unzipped and she quickly stepped out of it as his hands returned to caressing her thighs and ass. One hand finally lightly teased her now soaking crotch while the other explored her lower back, pushing her shirt up a little to reveal more of her beautiful skin and then undoing her bra. He turned her around again and caressed her legs, teasing her inner thighs before pressing one hand against her crotch and using the other to raise her shirt up to just below her breasts. Her belly was so flat, her skin was so smooth and perfectly tanned, and her shape was just as he liked it: curvy and trim without being too thin. She was moaning with lust, eyes tightly closed, hips sensuously grinding against his hand. He pushed her shirt up a little more, gesturing to her to take it off, which she quickly did, taking the bra with it. He leaned his head up towards her breasts and she bent over to let him suckle on a tiny, hard, upturned nipple, while she again took his raging erection in her hands. Now his lust was almost unbearable, but he still forced himself to remove her panties slowly, first just stretching them down a little in front to watch her pubic hair come into view below that gorgeous flat belly, then turning her around to slide them slowly off of her rounded ass. It was perfect. So shapely and perky, with such flawless skin. Even her pussy was beautiful. He had her spread her legs and he played with it with both hands, watching his finger penetrate her right in front of his face. God, she was so wet and smooth. He simply couldn't wait any longer. He spun her around again and had her climb on top of him, facing him. Yesterday had gotten him addicted to watching faces during first-time penetration, and without mirrored walls he had to have her facing him. She moved his cock into position and began to lower herself, but he stopped her, holding her off of him and forcing her to take her time.

"Look at me," he said. These were the first words he had said to this stranger, and they came as the head of his cock was buried just inside her tight, smooth pussy. Their eyes met and he allowed her to very slowly lower herself another inch onto his rock-hard erection. Just a few minutes ago she had been yet another stranger on a crowded sidewalk. Now their eyes and bodies were locked together. He could see on her face the delicious, incredibly satisfying penetration she was feeling as she pushed onto him inch by inch. She finally got all the way down and he turned his gaze to her beautiful body as she began to ride him. He then realized all of a sudden that this narrow recliner was a lot like the gurney he had been strapped to during his weeks of torture, and this was just about the exact position they had used. And she was easily hot enough to have been one of Jen's girls. It was amazing that he hadn't realized this before. He must really be getting over it. But now that he had thought of it, he wanted a different position.

"Up," he said. "On your knees on the bench." She immediately complied.

He got behind her and pushed deep inside her once again, marveling at how this position tightened her entrance and accentuated her curves. But it did something else, too. It also allowed him to look out the bus window. His eyes immediately locked onto a group of three Japanese tourist girls waiting to cross the street toward the bus. They were so cute with their little cartoon character shirts and their innocent, smiling faces. "The Japanese girls, all of them," he said into the radio, and an Angel stationed across the street instantly approached them, falling into stride with them just as they began to cross. He watched their faces closely and could see the moment they became his as they looked at his picture in the Angel's hand. Then when she told them he was on the bus and wanted to see them, and they all looked up at the dark windows with their sweet little faces suddenly full of lust, he came without warning inside the brunette. He looked back down at her gorgeous body, also of course in the throes of orgasm, as he pumped deeply in and out of her, coming hard. When he finally finished and looked up again, the Japanese girls were all on board the bus, peeking through the curtain at the front, their cute little mouths open in shock and confusion and their faces flushed with arousal. The one in front, the only one whose body he could see, had her hand in the front of her shorts, and a taller one behind her seemed to be hyperventilating, leaning against the railing for support. He pulled out of the brunette and, telling her not to spill, directed her to the door at the back of the bus. As she walked off on shaky legs, he turned his gaze, and his rock-hard and glistening erection, back toward the three stunned girls.

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