tagLoving WivesThe Lady Captains Year Ch. 01

The Lady Captains Year Ch. 01


Chapter 1 The Lady Captain's Husband - Setting the Scene

Sitting in my cell at the local police station gave me (Jack Adams) time to reflect on the events that led up to this present situation. Standing 5ft 8" tall, weighing 180 pounds and thought that I was fairly fit for a 44 year old married man.

Up until 18/20 months ago I was happily married man with a marvellous sexy wife (Sally) and our twin daughters (Amy & Pippa) who at 14 years old were growing and developing into replicas of heir mother. Sally is 38 years old and at 5ft 10" she is slightly taller than me, especially if she wears high heeled shoes. In my eyes, she is still the most beautiful woman I have ever dated. Over the years her figure may have thickened a little and her 34 C breasts started to sag slightly, but despite the story about to unfold, she still holds my heart in her hands.

It all started when my best friend Bob Wilson and I had both just turned 18 and therefore legally allowed to drink alcohol but though we had been drinking in our local pub since we were 17. The landlord threw us a party to celebrate our legal status, Bob and I had been best pals from our first introduction at primary school. Through the developing years from childhood through to adulthood, Bob and I we looked out for each other, helping each other with homework, competing at sports and more importantly covering each others backs when the school bullies tried it on. I was physically the weaker of the pairing but was the smarter academically. By the time we were 18, I was 5ft 8" with brown hair and of slight build, but not unattractive to the girls. Bob was some 6ft tall, black haired, well built with reputation as a bit of a lad with the ladies.

It was at this party that I was re-introduced to Sally. The evening at the pub followed the usual pattern, we went to the bar, got the beers and proceeded to survey room watching the girls and tried to determine which ones we hoped to pull that evening. Bob nudged me with his elbow and pointed out two likely candidates and we moved in and started to chat them up. I had known Sally from our school days, where she was in the same class as my young sister and they were best friends for a while, but they drifted out of contact when they started to attend different 6th form colleges.

Bob made a bee line for the very attractive one of the pair and she turned out to be Sally. I nearly did not recognise her, it was several years since I last saw her and she had certainly developed in all the right places, combined with her make up she looked a lot older than her 16 years. She was standing chatting with her friend and when Bob started chatting her up, she introduced me to her friend Mary. Why is it that really lovely girls always seem to have rather plain looking friends?

As usual was left to entertain Mary to enable Bob to have a free run at Sally.

As a foursome we got on really well and went out together for about a month or so before Sally broke up with Bob and that gave me a good excuse to stop seeing Mary, We were never going to be more that casual friends and at that age all I was looking for was to get into her pants and fuck her silly. Bob told me later that he really balls'd it up and tried to push Sally into a sexual relationship before she was ready and then he blew it by telling her to put out or else, she took the or else option and dumped him.

Some 3 months later, I bumped into Sally and she invited me out on a date, that was a first for me girls don't usually approach me for dates. We had our first date and I think I fell for her straight away. I was really attracted to Sally and bearing in mind how Bob fucked things up with her, I did not push my luck too much, I remember I did get a kiss, tongues and all on our first date, but she quickly stopped me when I tried to caress her breasts. I can still recall the excitement I felt just being with her.

Things developed and we started going steady, seeing each other three or four times a week. By the time we had been courting for about 6 months, we both knew we were in love and with the confidence of teenagers got engaged. Both sets of parents were against the proposed marriage citing that we were too young to appreciate what we were getting ourselves into, but we were prevailed and were married when I was twenty and Sally just eighteen.

Since both of us were still involved in full time education, me, at University and her at college and neither of us working, we could not afford even to rent a small flat. My parents generously permitted us to live with them after our marriage.

Bob was my best man and Mary was our bridesmaid and we wed in a local registry office.

Our honeymoon consisted of a week in a small hotel by the sea-side. I still remember how embarrassed we were, signing the register with confetti still clinging to our clothes and knowing looks between the receptionists. We were both virgins that night and I waited nervously in the bar whilst Sally went up to our room to get ready. When I left the bar, the other patrons, all male, were obviously aware of the honeymoon situation as they called out several ribald comments and advice to me as I exited the room.

On entering the room, I found Sally already in bed with the bedclothes pulled up to her chin. I quickly stripped and joined her under the covers and to my surprise she was completely naked, surprised because I knew she had bought a sexy nightgown just for her wedding night, but I was not going to complain. As I feasted my eyes on her body, taking in the full firm young breasts, trim waist and the beautiful black haired V at the juncture of her thighs, she slowly opened her legs to reveal her pink pouting labia.

"Don't make me wait any longer darling, my pussy is dripping and needs your immediate attention"" She cried.

I could not wait in any case, I dived between her outstretched legs and buried my tongue in her dripping pussy. Gently, I teased her clit, pulled her labia with my lips and sucked in her essence, whilst she grabbed my head and pulled me in tighter. So tight that I could hardly breathe, her thighs were gripping my head in a vice and fortunately for me, she suddenly let out a small scream and had her first orgasm of the night. I gave her a few minutes to recover and spent the time kissing her breasts and teasing her engorged nipples. She soon pulled my head up by the hair and kissed my lips, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. Then her hands grasped my cock and guided me to entrance to her vagina. I parted the lips of her clit and eased my cock into her warm sweet honey pot.

"I am ready now, I can't wait to feel you inside me, take me, make me your wife!" she demanded.

I was only to eager to comply with her wishes and pushed into her until I felt the resistance made by her hymen, but with her hands on my backside she pulled me within her me with surprising strength, breaking through the resistance and as deep into her as my seven inch cock could manage. We paused for a few seconds, as she was clearly in some discomfort but she soon asked me to continue. At first, we were a bit awkward not getting our timing right, I was pulling out at the same time as her and I popped out of her, any nearly broke something as the head of my cock bashed into her pubic bone. We both dissolved into laughter, but our passion for each other quickly replaced the laughter as we rejoined and proceeded to find the correct rhythm. Not unnaturally, being so aroused, I came quickly before Sally and a chance to achieve her orgasm.

"Can you manage to go again?" she asked, and I replied, "I'm certain of it, but with a little help from you mouth, I will be ready all the quicker."

Sally did not need any urging, she quickly reversed position and took me into her warm mouth. We had gained some experience of fellatio during our courtship, so her warm tongue soon had me rising to the occasion. I took the opportunity whilst she was occupied, to return the favour and started to give her clit a good lashing with my tongue. She immediately broke off in protest saying:

"Nooo... I am all sticky down there with your cum and mine, please wait till I clean up first!"

I refused to give way to her protestations and continued with my demonstration of love, but I soon had to stop as my erection was once again so hard it was painful.

Sally quickly released my cock and sat astride my thighs for just a moment before slowly guiding my rampant shaft into her welcoming pussy and ever so gently lowered herself down until she was once again full impaled on my cock.

"Oh my god, Sally, your are so tight." I said.

She just smiled and started to hump up and down on my shaft. I started to thrust back at her and we soon had a rhythm established. I felt my balls tighten and tried desperately to hold back and Sally sensing my ejaculation was near, increased her gyrations, her tits bouncing around as we sped to a simultaneous orgasm.

That night set the pattern for the remainder of the week, we only managed to get down in time for breakfast on the day we were leaving, but did get up from our love bed for lunch and some fresh air, most days. What we lacked in sexual experience was soon replaced with a strong desire to try and make love in every position we could conceive of. We even tried anal, but Sally complained that it hurt too much so we never bothered with that format again. On the odd occasion we did get out of our room, we explored the town. Being a typical English seas-side "resort" it catered for just about everyone and the entertainment was wall to wall. Heading back to our hotel one evening, we chanced upon an adult bookshop and Sally was a first reluctant to enter, but I persuaded her by telling her it would be a fun new experience for her. On entering we found that she was the only female customer and she turned to leave, but I took her arm and steered over to the display of adult toys. She had seen pictures of these before when we used to read through my small collection of porno mags, but a picture is one thing, in real life, seeing the variety of vibrators on display clearly had her fascinated. I asked her if she wanted one, she said no, but her eyes belied her words. I selected the one she seemed to be most interested in and quickly paid for it we hurried back to the hotel, giggling and nudging one another all the way.

We put the vibrator to the test the night, almost wearing out the batteries, before finally falling into a well satisfied sleep. I was awakened early next morning by the low buzzing sound emanating from beneath the duvet, Sally, was hard at it working the vibrator in and around her pussy. I soon replaced the vibrator with my hard cock and we soon exploded into another massive orgasm. Needless to say, we never made it to breakfast that morning either.

Honeymoon over, we returned home to live with my parents, Sally had completed her A level course and soon found a job in a local fitness centre. She was hired initially as a fitness instructor, but due to her easy and approachable manner soon advanced to the role of sales co-ordinator. Basically, she was responsible for meeting prospective new clients, showing them the facilities on offer and convincing them to join the fitness centre.

The money she earned enabled us to rent a small flat and leave the restrictive confines of my parents house. I love my parents dearly, but Sally and I found that living in their home very restrictive and since Sally had a tendency to be quite vocal when we made love, the frequency of our sex life deteriorated over the months but once we were established in our new home it improved dramatically.

Eight months later I completed my degree in Computer Software specialising in the Security aspects of software systems and I applied for a job with a local company owned and managed by Gary Palmer. At that time his business was mainly in supplying computer hardware, but he had become aware of the growing need to diversify his company and thereby enabling the company to ride out the peaks and troughs of the market. He was a great salesman and from listening to his customers identified a niche in the market for bespoke on-line security services. He knew he lacked the skills to develop the product hence my response to his vacancy advert. After an extended interview I was eventually offered and accepted the job as his software developer.

The job suited me down to the ground and proved successful after a slow start. Gary, the MD and owner of the business was then 50 years old, married to Pat and they had two children now in their twenties, Trevor and Samantha. They both lived/worked in London, Trevor was employed as a marketing manager by a company in London. Samantha was still at the Southbank University specialising in Human Resources.

Over the next six years, Gary and I became good friends as well as having a mutual respect for each other's role in the business. The product we developed though not an overnight success gradually grew to a point where this part of the company contributed around 35% of the turnover and employed around twenty staff, some full-time direct employees and supported by contracted staff as required.

With this success and good pay rises Sally and I managed to get on the property ladder and bought an old detached house in need of some major restoration and upgrading. Over the two years following our house purchase and with the help of our friends, we turned that house into a modern family home. Just in time really, as Sally suddenly announced one day that she was pregnant. We were delighted, even if as it came as a surprise to us. Sally was on the pill, but our doctor said even the pill was not full proof. Things like a heavy cold could affect a woman's fertility cycle and we may have been just unlucky. We did not consider ourselves unlucky, it took away the premeditated aspect of planning to start a family from us, but when we found out we were expecting twins, now that did give us a few worries about how we would cope.

Sally, in common with many women, was in her element when she was carrying our twins, her breasts swelled and became even more sensitive, a feature that I exploited to the full. I think we made love more tenderly, but with no less passion than during our honeymoon. Towards the end of her pregnancy, Sally developed some complications and the babies had to be induced. We had two baby girls and named them Amy and Pippa. Sally worked hard and had regained her fabulous figure within two months.

Our sex life quickly resumed and we fucked like rabbits for the next year or so. Amy and Pippa were a joy to us both. Sally devoted herself to being a wife and mother and an excellent one she was at both during the twins formative years.

In parallel with my courtship and marriage, Bob had left school without any outstanding qualifications and after trying several jobs decided to join the Royal Marines. He served in most of the then current conflicts and came out of the marines after twelve years with few additional qualifications, except as he said the ability to kill bad guys in a variety of ways.

He explained: "You know when I was preparing to get out of the marines I knew finding work was not going to be easy, the Royal Marines are trained for combat and not much else but I have been lucky and got taken on by and old R.M. mate who started in the body-guarding business, but has now moved onto surveillance work.

Bob had been my best man at our wedding and both Sally and I. We were both delighted when was godfather to our twin girls, he continues to flirt outrageously with Sally at every opportunity telling her that she should dump me and move in with him. She takes it all in her stride and flirts right back telling him that it could have been him sharing her bed if he had only played his cards right. I never had a moments doubt about her love for me nor of his loyalty to me as a friend. As it turned out his friendship was to be one of the factors contributing to my present situation about which more later.

Our life outside work revolved around the needs of our daughters, we did not for an instant regret or have any desire to have it any other way. Sally was a great mother but by the time the girls had started school she was getting restless and with time on her hands hankered to return to work. I supported her and she managed to get her old job back albeit on a part time basis. The company had expanded in the intervening years, cashing in on the fitness boom sweeping the UK in the intervening years. Her sales role expanded to cover the three new centres that had recently been opened. It was more demanding, involving more travel but she enjoyed it and it helped bridge the gap in her life.

Sally also became a member of the local golf and country club and proved to be a natural at golf. Within a couple of years she was a nine handicap player and much in demand to partner the less able male and female golfers in club competitions. I also joined the golf club having played since I was a teenager, but even though I was and enthusiastic but very average player, I never succeeded in getting below a sixteen handicap. We did play together quite often in the early days but I guess it's a bit like teaching your other half to drive, not always a good idea. Sally, as the better golfer would try and coach me and guide me as to which shot to play in any given situation and this used to cause some friction between us when I occasionally, politely as I thought told her to butt out. She is very competitive and got frustrated with my inability to play to her expectations. Over time, we decided it was better for both of us to agree not to play together regularly in competitions, though we did play together when on holiday and in un-competitive social golf situations. With two youngsters to look after anyway, it was not practical to expect our parents however willing to baby sit every weekend. So it was perfectly natural and easier for me to play golf in the mornings and Sally in the afternoons or on alternate days at the weekend.

Thinking back our marriage problems all started six years ago, some four years before Sally was invited to be Lady Vice Captain, though I did not realise this at the time.

By this time our twins were nine years old, when Gary's wife Pat died suddenly. He was devastated as were Sally and I, we were good friends with both of them despite the age difference. In the days following the funeral, Gary's son Trevor and daughter Samantha were around to support him, but they had to return to their own jobs and get on with their lives. At first Gary seemed to bounce back and got on with his life, but it soon became obvious that his heart was no longer in the business.

He called me into his office one day and asked if I was interested in taking over as Managing Director with him staying on as Chairman of the Board. I was flattered to be asked but I think we both knew in our hearts that I was not the right man for this role. Instead I suggested he ask Trevor to return as Sales Director with a view to grooming him to take over completely in due course. Gary was reluctant to make this call though he did say his greatest wish to see his son and daughter more often and also that he wished they were more involved in his business He said he thought that Trevor was too involved in his career in the big city to return to what he viewed as a small town business and in any case whenever he broached the subject with him it usually ended in arguments about how the company be structured and the business developed.

I volunteered to sound Trevor out on his behalf and set up a meeting with Trevor when I was next in London. I adopted an approach that appealed to Trevor's sense of duty and also advised him that I thought the company his father had built was ailing, due in part to Gary's letting things slide. I suggested that if he did accept the position offered, it would re-energise his father to have his son working alongside him, as he had always wanted.

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