tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 06

The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 06


Sorry for the delay in finishing this story. Got sidetracked, however the real Jen from Louisiana, the little darling she is, kept nagging me like the proverbial Mother-in-law so here are the final three chapters.

Recapping the characters:
My Ma, Pa, older brother Jethro and younger sister Trixie
My Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Shirley, and their 2 sons, Stan & Billy
My cousin Dirk
My boyfriend Bobby
Sonja, the bitch cheerleader

Chapter Six

By the time Thursday came around I was a nervous wreck. I was going to stay with Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Shirley for two weeks. I prayed that somehow the photos had been deleted off the camera without anyone noticing them. I had classes at the college in the morning, and in the afternoon Aunt Shirley arrived around to pick me. Ma and Pa were so excited by the prospect of their two week holiday that they failed to notice my apprehension. Or perhaps I just hid it so well, as I certainly didn't want to spoil their holiday.

My brother, Jethro, had already left to stay with cousin Dirk, and my little sister, Trixie, was staying with the family of her best friend.

It was time for Ma and Pa to leave for their flight so reluctantly I threw my two bags in the back of Aunt Shirley's Chevy pick up and we left for the short drive to her house. Aunt Shirley was upbeat and chatted away to me like she normally does. There certainly was no indication that anything was amiss, so I felt a partial sense of relief that at least she had not seen the obscene photos I had taken of myself. For the millionth time I pondered how I could have been so stupid and behaved in such a perverted manner.

Uncle Jimmy was not home when we arrived at their house, however their youngest boy, Billy, was there playing video games. Fortunately their oldest son, Stan, did not live at home so at least I would only have to put up with one of their hillbilly, idiotic sons. Aunt Shirley showed me to my room, which was Stan's old bedroom. It had the distinctive smell of a male's bedroom. A sort of mix of unwashed gym gear, sweaty shoes and cheap deodorant. At least I was only going to be there for two weeks. 'How bad can it be?' I tried to reassure myself.

I sat on the side of the bed and tried to relax, but when I glanced up at the doorway Billie was peering around the corner.

"What?" I asked tersely.

Billy looked disappointed. I think the idiot had hoped I was in the middle of undressing.

"You betta get ready for practice," he drooled. "Pappy will be home shortly and we gotta get going cause we will be late."

"You are always late for practice. Why spoil your good record by being on time for once," I bit back. "Besides, I am not going to practice no more. I am done cheerleading."

"Is that so," he sneered. "But you have such a talent for it. Well.... perhaps no talent, but your bum ain't half pretty."

He laughed at his own little joke.

"Fuck you!" I retorted.

"Oh, yes please. You can fuck me anytime you like, cousin." He laughed even louder this time.

Annoyed that I couldn't even win a verbal battle with an idiot, I got up and slammed the door in his face. I barely had time to sit down when I heard Uncle Jimmy's voice booming down the hallway telling us in his own crass way that he was home and we were leaving in five minutes for practice.

I stuck my head out my bedroom door. "I'm not coming," I yelled, "So don't wait for me."

"Is that so?" Uncle Jimmy responded. "Who gave you permission to skip practice little lady?"

I wanted to tell him that my cheerleader days were all over, and there was not a damn thing he could do about it. I had been humiliated enough just because I lost that stupid bet. But I rationalised this was not the time as he already sounded fired up.

"I have to practice my violin tonight." Which was partially true, especially as I had been not been putting the time in I should have been. "It is our orchestra's big concert in the stadium tomorrow night."

Uncle Jimmy looked at me down the hallway, and was clearly not impressed, especially as he had rearranged his basketball practice times to give the orchestra time to rehearse in the stadium before the concert. He looked as if he was going to press the issue but decided not to make a scene in front of Aunt Shirley.

"All right," he reluctantly conceded, "but there is no game this weekend and the stadium is free Saturday, so I will arrange a special practice session just for you. I will see if Sonja is free to give you some much needed lessons."

With his last comment he gave me a devilish wink that Aunty Shirley couldn't see, but it sent shivers up my spine. I opened my mouth to protest but Uncle Jimmy was already on his way out of the front door with his ogre son, Billy, in close tow.

I was kicking myself for not standing up to my Uncle and telling him it was all over. I resolved I would tell him the first opportunity I got. I needing cheering up so decided to phone my boyfriend, Bobby, who I had not seen at college for several days as he was on a work skills placement. But before I could dial his number Aunt Shirley appeared at the door.

"What are you doing, darling?" she smiled, "I thought you were going to do your violin practice."

I resented my Aunt's interference, but I didn't show it.

"I am, soon. I just want to phone my boyfriend."

"Don't you feel your violin practice should have priority? Your Ma told me I had to keep a close eye on you, and ensure you did you violin practice and kept up with the college studies."

I felt like a child being scolded.

"I want to phone my boyfriend," I snapped back, petulantly.

"Your Ma also said I was not to hesitate to give you a spanking if you did not behave. I understand from your Ma that she has been far from happy with some of your behaviour in recent weeks."

I stared at my Aunt incredulously. I could not believe my Ma actually gave her sister permission to spank me.

"You are going to be a good girl while you are staying with us, aren't you?"

"Yes," I pouted, embarrassed at the scolding she was giving me.

"Good girl, Jen. Now grab that violin and come out and practice in the lounge where I can hear you. I do love the sound of the violin."

"I prefer to practice in my bedroom," I responded, not able to keep the sulkiness out of my voice.

Aunt Shirley's response was to tilt her head to the side and frown. It was a silent reprimand that I was not doing as I was told. Exasperated, I snatched up my violin case from beside the bed and followed my Aunt down the hall to the lounge.

She sat down in her chair and started to work on an ornate quilt she was making. It was very pretty and I wanted to say so but I was so annoyed at being told off like a child, so I just got my violin out, sat down on a stool and tried to immerse myself in my practice. I resolved to practice hard for half and hour and then go back to my room to phone Bobby.

When I was playing well my Aunt would give me a compliment such as, "That was delightful, dear." However when I made a mistake, and there were a few, she shook her head disapprovingly.

I did not like having her sitting there, critiquing my violin skills. I didn't like her telling me what to do?

"Are you an expert at playing the violin?" The words spat out of my mouth, and I instantly regretted what I had said and the tone in my voice.

For a long moment my Aunt just continued working on the quilt resting on her lap, before finally looking up. She looked hurt and angry, and I knew I should apologise but I couldn't bring myself to utter the words.

My Aunt's eyes fixed on me. "I played the violin for over ten years if you must know. I even won a music scholarship but fell pregnant before I could take it up. You are not the only one in the family with musical talent, even if you think you are."

I felt like such a toad. "I am sorry," I muttered.

"Sorry because I fell pregnant or sorry because you are behaving like a spoilt brat?"

"Sorry for behaving like such a spoilt brat." I hung my head in genuine shame.

"Well at least we are agreed you are behaving like a spoiled brat. Now get on with your practice. You have your concert tomorrow night and you need to be perfect. Now focus, child, as we are going to continue until you can play it all through with no mistakes."

My ears were burning. I might be 18 years old but at that moment I felt like a naughty girl. I knew that my hopes of practicing for only half an hour had gone out the window. I could hear my phone ringing in my bedroom but I dared not get up to answer it. I continued to practice for well over 90 minutes, and too my relief I was playing much better. My Aunt had been right, and I chastised myself for being such an arrogant teenager who thought she knew it all.

Finally my Aunt stood up. "That is much better. Practice does make perfect."

I smiled shyly in agreement.

"Now one more time through before I run you a bath."

I didn't want a bath. I wanted to phone my boyfriend. But I dared not protest. I had not had a bath for years, preferring to shower. However I guess it would be nice and relaxing after my arduous violin practice. My neck was stiff from being bent on an angle for so long.

After playing my violin pieces through perfectly, Aunt Shirley gave me an excited little clap that made me blush.

"Bath time. Put you violin away while I check the water temperature is right."

I was relieved my violin practice was over and was now looking forward to the bath, despite my initial reluctance. I actually skipped down the hall, dropped my violin on my bed, and poked my head in the bathroom which was the next door down. Aunt Shirley was sitting on the side of the bath with her hand gently stroking the water. She looked up and gave me a warming smile.

"This is just what you need. It will relax you and ensure you get a good nights sleep before tomorrows concert. The temperature is just right."

"Thanks," I smiled, genuinely appreciative.

I stood there, expecting Aunt Shirley to get up and leave the bathroom. However she continued to sit on the side of the bath. She looked up at me again and seemed surprised I was just standing there.

"Come on, Jen, we don't want it to get cold. Get those clothes off and jump in."

I felt awkward and more than a little embarrassed. Aunt Shirley was clearly expecting me to undress while she was still in the bathroom. Silently I admonished myself for being so silly. It was time I got over my childish anguish about revealing my body. Especially given the number of times parts of my body had been exposed over recent weeks. I had danced around in a stadium with much of my bare buttocks on full view. Plus I had danced topless for my brother, cousin and boyfriend. I found myself blushing just at the thought of what I had done.

"Come on, silly," Aunt Shirley prodded. "Do I have to help you get undressed?"

"Of course not," I smiled awkwardly, trying to act more confident than I felt.

With a deep breath I quickly began to undress, kicking off my shoes before removing my tee shirt and jeans, so that I only had my underwear on. I desperately wanted to turn away from facing Aunt Shirley while I removed my bra and panties but decided that was being just plain stupid. So I forced myself to remain looking at her while I removed my undergarments.

As I removed my panties I stood up and faced her, now totally naked. She might be my Aunt, but I still felt totally embarrassed. A part of me wanted to scream out at her that I was an 18 year old woman now, not a child, and I had a right to bathe in privacy. But I didn't. I just stood facing her, blushing and fidgeting awkwardly.

"Well, look at my little niece, Jen. You are all grown up. You might act like spoilt little brat on occasions, but you do have the pretty figure of a young woman. You are very attractive."

Her barb about me being a spoilt brat made me flinch, but her comments about my body gave me inner warmth. I blushed even more and felt for sure she could see the red flush spreading across my chest. For some reason I was really aware of my breasts moving gently up and down as I breathed. Consciously I tried to slow my breathing, which is really stupid, I know. I just had not been stared at like this while totally naked. It hadn't happened to me since I was a kid. In those days my cousins and I would happily bathe together, so totally unconscious of our own bodies. Standing in front of my Aunt I almost felt like that kid again, except this time a big kid who was much more self conscious of her nakedness.

My daydreaming thoughts were interrupted when I was aware my Aunt had spoken to me.

"Pardon?" I responded shyly.

My Aunt smiled and I noticed how her deep blue eyes twinkled as she spoke.

"I said, are you getting into this bath or are you going to stand there showing off that pretty little body of yours all night?"

Ashamed that my Aunt might think I was flaunting myself, I quickly stepped past her and lowered myself into the luxurious warmth of the bath. I laid back and relaxed and for many minutes my Aunt and I just idly chatted about the past. She told me about her college years and her success with playing the violin. In a way I was following a very similar path to her.

Finally my Aunt told me to sit up and when I did she poured shampoo onto my hair and began to lather it up. I felt unnatural having my hair washed and told my Aunt I would do it, but she gently smacked my hand when I tried to take over the task. Reluctantly I tried to relax and let her wash my hair. It actually felt surprisingly nice having her fingers massaging my scalp.

When she had finished she cupped the back of my head and gently lowered me into the water to wash away the shampoo. It felt good and I was virtually floating away on the relaxing sensations. When my Aunt sat me up again she got the flannel and wiped the water away from my eyes. Then using the flannel she soaped up my back and began to wash me. I stooped forward to enable her to go about her task.

She then placed her hand on my shoulder and brought me upright. Before I had even realised it her hand had moved around to my chest and she was using the flannel to apply soap. I froze as her hand began to wash my breasts, vigorously using the flannel to apply soap.

"Aunt Shirley," I gulped in surprise.

"Hush," she responded quietly. "Lift your arms up."

I was taken aback by my Aunt's actions but did as requested, lifting my arms in the air so she could wash my arm pits.

"Now stand up, darling."

"Aunt Shirley," I quietly protested, "I am 18. It is really lovely having you wash me but I really think I can do the rest on my own."
I smiled at my Aunt, trying really hard not to offend her.

"Don't be silly. You teenagers all want to grow up so quickly. Now be a good girl and stand up."

I wanted to protest further, but instead found myself complying with her directions. Once I was standing she began to apply soap to my legs and working her way up my thighs.

"Open your legs slightly, honey."

I whimpered in protest but did as requested. My Aunt then continued to apply soap to the tops of my legs. I realised I was holding my breath as I felt the flannel rubbing over and between my buttocks. My heart was pounding as she washed my pubic area.

"Lovely to see you don't shave off all your pubic hair like everyone seems to be doing these days. I think a nicely trimmed triangle is so much more attractive. Or perhaps I'm just old fashioned," she giggled.

I was mortified she was discussing my pubic hair, and I just nodded in agreement, not wanting to prolong the conversation. As I glanced down at my Aunt I was further mortified to notice my nipples were fully erect from the vigorous rubbing they had received. I quickly folded my arms in front of my boobs.

To my relief Aunt Shirley told me to lie down in the bath again and remove the soap. I slid my whole body under the water and wriggled around to remove the soap suds. When I came up for air I could hear voices in the hallway, and realised my Uncle Jimmy and Billy were home from basketball practice. Incredibly the bathroom door swung open and I saw the tall frame of my Uncle Jimmy entering the room.

I let out a squeal of protest and tried to immerse myself further in the water. I expected Aunt Shirley to chase him out of the bathroom, but instead she just turned around and asked him how basketball practice had gone. Uncle Jimmy grunted that it went fine, but his eyes were firmly on me.

"Bath time is it, Jen?" he smirked, stating the obvious. "I hope your Aunt is scrubbing you clean? Perhaps she needs a hand."

"No thank you," I quickly shot back.

I tried to lower myself further into the bath but I realised the water was not deep enough to cover my breasts which were sticking out of the water like two small desert islands. I gulped when I looked down at myself as my nipples were still erect. In desperation I cupped my hands over them and hoped that Uncle Jimmy had not noticed, but the broad grin on his face indicated he had not missed my little show. I crossed my legs in an attempt to hid my pubic triangle which I was sure was probably also visible through the water. I blushed bright red.

"Can't I have some privacy, please!" I pleaded.

Uncle Jimmy pouted as if I had hurt his feelings, and only backed out of the bathroom when Aunt Shirley waved her hand at him to indicate he had better leave. I actually wanted my Aunt to leave as well but instead she picked up the towel and indicated I should stand up and step out of bath. As soon as I obeyed she wrapped the towel around me and used her hands to dry my body. I felt very awkward and wanted to complain again that I was not a kid and more than capable of drying myself. However I didn't want to create a scene, and decided if I complied then it would be over quicker.

Finally she was happy that I was dry and told me to go to my bedroom and change into my pyjamas and then join them for supper. My Aunt had taken my clothes to put in the laundry so I had no choice other than to wrap the towel around me to get to my bedroom. The towel barely covered me, but fortunately the bedroom I was sleeping in was only next door. I dashed out as quickly as I could, but just my luck Billy was standing right outside the bathroom door. I would not be surprised if he was spying on me.

I crashed straight into him, and given he outweighed me by at least 70lb I bounced right off him and fell back onto the floor of the bathroom. For a brief moment I lay there stunned, but when my eyes focused I could see my cousin leering down at me. It was like I was seeing a younger version of his perverted father.

He made no attempt to help me up; instead his eyes were riveted on my crotch. When I sat up I realised why. The bottom of my towel had flicked open revealing my pubes, and my cousin, Billy was ensuring he got an eyeful. Mortified I quickly covered myself and sprung to my feet before pushing myself past my grinning cousin and reaching the relative safety of my bedroom.

I stood in the room and took several deep breaths to calm myself. I shook my head with despair as I realised I had been at my Uncle and Aunt's house for less than a day and I had somehow managed to reveal my naked body to every member of the household. 'Nice going, Jen,' I silently chastised myself. I had a feeling it could be a long two weeks before my parents returned home from holiday. Surely it couldn't get any worse.

I desperately wanted to phone my boyfriend, Bobby, so I quickly changed into my pyjamas, lay down on my bed and called him on my mobile. It was so great to hear his voice after the insanity of the past few hours. He asked me how I was coping being at my Uncle and Aunt's but I was too embarrassed to tell him the truth so I just told him it was fine and changed the subject.

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