tagNovels and NovellasThe Janitor's Wife

The Janitor's Wife


Pete pushed the broom past the doorway and peeped inside. Hank was working late and still on the phone.

"Dam. I wish that man would call it a day and go home. I promised Melissa I'd be home on time tonight for her mother's birthday party."

Pete kept pushing the broom down the hallway and around the corner and saw one of the women walking down the stairs. She was a blonde with huge boobs and long legs. Pete smiled at her as she seductively walked past him in the hall.

Pete couldn't remember her name for sure but knew she was married to one of the bar tenders in the club. He turned around and saw the blonde walk into Hank's office and shut the door.

"Oh. Come on now! I need to get that office clean before seven. Melissa is going to kiss me!"

Pete was beginning to get frustrated as he slammed the door open to the janitor closet and tossed the broom against the wall. He looked at his watch and hoped whatever business they had, wouldn't take much longer.

Pete had worked at the private club for more than a year and saw a lot of strange things take place. Pete knew that Hank was involved in a lot of illegal activity. The only problem was that Hank had a lot of money and influence and paid off a lot of officials to keep the club open.

Pete would have never taken the job if he knew what kind of club it was in the first place. It catered to wealthy business people across the world. People that desired a little more then just a nice hotel and a good place to eat.

The building was huge with five floors in the hotel. The club provided dancing and was open to the public. If you belonged to Hank's special club, then you were allowed down to the basement level where you could see a variety of things on any given night.

It was openly known as the basement club and you had to be very special and rich to be able to attend. Friday and Saturday nights were special because the club offered entertainment on those nights.

Pete wasn't allowed on that floor of the building. You had to have a special pass to even go down to that level if you worked for the club. His friend, Jim was in charge of cleaning on that floor and heard that they put on sex shows on those nights and had a variety of women working as prostitutes for Hank's special clients.

Pete knew that Jim's wife worked in the club but he wouldn't talk about it. Pete saw her around a couple times when he was out shopping with Melissa. She was a petite blonde with long hair and appeared to be very shy.

That was before she got her job working for Hank and the last time Pete saw Jim's wife was outside the building wearing a short sexy dress and smoking a cigarette.

Pete saw the blonde leaving Hank's office and quickly grabbed his cleaning cart and walked down the hallway. The blonde passed him as he made his way to Hank's office. She was trying not to look at Pete as she quickly walked past him on her way to the elevator.

Pete peeked inside the doorway to Hank's office and saw Hank tucking his shirt into his pants. Pete tried to pretend he wasn't looking but Hank waived him in.

"Pete. I'm just about ready to leave. The place is all yours!"

"Oh. Thank you, Mr. Stevens."

"Pete! Your wife called the office about an hour ago. I told her you would be home shortly."

"Thank you. Mr. Stevens. I'll try and call her once I finish in here."

Hank starred at Pete as he pushed his cleaning cart into the office. Pete was a hard dependable worker. Pete was a little on the naive side but a good worker.

"Pete. When are you going to get yourself a cell phone like everyone else?"

"I don't really know. Mr. Stevens. We can't afford one of those."

Hank was about to leave the office but turned around and starred at Pete for a second while he thought of an idea.

"Pete. Why don't you have your wife come in tomorrow morning? Say, around. Ten. I'll see what I can do about getting her a job here."

"OK. Mr. Stevens. That might be a good idea, having her working here with me."

Hank starred at Pete again before walking out of the office. "Uh. Yeah. Have your wife bring in her birth certificate for ID and I'll see her in the morning."

Pete saw an opportunity here. Melissa wanted a job but they couldn't afford two cars. Having home party's for silly products aren't exactly bringing in the type of money they needed to furnish their new house.

He couldn't wait to get home to tell her the good news!

Melissa's mother had just left and she was busy cleaning the dishes. The half-cut birthday cake sat on the kitchen table as Pete poked his finger into the frosting.

"Honey. This might be a good idea! We can ride into work together. You won't have to worry about paying for another car right now."

"Pete. I'm not so sure about working at that club. I've heard all sorts of bad things happening down there."

Pete pulled out a chair and sat down while his wife dried her hands and turned around. "Pete. I just don't like it. What about that woman we read about in the paper last month that got caught selling drugs down there?"

"Melissa. That type of stuff happens everywhere, not just at the club. You're going to find bad apples, no matter where you work. Just come on down with me in the morning and talk to Mr. Stevens. You'll see! He's a really nice guy."

Melissa was trying to figure out the best dress she should wear at her interview that morning. She had laid out three dresses on the bed and decided on wearing the pants' suit her mother gave her for her birthday last night.

Pete poked his head into the bedroom as Melissa was slipping on her bra. "Honey. Hurry up or we're going to be late!"

She was struggling to slip the bra around her waist. Melissa was gifted well in the breast department but never liked to flaunt them in public. Pete always teased her about keeping herself covered so well that her own mother didn't know her exact breast size. She kept them well hidden as well as the rest of her fabulous figure.

Melissa had filled out as a young girl, looking much more mature at sixteen then most of the other girls in her school. She was now twenty-six and hadn't changed much since those school years. She was always shy and afraid to show off her figure in school just like she was now.

Her mother had been very strict, not allowing her to date boys while she was in school. She was teased by the other kids and never had good self esteem about herself. She met Pete one day while walking around a department store where he worked as a janitor. She liked him right away and they were married a year later.

Melissa had no regrets about not being able to date other men. She fell in love with Pete at first sight and that's the way it had been for five years. She remembered how much fun they had on their honeymoon. They were both virgins and didn't have sex until the second night. She hadn't a clue about anything and was still very naive when it came to having sex.

Pete was ten years older then Melissa and had been working as a janitor all his life. Melissa didn't care if he made a lot of money. Pete was a very good provider and liked to save money. They were able to buy this little two-bedroom house last year on his modest income and she was very proud of him.

Melissa finally got her breasts settled into the size forty-two inch bra and quickly pulled up the pants over her long shapely legs. She had a tiny waist for a woman having such large breasts. She combed her long blond hair and quickly ran out with her purse in her hand where Pete was waiting for her.

She didn't wear any makeup or even lipstick. She was brought up as sort of a tomboy. They drove to the club and pulled into the large parking garage. Pete flashed his identification to the guard and drove past and found an empty spot way in the back where employees' had to park.

Melissa had butterflies in her stomach as she followed her husband into the elevator. Another woman got on at the same time with them and smiled at Pete. She was dressed in a revealing short dress. She got off on a different floor.

"Her name is Sally. She works in the club. Her husband, Charley works in Mr. Steven's private garage keeping his cars maintained."

"I didn't like the way she was dressed! You mean her husband allows her to come to work that way?"

"Yeah. She's a cocktail waitress or something at the club. I'm not sure what she was doing here so early in the day."

Pete escorted his wife down the hall and pointed at Mr. Stevens office and gave her a kiss and wished her luck. Melissa nervously knocked on the door and heard a man's voice telling her to come in.

"Mrs. Walker. Please come in and sit down. I've seen you many times dropping off your husband for work. Um. Did you fill out the application I gave your husband last night?"

Melissa nervously opened her purse. "Yes. Mr. Stevens. I have it right here."

She handed him the paper and waited while he looked over the application. "It says that your only experience was working at a drug store?"

"Ah. Yes. I worked there for about a year when I graduated high school."

She sat silent and nervous as Mr. Stevens looked over the application. "Well. I think we'll be able to find you something to start. Mrs. Walker. Are you willing to start immediately?"

"Well. Uh. Mr. Stevens. I came here with my husband and I was planning to pick him up from work later today. We only have one car in the family."

"Uh. Don't worry about that, Mrs. Walker. Did you mention, family?"

Melissa giggled. "It's just Pete and I right now. We're trying to start a family. Mr. Stevens."

"Uh. It might be a good idea to wait for a short while. At least until you've worked here for a while. I won't want to spend all this time in training and lose you because you're pregnant."

"I never gave that much thought. It's been so long that I actually forgot about it."

"Uh. What's that? Mrs. Walker?"

"Well. Pete and I have been trying to start a family for two years now."

"Oh. Uh. I didn't mean to get that personal but are you telling me that your not taking birth control right now and you haven't gotten pregnant in all this time?"

"That's correct. Mr. Stevens."

Hank signed something on her application and got on the phone. "Judy. Will you come up to my office? I have Mrs. Walker with me right now and you can take her and get her briefed in about her new job."

Hank hung up the phone. "Mr. Stevens? Does that mean that I'm hired?"

Hank smiled. "Yes. Mrs. Walker. I'm starting you out at one thousand a week and you'll be eligible for raises as you move up the latter."

Melissa was excited. "Uh. Mr. Stevens. That's wonderful but that's more than twice as much as my husband makes now. I can't see how that's possible for me to make more than Pete on my first week here."

There was a knock on the door and as Melissa raised her head to see who it was, a short redhead walked in smiling at her and extended her hand out and shook Melissa's hand.

"Welcome to our family. Mrs. Walker. I'm Judy and I'll be your supervisor while you're employed with us. May I call you Melissa?"

"Yes. That would be fine."

"Great. Come with me and we'll get you processed in this morning."

Melissa stood and waited for Judy as she took the application from Mr. Stevens. Judy turned and looked at Melissa. "Please go ahead and wait in the hall for me while I speak to Mr. Stevens for a moment?"

Melissa smiled as she walked out of the office and waited. She couldn't believe she would be making this much money. She started to think of all the nice furniture she could buy for their new home with that type of income.

"Hank. I think you're right about this one. Let me get her sizes and I'll drop off a full report once I finish with her."

"Great! I told you she had big tits. I can't wait to see what else she might be hiding under those clothes."

Hank reached out and rubbed Judy's butt as he gave her the application. Judy leaned over and gave him a kiss. "I have to go. I made arraignments for the doctor to come here in a half hour for Melissa's examination."

"Good. Get her started on birth control first. I'll leave the rest up to you!"

Judy winked at Hank as she walked out of the office. Hank opened the drawer next to his seat and took out a folder. He wrote Melissa's name down under the other wives that worked at his club. There was a total of fourteen working at the club. Every one of them was providing good clean fun for his most important clients.

Mrs. Walker would make a fine addition here. He wasn't sure what area she would do best but maybe he would work her in every department until he found the area which suited her new role at the club. He jotted a few notes behind her name as he had down with the other wives.

Big tits, and a nice smile. A tiny waist. Naive! He left the rest of the line blank until he got a report from Judy that afternoon.

Pete saw his wife as she passed him in the hall with Judy. She smiled at him and gave him a positive signal with her hand. She didn't have time to talk to him as she followed Judy to the elevator.

The doctor was waiting for her on the fourth floor. They had a tiny clinic setup for the doctor to visit on a regular basis to cheek on the employees. The doctor was an older woman and shook Melissa's hand as she walked into the room.

"Hello. I'm Dr. Bruce and you must be Melissa Walker?"


Judy waived at her as she left the room, leaving her with Dr. Bruce.

"Go ahead and take your things off for me so I can examine you for your new job."

Melissa always felt embarrassed when she was asked to get naked for a doctor. She took everything off and found a hospital gown on the table for her to put on as the doctor walked back into the room.

The doctor had Melissa get on the table and she raised the stirrups for her feet to set in and waited for Melissa to get into position.

"When was the last examining you had with your gynaecologist?"

"It was about seven months ago. He ran a few tests to see if everything was normal for me. My husband and I are trying to start a family."

The doctor wrote something down on her pad and began to examine Melissa. She used a spreader to look inside and wrote down a few more notes.

"Mrs. Walker. When was the last time you had sex and how often do you have sex with your husband?"

Melissa was caught off guard by the doctor's question. "Oh. Uh. I guess about two weeks ago. I think its about twice a month."

The doctor was writing down notes as she looked out of the corner of her eye. "You have no other sex partners?"

Melissa nervously laughed at that question. "No."

The doctor put her pad down and took a needle off a cabinet. "I'm just going to take a blood sample. This won't hurt."

Melissa closed her eyes as the doctor poked her thigh with the needle. She put it in a little tray and walked back and touched Melissa's thigh and started poking around with her hand at her belly and moved up to her breasts.

She removed the stirrups. Melissa put her legs straight out on the table as the doctor listened to her heart beat. She had Melissa sit up and cough a few times then had her stand while she took all her measurements and wrote them down on the pad.

"Do you orgasm normally during sex?"

Melissa was reluctant to answer that question. "Uh. Um. It's been awhile."

The doctor stopped writing and looked at Melissa. "Tell me how long do you mean by a while?"

This was very uncomfortable for Melissa as she hesitantly replied. "Oh. It might have been last year!"

"Doesn't your husband satisfy you sexually?"

"Oh. Yes. My husband isn't the problem at all."

"Then. What is it, my dear? Show me how big he is!"

Melissa raised her hand and spread her fingers out to about three inches. "I guess he's about normal in size."

The doctor wrote everything down on the pad. She stopped and looked at Melissa. "How would you compare him to other men you had sex with before your marriage?"

"Um. I was a virgin when I met Pete. I've never been with any other man before him."

"So. You think your husband is normal in size, do you?"

"Well. Uh. Pete says he is about normal as most men."

The doctor shook her head and walked over to a cabinet and opened a drawer. She pulled out a vibrator and opened the plastic package and gave it to Melissa. It was about eight inches in length and resembled a real penis with veins.

"Mrs. Walker. I would say that what your holding would be considered normal to most men. I want you to practice using this when you're alone and try and give yourself as many orgasms as you can with it. Just use your imagination and maybe think about your favorite movie star and your having sex with him."

Melissa felt embarrassed as she held onto the rubber phallus. She examined it and noticed a black switch on the end and flicked it on making the fake penis squirm in her hand. She quickly tried to shut if off but not until the doctor reached out and showed her how to turn the knob on the end which made it vibrate.

"Mrs. Walker. You put that away in your purse and practice using it when your husband isn't around. That'll give you an idea of what a normal size man will feel like."

Melissa put the adult toy in her purse without asking the purpose of using it. The doctor had Melissa remove the gown while she examined her breasts. She used a caliper and carefully measured around Melissa's nipples.

"I would say you're a forty-two triple E. You're very lucky to be so well endowed and natural. Most women I examine have breast augmentations done."

The doctor finished examining Melissa and wrote down a few notes. "I'm going to get you started on birth control. Mr. Stevens doesn't like his girls being unprotected against pregnancy."

Melissa was a little confused but naively replied. "I suppose he doesn't want all his training to go to waste if I were to become pregnant right now. Does he?"

The doctor didn't answer her but kept writing on her pad.

"You can get dressed now while I get your prescriptions ready. We stock everything right here in the clinic so you don't have to wait at the drug store."

Melissa got dressed and waited for the doctor. She came in carrying a round packet and gave it to Melissa. "Keep these pills in a safe place. Your husband might not agree with Mr. Stevens right now about waiting to start a family."

She had a pill bottle in her hand and held it up so Melissa could see it. "I want you to start taking these once a day. It's something that will help you relax while you start your new job here. I'll refill them for you as needed and give you a physical in two weeks to see how your doing on them."

Judy walked in and spoke privately with the doctor for a few minutes. Judy motioned for her to follow her out of the room. She was carrying the notes the doctor had made about Melissa's examination in her hand and glanced at the front page as they walked down the hallway.

"Wow. You're a forty-two triple E!" Judy turned and smiled at Melissa. "We might have to make a few special things for you to wear here."

Judy took Melissa down to the club level and gave her the tour. The place was crowded and there were women walking around in skimpy outfits talking to all the men.

"Melissa. I hope you're not afraid of wearing something a little revealing like you see these other women wearing. You can make a lot of money here by being friendly and curious to our clients."

"You mean that I have to work in here in the club and wear revealing cloths?"

Judy stepped closer and put her arm around Melissa's waist. "Melissa. There really isn't anything to it. All you have to do is talk to our clients are happy and enjoying themselves and use a little of your charm on them to encourage them to stay longer."

Melissa watched as one of the women stood next to a man at the bar and allowed him to put his arm around her as they talked.

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