The IM Chat


The following is an actual "instant message" chat with a girl I was dating; only the names have been changed. I did think about making other changes to the chat to make it more reader friendly, but I thought that would take away from the authenticity:

TINA: i'm losing my energy very fast and need a nap! i don't want to feel like this at 5:00.

DAVID: like nike, just do it

TINA: i'm about to fall asleep, though. wouldn't i get hurt if i did it in my sleep?

DAVID: depends on who you're doing it with and how rough they are

TINA: that is true.

TINA: who should i do it with?

TINA: are you available? and more importantly, do you mind if i'm asleep?

DAVID: me. yes. no.

DAVID: and it won't hurt

TINA: no?

TINA: if i'm asleep?

DAVID: now, maybe i can make it hurt!

TINA: you want to cause me pain? :-C

DAVID: ok, you're flip flopping this back and forth

DAVID: only good pain

TINA: i like good pain.

TINA: a little bit

TINA: no bruises.

TINA: biting acceptable.

DAVID: i'll remember that

TINA: i'm when i'm bad...

TINA: you should handle that.

DAVID: i'm when i'm bad...?

TINA: a little hair-pulling is nice

DAVID: i remember that

TINA: and when i'm bad

TINA: you should enforce punishment

DAVID: next time i see you, you WILL be tied up

TINA: stop it... you are making me...


DAVID: blush

TINA: sweat ... no....


DAVID: wet

TINA: ye

TINA: yes

TINA: seriously!

DAVID: just think about lying there with absolutely no control

DAVID: over what happens to your body

DAVID: if i blind fold you, then you don't know where i'm going to touch next

DAVID: where i might kiss next

TINA: stop!

DAVID: why

TINA: go ahead

TINA: no

TINA: stopy\

TINA: see i can't even type now

TINA: i'm flustered

DAVID: i could make you cum, but you have no control over

TINA: stop!

DAVID: whether i stop or not

DAVID: even when it's sensitive

TINA: no!

DAVID: or i begin to stimulate other areas until you build up to

DAVID: another one

TINA: stop it right now

TINA: you just stop

DAVID: now i'm hard and ready to put it in

TINA: ok

TINA: no

DAVID: no?

TINA: yes

TINA: i don't know what i'm saying anymore

TINA: i need to go home right after work now

DAVID: next..


DAVID: after about on hour of that

DAVID: while your still blind folded...

DAVID: Tara shows up...

TINA: yeah?

DAVID: now it's her turn with you...

DAVID: you know it's different, but your not sure why...

DAVID: you finally figure it out when...


DAVID: still interested

TINA: stop.... ok, go on

TINA: i definitely have to go home after work today.

DAVID: she lightly brushes her breasts against yours...

DAVID: as she...

DAVID: i'm using dramatic pauses, can you tell?

TINA: yes, i can tell

DAVID: straddles your mouth...

DAVID: you finally have an option:

DAVID: you can turn away and refuse...

DAVID: or...

DAVID: so, what would you do? turn away, or...

TINA: or

TINA: what would your guess be?

TINA: i'll be right back.

TINA: darn it

TINA: someone was in the rest room.

TINA: i had to check

TINA: to make sure that i wasn't having an issue

TINA: but i wasn't... it wasn't the monthly

DAVID: are you that wet that you couldn't tell which

TINA: yes!

TINA: i'm got something funny to tell you

DAVID: so what would you do

TINA: hilarious


TINA: in a minute

DAVID: you're changing the cubject

DAVID: subject

TINA: no, no its not

TINA: you'll like it.

TINA: give me a sec


TINA: boss close by

TINA: ok - i don't know how i am going to say this.

TINA: i can't stop laughing

TINA: i went to the restroom, right?

DAVID: yes

TINA: well, when i am turned on... it stops.. you know, the monthly


TINA: so i reached down

TINA: to touch

DAVID: and

TINA: so i could have it on my hands when i came back to my desk

TINA: nice, right?


DAVID: very

TINA: my boss stops me and introduces me to a new girl who shakes my hand.

TINA: the same one

DAVID: there you go

TINA: don't you think that is funny?

DAVID: absolutely

TINA: good impression?

DAVID: but why did you want it on your hand?

TINA: finger

TINA: just a little

DAVID: for?

TINA: smelling

TINA: why would you think?

DAVID: just wanted you to say it

TINA: i know

DAVID: so back to what you would do

TINA: you tell me...

TINA: you know what?

TINA: i could get fired for this if someone found this log on my computer

TINA: how do i get rid of it?

DAVID: but you have the option

TINA: i could get fired for this

DAVID: mine just goes away when i close it

TINA: not in the log

DAVID: where is the log

TINA: message history

TINA: you'll have to mention our chat to your friend, Darren

Sorry the ending cam to such an abrupt end, but that is how it actually happened. I thought about adding a more exciting ending, but again opted away from making any of it fictitious.

Also, Darren and Tara are husband and wife friends of mine who are swingers. Tina and I had discussed the fact that they would be interested in us joining them and we were both turned on by the idea.

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