tagNonHumanThe Hackett Pack

The Hackett Pack


It was Friday night and as usual the Den was packed. Kell looked down at the main floor from one of the secluded VIP booths, drink in hand, as he tried to relax. The business deal with the Douglas pack was pretty much wrapped up, all that was left was a quick trip out to Scotland to sign the papers. He knew he should be celebrating but his wolf was restlessness and he'd been like this ever since the meeting today.

It had been the strangest thing. The members of the Douglas pack had just arrived and everyone was shaking hands and saying hello. It had been good to see Lachlan, the Douglas alpha again; it had to have been over five years since they'd last seen each other. Lachlan's father had gotten sick a few years back and Lachlan had taken over during that time. Apparently he was doing something right because the Douglas pack was stronger than ever. Kell had been standing joking with Lachlan when the other man, who hadn't dressed for the southern Colorado summer weather, had taken off his suit jacket. All of a sudden Kell had detected the most tantalizing scent. It was slightly spicy and hot like cinnamon candy, but it was faint and almost completely masked by Lachlan's own scent. Kell's shaft had instantly hardened and his dark eyes had glowed yellow for a second as his wolf took over. It had been unlike anything Kell had ever experienced. He almost never lost control of his wolf and when he did it was always because he lost his temper.

Luckily, Lachlan had been the only one to witness Kell's reaction. The other man hadn't said anything, just looked at him questioningly before suggesting they get to work. Everything had gone according to plan after that, with the exception of Lachlan's unexpected demand that the actual paperwork be signed at the Douglas pack compound. But that was fine, odd, but fine. Thinking about the trip Kell started to get excited, he hadn't been there in years and if he remembered correctly the Douglas pack was a hell of a good time when they got drunk. A vacation was just what he needed. This latest deal had turned out to be trickier than he'd originally imagined.

Effectively the Douglas and Hackett packs would be creating a joint training program for their warriors. Everyone agreed it was a good idea, but the actual logistics had taken forever to work out. Kell and his team had been at it for the better part of the past three weeks and tonight was the first night they were able to enjoy themselves.

Kell rolled his shoulders and tried to do just that. Problem was he just couldn't get that scent out of his head. It was driving him crazy. Fuck, he was rock hard just thinking about it. He knew he needed to get himself under control, the last thing he wanted was Lachlan thinking he was into him. Not that there was anything wrong with that, he just liked women.

As if on cue, Brianna shimmied up behind him molding her curves to his body and dropping one hand down to his fly.

"Mmmm, you're already hard baby. See something down there you like?"

Kell chuckled and stood a moment enjoying her caresses as he swallowed the last of his drink. Her fingers traced the outline of his dick and she leaned up to capture his earlobe between her teeth.

"Look but don't touch" she whispered breathily in his ear, accentuating the demand with a quick squeeze to his dick. "This is all mine tonight."

Kell rolled his eyes at the words. Brianna was a hot fuck but she wasn't his girlfriend and she certainly wasn't his mate. She'd been getting increasingly possessive these past few months making it crystal clear she wanted to be alpha bitch. It was one of the few unattractive things about her; physically she was pretty fucking flawless and she could do amazing things with her mouth. Still, he wasn't interested in anything besides the sex and he was getting sick of reminding her of the rules.

Kell sighed, turning around and taking in her appearance for the first time. She wore a tight little red dress that was short and clingy, molding to her curves perfectly. She looked real good tonight. He gently but firmly tugged on her silky dark hair, tilting her head back to meet his eyes.

"Uh uh. None of that." He said softly but with steel in his voice and her eyes flared in defiance because she knew exactly what he was talking about. It irritated her to no end that he wouldn't commit to her. She didn't care if he slept with other women, but she wanted the power that came with being alpha bitch.

"Don't pout beauty. Brattiness isn't a good look for you. I'm going to get another drink and when I come back I want to see you getting ready for me with Dante. I'm horny and I'm gonna hit that pussy hard tonight. Go warm it up for me."

Brianna's eyes darkened at his words and she nodded, smiling inwardly to herself. Kell might act like he didn't care but she was his favorite. That had to mean something. She glanced over to where Dante was sitting talking to Graham, and admired the two men who were Kell's best friends and betas. Both of them were tall and well built, but that's where the similarities ended. Dante was black with dark dark skin and sexy brown eyes while Graham was tan with white-blond hair and baby blue eyes. Each one turned her one immensely. And Kell? She got wet just looking at him. He was tall and tan with a toned body that was powerful without being bulky. He had sexy brown hair with the most beautiful hazel eyes and long lashes. He was ruggedly handsome for sure but what really turned her on was the power that seemed to radiate off him.

Kell watched her eying him and slid his hand up under her dress cupping her pussy.

"Thinking about this dick baby?"

Brianna squirmed against the heated pressure of his hand. "Always."

Kell's hand squeezed her pussy harder for a second before he murmured "Good answer." He slowly withdrew his hand and gave her ass a quick slap. "Go say hi to Dante."

Trusting Brianna to follow his orders, Kell turned and walked towards the private bar to refill his drink. He nodded to Graham as the other man joined him at the bar.

"Sicced Brianna on Dante I see. Planning for a long night?" Graham asked with a gleam in his eye. Kell just nodded again and took a sip of his drink. He was trying to decide whether to talk to Graham about the scent that was bothering him. He decided against it. He was probably just horning. Brianna could take care of that.

Graham could tell something was bothering Kell but didn't press it. If Kell was still acting funny after tonight then he'd find out what was up, but for now he let it rest. Graham caught a flash of sequins out of the corner of his eye and his attention got caught on a very shapely pair of legs. "See ya later" Graham said as he made his way towards the sequins.

By this point Brianna was straddling Dante's lap and Kell watched with heated eyes as she gave him a slow lap dance. Kell had no problem sharing women with his betas, shit some of his hottest memories involved the three of them sharing one or more women. It had happened more frequently when they were younger, but every now and then he'd still get the urge. Tonight was one of those times.

Dante looked up sensing Kell's eyes on them and turned Brianna around so that she faced the bar. Her eyes flared and she smiled seductively. Kell really was her favorite. What she wouldn't give to be alpha bitch. She bit down on her plump lower lip and placed her hands on Dante's spread knees grinding harder on his cock. Kell watched as she arched her upper body, thrusting her breasts towards him. He reached down and adjusted the bulge in his pants.

He watched Brianna's expression closely as his hand stayed on his dick. He could tell she wanted to be the one stroking him. She widened her stance on Dante and moved faster rubbing her clit against his pant covered cock. The thin strip of lace covering her pussy was soaked and Dante growled at the feeling of her wet heat dry humping him. His hands clenched at her sides and the pace he set was hard and fast.

Dante smiled at Kell, "she feels real good tonight. Already soaking my dick aren't you baby girl?"

One of Dante's big hands lifted and pinched a nipple. Kell's hand visibly clenched on his dick and Brianna let out a moan. She knew Kell loved hearing her and mewled louder as Dante's hand continued to squeeze her round breasts, alternating between the left and the right. Her bait worked and Kell started towards them unzipping his fly as he walked.

"ugghhh yeah baby, let me get at that dick" Brianna cooed.

"You want this?" Kell asked, one fist circling his big dick that jutted out towards her. Dante picked that moment to thrust his hips up and all Brianna could do was nod and moan.

"You creaming on Dante's dick girl?"

He could clearly see the wet spot on Dante's jeans getting even darker. Kell stopped right in front of Brianna his dick bobbing inches from her mouth. He stared down at her with a hooded gaze as she leaned forward and gentle blew a puff of air against the swollen head. She did it again, smirking up at him with her cat-like green eyes as she watched his jaw clench.

Kell let out a loud breath, his fists clenched at his side, but didn't move. "Suck me."

Brianna leaned forward and rubbed the head of his cock against her lips but made no move to suck him into her hot little mouth. Kell smirked down at her excited. "Someone wants to play huh?" Brianna just smiled and lifted one eyebrow as she continued to rub him with her closed mouth. She could tell that his mood was darker tonight and knew he would like it a little rough.

Kell nudged his dick a little harder against her lips "Open up baby, I wanna fuck that pretty mouth." He reached down with one of his big hands and cupped her jaw pressing just hard enough to force the thick crest inside her hot mouth.

"Yeahhh, that's it." Kell's groaned, widening his feet at she started teasing his dickhead. His hands fell clenched to his sides as he watched her suck at the swollen head. She stared up at Kell getting noisy about it and flicking her tongue right under the head.


Brianna winked at him and in one smooth motion took him all the way into her throat.

"Fuuuckk." Kell's hands came up to keep her head in place. "Yeah Bri, swallow that dick baby. Fuck." Kell's hips involuntarily bucked forward a few times as he enjoyed the tight wet heat surrounding his dick. When he felt Brianna's hands start to push against his thighs he pulled back. She slowly slid her lips back up his dick, removing her mouth an audible pop. Panting slightly she looked up at him and licked her lips.

Kell stepped back and stroked himself slowly, his breath returning to normal. Dante spread his legs further apart forcing Brianna's legs to spread with his. By this point the stretchy material of her dress had ridden all the way to her hips so that her lacey thong was completely exposed.

"Keep her spread for me." Kell bit out as he stared at the dark material covering her mound. Dante nodded, his rough hands holding her legs wide apart. Kell stood still a moment longer, admiring the two of them. Brianna mewled under his sensual gaze and squirmed in Dante's arm causing the big man to tighten his hold. Finally Kell moved, coming towards them and reaching down to drag one finger slowly down the crotch of her panties. Brianna tried to buck her hips up into his touch but Dante's grip prevented her.

Kell crouched in front of her placing his palms on her toned inner thighs. He slowly dragged his hands closer towards her center while gently blowing on her still covered pussy. Brianna moaned and wiggled her hips desperately. Dante groaned making Kell smile.

Dante caught Kell's sly look. "Fucker. You know how good this ass feels. All firm and round." He repeated the last bit huskily into Brianna's ear before sucking on her ear, causing her to shudder at the duel onslaught.

Brianna's attention snapped back to Kell as she felt a hand tug her underwear to one side exposing her pussy to the cool air. "Please Kell" she moaned as he continued to blow on her.

"Please what?" Kell asked. Dante squeezed a nipple and she just made a squeaking sound.

"I asked you a question." Kell said.

"Tt-t-touch me" Kell grinned darkly at the stutter and moved the pad of his finger feather light over her tight little clit. "Like that?"

"Nooo, harder" she pleaded.

"You want it harder?" Kell asked in a smooth tone. She nodded frantically, her head bobbing up and down. The feel of Kell's teasing combined with Dante's hands on her breasts was driving her insane.

"Ok. If you say so" Kell said right before thrusting two fingers suddenly inside her.

"Ahhhhhhhhh" she screamed, her inner walls clenching down and squeezing his thick digits.

"Ungh, Dante you should feel how hot this pussy is. So wet and tight" Brianna was shuddering and desperately trying to work her hips against his still fingers. "Please" she begged, crying out in relief as Kell's fingers began to slowly thrust in and out of her pussy creating the delicious friction she was craving.

Kell began fingering her faster, "I can feel this pussy getting tighter. You going to be a good girl and come for me?" Kell crouched down, thrusting his fingers harder and sucking at her exposed clit.

"I'm cumming." Brianna moaned, her head falling back to rest on Dante's shoulder as Kell's mouth brought her to a hard orgasm.

"Ummmm." Kell gave her clit one last kiss and slowly rose, chuckling as he eased his fingers out of her spasming pussy. "Damn baby ease up, let me go."

Dante chuckled too but the sound was a little strained. "She getting to you?" Kell asked laughing at his beta.

"Fuck you" Dante joked. "She's been soaking my dick and rubbing that tight ass against me for over half an hour. I want some of that pussy." Dante started to stand up causing Brianna to slide down the length of his body. "Shit" Dante said, groaning from the sensation. "Yeah I want at that pussy right now."

His hands were clenched on either side of her waste as he kept Brianna pressed tight up against his hard body. "Bend over baby, turn that pretty ass up to me." Dante ordered as he gently but forcefully moved her into the position he wanted.

Brianna's hands dropped down to grab onto the low couch they had just been sitting on, her ass up in the air as she started slowing grinding against the front of Dante's pants.

Dante could only take a minute of her teasing before he reached down and unzipped himself, immediately easing himself into her.

"Fuucckk." Dante groaned, clenching her hips tight. The pressure in his balls easing a little now that he was finally inside her. When he regained enough of his control he playfully slapped her ass. Bri began moving her hips in a sensual motion, undulating herself up and down his cock. "Yeah, girl. Show 'em how its done." Dante groaned reverently, rocking his hips and squeezing her firm cheeks.

Kell's eyes were hot as he watched them fuck. Seeing Brianna's tight little body handle Dante's dick was always incredible to watch. Not that his dick was any smaller than Dante's, but there was something about the contrast of their skin tones that set him on edge. Kell usually would be making a move to join them by this point, but he held back. Dante was close; they were all just a little to crazed tonight to make it last.

Sure enough a minute later Dante's thrusts became rougher as he began to lose control. Brianna matched his speed, fucking back on him faster, her voice one constant moan as she started to come hard on his dick.

"Uhhhh shit. I'm gonna cum." Dante bit out. He thrust his hips two more times before pulling his wet dick out. "Unggggghhhhhhhhhh." Dante grunted as he came on her backside.

"God damn. You got some good pussy girl. Real good." Dante sighed as he calmed down, absently stroking his dick up as he recovered. Brianna didn't say anything, she just turned around and gently took his semi-hard dick in her mouth for a minute before rising.

"Here." Kell's deep voice said from beside them as he handed Brianna a towel. "Clean yourself up. It's my turn." Brianna took the towel from him and they locked eyes as she washed off Dante's release.

"Are you still hot baby? Or should I find someone else?" Kell asked already knowing the answers to his questions. Brianna was always ready. He felt bad for whoever her future mate was, they were going to have a raw dick whenever she went into heat.

"No." She said coyly as she turned towards him. "You promised me I'd get that dick tonight and I want it."

She tossed the towel away and dropped to her knees deep-throating his dick. "Good girl. Enjoy it now baby but then I want that pussy." Kell gripped her hair hard thrusting his hips just enough to let her know he was in control without actually hurting her. After a few more strokes Kell eased his dick out of her mouth. He grabbed her arms and tugged her up forcing her to totter after him in her high heels as he strode over to the closest wall.

"Face the wall. Hands up" he bit out in a gravelly tone, kicking his legs between the sides of her feet to spread her legs apart. Looking down at her body he was impatient to fuck but he wanted to make sure she was ready. He knew he was big and while she liked it rough he would never intentionally hurt any woman. Hands on her hips to make sure she didn't move he dropped down and ate at her pussy holding her still as she immediately started bucking.

"Still wet from Dante or is this all for me?" He asked between sucks. "You" she gasped, fucking herself on his tongue. Kell took one last lick and stood up.

He grabbed his dick and teased both of them with the swollen head before thrusting hard into her.

"Fuuuuuck" she yelled as Kell groaned and began feeding her his dick with savage thrusts. She tried to turn her head to face his eyes, she loved seeing him out of control. It was so rare and so overwhelmingly sexy. He stopped her head from turning though. He couldn't explain it but he didn't want to see her face. He knew it was messed up but he couldn't stop imaging he was fucking the woman with the spicy scent.

His hips speed up thinking about his mystery woman and he could feel his muscles start to tense. He dropped the hand that wasn't clamped around Brianna's head down to her pussy and worked her clit furiously.

She humped back against his dick feeling him expand even more inside her pussy. Kell was always an amazing partner but he never let himself lose his control like this. I must finally be getting to him, Brianna thought to herself. That idea alone was enough to push her over the edge and she started coming hard on Kell's dick.

"Fuuuccck yeah. Squeeze that dick." Kell shouted still imagining he was fucking the woman with the cinnamon scent. He felt his balls clench as he started coming hard into Brianna.

"Unngghh. Shit." Kell grunted as he slumped forward, totally spent. He couldn't believe how hard he had come. And all from thinking about his mystery woman.

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