tagLesbian SexThe Kiss Ch. 06

The Kiss Ch. 06


This is the final instalment of Cindy and Debs the vampire lovers I hope you enjoy.


Several years passed as Cindy and Debs learnt how to hide their secret and still feed. They loved each other deeply and passionately sharing many intimate moments together but they also loved to feed together. They particularly liked to feed on young women, girls that looked like they were the same age. Girls who would be first lured into sex and then have them willingly yield their blood too.

Cindy and Debs walked hand-in-hand into the night club. It was the usual Friday night scene. The music was pounding rhythmically and the strobes and dry ice transformed the dance floor into an ethereal place they both felt completely at home in.

"I wonder what we'll lure in tonight?" Debs purred into Cindy's ear.

They walked around the club checking out the groups of young men and women euphoric that their weekly grind was over. The release of excited pheromones, the smell of sweat from the dancers and the wall of music led to a giddy mix that intoxicated the 2 girls without the need for alcohol or other stimulants.

Just then Cindy eyed 2 girls dancing at the edge of the dance floor. Firstly there was the voluptuous brunette. Her hair a cascade of thick curls. She looked like she had been poured into her tightfitting shoulderless black dress. She was working the dance floor and loving the admiring glances from everyone around her. Her friend had straight shoulder length orange hair. She wore a loose fitting summer cotton dress with an unfussy flower print on it. She looked a little embarrassed at standing next to her friend wishing they weren't both the centre of attention.

"I think I've found our dates for the evening." Cindy said as she nudged Debs and nodded toward the odd couple.

"I think you have!" Debs said with a smile.

They half walked and half danced over to the two dancing girls.

Debs leaned in "Hi I'm debs and this is Cindy. Looks like you two are getting a lot of attention. Fancy a break and a drink?"

"Hi" Beemed the brunette "I'm Zoe and my friend here is Julie. I think Julie could do with a drink to loosen up."

The four of them moved over to a secluded table and Cindy went off to get a round of cocktails.

"So you from round here?" asked Debs

"We're both at the university." Admitted Zoe "I'm a second year English student and Jukie here is in her first year doing theatre studies."

"That's great." Said Debs

"Yeah I thought I'd show Julie a night out on the town, but Julie you need to lighten up a little."

With that Cindy returned with the drinks and passed them round

"Sorry, Zoe but I'm a country girl and this is all a bit much you know." She said a little meekly as she sucked down some of the cocktail.

"I hear you country girls know how to party." Cindy said leaning in "All those haystacks to hide behind."

Julie laughed and Zoe joined in.

As the chatting progressed, Zoe stroked Cindy's thigh and occasionally gave each other a longing look. Zoe picked up on this.

"Say are you girls a little more than friends?"

"Ah busted!" laughed Debs "Yeah me and Cindy have been going out for awhile."

Cindy pulled Debs in for a long hard kiss. Just for a moment her hands brushed over Deb's breasts.

Julie blushed and Zoe laughed.

"You ever kissed a girl?" Cindy asked Zoe guessing the answer.

"Well I've fooled around a little It's different with girls you know, their bodies are softer and of course you know what another girl wants."

Julie stared into her drink.

"What about you Julie?" enquired Debs putting her hand on her knee in an enquiring gesture.

"I...um...I kissed my best friend in 8th grade but no tongues or anything."

"Was it nice?" asked debs

"Yeah but I've never done anything more than that, I mean I'm not gay. I mean you girls look great but I like guys."

"So do I Julie, but sometimes something a little different never hurts." Said Zoe

Cindy and Debs looked at each other in disbelief this was easy, Zoe was doing all the work for them.

"Here" said Zoe grabbing her friend's hand and placing it onto the curve of her breast. "Does that feel bad?"

Julie let her hand rest gently on her friend's bosom.

"No" she conceded

"Exactly. And what about this?" Zoe then in one swift move popped down the right side of her dress and placed Julie's hand on her naked breast. Pulling Julie's hand right across her nipple."

"Ok." Said Julie.

"More drinks I think." Declared Cindy.

The chatting continued only this time the girls moved closer. Casually Cindy placed a hand around Zoe's waist as they chatted and Debs put her hand on Julie's thigh as more drinks were consumed. Debs caught Zoe looking at all of them hungrily and Julie while still shy had loosened up and she knew she's go along with at least part of the plan.

"Look our place is nearby want to come over?" Cindy asked

There were nods all round and the 4 of them staggered back to the apartment. Once inside Cindy dimmed the lights and in the living room they all cosied up on the sofa as Debs brought in some chilled white wine. Nina Simone was playing softly in the background.

Cindy leaned over to Zoe for a kiss and found a willing partner soon the two of them were entwined on the sofa Cindy's head buried under Zoe's abundant curls.

Debs looked Julie in her eyes "let me kiss you. I'll go slow." Debs said to Julie and edged her way towards this young innocent girl. Debs brushed her lips against Julie she didn't respond but didn't back away either. She moved in for another kiss and hesitantly Julie slowly responded, Debs teased open her mouth and Julie's tongue wrapped around hers with a growing passion.

They were interrupted by Zoe.

"If Julie's kissing girls I want a turn." She said and moved in passionately kissing her gal pal. Cindy caught Debs eye at this moment and they both smiled to each other. Zoe thought she was in control but little did she guess the ending for the night.

They broke away, now Zoe had her lip stick smeared over her friend's mouth and one of the straps from Julie's dress had been pushed over the shoulder and her lightly freckled breast was out it too had a little lipstick on it.

Now all the girls started peeling off clothes Debs took her own off, Cindy pulled down Zoe's now they were all down to their panties except Zoe who wasn't wearing any and revealed her neatly trimmed dark bush.

Now Cindy and Debs began to coax Julie.

"oh Julie can you see Zoe's pert tits."

"Mmm they look good enough to eat. After all she kissed yours so you should kiss hers."

Zoe lay back on the sofa spread eagle as Julie walked hungrily towards her friend. Julie knelt down and started cupping her friend's breasts, then she started kissing them and finally licking and sucking them.

As they did this Debs flipped Cindy onto her front and raised her hips into the air and began lapping at Cindy's pussy. The room was full of the smell of sweat , musk and female juices.

Debs looked up with Cindy's honey dripping from her face

"Julie go down on Zoe." She said softly but insistently

Zoe slowly started kissing under Zoe's breasts then along her belly down to her busy.

"Taste me Julie please!" implored Zoe.

Cindy and Debs were now by her one on each side.

"There's nothing gay about kissing your friend." Cooed Cindy

"Giving your friend pleasure is a gift." Added Debs

"Kiss my clit." Added Zoe looking her friend directly in her eyes.

Julie tentatively placed a kiss on Zoe's bright red clitoris. A furtive kiss turned into exploratory nuzzle and then she used her tongue to probe her.

Julie was theirs now Debs and Cindy knew this.

Debs got up onto the sofa and crouched over Zoe's face. Zoe reached up and brought Debs's sweet folds down to her eager tongue. Cindy started to pull down Julie's plain white cotton panties and began to stroke her buttocks and thighs. Julie opened her legs instinctively and Cindy began to finger Julie's pussy initially with one finger then with two.

Zoe started gasping and sighing she was cumming. Soon Julie started clenching her thighs and letting out little sighs showing she too had reached orgasm.

Zoe got down off Zoe and now stared her in the eye lying on top of her their mouths mashed together Debs tasted her own juices on Zoe's tongue.

Julie arched backwards feeling Cindy's small pert breasts pushing against her back. She cocked her head around and saw Cindy's sharp fangs.

"I guessed you know. At first the thought scared me but then I remember hearing the rumours about how erotic it is and as this was my first and last time I wanted it to be epic. I got to make love to my best friend, a woman I've yearned for so long. So am I to be turned or am I food?" Julie said staring into Cindy's eyes.


"Well then take me, I give it to you freely just make it sweet."

"Oh I will. We love all our victims with our kiss."

With that Cindy jerked forwards and bit deep into the virginal neck of young Julie. She at first spasmed but then went limp. Her last words from her mouth were

"Thank you."

Zoe hadn't heard any of this instead she was too busy caressing Debs and feeling their breasts rolling over each other's. She looked up when Debs stopped for a moment, Debs leered down at Debs revealing her vampire teeth.

"Oh no! Cried Zoe!"

"Oh yes!" Cried Debs with a laugh as she tore Zoe's throat out and drank deeply.

Debs and Cindy looked down at the 2 bloody young women freshly killed. Then stared at each other's blood spattered naked bodies.

"Come on." Said debs holding out her hand and hand in hand stepping over Zoe and Julie Debs guided her eternal lover to the bedroom.

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