tagGroup SexThe Hunt Ch. 11-12

The Hunt Ch. 11-12


11. Getting dirty.

"Rise and shine, rise and shine, the sun is out already," sounded Jennifer's voice.

The wake-up ritual started to feel familiar. The girls got up, had breakfast, chatted a bit, cleaned up the dishes, and set off to hide themselves. Ashley and Phoebe left together to hide.

"It's been raining hard, so I'd like to try a new hiding tactic, camouflage," Ashley suggested shortly after they left the mansion. "There's a lot of mud everywhere, especially near the river, so I guess if we'd coat ourself in the stuff we'd look just like the environment. Our white skin stands out too much. Could be safer even than our rock niche."

Phoebe agreed that this was a good idea, and as they had time left they walked to the stream and had a lot of fun making each other all dirty.

"That should do," Phoebe said, when both were coated in mud from top to toe.

After a final kiss both went their own way to hide. They did not want to hide together for now, in order to not help the hunters too much, and as their old hideout had been compromised a few times already, they figured they had better not use it for another day, waiting for a complete fresh team of hunters.

Soon Ashley found a promising place. A gap between rocks, some vegetation, not too thick - with her mud camouflage she figured she would blend right in. A bit away from the path too, it looked like a great place. So she proceeded to move in, and make herself comfortable. She realised it was going to be a more tense experience, as she could now actually watch the path through the bushes, and see the hunters pass by, hopefully without them being able to see her.

She had only just settled in or the horn sounded already. That was close, she thought. She hoped Phoebe had found a good place as well, and that neither of them would be found this morning.

The camouflage seemed to work quite well. The first half hour several hunters took to this path for some reason, as if they knew someone was hiding there. They looked around carefully, searched some bushes, looked right at her a few times, but Ashley managed to stay dead still and they just did not see her. She did see the men very well though. She got a bit excited too, as the camouflage worked so well.

Then it went quiet. After about an hour in the game she saw a man coming with a handcuffed girl. It was Jane, she noticed when they came closer. Jane looked down to the ground, obviously unhappy that she had been found. That should be her first time, Ashley realised. She could not remember Jane having been caught before. But she figured it just went to show that everyone would get their turn in being captured.

Time went by, and Ashley started to relax more and more. She heard screams and other noises from where girls were found and were used as appetiser, but nothing very close by and she could not make up who the victims were. She felt like she had become completely invisible, and part of the environment. She could see what happened, without being seen.

Another quiet half hour passed, and time of the morning session was slowly running out. She saw two men walking down the path, a third man came from the other direction. The three met almost right in front of her, standing just a few meters away. The single hunter was particularly tall, with short blonde curly hair. The other two more average length, both dark haired and wearing chequered shirts. One looked like he was in his early forties, while the other looked younger, not older than about thirty.

"How's it going? You guys any luck?" the single hunter said.

"No, just nothing. I mean look around, so many hiding places. So hard to search. They could be anywhere. There, there, there, there. Anywhere," the older chequered man said. He pointed at various places all around him, including straight at Ashley. She stiffened up, afraid they would see her. "I just don't have luck today."

The tall man agreed, "Indeed, just no luck. Though at least we got a complete catch already, within the first hour three chicks were caught. I'd really like to be able to at least just find one of those bitches. And man am I looking forward to some pussy. Since yesterday already. Unfortunately when the plane landed the party was over already."

"Yeah well Fred you'll have to find yourself some, or you'll have to wait till after lunch!" the younger man said.

"Indeed. Wonder how come we just don't find any," said the older man, looking around again. "But they can hide anywhere, you never know - hey, wait a minute..." He was looking straight at Ashley now. A few seconds later he was standing right in front of her hideout and pushed aside the bush that was hiding her from view. "Now what do we have here! Damn, you're one really dirty bitch, but I must say your camo worked really well. I almost missed you." He grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her up out of the gap. "Too bad that the result is you got mud all over that sexy body."

"Nice catch," Fred said. "Really nice. A bit muddy maybe, but who cares, it's pussy. I'm horny and need to release some pressure or I'm going to explode. Get that pussy over here, let's have some fun with it."

Ashley was pulled roughly to the path where they pushed her down on her knees. Fred had already opened his pants, and Ashley saw his hard cock coming out. Oh god, that guy is really horny, she thought. And to him she really is just a walking sex toy.

Fred walked towards her, grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and said, "Now just open up like a good girl, OK?"

She had no choice but to open her mouth, and Fred immediately stuck his dick all the way in. She could taste some urine on it, not too strong luckily. She closed her lips around his shaft, and dutifully started sucking it a bit.

Fred grabbed her head with both hands, and started moving his dick in and out of her mouth.

"Don't you have a tongue? I'm sure you know how to give head properly, so you'd better start doing just that," he said, upon which she reluctantly started to work her tongue around the head of his cock, licking around it.

"Mmm that feels much better, girl. Much better." Fred continued to fuck her mouth for another minute or two, when he pulled out. "Now how about that pussy of yours, I bet it is as good, if not better than your mouth. Mud or no mud."

The younger chequered man said, "That's too muddy a cunt. Let's do something about that first. Time for some washing-up, dirty bitch."

He pushed Ashley on her back on the ground and with his muddy boots pushed her knees wide apart. Standing in between her legs he took his dick out of his pants and started peeing over Ashley's crotch.

"Use your hand to clean yourself, bitch," the younger man said, and disgusted Ashley obeyed. She felt his warm urine splatter on her belly, her hand, her legs, and hitting straight on her pussy. With her hands she rubbed her skin around her crotch, washing away most of the mud from that area. His friend followed suit, giving her a second wash down. Ashley had not felt so humiliated before, being forced to clean her private parts with a man's pee was more than she could imagine.

"Now doesn't that look a lot better already, Fred?"

Fred pulled Ashley up on her feet, then pushed her legs apart and lay down under her with his hard dick sticking up. She was shaking from frustration and humiliation of how these men treated her, especially from being pissed on, but knew better than to comment on it. The men's urine that had collected on her belly was now running down her legs, taking some of the mud with it in the process. She looked down at the hard, throbbing cock pointing at her. It was a large one, this was going to hurt, that was the one thing she was sure about.

"Now come on down, girl," Fred ordered her. "Lower. Now hold my dick and stick it into your hot cunt. Yes, like that."

Ashley knelt down, then grabbed the hard pole and put it against her opening. She slowly lowered her body, easing on his member. It was big, stretching her seriously, and the remaining mud didn't make it any smoother. The previous treatment left her totally turned off sexually so her pussy was very dry, making it extra hard to take him in.

When she had barely half of is cock in her, Fred impatiently just pushed her all the way down, causing her to scream in pain. Then he slowly started to fuck her, slowly increasing his speed as she slowly started to get wet after all, ignoring Ashley's obvious discomfort on being fucked dry.

"She's really tight, and dry. Very dry. But that just gives me extra friction, this is just great," Fred said from under her to his friends. "I'll try to make it last but I think I'm going to fill this fuck hole very soon."

The younger man stepped up, and took his flaccid dick out. "I'm also in for a little appetiser."

Ashley hated that word, appetiser, but she had no choice but to oblige and take him into her mouth. She could strongly taste his urine, it was disgusting, but he was not letting her go. Fred started to fuck her harder, making her moan louder too due to the pain he inflicted on her. She felt she was getting a bit wet again, which she hated but could not control and at least made the ordeal less painful.

The older man moved over, and demanded some face time from her as well. His dick was also still wet with his urine, making her almost throw up, the taste was that revolting. Ashley managed to control herself, not wanting to face the consequences of angering those men. Sitting on a hard dick, having to suck two more, Ashley got really busy. But not for too long, as she felt the dick down below swell up, and moments later Fred announced he was going to come, and she felt his sperm filling her up.

Fred got out from under her, and presented his softening cock to Ashley. She saw juices dripping off the tip of it, and could smell the pungent smell of sperm.

"Clean up, bitch," he ordered.

Ashley licked the dick clean, tasting a combination of her own pussy and his sperm. It did not taste that offensive, after the urine taste she had before. Not that she actually enjoyed it, again she simply had no choice but to oblige. While she sucked the softening cock she felt his cum running out of her pussy, and dripping on the ground. That guy was indeed extremely horny, coming so fast and so much.

she felt someone push her ass a bit further up, until she was sitting on her knees with her thighs straight up, supporting herself against Fred to prevent her from falling forward. A moment later another hard dick entered her pussy. She could not see whose it was. With all the sperm she was lubricated well, and the man started to fuck her hard and fast immediately.

Barely a minute later the horn sounded, ending the hunt and telling the men to return to the entrance. The men stepped away from her, letting her fall to the ground for sudden lack of support.

"Thanks, bitch, I needed that," Fred said.

"We'll be back, slut, I'd love to have more of that pussy," the older man said. So he was the one who last fucked her, Ashley figured.

They closed their pants, and happily chatting they walked back towards the gate, leaving her behind.

Ashley walked to the pool to wash up. There she found Phoebe who was in the water already, soaking off her mud camouflage.

"How did it go?" Phoebe asked.

"Well it seemed to go fine but in the end they found me and had me as appetiser. Oh I hate it when they call me like that. And see that down there?" She pointed at her crotch. "They made me wash myself using their pee!"

"So sorry to hear that, girl. Come on in, and give me a hug. The water is good."

"Yeah thanks. And how about you? You came scot free?"

"Yup, camo worked like a charm. They walked by but didn't see me."

Ashley took off her shoes and entered the water. First she gave Phoebe a big hug and kiss, and after that they washed the mud off one another. Ashley gave her pussy an extra rinse to get rid of the unwanted juices and when that was done they headed back to the cabin for lunch.

When they returned to the cabin, Christie and Janet were almost finished cooking lunch, and the rest of the girls busied themselves laying the table and waiting for the food to be ready.

Sarah greeted them, "Welcome back, we were already wondering what happened. So that's Jane, Ruby and Jennifer his time. What took you two so long this time?"

"Oh, we were just washing up." Phoebe answered.

"Washing up, huh?" Sarah said. The other girls were getting interested.

"Yes, just washing up," confirmed Ashley. "We had covered ourselves in mud as camouflage. Unfortunately didn't work out very well for me, they found me in the end. One guy was so horny he couldn't even wait for lunch, and dumped his load in me. That also needed washing up as I was leaking."

"Did you just say Ruby got caught? She gets caught often," Phoebe said, diverting attention. "If anyone should have an easy time hiding it's her, that tiny body fits anywhere."

Eva commented, "It seems to me she actually enjoys it, so one might start to think she sometimes makes it a bit easy to be found."

And then the heat was completely off Phoebe and Ashley, and the girls started to discuss whether Ruby indeed liked being caught, and how she even could enjoy it, as most girls said they accepted the sex, did not like it, and just did it for the money.

12. Everything backfires.

Over lunch the skies became darker again, and a light drizzle started to fall down. Several of the girls lay down on the bed to rest a bit, and when the girls who were caught in the morning returned to the cabin they all took that as the signal to go and hide again. More girls made it to the river to camouflage themselves, not just Phoebe and Ashley, where they had a quick mudslinging party in the rain before spreading out and hiding themselves.

The rain continued, slowly becoming heavier. Ashley managed to find herself a somewhat dry spot in between some big rocks, and crouched down in the small space. Her camouflage was useless there but at least it was dry. The horn sounded, the rain pounded, and the hunt was on.

The weather went from bad to worse. The rain became progressively heavier, and wind started to blow. She thought she heard thunder in the distance, but was not sure with the noise of the heavy rain.

Barely half an hour in the game her luck ran out, a man entered her hideout. He just looked over the bushes and looked straight at the muddy girl. "Hello there, trying out a new tactic? We know you're dirty bitches, there is no need to emphasise it like that."

He grabbed her upper arm and Ashley obligingly got up, and out of her hideout. She was quickly handcuffed and taken to the entrance.

"Normally I'd put you under the tree there, but as you're so muddy I'd better just chain you to the fence and let nature do the necessary cleaning work," he said, chaining her to the fence, without any protection from the pouring rain.

Ashley started to feel really angry, but knew complaining would probably only make things worse. She was so angry that this camouflage plan, her own idea, backfired this badly, for the second session in a row after it caused her to be pissed on earlier that day. She felt the rain on her body, streams of water running down from her head over her body to the ground, slowly taking the mud with it, cleaning her up. She could only hope that soon the men would move her to a more comfortable place.

The next hour nothing happened. The rain continued to fall heavily, at times there was strong wind, and Ashley started to shiver, feeing cold. She was really uncomfortable there, left all alone. She was afraid that she would be the only one caught that afternoon, that would be horrible. Having to pleasure all those men on her own, who would probably be extra frustrated for not having found more girls.

Then she saw two figures in the rain. Another girl rounded up, it seemed. She could not yet see who it was. The man she soon recognised: that was the tall one who had fucked her this morning. Then she also recognised Emily. Her shoulder-length blonde hair flattened on her head, her handcuffed arms pulled back behind her pushing her large breasts out. Emily was attached to a pole under a tree, the the man walked to Ashley.

"It seems you're a lot cleaner than this morning. Nice to see you again. Let me put you under the tree, I think you're done showering now, no need to keep you in the rain."

Ashley felt thankful to the man. He took her to the tree, and attached her to the same pole Emily was attached to. She was shivering, feeling really cold.

Emily moved closer to her. "Come give me a hug, we can keep each other warm."

A bit awkwardly thanks to having one arm chained to the pole the women moved their bodies against each other, and hugged. Ashley felt Emily's warm body against hers, and held it tight in an intense hug. She was so cold, feeling so miserable, she really needed some comfort and warmth. They sat like that for a while, saying nothing, just trying to warm up and not feel so bad about it all.

Suddenly a voice sounded, "Ashley, what the fuck do you think you are doing?!"

Before she could figure out what was going on, she felt a hard kick to her left side. Shocked she let go of Emily and looked next to her where the kick came from. Phoebe, handcuffed, was lying on the ground next to her, swearing. Swearing at Ashley, swearing at the ground she hit so hard.

"Phoebe, what's wrong with you?" Ashley said, in shock. That kick hurt seriously.

"What's wrong with me, what's wrong with you! Oh fuck I must have dislocated my arm. I hate you! I thought you care about me. But no, the moment you're alone thinking I'm not there you're already in some other woman's arms.

"Ouch, be careful you asshole, that hurts."

The man that brought her there pulled her up by her arms. "Come on girl, I think I'd better keep you away from the other two for now, and anyway you need a shower. You're dirty."

He took her to the fence where Ashley was attached to earlier, and let her stand in the rain. Phoebe still had quite some mud on her body, which the captor obviously wanted to get rid of before heading back.

"Phoebe, I'm sorry, it's not what you think we're doing. I was just cold and -"

"And you just needed some comfort, right," a seething Phoebe interrupted.

"Well, yes, but that doesn't mean I don't care about you," Ashley said. She was feeling really upset.

"So I'm just a comfort girl to you, or what?" Phoebe cried.

That hurt. Ashley couldn't deny she was looking for comfort and warmth, as she was genuinely cold and just needed to warm up a bit. She also realised Phoebe would not accept this so easily, that much was obvious. And talking to her seemed to make things worse. Phoebe was really angry now, pulling her chains, ignoring the pain of the fall. If she had come loose she would have certainly attacked Ashley. She was livid. Ashley knew she was in for a long, rough night. She just hoped Phoebe would calm down and they could talk again.

Phoebe gave up on unchaining herself, and turned her back to the other two women. She would just occasionally glance over her shoulder to make sure no touching was going on. She had the look of a killer, Ashley thought.

They had to wait for another fifteen minutes before the hunt was over. Phoebe had not said another word, and the other two women wisely remained silent too, sitting as far away from each other as their constraints allowed them.

The men returned to the gate, unchained the girls, and took them all to the bus. Phoebe had calmed down a bit, but would not look at Ashley or talk to her.

Back at the mansion the men dropped their soaked attire, and went in. The girls got in their heels, and left for the kitchen to do their job of serving dinner to the guests. Everyone was cold but inside the mansion it was nice and warm, and the food was smelling delicious. This was the best part of the evening, the only good part actually, Ashley thought.

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