The Half Demon has Halloween...!


She nodded with a weak smile. Max knew that she would not do anything against his wishes, but somehow he was getting a bad feeling that something bad might happen soon. He waved at both his maid & Victoria. He started walking away, deep into forest. He could have taken his carriage till there, but then again he wanted to check onto something.

An hour later when he has reached his usual spot of using magic to open portal to return to the future it was afternoon already. He looked around to check whether the perimeter was safe for opening the portal. There was no living soul around other than trees & some animals running in the wilderness. He put his hand on the ground & pulled it up in one swift move opening the portal's Gate. The energy seemed to suck the air in too. He picked up his bag & stepped in as the Gate of the portal closed behind him.


As he stepped out in the 'present' he felt a bit dazed. It was early morning. He was standing on the East tower of the Windsor castle. The Long Walk on his left was shadowed by the trees, as the early sun rays of the morning hit his eyes directly. He covered his eyes & looked way smiling. He jumped far away in the middle of the Long Walk. He sighed as he thought that he had a long day ahead. He looked at the small list of plan he had written on his hand.

He was in Berkshire currently. First he had to return to London. There he had to deliver the apricots at a local bakery where he usually went. Then the next thing on his list was to go to a café & wait for someone. He was going to get his next job assignment there. He was hoping that the job wouldn't need him to travel far like he had to do on his past few jobs. After that he had to return to his hostel & finish up the preparations for the journey which now awaited him. He put his hand down in his pocket & removed the silver chain-watch. He had received it as a gift from someone special, years ago, when he first started hunting demons. It wasn't a normal watch. If he had to describe it in very few words he would say that it showed him the time... of whatever he wanted to see.

It was 9:30am. He sighed again, put his watch inside his coats pocket & started walking away. He reached crossed the Long Walk of the castle & hit the road. After a few minutes of waiting he got a bus & traveled to the bakery & delivered the apricots. Then he headed to café. As he opened the door he heard the usual clink of the bell above the door that greeted him to the usual warmth.

"Well hello cutie pie! Where have you been?" boomed the voiced of Mrs. Martha Jameson, the café owner.

"Hello there madam M" Max greeted the old lady with a warm smile, as he sat in his usual chair in the corner. She had been more like a mother to him in this foreign country. She bustled to him to take his order, to which he beamed with an enthusiastic, "Coffee with whipped cream as usual! Where's Bill? Is he here yet?"

"Oh yes dear boy. He came here something like half an hour ago, just went out to get something, as you weren't here yet. She went in & came back after ten minutes. "You know how he is" she continued, "He comes to this shop only when he has some work for you. God knows why I took him as my husband."

"Maybe love" Max guessed it out loud for her, to which she chuckled & went back to her work again. Max started taking few sips of coffee when a man with sharp blue eyes sat before him. He was wearing a green jumper & a white shirt underneath, his hairs were silvery grey & there was a business like aura around him.

"Assignment Max" Bill started the conversation hitting the matter directly. He put a large brown envelope in front of him.

"Good morning Bill" Max said in same business like tone, as he rummaged the insides of the envelope for proper information & photos of the murder scenes. "Where's the destination?"

"Southwark. Jennings Hospital. Job... investigate & eliminate" Bill said. "There've strange killings at night."

"Strange?" Max asked with his eyebrow raised.

"Hmm as I said, these murders all happened at night. And it seems that most of the victims have a thing in common. They look like something being sucked out of them. You know how a toothpaste tube looks like when a kid sucks it up. Moderate bloodshed, but this sucking implies-"

"-supernatural" Max finished it for him. "Hmm it can't be a vampire. Because if it was, there wouldn't have been a drop of blood spilled". Max looked at the photograph. The body in each photo looked stranger than normal bodies for sure. Their mouths were open, color of skin was a bit drained & as for blood, it was clotted on the floor near the victims; who were struck with injections or scalpels or scissors mercilessly. "Are you sure it's not a serial killer?"

"No. Why?" Bill asked.

"Because the wounds are inflicted by hospital instruments, the victims appear to be of same age &... the victims seems to be killed near beds" Max said back flatly.

"Probably" Bill said, looking at the photos too, "But that doesn't mean that there isn't any supernatural force behind it. Because even the Yard haven't been able to find any leads from many months. But anyway, are you taking the job or not?"

Max looked up at the photos & the documents for some time. After some consideration, he picked up the mess of papers on the table & shoved it back in the envelope. Max looked up & said "Payment at the usual spot Bill. Put it in there in a week. I have other jobs to do too. And why didn't you take this job?"

"Because I have some other plans this month" Bill said getting up & muttered as he walked to the café counter to his wife "And because I am getting old for this stuff."

Max looked at him a bit confused, but got up & walked out of the café.


Five days had been passed since he had taken the job. He was standing in front of the Jennings Hospital, on the roof of the building, looking at the eighth floor. One more murder had taken place in those five days he had been watching over the hospital. Victim was another male in teens; probably 16 to 18 years old. He had reached the scene a bit late, being unable to save the boy. But what he saw & smelled there was still imprinted in his mind. Before fleeing from the scene without leaving any traces of him, he had taken a nice brief look around the room, as the police came storming in, cursing at their failure to prevent murder again. He remembered how the victim had a look of terror upon his face.

The cold winter breeze was bathing him on the roof. He took out his silver watch from the pocket; 11:20pm. He put the watch back in his pocket & had barely managed to look up when he felt it; a feeble aura of evil. He snapped back his head up at the eighth floor & strained his eyes looking for clues. The windows displayed the corridor to be empty; there was no doctor, no nurses, no patient & no visitor on the whole floor; as it was the crime scene. Everything looked normal except the lights- the whole floor had no lights on there. Max thought for a moment. The scenario was dawning into his mind. As all the pieces started falling into the place a small smile came on his face; he had a plan now.


Two days later, Max was standing on the roof of the same building again, watching at the hospital's eighth floor. It was 30th October; All Hallows' Eve being the next day. He checked the time. The hospital seemed with a different mood than the streets & other buildings all around.

It was almost 11:00pm. He bent a bit & jumped across the building as if powerful springs were attached to his feet. He landed softly on the wall of the hospital & managed to grab hold of the ledge. He strained his left hand, which was now dressed with bandages he had used to tie his injured arm a week ago, to open the window to the eighth floor. As soon as he climbed in the window behind him shut with a soft click. He looked back quickly, worried that maybe the culprit was here already. But it was his coat which had stuck in the window, which later pulled it shut as he landed in softly. He freed his coat from the window & walked in. The room where the murder had taken place was still sealed shut by the Yard, which investigated the murder after him. He went few rooms ahead & came to the second-last room in the corridor. This room was going to be fine he thought.

He put a sound proofing spell on the room's exterior & got in. He slipped out of his clothes & put them in a dresser nearby. He searched the dresser for the patient's clothes in it which the hospital provided & found them below on another rack. He slipped himself into the blue patient's outfit quickly & kept the window of the room slightly open. Then he took the pad at the foot of the bed, on which the information of the patient was written. He quickly scribbled some lines on it & put it back to where it was in the first place. Then he jumped on the bed, pulled the white blanket over him. He checked the clock on the wall; it was 11:10pm. He had ten more minutes to relax his breath & body. He started leaving slow & calm breaths. As minutes passed & his body relaxed, he lay down on the bed & pulled the blanket up to his chest. Then he waited.

It seemed like time passed very slow as he waited. He hated waiting for someone, but ironically was best at waiting of someone too. 11:20pm. 11:30pm. 11:45pm. 12:00am. Nothing happened. Nobody came. But he was still awake, waiting, looking up at the ceiling.

It was near 01:10am, as he started to get sleepy, when he heard a distant click of the door. He suddenly felt a small chill go through air. It seemed like the temperature dropped a few degrees than how much it already was. There were footsteps. Slow & graceful footsteps. From what the taps of footsteps sounded, Max could say that those were heeled shoes. It was a lady or a girl; but a nurse of course. But what was a nurse doing here on this floor at this hour? He lay on the bed tense as the footsteps came closer. He closed the eyes & waited. The footsteps passed his door & went ahead to next room. But they halted suddenly. Max heard them moving back to him. He quickly closed his eyes & pretended to be asleep. There was a small click of the door's handle turning to be opened.

"Hmm" he heard the voice of a young lady, "I thought that there was no patient here today." The voice sounded a little distant.

'Ghost!' Max thought as he lay with his eyes closed.

The footsteps came close to him and the voice came again, "Now let's see what you have got" said she. And there was a rustling at his feet, Max knew that she had taken the pad & was checking it. Then he heard her mumbling further, "Hmm patient number 809... age 20... fractured left arm... pain in the ribs... hmm... you sound like to have taken a lot of beating patient number 809. What's the name again?"

Max was controlling himself from smiling as the nurse checked for is name; whatever he had planned was all falling into right place. Now he just needed to wait for the right time to strike.

"Max" the nurse said, as she finished checking the whole page, "Now then, today I am going to take care of you Mr. Max."

Max peeked through his barely opened eyes. The nurse started bustling around. She inclined the upper half of the bed down a bit, then she put her hand on his stomach as if feeling for ribs, then she went around the bed again. From what Max could barely see, he could define the nurse having an elegant figure; she was tall, about five & half feet or more, she had long slender legs covered with white stockings, her hands were same slender too, black hairs were folded in a nice bun & held in a nurse's cap or whatever they called it. Max couldn't see her face as she had her back towards him. He was waiting for the right moment to strike & finish the ghost. Killing someone by stabbing him from behind was definitely not his way of killing.

The nurse then turned back at him. He closed his eyes shut again. He heard her drawing close. She held his right arm & applied a spirit on it. This was the moment he was waiting for. But before Max could open his eyes, & strike when he felt a needle pierce his right arm & a fluid being pushed in.

'Wait a moment!' Max thought, 'A ghost cannot touch objects & normal humans! Then how did she incline the bed? Of course she can touch me as I am a half demon & I have power to touch ghosts. But the how did she kill the other victims? Nor can ghosts walk on the ground with loud footsteps- they float. Is she a ghost or not? Her hand seems pretty solid than a usual ghost's body can feel me. Was she a demon? Or a human?'

But before Max could think further, he could feel getting drowsy. His mind started going black. He tried to stay awake, but the mistake was already done. He had let the nurse slip inject the sleeping drug into him.

As he started falling fully asleep he heard the nurse's false sweet voice, "Oh my, you needed some rest mister. And staying up awake wasn't going to help your health. So I had to make how sleep. But don't worry... I am here to take care of you!"

'How did she know?' was the last thought Max could register before he fell asleep.


Max slowly opened his eyes. It was all blur before him. He could feel some weight on his thighs. Someone was sitting there. He felt his cock pulsating; something soft was rubbing it. Max shook his head hard to get out of the sleep & opened his eyes wide, only to see the nurse sitting on his thighs, holding his cock & rubbing it hard with her soft hand. She seemed totally different from how she was earlier before he had fallen asleep. Her hairs tightly closed in the bun were now scattered open & fell down behind her. Her eyes had a manic glint in them, yet she wasn't looking at him. Her eyes were fixed to his cock. He tried to lunge forward at her, but couldn't. He looked back; his hands were tied to the bed's sides with white bandages. Luckily his feet were free. And even if she was sitting on his thighs he could throw her off.

But before he could move his feet, he saw the nurse gobbling his whole erect cock in her mouth & start sucking in. Max felt his feet go numb. Her wet mouth & her tongue licking his cock sent a hot ripple of pleasure though his whole body down to the legs. His cock went hard wringing in her mouth. As her mouth bobbed up & down on his shaft her hairs flailed wildly in an eerie way. He closed his eyes in pleasure. She continued to rub his hard cock & sucking it hungrily, & as time passed she did it harder & faster. Her grip on his cock became tighter. Max could feel the tension on his cock growing higher. Finally when the tip of her tongue dived into the tip of his cock's head, he couldn't take it any further. With his groin bucking forward, he came into her mouth hard; which she sucked in with all her might. A moan of pleasure left his mouth as the last drops of cum drained into her mouth. She gulped it in to his surprise.

When he opened his eyes & looked up at her she seemed dazed after drinking his cum. She murmured, "Umm this is so fun! It's been my first time when this cum tasted so good!" The manic dazed expression still displayed in her eyes.

Max stared at her. She looked terrifyingly mad, but was very beautiful too. She had a nice small face. Her lips were faded shades of red & she had light brown eyes. Her skin was drained of color yet smooth & soft. Her breasts were not big but were soft & full as expected in a young woman. Max kept staring at her unable to deduce what to do. But it all turned into another direction as her mad eyes met his. She was looking at him straight in his eyes; there was no fear in them but only cold & a bit of surprise as far as Max can tell.

She asked him in a surprised & annoyed voice, "How did you get up so soon? I made sure to inject enough anesthesia so that you would drop dead asleep for hours."

Max didn't reply. He was feeling her soft hips on his thighs, or rather trying to feel whether she was human. But now as every moment passed, as he saw her change her expressions on the face, he couldn't think her being anything other than a ghost. True it was that she was more solid & did things that a normal ghost couldn't do, but indeed she was a spirit stuck in there. He saw her cold stare boring in his eyes, her manic smile still not leaving the lips.

"You don't look like a British. Your skin is brown. Are you an Asian?" she asked him testily.

"You are a ghost" Max said with a small smile coming on his face. "But how come are you able to touch other people?"

The smile on her face disappeared. Max knew that now she was alarmed. And this was completely visible in her eyes watching him suspiciously. "Who are you? And how did you wake up so early from the high dose on anesthesia?" she repeated her question again.

Max didn't wanted to answer her, but she already seemed to have noticed that he wasn't "normal". She rose from his thighs, tied his feet on the end of the bed in front of him. He tried to break free but he still couldn't feel his arm; especially the effect of the anesthesia was still on his right arm. Before he could try to use his left hand he found her over him; she pinned his bound arms with her hands & sat on this cock, which got erect instantly. She stared at him with a cold smile.

"You are right my dear boy. I am a ghost" she said, "But that doesn't matter, because you are going to die."

Max tried harder to break his arms free. This only increased the nurse's smile. She bent over him, her mouth hovering over his, her eyes going back to being dazed as they were earlier.

"Not so soon dear. I am going to have some fun before that" she said, with a sadistic touch in her voice. She started rubbing her crotch on his erect shaft, which flashed openly out of the outfit he was wearing. She started hitting her hips on his cock up & down. Max couldn't feel any energy to make her stop. His body didn't have any urge to make her stop at what she was doing. Her head came down & her lips touched his neck.

She licked him up & down, from cheeks to neck & back up again. Her firm breasts pressed against his chest. As she rubbed her pussy over him, he felt the fabric of her clothing getting wet below. She giggled eerily, "He he. It looks like you are making me excited boy." She reached her right hand down, pushed her panties down to her thighs where her white stockings started. She held his cock & pushed it in her opening. She let out a small "Ah" as his cock entered her pussy.

She let out a small moan as she started humping her hips up & down on his shaft. Max felt incredible; his body responded to her moving hips automatically by thrusting his hips up slowly & reluctantly. She bit him on the shoulder & then rose up & sat up straight, not stopping to hump her hips on his cock. Max saw her groping her breasts, which were still locked behind her nurse's uniform, her soft hands clearly matching the softness of her fuller breasts. Her eyes closed as Max felt her body trembling in pleasure, along with his.

As she started moving her hips faster Max couldn't bear it any further. The sensations on his cock were incredible; her pussy felt like wet soft velvet, rubbing on his cock teasingly. He came harder in her. Her back arched behind straining his cock in a wide angle, making him reluctantly struggle to keep himself inside her softness. She stayed arched as his final drops of cum emptied in her pussy, but then suddenly collapsed on his chest after that. She moaned hungrily.

"Umm that was so good" she said giggling, in the same eerie way again, in his ears, "You are lucky boy! You are the first one to get inside me before you die, rather than those other boys you died in vain, as I suckled their cum & their life hard out of them. They were pathetic & had no hopes at all. And so they had to die anyway."

Max felt her panting breaths over his shoulder. Slowly her situation was getting clear to him. "So that explains the smell of cum all over the place I smelled earlier. You killed them after draining out their cum. You made them weak before killing them. But why? Why did you kill them?" Max knew her answer half already. He just wanted to hear her story. He was beginning to feel his both arms slowly; they were gaining their strength back.

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